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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Snared all up in his dopamine    
Got my mind open like a poetic feen      
My brotha, let me up for air      
Let me see over those mountaintops, let my scent breathe everywhere      
You buzzing all in my juju honey      
Licking my cortex like whip cream heaped on my butter rummy      
Let my name spill off your lips      
So, others will know I’m the bliss when grooving on your tip      
I’m the cloak of the night      
Surrendering when you got my back bent hips gripped      
Calling to the Gods when you locked in my tight squeeze with that penetrating hard slip      
Let eyes come to know      
I got you drifting in and out the saccharine mix of my soul      
Whispering to your mind, pampering your heart as my tongue up your body seductively rolls      
What you doing here, man, circling around me that Rastafarian vibe      
Trying to stir your essence deep in the honeypot of this Indigo Child      
I got your apple, softly bite into it      
Savoring in your mouth the secret of your lineage, swallowing the cosmic of its ancient gift      
Illuminating your path balancing your ethos, pathos, logos, when your intellect is in flight      
Yeah, baby I’m the cloak of the night      
The best carnal food your tongue has ever tasted      
Licking your lips, fingers, surely not to waste it      
Bringing on the surge of your powerful streams      
Feeling the sensations of your wet dream      
Like you the King Blackjack trying to inhabit my honeycomb      
Stinging me with your poetic equations, lassoing me like a midnight song      
Smacking that assmosphere      
Thrusting all in my pinkish stratosphere      
Mm... that feels good, my dear      
Hitting those erogenous zones, with your hard bone just right      
My perceptions, conceptions, moaned against your skin unto Dawn’s Early Light      
I’m the cloak of the night      
Kissing me with the falling of your inclinations      
Climatic infusing, shaking the inner core of my vibrations      
Your mind reeling in my secretions      
You need not a better reason      
You know my sugar spreads all over this nation      
Kissing my lyrical sundown, laminating in its trickling hydration      
Cosseting you in my alluring persuasion      
Bathing in the enrichment of your pineal gland, intoxicating off the esoteric insight      
I’m the cloak of the night

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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You are indeed, the cloak of night
Your naked body, a wonderful sight
Your orbs with nipples standing tall
As our bodies rise and fall
Your cunt around my cock so tight
Will be there ‘til the morning light
Poking, stroking will not stall
Your butter rum the best of all

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1603

Someone like you
Remembrance of love
Whispered played melodies
Taste of its honey

Famished of the desire
Droplets of sultriness
Instilling deeply in the abyss of my essence
Entwined nature of its calling
Sinking into the typhoon of ecstasy
Floating on lover’s reminisce

Beautiful cosmic alliance
Hearts soaring
Unified minds bowing unto thy grace
Pleasure found, touched by celestial sentiments
Naked souls running free

Can you see me, feel me
Oh God, tell me you can taste the greed of my passion
Softly kiss my lips as my Halo enlightens the gifts of your being
Basking in its warmness
Coveting your manliness
Your pearls of life, releasing
Climatic rainfall drifting

Embrace the present
Kiss goodbye unto the calling of the past
Our presence falls at the throne of life’s glory
Give us our daily bread
As two souls come under the covers when hearts meet
Giving, surrendering unto thy sweeten fruits of our lustful feast

The salvation of honied blessings
Catching the feverish rush of carnal by love’s designs
The kiss of rapture floating into the arms of the universe
Reach out and capture fate

Feel it, bathe me in the rapture of your consecrated love
Rekindling lost spirits by destiny
Aching for the flames of desires dancing in the gentlest wind


Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 126

Such a beautiful picture…. And good poem

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 33awards
Joined 4th Dec 2018
Forum Posts: 1893

when I see
your picture
it gives me
shivers of delight

my eyes
behold beauty
my imagination
soarks forbidden thoughts

were you surrender
to soft whispering kisses

that start tenderly
from your lips
sensuously down
to your toes

creating a fire
you no longer can control
those little gasps
becoming longer mians

a musical sound
my ears desire to hear
in the reality
of your bed

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1603

Luna's Soft Kiss

I am no witch  
My Haitian blood rites I am much higher, I am the gift    
The Moon and the Sun, blending souls laid in the creation to become the blood sacrament, giving unto wind the calling of a wish    
Veiled enchantress, sorcery to appease, until the feeling of obscure leads me    
Love potion to set your loins free in the enticement of my tease    
Spoken primordial dialects, chants to Immortalize the fragile soul    
Unto my bosom, to heal, or console    
Where thoughts are coveted unto Pharaohs, Kings, Dukes, a Concubine entwined on a bed of heather with a Sire    
The Moth has burned in the alluring of my dancing fire    
Unto flames, my flesh, addictive, like soothing passionate renewed as a rising Phoenix in my hot molten desires    
Some have attempted to figure out my cosmic quiet mysteries    
The deity I serve gives me the key to unlock ancient histories    
Windowing my soul as I sit upon the universal throne    
The battle of evil and good, by right, I atone    
Balancing out with my flair to instill where lust caters to its own    
Incantations to trance the state of the mind you feel the ache of me in your loins, without making a sound… mm... my Creole thighs parted, generations of ancestral pilgrimage of greatness have stood, here today, singing Mother Earth’s nightly songs    
Tender love lashes breezing over your skin    
None alike me as your loins slide deep within    
The warm breath of my ether upon your lips    
Soaring higher into the cosmic eternity upon each thrusting in and out slip    
The flow of my whispers, delve really close, hidden words, spells spilling forth through the sublime    
Sweet myrrh of my breath, lavender in my scent, seductively making you mine    
Fixating you, in the quest of dark    
Pampering your intellect, indulging your heart is a beautiful kaleidoscope of art    
Love bites deeply rooted in your neck    
Come closer mankind, I do not chase, once bitten to keep you hard, my sacred passage gloving in the hunt, my scent upon the victor finds me creamy in anticipation, pinkish in the elude, you got me wet    
Mm… feening for my delicate hands all over your temple, needing in the want of what comes next    
Is it the spell, or have you been softy hexed    
You want me willing, in my bed, ripping off my lacy attire in heat    
My lacy entice you sniff in the alluring color of red as our bodies in carnal pleasure greet upon rose petal sheets    
The moon you feel as you grind into the sunkiness of my feverish touch    
Your lips blanketing mine, the hunger to dominate me while bathing in the creaminess of my ecstasy’s lush    
Arms above my head, imprisoning me, groaning for the rainfall of that hasten gush    
Taking your mind, cloaking your body, my sacrifice unto the altar of the fifth power    
In the mist of consuming your width inch by inch, we call out in gratification in the darkest hour    
Blending the silhouette of our elicit souls, destiny we patrol    
Liquidating of my words, mingled with yours    
Giving you a taste of my illicit honey as it pours    
The thirst of cravings from your skin reeking    
One touch of my passion, into your ear, twisted tongues have surrendered merged sentiments when speaking    
We own the night, until the souls we atrial travel, pleasing to dawns early light    
Where vibrations glamourize you from afar    
Inhabitants, my you see, feel my sultriness in the skies outlined by the stars    
Nyx, Luna we covet those eight planets when aligned, holding the key to the earth and beyond Venus and Mars    
Do not attempt to seduce with the heart what you could never understand when entrenched in my sexual demand    
The Mistress of the night, who holds your deviations in the palms of my hand    
Once hard and throbbing, now you are under my command    
I am pure mantra sex, no matter where I lay, roam, or stand    
Temptation to my cosmic cauldron stirs the pheromones, the aroma attracts the common man    
Mm... Who am I?    
Fantasy in the word where upon my flesh we lay, silkiness in the sensations found between the abyss of my thighs

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 126

You take my heart
You take my eyes
You take my cock
Between your thighs
I penetrate
I feel your rum
Your finger nails
Dig in my bum
You pull me in
We satiate
My cock explodes
Your cunt inflates
You milk me of my everything
You scream and cum
My ears still ring

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1603

You Leave Me Breathless

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My love  
You are the gentle sail within my wind
The spare air I breathe  
A tender whisper in my ear  

