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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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All Shook Up

Drowning in the gulf of my cocooning Chi
Darkness to the night we own
Immerse yourself in the essence of my soul
The erotic melody of the movements

Explicit soft moans, throaty groans
Inflamed by the rush of his fervent heat
Mind in my heart he resuscitates
Elevating our existence higher

Past the blessed bright moon
My body embraced by the illumination of such sweet departures
The galaxy our bed we lay upon
Veiling in the seduction at play

The depth of our souls parlay
Passion shines its lighthouse on our wonderful path
Memories of yesterday cherish a moonlit kiss on my soft lips
Whispers fly as the sun settles on the promise of dawn

Nestled in the beautiful illusion, our spirits beautifully stain
The nurturing of his love inflames the silhouette of my sacred divinity
Breathless in a swept current
The sinking of destiny kissed by fate resonate so far away

Mm... Within the blissful moment of time, I have him All Shook Up

This is the beginning of me and my two besties traveling itinerary  this was a gift from my Goddaughter on Mother's Day, including a two night stay in Memphis with dinner, and she was nice to pay for me my own hotel suite, knowing I do not share my hotel suite and then a tour of Graceland, after thirty-two years, I will finally be stepping into Graceland, then on to Nashville, and yes, I got my Cowgirl Hats, skinny jeans, and my Vera Wang thigh-high boots.

Thank you, Allah, for the generosity of my Goddaughter and her mother, who is my bestie. I love you both, and Elvis Presley in spirit..

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
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So happy for you and trip to TN…. Enjoy!!!

Tyrant of Words
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Dear Diary,  
His muscular body serenades the reflection of my alluring mind    
Mm… the imagination of my soft moans as he’s watching my finger dance inside me as I grind    
Come closer… yes... real close… hold your tongue out    
Now savor the sweeten taste from my creamy wet South    
Let me smear it over your lips    
Losing myself in the… mmm… a prisoner of his desire fetishes, his hunger when he eases inside me, softly kissing my lips    
Widening my pussy for the long slips and hard dips    
Binding my wrists behind my back ... pleasure with him, we blend so well and that’s a fact    
Licking over his shoulder blade, under his chin, behind his ear    
Flapping this pussy, ass wiggling, breasts jiggling      
Bringing to my body all his hardcore good cheer    
Headboard tightly gripped    
Gyrating on his groin…mm… that feels good while he’s thrusting all up in my moisten abyss    
Stirring his erection in the chasm of my creamy nature    
Addicted loving I could never get from a total stranger, fucking him is always a day to night game changer    
Oo… baby… say…say my name... please me beyond the calling of ecstasy    
While basking in the soul of my needs      
Giving me a dose of satisfaction as he sinks deeper…hitting the core of my sticky icky core to relish in the find    
Oh yes…papi... do your thang baby as I’m making him all mine    
Slowly up and down his girth, my pussy hole gripping, then the circling wind    
Sss... yes… making those manly hissing sounds, can’t wait to taste my flavor on his dick when I go down      
Grabbing my hips plummeting upward bumping and grinding    
Pulling me downward whispering in my ear… move that sweet ass    
Palming my back, mouthing a nipple, losing himself in the heat of my butter rum thrash    
Tenderly touching me right here, softly licking me there, a nirvana’s dream once he has me out of my Victoria Secret flimsy underwear    
Once I climbed on top of him, holding his erection up, easing into the tightness of these vaginal walls, I didn't have a hope or a prayer    
Desire once sliding, deeper, he rules me no matter where    
Leaning his head back in the height of passion, with each stroke, each seepage, breathless, leaving me gasping for air    
Palming the sides of my face, kissing my tender lips    
Tightening my snatch, my essence coating his dick    
With each honeyed drip    
His finger snaking in my asshole.... oh, sweet mercy... pleasing me with both in and out hits    
His bent arms going behind my thighs, lifting me    
Pounding my cunt, oiling his hard girth inside my surrendering tease    
Holding me against his groin    
Kissing my lips coveting my echoing moans    
My sugar walls caving… climaxing all over his girth, sensations, his elongation swimming in the juices of my cum
I like when he poetically asks me for some
One look, one taste of his esoteric fermentation, on his royal sheets. Oh, God, I become undone
Just to lie under him basking in the warming sensations of his Sun
Resting his forehead against mine, his dick convulsing, mmm, his pearly flow coming on strong    
Labored breaths, his dick throbbing, his body still heaving    
Moving, grooving, he plays me so well... giving it up to him, for all the lustful reasons    
Allowing our bodies to bask in wicked desires all night long my wanderlust keeps him appeasing sweet it is  

