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If in the twilight of memory  we should meet once more we shall speak again together  and you shall sing to me a deeper song.  (Gibran)
Poems published: 55
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22awards United Kingdom
The truth sets you free. "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill.
Poems published: 12
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10awards Canada
Published in small mags in US and England years ago.
Poems published: 646
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2awards United States
Goldenmyst, 55 years old, lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The poet and author believe, “Love blossoms even within the walls of a madhouse in hearts yearning to be free.”
Poems published: 724
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25awards United States
Remember the past,  plan for the future,  but live for today,  because yesterday is gone  and tomorrow may never come    
Poems published: 1045
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3awards United Kingdom
Story telling in rhyme, searching the depths of hidden and often ignored desires and pleasures hidden in the darker side of life
Poems published: 978
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12awards United States
Maiden, Mother, and Crone dipped in a fine batter of mental chaos, deep-fried golden in reserved backwoods-southern bacon grease.  
Poems published: 174
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On the knife edge of creation, some tread carefully, others dance but I tend to use the edge as a slip and slide. So here I am, redefining the person I was; scars, cuts and all.
Poems published: 98
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United Kingdom
Follow me down the rabbit hole.
Poems published: 32
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7awards United States
I write from darker corners of my mind.   'Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.' —Cesar Cruz
Poems published: 1297
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7awards United States
Soft Westside Boy.
Poems published: 973
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An inner passion drives me to the pen, not something that I sought, or thought was mine;   and it was very late in my life when   I found my joy in meter and in rhyme!
Poems published: 155

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