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On the knife edge of creation, some tread carefully, others dance but I tend to use the edge as a slip and slide. So here I am, redefining the person I was; scars, cuts and all.
Poems published: 72
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10awards Korea, North
Eating cereal with a fork since the early 90’s.
Poems published: 192
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28awards United Kingdom
It's all I want to do while here.
Poems published: 786
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9awards Canada
Published in small mags in US and England years ago.
Poems published: 590
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1awards United States
I’m not a poet. I complain, no one listens so it doesn’t matter what I say
Poems published: 213
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37awards United States
My outlook reflects my writing; make haste but don't hurry. I don't think of myself as a poet. Some day I may actually deserve the moniker of "poet" but that day won't be anytime soon.
Poems published: 862
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104awards United States
Inspired by life, literature, love and music.
Poems published: 715
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United States
Hi my name is Da Thrill and I've been writing since I was in 6th grade. My style varies depending on what mood I'm in or the inspiration I'm writing about. Aside from poetry I also enjoy writing song lyrics.
Poems published: 13
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13awards United States
I am a work in progress with a long, long way to go. I love words and their meanings, insights, and courage they give. As a poet in progress, I am liberated by the next and next word, therefore I MUST write. There are a thousand roads I must travel.
Poems published: 714
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United States
Been out of writing for awhile. My muse drug me here snd dropped me off. We’ll see what happens
Poems published: 10
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United States
Simple, sweet, awkward not so neat. Leave me be and you shall see you can be better off without me. I am crude I am odd but is that really so uncommon?  Bother me if you must for I may bother you in return. Ask me what you want and I'll be honest to
Poems published: 96
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2awards United States
When I feel down and someone tells me to ‘suck it up,’ I get the urge to break their legs with a baseball bat and then say ‘walk it off
Poems published: 340

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