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poet LilDragonFly
2awards United States
I am pretty new to writing poetry. As an English major I took my first poetry course and loved it! Now I want to practice my writing.
Poems published: 22
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poet Poetikmind
52awards United States
Been writing since childhood...love to write, draw, paint n sing n into lots of sports pretty much anything creative I'm into lol
Poems published: 756
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poet Poetryman
23awards United States
www.seeds-and-weeds.com      jjpoetryman@gmail.com
Poems published: 580
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poet Canullia
For me, poetry is a form of passionate expression kindled by an impression unbound by public conviction. I write mainly from two genres : impressionism and symbolism.
Poems published: 77
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poet archetype23
6awards United States
"I'm WORKIN' on it!"
Poems published: 166
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poet Jade-Pandora
92awards United States
*.•HOME AWAY FROM HOME •.*            
Poems published: 381
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poet Trouble_Loves_Me
Maybe you can pack a case with despair, lust, stars. Just bring some rope and alcohol. And hope.
Poems published: 122
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poet OxyMoronicMe
18awards Philippines
I am not me, when you found me lost; Alone in the crowd and silently screaming. Numb in pain and wholly broken; Clearly confused and desperately hoping... For an angel of death to come and end This simply complicated deadly existence.
Poems published: 200
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poet Phoebe
life lives through me and poetry is a perfume that arises
Poems published: 48
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poet Lookawaynow
11awards United Kingdom
One slight poet  Beautiful around the edges
Poems published: 2317
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poet God-Is-In-The-Rain
I like to write about "Grey World" and characters from it (Grey World is my own made up fictional world, don'T google it, anything you'll find will unlikely be what i'm reffering to) my works are usually depressive, full of symbols and death....
Poems published: 25
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poet JAITO
8awards Kenya
if  you  love  poetry im the answer
Poems published: 260

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