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poet yelluw_always
2awards United States
inside my frame are a million of the same things swirling about that all at once come out around the world newly made old
Poems published: 54
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poet PandoraUnleashed
United States
I'm just a girl who is simply in love with words and writing. I am poetry and prose, loving most things sensual and erotic above most, pushing some emotions out here and there.
Poems published: 118
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poet AEMelia564
49awards Norway
Sculptress of Words
Poems published: 178
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poet Tenderloin
2awards Canada
Yet to be determined.  But my fascinations as a reader tend to drift to biography, horror and of course, the erotic.
Poems published: 281
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poet eswaller
23awards United States
Poetry has always been a part of me, beginning in middle school. There is always some truth behind every piece that I write. It helps to be aware of what goes on around me as a writer and as a person.
Poems published: 613
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poet SoulzGirl69
I write about the past and present, rollercoaster of emotions. I am true to the deepest part of my soul.
Poems published: 220
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poet takis1917
Lately, find it interesting and, occasionally, enjoyable...
Poems published: 205
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poet NBathory
I write as a hobby and to increase my English skills. Generally my writings are of a dark nature for various reasons and also sometimes erotic. I really appreciate feedback that may improve my writing. Best regards, Natalia.
Poems published: 33
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poet Amorous_tryst
13awards United States
A poetess? I shall leave that determination to others.
Poems published: 143
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poet Ahavati
53awards United States
Blazing the Poetic Trail of Life & Love with JohnnyBlaze. 💜💏
Poems published: 388
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poet Blackwolf
Flawlessly rhythmic.  Epically magical.  Totally Blackwolf.   Thanks To John Galt !
Poems published: 471
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poet Lookawaynow
13awards United Kingdom
One slight poet  Beautiful around the edges
Poems published: 2987

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