Spiritual Poems


Poetry which debates religion, atheism and New Age spirituality

Here you'll find poems about religion, spirituality and atheism. Whether you're a spiritual person or not, this is where you can present, through poetry, your beliefs about if and what exists outside of our own physical world experiences. Poems in this area will ask questions and/or suggest answers. These include ideas about gods and higher beings, who and what they are and if they exist at all. Poems about scientific theories on existence are also welcome, along with New Age beliefs like Occultism, astrology, and metaphysics. So too is poetry about Paganism, psychic powers, voodoo rituals and cults. This category showcases spiritual poems the DU Poetry way: with lots of different points of view and where an open mind is essential.

DU Poetry : Spiritual Poems about Religion, Atheism and New Age Spirituality