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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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Mum...I Feel Good All Over

Letting him feel inside my nightly passionate gift  
Giving me that addictive heat I feel between my thighs, my slicken wetness as my hips uplifts    
He covets my temple in the oceanic silkiness of carnal bliss
Mm… he’s such a handsome lover
Sweet mercy, it feels soooo good when his gentle kisses coat my existence under silken covers  
Leaning downward kissing my soft lips, mattress dipped, his body’s domination now hovers

Nestling between my thighs
Seeing the lust mirrored in my smokey-colored eyes
A feverish need igniting the flames of the pleasure of my curvaceous body
Naughty whispers of enticement, weakening the sweetest defense of this Creole hottie
Naked I come to him as we make such tender and passionate love under the majestic galaxy of stars  
Venus surrendering body and soul, entwined within the depth of charismatic Mars    
Passion, desires, I find in the comforts of his arms, ecstasy coming on strong
My Chi unto him I pledge, as he take it beyond the clouds, until we’re too far gone
Through the space of the hereafter, softness met, he intoxicates me, a drugging effect
Ecstasy, we bind unto the celestial as flowing sands of time
Such beautiful sentiments resonated in my ear
Tenderly touching me as if you are here, drops of paradise rules our stratosphere
Closing my eyes, his love showers pouring all over me
Touching my skin with tender caresses of rhapsody, my body tonight is his to lease  
Oh, sweet mercy…I love the way he groans out my name  
My legs spread as he feels the drizzling of my soft climatic rain  
Into me he cums like a hurricane  
Breaking down my vulnerability, my walls imploding, unfretted bliss takes the blame  
Moans vibrates as he sinks into the saturating space of time
Kisses slowing worshipping upon my temple, hunger begotten of its poetic wine
His hands roaming over the smoothness of my skin  
Palms resting on silk sheets as he thrust the tip of his girth deeper, farther in  
My legs encircling his back, scratches imbed, back curvature
Calling out his name against his chest, my body begging, needing from him even more
Bending my legs as he dips and circle into my wet nest… mmm… his love potion keeps this tight pussy wet  
Taking my body to the stars beyond the moon
His erection slipping to the core inside the abyss of my cunt’s cocoon
Soaking in the bask of my moistness, flipping me over, loving when his Queen is on top  
Gyrating my hips, my cunt walls up and down gyrating on the tautness of his dick
No breaths given to contemplate to stop
Waiting once again for his erection to throb, jerk, then pop  
Pulling my face down to his, his tongue darting inside my mouth
Mm… yes… yes... right there… his dick thrusting upward in and out my dampen south  
Smothering the peak of a tit, palming his chest wall, up and down oiling his mushroom tip  
The tightness of my pussy walls gloving his hard dick for a widening fit  
The taste of him pasted against the suppleness of my lips  
Pulling me down on top of him, buttocks clapping, enticing his upward groove
Palming my ass heightening his throbbing moves  
My buttocks seesawing, rotating, sandwiching his tower of power    
His fingers intermingling within our juices  
My sugary walls baptizing, letting the lust of famished needs, loose
Outlining my lips with our wet drips, then sealing them with a breathtaking kiss
Hugging me tighter.. tweaking my cunt, trickling butter rum
Whispering in my ear, “l love it when you give me some.”    
Overspilling my snatch, the moisten walls caving as my essence runs    
Oh... God... yes…my climax blending within his pearly cum  
Mm… you sure do know how to give this woman what she needs, definitely what she wants  

Dangerous Mind
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The wonders of the way you write
If he was only me tonight
To feel the heat of your abyss
And the culmination of our bliss

Tyrant of Words
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Simply Him

Umm, are you loving the feeling of tantalizing my soul
Under the covers our bodies entwining, infusing, desire uncontrolled
Passion contoured, twisting, feelings sinking, my essence consoled
Laying under a masterful thief as you’re blissfully raid my treasured pot of gold

