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poet dizzzzzzy
8awards United States
Hi I'm 616  or so I read today, my hobbies include psychology/ social engineering  Botany, dermal graphic artistry .
Poems published: 34
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poet David_Macleod
35awards United Kingdom
My name is David Macleod. I write to any and all genres and forms: I hate conventional thinking or controls on poetry writing and on censorship   "Poetry without self creates no responses, nor should it." (David Macleod 2018)
Poems published: 1251
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poet Markis
I don't consider myself a poet! Its just that, sometimes, I like to play with words and ideas.
Poems published: 20
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poet PandoraUnleashed
United States
I'm simply a girl holding onto hope her ink gets herself somewhere. In the meantime; learning, growing having fun and enjoying the ride on this mind full of madness.
Poems published: 93
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poet drone
6awards Greece
it is seeds that i try to sow within the words that i write
Poems published: 1123
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poet Kexby
United Kingdom
I write free verse.
Poems published: 928
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poet bigwolf
United States New Member
I am interested in becoming a better poet. I enjoy reading and writing.
Poems published: 21
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poet crystalcolumz
United States
I write the way the schizophrenic, walking up and down the sidewalk in front of my house, screams profanity when he thinks he's all alone.
Poems published: 15
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poet again
24awards United States
A THINKER and WELL WISHER  for younger generations. The world is MORE DANGEROUS TODAY //yesterday  and MAYBE WORSER TOMORROW THAN TODAY  THE WAY IT IS GONG ON Having composed so many poems what if I could be an incarnation of  Pablo Ne
Poems published: 1982
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poet CarrionCrow44
United States
Have a little time on my hands to write out songs and such.
Poems published: 250
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poet soullessexpression
I am happily healing as of current. My work comes from raw in the moment materials. I hope my work reaches people who are struggling. Please know you are not alone. I know its rough right now but please keep going. Just keep breathing.
Poems published: 37

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