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Erotic Poems
Written by Poetryman
One cold frosty night I met a cute lass
With obvious skill she caught my pass
Her fair skin so soft, as cool whipped cream
With eyes so blue she seemed like a dream
Pretending to be a sweet innocent
While inside she desired ravishment
When my lips met with hers for a kiss
Her smile revealed what I could not dismiss
Desire shown in her fiery hair
Like burning flames being blown through the air
We went to the bar and drank a few drinks
She said, "Let's go to bed, this place stinks"
Out in the car I massaged her round breasts
It wasn't hard to...
Love Poems
Written by Kasai
A broken woman like me is too open, too honest with her dishabille heart. kindness hurts & love hurts more, but there I go giving it away like free sex in a sleazy back alley with no name.
It takes a whore to extract the proper price from a man, for the use, & the abuse; cheap thrills should never be cheap. and I thought the same was true about love: It takes a whore.
I came for the poetry and stayed for the company, certainly not looking for love. I gave myself to you in the dark, you hold me closer than any man, ever, and we dance to the songs that are only meant to be...