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poet poetryaccident
8awards United States
A guy with many poems to share about death, dance, joy, survival, and the ongoing struggle with depression.
Poems published: 212
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poet CasketSharpe
5awards United States
Sinful, syck and sexual. May my twisted erotic words bring annihilating joy to your soul and fibromyalgia pleasures to your flesh.
Poems published: 90
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poet souladareatease
21awards United States
Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect- Steven Wright
Poems published: 211
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poet chump
5awards United States
My anger, like a shield, must be penetrated to see the real me unless I am only more of the same...
Poems published: 101
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poet husiashayheh
Nefertum Husia Shayheh "The Recollection of 88 Days" which is an ending first period of my poetry out of all literature arts. Growing my Tree of Life artistically.
Poems published: 715
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poet DarkEnchantress
For I am a spell-spinner...a word weaver...who dares to capture and control--with ink and parchment--the influences of the Light and the Darkness, and cast them into the minds,and hearts,of all who read my writings.
Poems published: 25
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poet whale
19awards United Kingdom
seek and you will find when you search with all your heart
Poems published: 162
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poet Chaoticwayz
I'm home, in school, and at peace! What a wonderful place to be. Thank you all for having me.
Poems published: 50
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poet goldenmyst
1awards United States
Goldenmyst, 51 years old, lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The poet and author believes, “Love blossoms even within the walls of a madhouse in hearts yearning to be free.”
Poems published: 203
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poet afriendoftina
3awards United Kingdom
Each time it is written, with each tap of a key, Another word or a phrase to get to know the real me.  But is that a facade, not sure you can tell, So solve me, I'm a mystery and it's not going well.
Poems published: 19
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poet Duende
5awards Netherlands
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
Poems published: 62
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poet gazellemon
3awards United States
Building bridges with words, the kind you may never have heard.  <3
Poems published: 131

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