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poet lepperochan
64awards Palestine
whenever I talk to myself  about myself,  we disagree :  he calls me an imposter  I call him a zombie   other profiles which I write with:   Muggle  
Poems published: 56
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poet Naajir
6awards United States
just for the joy of pushin that pen..wherever it goes
Poems published: 162
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poet Jade-Pandora
95awards United States
Gazing in a mirror while you doze/ I'm loath to comb the morning tangles/  from my long dark hair.      
Poems published: 399
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poet JusTim_
5awards United States
Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come
Poems published: 336
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poet hemihead
12awards New Zealand
I am interested in writing which is so personal that it becomes universal...riffs on fear, failure, joy, on being human. To write is work, but its creation is joy.
Poems published: 115
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poet AEMelia564
33awards Norway
Sculptress of Words
Poems published: 97
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poet rabbitquest
2awards Israel
Aye, I would like to say Aye
Poems published: 160
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poet PoetsRevenge
4awards United States
I love to write on the edge: Not all significant poetry goes down like warm soup: Don't fear the burn It just might awaken you: In the words of Jim Morrison... 'Wake up!' (I don't remember where I am either).. Note:  I write heartwarming stuff too..
Poems published: 138
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poet Taurek
2awards United States
Los Angeles/Westside
Poems published: 459
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poet Anxiety
United States
I normally write about my anxiety, self hate or relationship love/problems sometimes more so just thoughts I spewed out than poetry I don't know if I can call half the stuff I write poetry. I've been a writer for a little over 5 years now.
Poems published: 22
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poet LunasChild8
1awards Canada
I'm far from being the best poet, but every poem of mine was written from my heart. They're all precious to me, and I hope that you'll enjoy reading them.
Poems published: 45
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poet AtoMikbomb
10awards United States
She's snark, And spice, And salt.  She's firs and ferns.  She's lakewater. And teal. And lungs of frosting winter moss.
Poems published: 162

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