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Observational Poems
Written by Grace (Idryad)
there is a thunderstorm
rumbling on since a while ago
lasers playing in the clouds
swords crossing in quietness
pregnant in a pause
the sea heaves on vessels
showing their might
against the vastness
of the wet acres
islands made to fight for
the tracks of sailors
long ago mere twilight
in human memories
surface for demarcations
ignoring howls of the wind
the plug will be pulled
the land will dry
the sea will be saltier
with spilled blood
tiny minions fighting for empty air
look to the East
once the conquered...
Upbeat Inspirational Poems
Written by poetryaccident
If they play that slow jazz
the songs with the bluesy beat
we'll dance hand to hand
we'll dance cheek to cheek.
I'd be with nobody else
my dance card completed now.
The rifts provide the beat
while we slowly move our feet.
The day was too long you see
the night is here for me.
I'll spend the minutes here
dancing the slow tunes with you.
I'm not in a hurry now
my rush is done and gone.
To dance is all I'm to do
now I'll pass the time with you.
We're strollin to the 12-bar blues
blow that trumpet to give the cues.
The drum...