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sometimes my head fights a civil war. I never know which side started it, or which side wins. but I know for sure it was hard faught  other profiles which I write with:   Muggle,  and am part of team Poetcast Project

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Not much to say.
born very young, lived fast, soared high ..slowed down

King:.... He has chosen death:
Refusing to eat or drink that he may bring
disgrace upon me;for there is a custom,
an old and foolish custom,that if a man
be wronged,or think that he is wronged,and starve
upon another's threshold till he die'
the common people,for all time to come,
will raise a heavy cry against that threshold,
even though it be the Kings

-The Kings Threshold,by W.B. Yeats

and so,
the illusion gone
what's left to say
will take an eternity

oh son, my son
the shame is on me


"You assist an evil system most effectivly by obeying their orders and decrees. an evil system never deserves such alliegence. alliegence to it means partaking of the evil. a good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul" -Ghandi