Imagination of desires captivating, releasing endorphins of the brains
Spent, sent, and sedated in the mist of my soft rain
Pleasure behind the hard thrust leaving me breathless
Intoxicated off the domination of your thrusting obsess
Lovers come lovers go
What do they know

They’re not there when you’re holding me
Eyes cannot see the power behind the absence of needs
They’re not there when my soul is bared
Feelings alive, heartbeats echoed with care
They’re not there when my mind says its right
Bodies on fire now in a celestial flight

Pleasing my inner soul throughout the night
Holding me tighter when storms have an unfavorable plight
Touch softer than a dream could ever compare
I sweetly declare
Oh God, it’s so much more, so much more
Famished off an acquired taste for
I never knew a touch could mean so much

Feelings genuine, so surreal
In the height of attunement, my body your feasted meal
When the minds and hearts passionately spill
The essence of two spirits given at will
Emotions coveted as Fate, Destiny, and Karma stands still
Oh God it’s so much more, so much more

Creation By A Queen's Crown Apparel™

Dangerous Mind
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So much more than a one time score!!!

Tyrant of Words
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Echoes of Rain

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Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
And the darkness everyday
Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
My heart just ain’t no home
Anytime he goes away

Oh, my love, I’ve missed you so true
You left my heart in rapture, and now I’m feeling, so blue
Please come back to me
Please lay, your, soft hands upon my skin
Let us in the abyss of surrendering  
Mmm…  such sweet, wicked sins

Oh, kiss my lips
Touch my heart

Oh, for divinity ordained for us never to apart
Oh, call my name, write my love among the skies
Oh, such sweet majestic in its whys

Mm… make love to me among the stars
I am your Venus you are my man from Mars

Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
And my darkness everyday
God, ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
My heart just ain’t no home

Anytime he goes away
Anytime he goes away

“Please come back to me”

Oh, fulfill the destiny of us
Oh, you have my heart, my soul,  
My emotions, in us there is only lust
There’s rapture
There’s desires
There’s fire
As you flame
Oh, you are my one and only

Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone...
And my darkness everyday
Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
My heart just ain’t no home

Anytime he goes away
Anytime he goes away
Anytime he goes away

Disclaimer, I do not own the rights to the partial lyrics of the song, Ain't No Sunshine. My self-creation is no for selling, reproducing, or to infringe upon its copyrights of Bill Withers, the partial lyrics within is solely utilized for the purpose to entertain only

Tyrant of Words
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WOW what a hot spicey sizzling spill woven to a tee of sweet wild passion  

Tyrant of Words
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Return To Sender

Moulin Rouge
82 Boulevard de Clichy,  
75018 Paris

Madame, you have a letter from someone unknown
I just got finished dancing at the Moulin Rouge and I was weary to the bone
Are you sure it is for me, with a smile highlighting my face
Sniffing the letter, who could have guessed my perfume fragrance and sprayed it over the envelope in haste
Well, are you going to open it
A letter addressed to my stage name, a sweet thoughtful gift
Who even writes letters in this day in time and have them delivered
I caressed it in my hand, it softly tingled in anticipation to be revealed, the excitement of its contents made me slightly shiver

I slowly lifted the flap out the back, and peeked inside,
There was an assortment of rose petals to my surprise
I lifted the letter unfolded and read
To my love through the portal of time I feel your warmth, the absence of your aura and this is what it said

Do you remember a stormy night when I held onto your hand
We looked out into the darkness at the downpour shielding the vast of land
You felt my reassurance in the vows we were to partake
Blending the window of our souls for the love we shall make
You smiled at me, reeling me in, as you inched back and turned around
Clothes silently dropping to the floor, the thunder crackling was a soothing sound

Making lover to you while the rain pelted against the windowpane
Inhaling the scent of you, while looking deep inside your eyes, the wind knows our name
These rose petals you laid upon
Parting your thighs for this King who will come, as you slide up and down my throne
Unto my Queen, our essence we will blend, breathless as our souls become undone