The next breath I take  
The light when my eyes are closed  
As you stumble in the reality of my dreams  
Your lips coating the warmth of my supple skin  
A sturdy body that covets my temple in the throne of ecstasy  

I give you my desires unto you wished upon by the stars  
You give me the crescent and the moon  
Fusing my love, you have me, you send me, you complete me  
Your family jewels lassoing the christening space of my Chi  
Sinking and sinking in my Sacral Charka  

The blissfulness sensations of its captivating, echoes    
Submerging in the pleasure of its blissful rains  
The spiraling effect of its rapture, it softens me, it mentally comforts me    
My love, no doubt, you leave me breathless

I do not own the rights to the song, Negligee by George S. Clinton, playing in the background-SKC

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 126

I cannot help
Cannot refrain
From soaking in
Your blissful rain
As my pearly
Liquid falls
In your abyss
Out of my balls

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1603

The Players (The Nun Runner's Story Part II of Part III)

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The Players (The Nun Runner's Story Part II of Part III)

Action, sex, drama, follow the drugs and the money. A cat and mouse game to take over the empire the Nun Runner rules with an iron fist. Engage your mind in the revenue found on the streets of New York, a gun battle on the strip of Miami, and discreet sex in China town. All this awaits you in the Epic thriller of the Nun Runner's story.

Brought To You By Another K Production®

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1603

Butter Rum

My inviting soft smoky eyes you gaze into    
An allurement to give any man his just due  
Upon the lay, candles flickering, our silhouettes shadowed, disrobing, heaps of attire in disarray    
Whispering in your ear, this night, take my breath away    
The back of your hand, blanketing down my supple skin, hypnotic eyes glimpsing into the crux of my soul    
My back, slowly to the bed it goes    
Dividing, conquering as you inhale the scent of me through your nose    
Sweet drips of honey savored as your tongue dips into paradise, snaking within, the tip teases, swiftly cajoles    
A Creole delight through and through    
Enticing your loins, rising to the call, slowly easing into my gyrating moves    
Clenched skin while lying under you    
Giving you a taste of my dewy carnal food    
Dunking, twisting, circling your girth... draining you for all its worth    
Moans of more, Oh God don't stop... echoing once locked deep inside    
Back arched in Heaven’s cradle upon the slip and slide    
Hungry passion, wet ecstasy clashing upon the slicken collide    
Bumping and grinding, my hips you impatiently grip    
Tender kisses to the landing of my soft lips    
Tongues binding, unlocking the mysteries of my mellifluous gifts    
Legs entangling, back arched, pleasing the nature of your harden uplift    
In my bed of such wicked fantasies, vivid wet dreams    
Denied bodies in heat… mm.. loving the essence of my seeping butter rum cream    
A compulsion found in the quintessence of my soothing touch    
Within the passage of my charms, time has no rush    
Parting me deeper… oh yes, go deeper, mixing your flowing streams all up into my trickling gush    
Mm.. and mm... no flavor compared in as much    
You wanna taste

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1603

“Take This Ring Upon My Bosom, I Do Wed Part I”

To these breasts I do softly wed
A sacred royal covets found upon the silk sheets in my Queen Size bed
Mm... If I close my eyes once again, tell me you will be there
My love, I’ve traveled over mountains I’ve swammed the swirling current off the deep
Almost snagged in the temptation of the devils’ lair
My oath, my vows, until the Sun always my Moon shall keep
The elixir of love, laughter, a beautiful passage to his pineal gland
In the eyes of trust, grasp onto my hand
I love with my heart, mind, where colors do not matter from where I stand
Be the Sire, be that man

Allow the jeweled crescent of destiny to uphold where the Crown gives harbor, as we stand
To a Sire, his sanctuary upon my bosom rest unto his weary bones
Sigh as you close your eyes, and allow my soothing touch, my whispered words of French to his heart, his ear, as his soul atones
Relax unto me as you slumber in the cocoon of sleep
Upon the awakening of a new Dawn may his feet lead him on his pilgrimage of peace
Fair in is his dialect, to strained ears, let his wisdom speak
To the mightiest and the lowest as intellect seeks