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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How sweet it is indeed
When he spreads his pearly seed
Within your wet and wanton cunt
What more could a hard cock want?

Tyrant of Words
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Eve (Poem By I_IS_ME- (Remastered By SKC)

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Does she intend to torture me, knowing her avatar is all it takes
I’ve regretted I_Is_Me again and again, but he refuses to be fake
I’ve wallow in the pain of being the one wrapped into her poetry
I silently scream please boo, please acknowledge, and forgive me

But we are so far into our future, please Boo can you also release me
Late nights spent praying that you, that you’d shine and show our destiny
Flowers springing from hillsides as we rolled back and forth wrapped in clovers
Sexual encounters with an intimacy swearing that I never knew you over and over

I knew that I was difficult, too many I_ Is_ Me was fucked up beyond repair
But baby the pain though always felt, was so much less with you there
Even at our most extreme, you pushed me to my mental and physical extreme
The tears and the mending, enticing and ripping us at our very seams

Can you understand my need possibly, my grasp for a version of our past
I reached for an apparition of a hand praying that it would last
Fragments of us hurling by, I clasped and bit at you again
Haha late night mental rendezvous of us basking in our sins

We are so sorry for each and everyone that you’ve lost and missed
But we are raw dawg in our life and death is how we live
We tried to live Marry Poppins style, but that was simply a fake version of us
She knows for me to exist her communication is a must

But with pain she neglects the very life force that I need
Our love a cautionary sign that I should heed
Times spent contemplating life and existence, while puffing on my weed
She’s so much more than my Eve, she’s my core, my very seed

Copyright©I_IS_ME 2024

Another K Production®

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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I Had A Dream About You Last Night

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Mm... I had the most incredible dream about you last night  
Mm… You made love to me unto the sunrise  
With all your girth and might  
You came unto me, you laid me on silken covers    
You parted my thighs as your body hovered    
You looked down into my eyes, you ran your finger    
Zigzagging over my French Creole skin    
Mm… waiting for your, surmise    
And then you took me    
You slid in my tight abyss    
Your lips covered mine with such sweet kisses    
And then, you put my hands over my head    
Oh, the dance that we did    
We rattled the bed    
You put my legs over your shoulders    
And you cupped my buttocks    
And you stuck your tongue deep inside me    
Mm...  as my butter rum, unlocked    
It seeped on your tongue    
Oh, it made your swollen, kingdom cum    
You shattered inside… me    
Behind the tease    
And you called out my name    
Mmmm, locking my palms    
No regrets, no shame    
I had a dream about you last night    
I dreamed you gave me    
Your soul    
Your essence    
Until the break of midnight    
And then you came until me    
You shook my foundation of love    
God knows it’s only ordained from above    
You kissed my toes    
You kissed my hands    
You kissed my fingers    
And you kissed my mouth    
You stuck your fingers, deep inside my wet south    
You taste me on your lips    
Mm... and then you fed it to me    
And then your mouth covered mines    
Oo... awaiting your please    
I had a dream about you last night    
Oh…you took my body to such rapture, such heights    
I clamored, I screamed I cried, to the Heavens    
Mm Is this the man for me    
Is the man that supposed to fulfill my destiny    
Is this the man that pleases me from daylight to daybreak    
Oh God if this the man, please do not awake    
I ...had... a... dream… about… you... last... night    
And my God deep inside me you felt so right    
I did not know right, I didn’t know wrong    
All I know is moans, groans, that echoed our beautiful song    
I had a dream about you last night    
You merged your soul into mine    
You poured your essence, my merge, my climax    
Mm… blended as the sands of time    
I had a dream about you last night    
We looked over the hilltops    
We looked over the mountain peaks    
Mm and then you sunk in me deeper and deeper    
Mm…  and my lips you so sweetly, teased    
“I had a dream about you last night, baby.”

