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7awards United States
"I'm WORKIN' on it!"
Poems published: 352
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“Creation which cannot express itself becomes madness" ~Anais Nin
Poems published: 151
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1awards Haiti
I am here to perfect my craft and learn the art of seduction by reading other people's poetry.
Poems published: 95
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3awards Canada
Writing is my therapy, my escape and one of the very few things in life that feels right to me.
Poems published: 259
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Poetry is my voice for change. I have 10 kids with my husband of 20 years. The poetry I write comes from books, movies, and most of all, from my life. Finally squeezed out of me by my nature like a long held breath.
Poems published: 162
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76awards United States
Inspired by life, literature, love and music, this is a quick look into my soul.
Poems published: 260
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United States
My poems are just a ripple in the fabric of space & time, that could possibly redefine your reality..
Poems published: 5
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3awards United Kingdom
Some bleed stories; I bleed confessions.
Poems published: 373
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New Member
I have been writing since 2007 on and off. Have been on other poetry boards before. Writing for me is a way  to escape and the beauty of sharing and building up relationships, through the art of words.
Poems published: 7
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3awards United States
i've been writing since the ninth grade. Started out doing love and pain stuff. Switched to more inspirational and instructive words as i've gotten closer to 50. lots of my work is self therapeutic. Hope to help someone else.
Poems published: 128
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Been writing since i was a kid.  i use different styles and enjoy playing with form and rhythm.
Poems published: 134
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75awards United States
Proprio Vos Sanguine Pasco
Poems published: 485

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