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64awards United States
Poetry is the missing lyrics to the soundtrack of my life. Been here since summer of 2017. Met some great poets here.  I tend to write shorter poems on many different topics.
Poems published: 3906
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34awards United Kingdom
The truth sets you free. "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill.
Poems published: 12
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15awards United States
just for the joy of pushin that pen..wherever it goes
Poems published: 454
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United Kingdom
My formative years were the 60's and I wished we all still lived there
Poems published: 18
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38awards United Kingdom
classic rhyming stuff been called a realism poet. No axes to grind, chips on shoulders un-found, just like the fun of writing stuff down, safe in the sanctuary here Deep Underground.
Poems published: 755
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2awards United States
Been told before I'm a pretty good poet, sorta kinda many enjoyed ones written on friendship or perhaps love; how 'bout coming inside, let me know if you like what you see appreciate your thoughts or critique, most of all your honesty.
Poems published: 547
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3awards United States
Unfortunately, the world is what it is. There is only one of us. I don't play the games to gather a list of fools. I am genuine and don't stampede with the wandering herd. I am my own thinker. BS doesn't fit me.
Poems published: 1744
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5awards United States
Poems published: 730
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24awards United Kingdom
I have been writing poetry for about 10 years now, still need to crush a lot of coal before I get a rough diamond. I try to improve all  the time so really like constructive feedback, Love reading other poets and finding something that takes me away.
Poems published: 350
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11awards United States
I write from darker corners of my mind.   'Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.' —Cesar Cruz
Poems published: 1888
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38awards United States
My outlook reflects my writing; make haste but don't hurry. I don't think of myself as a poet. Some day I may actually deserve the moniker of "poet" but that day won't be anytime soon.
Poems published: 1010
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21awards Canada
I'm far from being the best poet, but every poem of mine was written from my heart. They're all precious to me, and I hope that you'll enjoy reading them.
Poems published: 255

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