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3awards United States
The universe is your canvas
Poems published: 58
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8awards United States
Ms.Jackson if ya nasty
Poems published: 461
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6awards United States
"I'm WORKIN' on it!"
Poems published: 349
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3awards Wales
'Love Will Tear Us Apart.' Ian Curtis. RIP. There will always be a light shining across Indian ocean.
Poems published: 344
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5awards United States
The feelings produced are innate and untamed...
Poems published: 117
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25awards United States
Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect- Steven Wright
Poems published: 229
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For eroticism comes in a bed . . . With the weight of my love bearing down . . .Or from the point of a pen . . . The words spinning magic in the darkness of my mind
Poems published: 20
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United States New Member
Hello! I'm Aiden Ross. I've been here before under a different name. Things I post here will be kept separate from my personal information. Feel free to ask me questions, but discretion will be used to answer. Thanks for respecting my privacy!
Poems published: 1
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6awards United Kingdom
Honest Niave Autistic
Poems published: 411
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'Reading is an activity subsequent to writing: more resigned, more civil, more intellectual.' Jorge Luis Borges
Poems published: 22
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9awards United Kingdom
classic rhyming stuff been called a realism poet. No axes to grind, chips on shoulders un-found, just like the fun of writing stuff down, safe in the sanctuary here Deep Underground.
Poems published: 312

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