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Mm... Fifty Shades Freed

Whispering my naughtiness in his ear, then my tongue dip      
Crowning him with my alluring words    
His fingers already wet from the easing in and easing out of my slit      
Cannot get enough of my femininity once his lips zigzagging down, giving up that sacred creamy centered honeyed mist        
That energic flow as his tongue worship my soul      
Mmmmm... right there papi, weakening me with the first lick, then flogging to my clit      
Could it be, he loves the pain of my back scratches once between my Creole thighs      
The sound of my soft purrs when my eyes are closed, becoming giddy and dizzy on his carpet ride      
He takes my body to heights of sensations, palming his head, an oasis parlay past the majestic skies      
Mmm… tantalizing him with my clothes off or on        
Once dipping deep inside my wetness, just a little more, becomes our bodies' blending song      
I love the moments when he is thrusting, craving the scented ambrosia of my skin      
Coating the lust of his masculinity, palming the mattress as his throbbing arousal eases deeper.. oh, sweet mercy, panting... and deeper, and deeper in                        
Embracing his mind, pleasing his body, inspiring his heart, the aura of him where I will always command      
Once his erect hunger comes under my teasing illicit demand                
Submitting unto my love potion      
Once again, his egotism, brings such sweet illicit motions      
As he's plummeting into my moistened silken lace                      
My passions, my desires overspilling, legs encircling his waist      

Mm.. free me, my love        

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Allow The Cleansing Water To Flow (Water)

Can I palm the Moon to balance the equation of this gigabyte evolution          
Embroidering the fabric of life bearing fruit upon the lay of that Kente Cloth revelation          
Allow my femininity to lean my head downward and whisper to the passage of time          
Tickling the pleasure of ether          
Mm.. you plummeting in the creaminess of my lassoing sensations            
In the name of the Sun is the signature personification for mankind as destiny stands          
Under my gentle Blue Moon his virility gently lay          
My dialect, sailing to the tympanum of mankind’s core, infringing upon society’s hearing          
Unto the Dark Phantom who occupies the stage of my dreams          
His scent, ingrained in the erogenous cadence of my psyche          
Mm… traveling the night air on the magic carpet of his intellect          
A pilgrimage throughout the four corners of this realm we call the un-i-verse          
Inscribing the halo of our huetiful hieroglyphics among the stars          
No, I cannot tell you what I wished for          
Yes, yes, handsome Superbro, take me higher          
Coax me with your high vibration pulsate          
Stroking heartstrings slow, tender, in the height, as you please          
Interweaving the ambrosia of my mystique          
In the ring of fire, rise with me, touch the flames as we captivate the skies          
The Bald Engle swoops          
The Falcon Flies          
Anchor the links of fate          
Kissed by the golden alchemy of a phoenix uprising          
Blending into the elements of life embracing you            
Talk to me Island Man, touch the infinity of my secret marvels          
Fuse your temple in the energetic field of my soft winds          
Blow that gentle breeze all over me baby          
You feel me panting writing my sheet music in unity with the shadows of the twilight          
A toast to the knowledge that flows          
Tasting the flavor of my melodic rhythms curling around your tongue          
Moving in gratification on a bed of rose silken words          
Your playful fingers, coasting from my toes, upward, zero to turbocharge passion          
If I purchased one of your Pandora’s vowels for the opening          
Would you kiss me in that secret place          
Breathing against my lips inhaling the depth of my panoramic discernment          
Sinking in and out the tones of my arched rainbow          
You feel my inspiration, that je ne sais quoi quiet dedication,            
Uplifting, making sure you hang on as earth, and time continues to shift          
Parting the wetlands, in the might of his rod          
Getting wet in the rainfalls, twisting in those feel-good pools of desire inclining, ascending yearns          
Spiraling out of control          
You got to have some of that, it’s that, and souls weakening in the creation          
Falling in rapture, panting to the symphonic cadence          
Baptizing within the formation of my soul          
Palm to palm, yes marinate your tongue in my galactic dialect            
Come closer and invest the hypothesizes of your North, let me feel your results drifting down South, your Sun rising in that Eastcoast flair, slipping and sliding, West in the cradle of my soul          
So warm, someone said, butter rum flavored when bowing to console          
Afrocentric animalistic prowling resonating from the loins of jungle heat        
Melaninated men unto the spirit of his visceral      
Black Panther, Black Bear, Black Butterfly, Black Mamba, Black Beetle          
Bathing in my sacred water, go on, and praise your rebirth in its wondrous flow          
Closing my eyes, coveted in sacred hydration of rejuvenation          
Exchanging the energies of our naked spirits          
Sharing an umbrella in my mist covering the synopsis of my moistened soul          
Let’s play in the reign        
A mental resume your mind can keep on file          
Yes, right there...  mm… I never have made love on top of your Heavenly peak          
You thrusting in and out my creamy eclair          
Chocolate coated, rose petals strewn all over my planetary footsteps  

