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3awards United States
I like to write late at night, when my muse has my back. At times, I have to search the rafters. I love the dark in writing when the spirits visit me. I also like collaboration.
Poems published: 828
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16awards United States
A poetess? I shall leave that determination to others.
Poems published: 220
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1awards Nepal
Spontaneous words written with care can precipitate as a poem. Anyone has potential to be a Poet. Anything what touches your soul is simple a poetry.
Poems published: 697
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2awards United States
I am not a writer or poet. I will likely be to intimidated to post but a friend from the UK recommended this site. I love to read. Sometimes I don't have a filter so that is my disclaimer if I say something strange or say to much.
Poems published: 63
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3awards United States
I am a pretty asshole that doesn't require bleaching
Poems published: 242
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“Creation which cannot express itself becomes madness" ~Anais Nin
Poems published: 177
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32awards United States
Been here at DUP since summer of 2017. Met some great poets and poetesses here.  In school I took my first poetry course and loved it! Now I want to continue practice my writing to include erotic poetry. Let myself go with the cloak on anonymity ... I
Poems published: 1106
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5awards Canada
British born Vancouver, BC poet and photog. Explorer of the mystical and sensual in audio rhyming poetry.
Poems published: 1379
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7awards United States
Maiden, Mother, and Crone dipped in a fine batter of mental chaos, deep-fried golden in reserved backwoods-southern bacon grease.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
Poems published: 132
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5awards Canada
"Poet"? I dunno.... I'm just a human spilling the stuff I can't say out loud. Sometimes the words arrange themselves nicely, and that's pretty cool.
Poems published: 240
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1awards United States
I aim to write everything, but pen don't lie.  
Poems published: 36
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4awards United States
Still me ...  I just put the pixels on the screen, usually straight from the heart/soul with no filter  No I won't compromise my principles  Just Write ...  Taken with a lot of things ... Like beauty of any kind ... Bless and love ... - Alan
Poems published: 268

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