You saddled atop of me
Kisses to your perfect breasts, my tongue lavishing the glistening of your darkish-brownish nipple, I tenderly teased
Burying my nostrils in your cleavage your essence engulfing my heat, letting you know of my needs
You inched up and slid down the lustful hardness to my girth at ninety degrees,  
That beautiful night you give me your heart to unlock, my body was your ancient key
Neither one of us moved
In the feeling of lust, will found the slow cadence of our rhythmed groove

I leveled your beautiful face to mine
You had me weakened in your honeypot with your saucily grind
Savoring the leisure of your lips that had me intoxicated, more addictive and one of a kind
I felt your heart quickened with my gluttony nipple licking
You remember when I flipped you over, looking into the destiny of the moment mirrored in your eyes
How I spread you wider, positioning my body between your thighs

I made love to you with the tip of an ice cube
My tongue following the streams as a lube
In and out I pushed the melting ice into places I yearn to combine my family jewels
Our lips, tongues bonding, as I sunk into the ecstasy of your moisten pools
Remembering as I am writing this letter to you, my tongue in the memory still drools
The flavor of your sheen seeping from your pores
I can still hear your screams you couldn’t take me pounding inside you anymore

Whimpering in the drizzling mist of you gifting my body, I gave you, allowing the roaring of my soul to soar
Holding your legs up, bracing them against my chest
A man knows when he is being satisfied when the shore is tight and wet
Licking over your toes, your sugar walls homing the hunger of my heat
Slapping those sheets opening your legs, laying on top of you
Cupping your perfect apple bottom ass cheeks, plundering deeper, your arms linking around my neck
Giving me the satisfaction of drifting in and out the feel of you, the best feeling I recall was always sinking in your love nest
Our souls crying against the sensations to complete one another
How can you refuse me now, we were twin flamed lovers
Listen to the breeze comforting you as my pleads to you will always hover

Madame, are you alright, you look a little flushed
I need you to return to sender with a rush

And tell them this address is unknown
Whoever this letter was intended for, I believe her heart would have atoned

Tyrant of Words
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Mm... He Is My Sweetest Surrender

