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DU Supporters benefit from the extra features shown above, by paying a small monthly subscription towards the running of DU Poetry.

DU Poetry subscriptions are looked after securely by Pay Pal. The subscription cost is 3.30 per month.
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Subscriptions help fund servers and running costs, along with website improvements and the development of new features.

Additional Information

The subscription fee is charged every calendar month. This helps plan future server upgrades, which are billed monthly. You can cancel any time (via Pay Pal) and you will continue to receive DU Supporter benefits until the end of the period you've paid for.

What if I don't want to be a DU Supporter?

DU Poetry will always be free. If you want to get featured, but you don't want to subscribe, you can support DU Poetry with your time instead, by becoming a Top Critiquer. A Top Critiquer is someone who gives lots of useful feedback to other members.
More About Top Critiquers
If you're both a Top Critiquer and a DU Supporter, then you have the chance to be featured twice as often.