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5awards England
I write poetry on a range of subjects and in a range of styles. My privacy is extremely important to me, though I hope that you enjoy my work and that I enjoy yours.
Poems published: 293
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United States
I'm still learning to find my voice as a poet,b but with the help of my fellow wordsmiths I believe in making great strides.
Poems published: 14
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34awards Canada
Published in small mags in US and England years ago.
Poems published: 1318
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1awards Canada
The serpents tongue is liquid and claims to be wise †
Poems published: 67
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United Kingdom
I've always enjoyed writing.However I have much to learn.
Poems published: 47
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15awards United States
Maiden, Mother, and Crone dipped in a fine batter of mental chaos, deep-fried golden in reserved backwoods-southern bacon grease. †
Poems published: 218
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51awards United States
I look forward to reading all about you.
Poems published: 36
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1awards United States
I am a perfectionist trapped in an imperfect world. I am a Libra and I love to draw and write poetry . I am a work in progress..........
Poems published: 105
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United States
I experiment with and without form. †I try to let the idea write itself. †I self-published an e-book for kindle titled "The Absence of Definite Causality." †I have since self-published two new ebooks: "Unbeincredibleievable," and &q
Poems published: 385
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57awards United States
I recently got to do a poetry reading in Antarctica. Poetry is the missing lyrics to the soundtrack of my life. Been here at DUP since summer of 2017. Met some great poets here. †I tend to write shorter poems on many different topics.
Poems published: 3334
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1awards United Kingdom
I'm committed to what I do and never undertake anything just for the sake of doing so.
Poems published: 1072

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