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poet rad-af
United States New Member
Merely a speck of darkened thoughts. Lustful dreams. Damaged hearts. Broken souls.
Poems published: 6
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poet Moonfire-Lark
United States
Self taught poet. My inspiration comes from everything.
Poems published: 435
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poet KDAmB
7awards Australia
Every now and then I dabble in poetry.. I do not consider myself a poet..am just a lover of art in all its manifestations.
Poems published: 76
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poet Lyrical_Temptation
United States
I don't really consider myself a poet. I try to capture what I feel at the moment. I don't believe in labels. I wouldn't say that I'm straight nor am I gay. I write what I want...simple.
Poems published: 37
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poet m_abbott1999
2awards United States
It all goes in cycles; I just hitch a ride from phase to phase.
Poems published: 93
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poet Hepcat61
12awards United States
Poems published: 160
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poet DevilsChild
5awards United States
Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are
Poems published: 253
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poet Indie
30awards Australia
human, quirky, and dark.
Poems published: 614
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poet poetryaccident
2awards United States
A guy with many poems to share about death, dance, joy, survival, and the ongoing struggle with depression.
Poems published: 115
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poet PoetSpeak
19awards United States
I'm just a cowboy from New York City. I've got some stories to tell and some scores to settle.
Poems published: 818
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poet PoetsRevenge
United States
I love to write on the edge:Not all significant poetry goes down like warm soup: Don't fear the burn It just might awaken you: In the words of Jim Morrison... 'Wake up!' (I don't remember where I am either).. Note: I write heartwarming stuff too..
Poems published: 63
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poet TinaLouise
3awards Australia
I've survived a great deal. Instead of falling into a puddle of self pity and tears, I've taken the negative and turned it into positive awareness to help others through their time of need..https://m.facebook.com/Cray-cray-1519614181671831/
Poems published: 97

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