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United States
My thoughts erotic, sometimes exotic. that's why I took them deep underground.
Poems published: 247
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2awards United States
Most humans are selfish and cruel. Poetry was my savior in my time of need.
Poems published: 326
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Clumsy with words
Poems published: 5
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United States
Observer of life, the mind and dreams... what’s real?
Poems published: 90
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26awards United States
Been here at DUP since summer of 2017. Met some great poets and poetesses here.  In school I took my first poetry course and loved it! Now I want to continue practice my writing to include erotic poetry. Let myself go with the cloak on anonymity ...
Poems published: 531
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poet? not so much... but i do a fantastic robot bunny impression
Poems published: 265
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United Kingdom
Story telling in rhyme, searching the depths of hidden and often ignored desires
Poems published: 98
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1awards United States
   an outlet for my confined mind....
Poems published: 430
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7awards United States
Soft westside boy.
Poems published: 790
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25awards United States
Remember the past,  plan for the future,  but live for today,  because yesterday is gone  and tomorrow may never come    
Poems published: 957
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28awards United States
Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect- Steven Wright
Poems published: 250
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33awards United States
Writing poetry is the catalyst in my quest for authenticity and the conduit through which I express my deepest thoughts and emotions.
Poems published: 366

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