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Fire of Insight
United States
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I Am A Tree

I am a tree
Born beautifully free
Just as the trees before me
My many branches dangle
Circling whimsical leaves entangled
Sketching creative ideas where wrangled
Where you grow in feet
I grow in knowledge
Where in age your wisdom will meet
While mine is earned in college
I am a tree
Born beautifully free
Rooted by the positive soil around me
You drink from the waters of the earth
Where my water comes from the scars of birth
I shall never feel timber
For I know my

Tyrant of Words
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Hard Realities

I had to keep my eyes open
Keep to my wits when the concrete jungle wasn’t always pretty
I’d be lost in a moment
While trying to remain sane amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city

So many people everywhere
Amidst freeways and streets then disappear up into the skyscrapers
From parks and town squares
I’d watch from my window forty-two flights up while shuffling papers

Then I left the metropolis
To a smaller town away from all the traffic, overcrowding and noise
And in a different populace
I realized I had made the more conscious and sensible choice

There are days when I miss it
A drive to the beach, a game, dining or maybe go to watch a movie
Then after COVID hit
I realized I’m not young anymore and so home is where I rather be

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92 Unique

Fire of Insight
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Heartbeats are finite
Our deaths are certain
Tonight could be the night
That they close the curtain

Are you certain where you'll go
Will it be Heaven or Hell
At the finale of this show
Only time will tell

Will you fail the ultimate test
When your heart's on the scale
All you can do is give your best
Then see after removing your veil

Twisted Dreamer
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Keep running around in these circles all day
Like a circular track and can’t stop
Every day there’s more and more piled sky high
No end in sight from here to the horizon
Insistent on pushing on, moving forward, making progress
Only to be shoved two, three steps back
Making no headway, protests all along
Deciding where to go and how to get things done
From sun up to sundown
Day in and day out
Never ending

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Tyrant of Words
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I posted this 1 minute late because a friend needed me to help them prep for a certification exam. Consequently I arrived home late still having to finish my poem.


Pater Automobilias Final Lap

Papa’s prized English roadster
after many years of motoring pleasure
began slowly to deteriorate
despite efforts to repair his treasure
decrepitude advanced
beyond the skills to ameliorate

Engine no longer cranking
to garage once again relegated
dad now drives a Volkswagen
to Beetle from fancy sports car fated

Father decided his MG to restore
hired a guy with bogus talent
dismantling the car and nothing more
like humpty’s king’s horses and men
He couldn’t put dad’s
car back together again

Unique words: 68    

Twisted Dreamer
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The longest shift in the whole world
Still not 100 percent
Left feeling at 40
Right now feeling at 20
The great thing about getting older
Is being in bed at the 9 o’clock hour
For these tired bones achy muscles To be held by this soft fluffy cloud puff
10 whole hours of pure doing nothing
My heart races the way a first kiss used to.
Oh dear gods my age is truly speaking

60 UWC

Fire of Insight
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Night Rides

Night roses on night rides
Shining in jewel tones
Ruby and gold
Strung on stems of emerald
Daisies in patches
Poppies near the fences
Topaz and garnet, such glittering embers
Trails of many gems for miles
Cycling down the mountainside
There’s nothing like it
The moon a beaming opal, spotlights
The treasure lands
Cradling each petal in light
Displaying their color
These are gardens in the night we never see
Because their season only starts, when we are sleeping

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Lessons in life part 12…..you need more than 3 hours

The study books are nocturnal
they feed on slices of deprivation
boned and filleted
while the house still yawns.

The snorted blink
of a razor-blade dawn
cuts the throat of urban birds,
the would-be song of sunrise.

I close an eye onto sandstorms
awake in a dream of reality,
the thump of a distant diesel engine
nudging the bow wave forward,
onward and over the waterfall
onto the shallow rocks of sleep.

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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It rained in the night whilst I was asleep
but when it started raining in the day
I spied the tyranny slowly creep
forward like in the wars - was not o.k

Enslavement of the masses has long
been on the agenda, and counter-moves
to make a fairer society get strong
resistance by psychos with egos to prove

The world could be such a beautiful place …
my response is through co-operation
with Nature, tending a little paradise
slow but sure, despite the lacrymation

She sees the endless war against the human race,
offers calm, untiringly, working at Her own pace.

Fire of Insight
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23 of 30


I miss watching the sunset
The way it slowly recede in the horizon
As its brightness fade little by little
Till the cloak of dusk takes over

It leaves a lingering memory
As the day ends with the fading light
Each sunset is different
Just as how each day differ every day you  live

The setting sun reminds me
Of life's changing nature
To savor each moment as it comes
To fully live in the present
And be thankful for each day I live and breathe

Tyrant of Words
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[ Good Vibrations ] * insert desire here *

is a gift bestowed upon me
by the fantastic Universe

made possible with help
from All That Is going on
behind the scenes
unavailable through
these temporal senses

and at my sole direction;

it being an event unfolding
at this very moment
the cause and effect result
of inumerable happenings
I have no control over;

a reality of which
I will soon experience
the entirety of

as I continue to let go
of all notions to the contrary


Tyrant of Words
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"Not with ten-thousand troops could you take on the armies of Moardor," said Lord Doneitbefore. "This is madness."

