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Observational Poems
Written by runningturtle87
Utopian thinking is so stupid.
Humans can't live in peace.
Humans can only be at war.
We need to dig up everything
and cover it all with concrete
in a quest to make sure
that we have used every resource
to create added value
even beyond the capacity
of others to buy and use it.
We all need all this stuff
to make us totally happy
because the more stuff
that you have the happier
you tend to be according to
a poll that shows that 93%
of Americans are happier
when their closets are bulging
and their yards are immaculate....
Self Poems
Written by Taryn
I'm getting older,
what else can I say?
While doing something that to most
would be considered nothing,
now said plainly and simple...
I fucked up my back
So I've been forced to lie flat
and I'm pretty pissed about that,
[under these circumstances anyway]
I feel curled into myself
wishing my suffering would disappear,
never to experience it again,
and with all things considered,
I certainly feel I'm deserving
of a little break
I hear the muffled wishes made
upon the teardrops I shed
Calling out to Jesus...