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Spiritual Poems
Written by runningturtle87
and you will find
some reason
to believe
what your subconscious mind
is asking
for you
to become aware of;
for there,
in the ashes,
are the signs and indications
of your new thinking,
each idea buried,
layered like a symbolic voice,
to the inner guidances
of your own personal iconography,
the superstition
that you alone
can respond to,
continuing to misguide
or otherwise
to inform you
of your own sense
of reality
and allowing you
to rationalize
Observational Poems
Written by TimEros (Tim Eros)
Conversations held in thoughts
with opinions at the surface,
but Poetry flows from inside
the core of our special place
That place we keep the truth of us
that we still have yet to know
The source of all our hope and love
The center of our Om
Words recorded from within this place
are more than just their definition
They are offspring of the dreams and fantasies
that bond to create an Expression
The words form a living scroll
that can reach that place in others
Awakening a part of their soul
and bringing...