Upon the Palace of Gold where my tender heart resides
Touch my soul, kiss upon my Creole skin, as disrobe, asunder of my thighs

I am old fashion at my court take of this band and make me whole
Where the wisps of breath I can feel as eh warm breeze to make cheek console
Lay upon my bosom as we astral plane from the beginning of time
Interlocked fingers as we made passionate love under the stars as I feed you the darken berries off Yahweh’s sweetest vines
You feel the shift, mmm… dip deeper, and allow the water to consume my insignia, by the Golden band of my sovereign creed
Yes, my love, a kiss, pull me even closer, upon your chest allow my emotions to enthrall you, as my emotions to tenderly bleed
My love, whoever ride upon his Steed

By Forevermore

Prologue To My Red Dress Series (Part II)

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1603

“A Chocolate Dipp” (Using Him Up)

My carnal nakedness in truth                  
The fig leaves around my body, just did not do                    
I abhor wearing clothes                    
To me, it only traps my soul  
Using him in the carnal pleasure of my salacious needs
Using him when our sweaty bodies are locked and he’s thrusting, deeper and deeper I am losing my breath,
He got my butter rum all wet
Sloppy, tasty once his tongue slips into the sinsations of my butter cream, his passion, his midnight feen supping me unmercifully, trickles to his lips, my saturating his chin, oh baby righter, use me and make me melt
I came unto earthly existence                    
Tenderness, given unto my cries unto the world, the gift of its wondrous persistence                    
To feel the elements of longing, ecstasy, rapture, lust, carnal pleasure, kissed upon my melanin skin                    
Clothes on, yet we still fornicate with the transference energy of our beguiling sins                              
When we peel them off, epitome of covetousness its greatest win                    
Naked passion, thrusting, stirring, bodies entwined, melodic sounds as soft as a violin                      
Climaxing heightening, mmm…then caving in                    
Banish such useless attire                    
A private sultry oasis… the silhouette under my moonlight, whispers of my fetish desires                    
Painted toes in my stilettoes thigh high boots, my only need to soar any receptive body higher                    
My supple skin to his brawny hardness… mmm tres bon                    
Reaching out without hindrance for his extended hard on                    
Come closer, no hindrance, take me now                    
Mm.. hum.. and the feeling of aww, deeper and deeper, purring a soft meow                    
Passion to ignite by the vision of eyes                    
Imperfections showcased, not here, so no hidden surprise                    
His body, sculpted in exquisite detail, only by Allah’s designs                    
Moans heard throughout the night echoing to the skies                    
Flames of ecstasy as we slip, dip, his very slow thrusting slide                    
There is nothing more gratifying then when a woman and man's body shifting in the collide        
Feeling the relaxation of his soul as our mingled spirits in each other energy reside        
The sensations of him completing me as he's seeping deeper inside                    
Until the rays kiss our skin in the heat of a beautiful sunrise                            
The rapture of my cherished soul                    
Coveting, seducing, mentally to beautifully cajole, no lies, ever, just read my sacred poetic manifestos                    
Naked to naked, rapture we interweave, lips console                    
Love, sex, fucking as blind hands patrol                    
Don’t hand me any clothes and tell me to put them on                    
Kneel on your knees, and softly lick the confessions of my silken songs                    
Palms clasped, breath to breath                    
Once you plummet inside, my body, absence of rest                    
Tasting his yearns, my tits blanketing his raining drops of sweat                    
Legs clenching his back, the core of me, he’s anchoring, horny, he'S pleasing me when I mentally wet                    
Mm… digging deeper inside my silken honeyed flesh                    

“I do like it when you’re imprisoned inside my soul and bathing deep inside the soft chasm of my carnal nakedness.”  

Mmm.. let me use you up baby.. I will be SOOOOO… gentle

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1603

She’s Like Candy-Coated In Sin

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She’s Like Candy-Coated In Sin
Mini-Production Brought To You By    
Another K Production®  

Poetic Words of Inspiration  

Poetikmind (_---_)  

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 126

I want to taste your butter rum
As you sip my pearly cum

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