The truth was an altogether different story. His sons Borrowedverse and Fairlyverse had barely exercised the writing muscles of his soldiers for many years now. Much atrophying had occurred while recycling their greatest hits during Karaoke night until last call in the taverns of Minus Punctual. They were just going through the motions these days. "I will not risk my sons or my soldiers on this fool's errand!"

That, and he had no desire to relinquish his power over the Kingdom. Even now he had his own scouts disguised as Porks searching for the other Fellowshippers with hopes of getting his hands on The One Poem ™.

"They are not your soldiers anymore," declared Ganjosh. "From now on, they answer to the heir of Tolkien!"

"Tolkien shmulkin!" the Steward angrily shouted. "I am the only lawful ruler of the Minus Punctual. You need to prove to me that this Jaragorn is of the Tolkien bloodline. He looks like the son of a milkman to me. And perhaps born on that other continent where that crazy dragon woman turns everyone into charcoal briquets. I doubt he is even a legal citizen of Muddle Earth to begin with."

It was anticipated that the Steward would play the Birther Card, which was why Ganjosh had everyone else combing through the Great Library in the depths of Minus Punctual for Jaragorn's birth certificate.

However, little did they know, Wyrmholler had them locked inside, having instructed his henchmen to bar the library door with a huge Writer's Block! The stone weighed a ton! And it was only a matter of time before they would run out of candles. Then it would be too dark to read anything down there!

Could NaPoWriMo 2021 be in any more jeopardy than this?!

And just exactly how ironic was it that not only had PRadriel misplaced her phial containing the Light of the First Poetry Books, but the only Gloworm in the Fellowship was not present?!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Luckily for Satin Gamgeez, the P'lan Tier he dropped had rolled down the spiral staircase of the decrepid Numeralian tower. It knocked out the entire platoon of Porks about to discover them in a single Strike!

"NaPOW!" cheered the Dark Knight as they stepped over the unconscious minions, who were not Porks at all, but soldiers from Minus Punctual disguised as such!

And when he scooped up the globe, the rest of the Fellowship appeared in it waving to get his attention. They hastily explained that they were trapped in the bowels of Minus Punctual while Ganjosh was being held prisoner in a dungeon.

"Drat!" fumed Lord Donitbefore, who was looking in on his spare P'lan Teir, only to see that his scouts had been foiled. "If I can't have The One Poem ™, then I will simply tell MOAR!ON your exact whereabouts! HA!"

MOAR!ON returned to the conversation after having superglued his globe back together just in time to hear DUGlo ask,

"Should we go to Minus Punctual to help the others?"

"YES!" said the Dark Knight emphatically. "And we are bringing The One Poem ™ with us!" Then he tossed their P'lan Tier out of the nearest window.

"NOOOoooooo . . . !" the Steward could be heard crying.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Dark Wyrm grabbed his megaphone ( dubbed the Mouth of MOAR!ON ) and commanded all of his minions in Moardor to march towards Minus Punctual. The great Black Gate swung open on its rusty hinges and Muddle Earth trembled with the sound of their footsteps and war drums.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, the Dark Knight, DUGlo, and Satin Gamjeez continued onward with little resistance encountered on the road to Mount Dumb.

It wasn't quite the distraction originally planned upon, but a distraction it was nonetheless!

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Greetings, Great Poets of the Fellowship! Only T-Minus EIGHT ( Seven if you've already posted today ) days to go! You're on the final leg of the course, stay with us!

The Director of the Great Library ushers you into Day 23 with a 'Shh!'  If she doesn't, then you have a 24 hour grace period to edit your entry and gain admission!

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Smoldering Bridges

Trying to move forward
Forging closure from inside
Without the invitation
To persuade you otherwise

Lacking communication
All you have is what you earn
How warm is your home?
Surrounded by all the bridges that you burn

Bonfire disconnection
Cut off from the main
Island of rejection
What worth is what you gain?

Can you hear me?
Or am I better off ignored
When all you want is every luxury
That isolation may afford…

Tyrant of Words
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Beluga whales have captured a piece of my
heart for all eternity. I don’t have a front row
view so a documentary will have to do, for now.

Watching I see their cute bulbous faces
their beautiful eyes, the way they smile
the way they laugh, take care of their young

I saw the love and affection they give to
one another, loyalty, unity, powerful.
I learned today, that whales have culture
fascinating. Humans could learn a lot from
these amazing animals..

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