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once constructed were the
outlines of every connection,
heat so intense they had the ability
to cast mirages
which rose off the parchment
just as my spine did
above cotton blends,
when your weight pressed & arms
simultaneously lifted
breaths were stolen & I had not
a care of my loss,
for with every whisper & moan
containing prayers to God
they were the key returning them to me
as locked boxes opened again & again,
replenishing with each tone & drawn
out syllable
enriched spooled threads...
She hatches, the birth of a stumbling lamb
the breath of the yin and the yang
the light and the dark of life begins
among the clouds she bares a fang
Her golden wings explode
and she terrifies the night
the beginning of the broken machine
the world is cowered in fright
This monstrous facade she hides behind
makes her erupt with no reason or rhyme
she hides behind her cauldron brewing
the air filled with the mustiness of thyme
She left her heart in Amsterdam
and she’s sorry for what she’s done
she knows that she has a...