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poet AspergerPoet56
4awards United Kingdom
Honest Niave Autistic
Poems published: 303
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poet LilDragonFly
20awards United States
Been here at DUP since summer of 2017. Met some great poets and poetesses here.  In school I took my first poetry course and loved it! Now I want to continue practice my writing to include erotic poetry. Let myself go with the cloak on anonymity ...
Poems published: 289
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poet highlyfunctional
4awards United States
Writing is easy. Living is hard.
Poems published: 48
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poet Hallucinostic
"PEACE and LOVE" is my ever groovy slogan..... and then some.
Poems published: 10
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poet inechoingsilence
United States
I wrote short stories at 7, poems by 12. For more than twelve years I was incapable of writing or singing - I was emotionally closed off to everything except living. Now, at 40, I've regained my voices and there is poetry and song in my life once more.
Poems published: 23
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poet elsiesan
United States
My boyfriend was a contributor on the now defunct Poetry Cafe. He has inspired me to read poetry. Thus here I is...I want to express myself, reaching into the buried within, developing my thought processes & becoming a better me, a better example.
Poems published: 6
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poet Ahavati
63awards United States
Co-host with JohnnyBlaze 💜 of the Official DUP NaPo/GloProWriMo competitions @ https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/forum/poetry/read/10790/
Poems published: 428
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poet snugglebuck
65awards United States
A frostbit redneck.
Poems published: 283
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poet Trouble_Loves_Me
3awards Wales
There is a light...and it never goes out
Poems published: 328
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poet Summerrain75
1awards Philippines
My love for poetry started when I was in the university taking up BSEd majoring in English. But it only bloomed in 2012 after meeting new friends with  same interest in poetry. Since then I've been writing in few poetry sites to hone & harness my gif
Poems published: 106
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poet nomoth
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poet Taurek
5awards United States
Soft westside boy.
Poems published: 621

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