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poet danigirl32
daniella-london girl

My ink is varied light to dark. scattered as my Poems. They are thoughts I have. If I ever find all of my writing pieces. I'll put it together in one format. I write Romantic Fiction, and Erotic. A Late evening escape, Nothing more than.
Featured Poet
poet TimEros
Tim Eros

I don't always write erotic poetry, but when I do, it always goes beyond vanilla.    I am very open minded.  I can write about almost anything, even if I have to research  it first.    
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Spoken Word Lowdown
Spoken Word Lowdown
Performance poetry at Deep Underground #spokenwordlowdown
Loud-Speaker Poetry
Loud-Speaker Poetry
If you want to take your poetry to another level and give it more layers and life, Loud-Speaker Poetry is for you! We can help you read with expression and passion and offer a safe space to practice and perfect your audio / video craft.
Word Play
Word Play
Hone your skills through word play. Participate with other members in quick-fire short poem and prose challenges.