Tyrant of Words
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Kisses Upon The Moonlight

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"Self-reflection Is the sweetest surrender to the heart, and a beautiful gift to the mind"

Another K Production®

Tyrant of Words
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Can I Write You A Love Song

Can I write you a love song  
I’ll sing it softy in your ear all night long  
Blow gently without words on my saxophone  
Diamond and Pearls behind the throne  
A beautiful ensemble meant for only you  
As I give credence too  
Take my hand  
Cross this journey with me as I sing about faraway lands  
Past Egypt pyramids shifting Morocco sands  
Lay back my love, allow your mind to silently drift  
Feel the enchantment of my piano keys as it spiritual uplifts  

I’ll sing love songs of old  
A cappella chorus echoed from deep within my enlighten soul  
I’ll sing to you about the blues, society’s injustice, and elements of darken storms  
Keep your heart warm, while playing my French Horn  
Enrapture foretold from this dedicated symphonic poem  
A music sheet of percussion, woodwind, brass, keyboard, and strings  
Harmony carrying the mind away as the joy of coming spring  
I’ll hum your favorite beats, can you feel the crescendo now  
Fiddle from the heart by the sweat of one’s brow  

Submerge your cerebral cortex, lose yourself in the sultry tunes  
Harp sounds bathe of light kissed from the illuminating moon  
Destiny overcasts in the lyrics  
Fate floating stratospheric  
Karma of others handled in the eyes of satiric  
Opera, I give you so grand in its grace  
French Creole dialect murmured among silk and lace  
Sounds of my flute resonant to face  
Allowing my Cello sounds to thoroughly embrace  

Can I write you a love song  
My poetic whispers within the melodies as the ballads of us plays on
Body and soul serenading soprano to keep you standing strong  
My guitar stringing your philosophies along  
An equal equation, one plus one equals two  
Emotions, feelings, sentiments, its tenor expressed only for you  
No compass to my heart, my seasonal love found in hidden melodies  
Trombone guiding back and forth breathless as it please  

Orchestra sounds  
Ascending minds, bodies, souls, pass the opening clouds, divine and profound  
The last note sung by me as we gradually come down  
Beautiful music embraced, needs never to make a sound  
Shh, close your eyes  
Meditate on the music for a little while  

Hush sweet baby don’t say a word  
My heart softly tweets to a mockingbird  
If that mockingbird don’t sing  
Can I write you a love song created only for your being  
As minds are sightseeing  
Hearts fleeing  
Timpani drums guaranteeing  
Entwined of our divine wellbeing  
Emotional freeing  
Crooning of bodies heard as the day is long  
Can I write you a love song

Tyrant of Words
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The Beauty Found In A Heavenly Rose

