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poet danigirl32
United Kingdom New Member
Some Times Life Really is Ham and Cheeze on Kisses
Poems published: 16
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poet Mogwai
United States
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poet HedonsHerald
United States
Poetry is a big part of my life. Couldnt live without it. If you enjoy my stuff, duck into rowantrees profile. You wont regret it.
Poems published: 67
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8awards United Kingdom
The Truth Sets You Free ~ Rowan Williams (Former Archbishop of Canterbury)
Poems published: 49
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poet Purpleheart
3awards United Kingdom
"The nicer you are, the worst you get treated and the harder you fall."
Poems published: 7
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poet AtoMikbomb
1awards United States
She's snark, And spice, And salt. She's firs and ferns. She's lakewater. And teal. And lungs of frosting winter moss.
Poems published: 29
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poet Gahddess_Worship
18awards United States
Writing poetry is the catalyst in my quest for authenticity and the conduit through which I express my deepest thoughts and emotions.
Poems published: 211
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poet WoundedHeart
3awards Canada
Writing is my therapy, my escape and one of the very few things in life that feels right to me.
Poems published: 247
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poet _boybrains
United Kingdom
Those who offer the sunlight are suffering eternal darkness inside.
Poems published: 71
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poet diamonddave75
19awards United States
Words are my life.. And music the background.. Meshed together, in pure magic..
Poems published: 558
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poet Ahavati
33awards United States
Doing the next thing.
Poems published: 242
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poet Amorous_tryst
2awards United States
A poet? Not by any stretch of the imagination, but trying.
Poems published: 35

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