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poet JusTim_
9awards United States
Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come
Poems published: 433
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poet WordScape
United States
I never know what to say about myself, even though my poetry is personal, I rarely say much about myself. Just things that happen. Spoken word is my passion.
Poems published: 9
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poet Jade-Pandora
110awards United States
☆What other people think of me is none of my business.☆
Poems published: 486
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poet Ken
United States
I don't know the true qualifications or credentials there are to be an official poet nowadays or ever for that matter but I am sure I don't have them. Actually I'm vocalist for a metal band named Prosody and the lyricist as well.
Poems published: 156
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poet hemihead
12awards New Zealand
I am interested in writing which is so personal that it becomes universal...riffs on fear, failure, joy, on being human. To write is work, but its creation is joy.
Poems published: 116
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poet Blackwolf
Flawlessly rhythmic.  Epically magical.  Totally Blackwolf.   Thanks To John Galt !
Poems published: 312
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poet gardenlover
20awards United Kingdom
My erotic poems enable me to express the joys of sex in ways not otherwise possible. My other poems are largely about the beauty of nature and the threats the environment faces.]
Poems published: 469
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poet RevolutionAL
20awards South Africa
When poetry  drops  on  white pages  like thunderous  dark  clouded  drops of sixty-per-cent  acid.
Poems published: 227
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poet AEMelia564
40awards Norway
Sculptress of Words
Poems published: 146
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poet Cham_paine007
United States
I have been writing poems off & on from since I was a little kid.
Poems published: 7
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poet Miss_Sub
79awards United Kingdom
I am a pretty arsonist.
Poems published: 347
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poet Kexby
United Kingdom
I write free verse,  As a singer I sing plainsong Gregorian chant and early choral music.
Poems published: 897

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