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From the bedded white sands  
Soaring above the meadowlands  
Graciously gliding into the cosmic under the universal blanket of time where passion commands  
The stars we yearn to feel, tender strokes of his lazy touch  
Our union, fluency ordained by an energetic embedded rush
As we lay, spiritually entwined  
Scaling the divinity while lost in the calling of time  
A blessed arrow as it climbs above the clouds  
Cupid’s bow to bemuse unto a man's heart as he stands endowed  
Naked in knowledge as our bodies seek ecstasy found in the coming of our truth  
At the expense of coveting his lust while blending the essence of our sacred juice  
Mm... gratification unto him once latched  
Hormones heightened pleasure, endorphins released, upon a shooting impact  
Mm... such a hard nutt finally cracked  
Closing my eyes    
His body taking mine on a celestial high  
Moaning unto the calling of midnight, while writing my name among, the stars
Oh, my love, my handsome man beyond the moon  
Embracing caresses and sweet kisses…. to make my mind, tenderly swoon  
Reach out and touch me in ether, a soft kiss you plant upon my lips  
Inhale the air as my jasmine scent lingers to you as it drifts  

Echoes of ecstatic resonating sounds  
Galactic rapture as you dip and circle in my creamy abyss around and around  
Mm... up and down  
Weightless gravity instilling, pound for pound  
My body losing spaceless ground  
Steady presence as the gentle wind blows  
Anchoring in my silken passage of a narrow canal, sinking as the feeling continues to flow  
Divinity of destiny kissed by the scouring sun  
Bathed in my dewy warmth from an interstellar hole in one  
A revelation submerged, a slicken enclosure felt second to none  
My love, lay me down among a bed of stars  
Come into me, and share this moment my handsome man of Mars  
A taste of Heaven deep as go not to be denied  
Clenching tighter as fate and our destiny collide  
Soft Hearts searching from deep within  
Desires of our minds as passion begins    

My love  

Production Brought To You  
Another K Production®

Tyrant of Words
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Pearly Eruptions

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Mmm.. some would say never give glimpses under your silken sheets
Does this hold merit in virtual reality my love
This is where you find that mental sanctuary
Right between these Creole thighs
While looking at my lacy pleasure
And your heated thoughts migrating in my abyss
Of my tighten and silk dreams
Taking possession of my tender kisses
To my lips
The hunger of your compassion, I crave
Your intellectual stimulation
Oh, my love it gets me so hot
It moistens the mood
The wine is poured
Sexy satin teddy with matching robe
Coveting my skin, until
Your scent my mind bathes
In with the thought of your smell
The thought of your hard girth
Easing into me
Wiggling, parting me
My thighs dividing without conscious
Body clenched
Breathless after you whisper in my ear
Relax and let us flow
Palms to palms
You sinking deeper inside me
My softness pillowing the stature of your hardness
Your skin lovingly pasted against mine
Feeling inside the tightness of my pussy walls
My legs linking around your ankles
The peak of my tongue licking a shoulder blade
Tasting your sweaty manliness
Your hunger to complete the unfilled desire in me
My heart echoing in union with pure lust
At its finest, and only for you
Fucking me until I admit I’m getting addicted off
Your animalistic high
Leaving a trail of my scent for the prowl
The hunt, in me, the conquer
Mm... your nostrils buried all deep up in me
That jungle heat of my aroma
Keeps you returning to the crime of my passion
Yanking your throbbing dick out
Climbing …mmm… on my face
Just as my lips part, in awaiting anticipation
You cup your girth and sink it past the portal
Of my moistened lips mm… with haste in pleasure you sink
Your strokes back and forth making such deep love within the wet corridor of my mouth
Rolling your palm up and down your stomach
Your erection sliding in and out my mouth with ease
My hand pumping the base, you thrusting deeper
Grunting, groaning, between those, labored breaths
Choking me in the quest for you to explode inside my mouth
Cum inside me my love
Let me taste of you as your flow oozes down my throat
Mm… yes... mm there your… oo essence as it stains my tongue
Swallowing your seeds of life
With pleasure the current galloping down
The ooziness of my throat
Licking the residue off your helmet of your head
For the throne this Queen will sit upon
You leaning down sss… ooo…and telling me
Baby we’re just now getting started
Mm… pearly eruptions

