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All these lames are trying to sound exactly the same
What ever happened to authenticity in the rap game
They just hopping on hot beats talking bout the streets
Claiming they're bosses and gangstas but are actually weak
The current state of the HipHop game fills me with disdain
The art form is slowly dying and it's really a damn shame
It's become nothing more than a capitalistic corporate hustle
Anyone claiming money over everything tells me that I can't trust you
You're all about the green so that means you'll sell your soul for fiat currency
You did not know
How hard it could be
To let go of a poison
Stronger than me
You held on to hope
One day she will be well
Not knowing your contribution
As I drifted into hell
Knowing not spiteful
But nonetheless
My illness fed
I began to regress
Lithium did not cure
My unworthiness
No chemical fix
For purposelessness
Feelings from my past
Of never quite enough
Despite your encouragement
I fled in a huff
In my addiction
I always lied
Because you saw me
A shame I could not hide ...