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poet Taryn
5awards United States
🌻 •* • good or bad ~ it's scribed in ink here and with Exquisite_Chaos ~  experiences are my muse • *• 🌻
Poems published: 113
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poet Ahavati
31awards United States
Poems published: 229
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poet Lookawaynow
11awards United Kingdom
One slight poet  Beautiful around the edges
Poems published: 2163
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poet crimsin
63awards United States
my ink comes from the heart and sometimes a dark mind
Poems published: 725
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36awards United States
My outlook reflects my writing; make haste but don't hurry. I don't think of myself as a poet. Some day I may actually deserve the moniker of "poet" but that day won't be anytime soon.
Poems published: 722
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poet Rex_WhoHeUsedToBe
United States
I write my heart out.
Poems published: 4
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poet MusicallyMrM
17awards United States
Transcending All Things I Ever Dared To Be...... Musically Mr M
Poems published: 550
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poet diamonddave75
19awards United States
Words are my life.. And music the background.. Meshed together, in pure magic..
Poems published: 526
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poet toniscales
36awards United States
I am very critical of my own work but I tend to love intensely, and writing is an emotional release I can't seem to resist.
Poems published: 239
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poet UnlovelyandAlone
United States
I write,to put it in simple terms,What I feel,or about what happens to hold my attention at the moment.Its not very often you'll find a..light,happy poem from me.
Poems published: 49
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poet JohnFeddeler
76awards United States
My poems are blue collar; they work hard.
Poems published: 598
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poet Naajir
4awards United States
my artistic self revels in the conglomerated madness that is me..drama is the stage i thrive on inside my head..  hence the whole point of my poetry
Poems published: 106

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