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poet Solomon_Song
33awards United Kingdom
Published poems so far unpaid. Most poems unpublished. History, Bible, love (romantic/erotic), nakedness main subjects; rhyming captions/messages. Influences: Bible (eg Genesis, Ruth, Song of Songs (inspired user name), and 20th century erotic.
Poems published: 588
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poet Tuesdayt
United States
Poetry is a sexy kind of collateral beauty that i plan to abuse and touch and express.
Poems published: 28
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poet Caithasno_backbone
1awards United States
Welcome to my secret poetry book. I've always kept my writing private but recently decided to start sharing with strangers. I'm not very good but I'd greatly appreciate feedback and commendation on my writing. I'm new to this but working very hard.
Poems published: 27
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poet eswaller
15awards United States
Poetry has always been a part of me, beginning in middle school. There is always some truth behind every piece that I write. It helps to be aware of what goes on around me as a writer and as a person.
Poems published: 365
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poet fiveamtuesday
I like to rhyme words.
Poems published: 16
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poet AtoMikbomb
6awards United States
She's snark, And spice, And salt. She's firs and ferns. She's lakewater. And teal. And lungs of frosting winter moss.
Poems published: 121
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poet snugglebuck
46awards United States
A frostbit redneck.
Poems published: 141
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poet Skyla_Schizo
United States
I didn't want you to see me cry, so I laughed.
Poems published: 107
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poet TheMonsterfromHe11
United States
Co-founder of Creep Stitch, a NSFW artist.
Poems published: 237
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poet lanooz
13awards United States
I'm a poet who likes to take real life situations and mold them into poems. I write on my surroundings, and the everyday experience.
Poems published: 5
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poet StarliteStarfright
1awards United Kingdom
A mess of fragility, strength and darkness... with a little hint of erotica.
Poems published: 43
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poet cold_fusion

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