Another K Production®

Tyrant of Words
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The Wax (Manipura Chakra-Yellow Candle)

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The illusion of peace

What is peace
Is it the serenity that you find in your surroundings
Is it the comfort that you get from your mentality
Is it your footsteps, is it your goals
Or is it simply your dreams

The serenity of peace
We get from Mother Nature
From her soil
As we implant our hands
To bring her fertilization unto the creation

Is it the trees
That brings us such beautiful oxygen
As we inhale and exhale
Is it the skies
That we look upon to know that we have divine purpose
Upon this earth that we walk

The illusion of peace
Is it your hands
That does good deeds upon mankind
Is it your pulsating heart
That feels, that gives, and love
It is your eyes that see the coming of the divinity within
Is it your, mouth
Your dialect that speaks, of wonders, of wisdom, and of truth

What is peace to you
Is it your purpose as you stand
Is it within sickness that you lie
Waiting, but within you must find that inner peace

Inner peace of rebirth
Inner peace of longevity
Inner peace of just simply being

What is peace
Find your peace today
And keep it as a shield of honor
So that when tomorrow comes upon you
You would have known yesterday you have retained your peace
That you may go forward

Have a blessed day, stay faithful, and always please smile

Tyrant of Words
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Like Sweeten Chocolate Like Silken Water

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When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

Regina Brett

Desires as we lay
Caught up in the rapture of now
Bodies tenderly flowing as the sands of time
In the height of passion

Entwined labored breaths, we breathe, we beseech unspoken desires
Ecstasy as we become as one
Merging, souls beautifully purging
Erratic of its beautiful melody within sound

Asunder within the sacredness of my temple
The blissful of rainfall, unto my chi, coveting the essence of your soul
Our essence we bath in serenity
Tasting of each other’s depthness

Palms clapped, tighten to call as ecstasy builds
Our souls drift, our minds in union
In and out the depthness you draw upon the wetness of my wishing well
Making love unto me like the feeling of sweeten chocolate

Caressing my skin like the coating of silken water
Stealing my soul as you take me to Heaven
At the pearly gates lay emotions at the door
Ordained as kiss amore

Like sweeten chocolate
Like coating of silken water
Bodies asunder
As we smother

Tyrant of Words
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The Glow (The Sahasrara Chakra-Purple Candle)

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Today I give you my Crown Charka in peace
In prosperity
May you take it in faith
May it embrace you with love  
Today I light my purple candles
Unto darken passage that seem to have lost the way
As a torch may it guide you
Guide you where faith is as simple as the mustard seed of life

Today I give you my Crown Chakra
I give you the Queen of my heart
Unto you
Whereas may I find the King unto him

Today I give you my Crown Chakra
I give it to you abundantly
Use it
Use it so that your temple may be blessed in love
That your feet may be remained rooted
In abundancy
Universal blessings may guide you  
And may keep you

I give my purple candles lit unto you
In peace, whereas darkness may be snuffed out of war
I give you today, yourself  
Yourself, where you may find words of comfort
In triviality  
May your ears hear words of encouragement
I give you my arms  
Arms of the descendant of time
Who has bridged the gaps of disparity

I give you my fingers as I pray for you as I pray for myself
I give you your naked canvas
As you bless it
Brushstrokes with harmony
Brushstroke it with peace
Whereas for eyes to observe
The beautiful causality  
That has manifested unto the picture of life itself

I give you my Crown Charka today
With my purple lit candles
May you go in peace
And may you smile in uncertainty
Above all
Go, find your dreams, whereas you can embrace your aspirations

Today, I give you my Crown Charka
And I bow to you in humbleness, I bow unto you in empowerment
And forth, my femininity, my womanhood
I give credence to Mother Nature
In the spiritually of my creed walked upon this earth
By my Haitian Creole descendants upon the heart of this Hebrew soul
And above all, I bless you to always go in peace

Love and Hugs, always,

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