I have never in my life admitted such force of nature I cannot reckon with, until today. I am the captive of my own sweet lust, the wet feeling between my thighs I cannot control. The fever only the medicine of him driving deep inside me can cure, can tame, can control.
His strong hands roving over the suppleness of my body feeling my mind when he asks me to disrobe, standing back admiring my flesh as I reveal peaks of me to his arresting eyes.      
Pushing me over the bed, sliding down my thong, placing it inside my mouth, to his knees he goes, ever so gently kissing over my buttocks, jiggling the other, soft bites into the softness of my flesh. His tongue following over the reddish discoloration. I am his to command, to use my skin at his discretion where pain knows no acquittal and time has no sense of direction. Only my moans to feel the blending of our essence, begging to have an ounce of his affection lavished on, and in the wetness of my pussy.      
Sapiosexual, enchantress, is not what it seems as one must add, its mental damnation and physical daunting, without the object of one’s desire.      
I pant in unbridled passion, with my legs closed, just to hear myself echo out his name so many nights, so many times in my mind, thoughts of his palms locking within mine, him stirring his hard manhood deeper inside me, the pleasure of sweat pockets, blanketing between our skin, leaning his head downward kissing my lips, my self-control slipping, the façade of my equanimity is surfacing, and at a steady pace.        
My soul within, igniting an illusion of self-gratification, unclasping my palms in his, in haste, opening my thighs wider, enfolding them around his stature, smashing on his buttocks, pressing him deeper into the abyss of unfulfilled lust, driven by desire, ordained by my fetish appetite for him, my pussy hole coveting the extension of his soul, bathing his width in my creaminess, surrendering, submitting, echoing moans ringing out as my body serenades unto the feeling of being taken, my sense of direction overruled. In this moment, he is the victor I am his prey.        
His sexual being moving all over me, gyrating the power of his dominance for me to fall, refusing to leave a drop of his pearly stream behind, my temple being invaded by novelties of his choice, my outcries pouring, echoes of pleasure falling on deaf ears, licking around my mouth savoring my ecstasy on his tongue, sticking it out for me to partake in the flavor of me.      
Strong hands cupping my buttocks, easing into me, hands gripped, over my head they rest, his muscular hairy legs, trapping me, spanking the tips of my nipples, nipping at my peaks, then humping me into a state of physical oblivion, physical damnation, owning my soul on a plateau where my mind and body belongs to him, feels him, yearns for him, I need the smell of him on me to wear.      
Oh God, save me from this sweet self-torture, destiny continues to deliver me until the garden of Eden’s downfall, no will unto me as not to open the flowery petals of my nature, his stemmed apple feeding the wanderlust of my core, providing homage unto my aching needs, heeding unto my cries of pleasure, begging to be free.      
The rainfall of my Chi, allowing this man, and only this man, to reap the rewards of the feast of me, the escaping juices of my fortune, staining his lips, his body marking mine in the presence of pleasure, the absence of pain.      
Ohh…. sweet mercy, I’m fucking seeping the solstice of me, I’m lost, drowning… my body trembling, my mind gasping between the sweetest surrender flowing from me, we, becoming as one, seeking the desires of my wondrous juices, he drinks of me, draining me, leaving me between the realm of Heaven and the nonexistence of his affection, Earth.        
I’m not complete, until his lips are claiming mine, his mouth teasing my nipples, his grunts within the delight of me, becomes the art of my wishes, my sounds, the ecstasy of his erection slicing into me, driving deeper, his width kissing the walls of my silken core, taking me by free will, giving him every inch of my naked aggression, he has awoken, eclipsing my soul inch by inch, overshadowed in the honor of my needs worn around his heart like a badge.      
We are locked as one, milking, each other’s pleasure zone, passion colliding without escape, not knowing where the longitude of our lust begins, or the desires of our latitude shall end.      
His palms cupping my ass, his erection plummeting inside, retreating to hear my cries, suffocating my moans with his mouth, then double humping me like an animal in heat.        
Spillage seeping, scratches to the skin of deniable hunger, whereas, the body can be ravished, seduced, controlled unto the resolve of someone.      
This is not right, to want, to need, to taste the fire, reap the spoils of the human flesh of another. In the sphere of time, his mind is mine, my body belongs to him, the bed, the magnification of our earthly sins as we lay, consumed by the calling knowing the night belongs to us.      
Mm... He Is My Sweetest Surrender

Tyrant of Words
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Dear Diary,  
His muscular body serenades the reflection of my alluring mind    
Mm… the imagination of my soft moans as he’s watching my finger dance inside me as I grind    
Come closer… yes... real close… hold your tongue out    
Now savor the sweeten taste from my creamy wet South    
Let me smear it over your lips    
Losing myself in the… mmm… a prisoner of his desire fetishes, his hunger when he eases inside me, softly kissing my lips    
Widening my pussy for the long slips and hard dips    
Binding my wrists behind my back ... pleasure with him, we blend so well and that’s a fact    
Licking over his shoulder blade, under his chin, behind his ear    
Flapping this pussy, ass wiggling, breasts jiggling      
Bringing to my body all his hardcore good cheer    
Headboard tightly gripped    
Gyrating on his groin…mm… that feels good while he’s thrusting all up in my moisten abyss    
Stirring his erection in the chasm of my creamy nature    
Addicted loving I could never get from a total stranger, fucking him is always a day to night game changer    
Oo… baby… say…say my name... please me beyond the calling of ecstasy    
While basking in the soul of my needs      
Giving me a dose of satisfaction as he sinks deeper…hitting the core of my sticky icky core to relish in the find    
Oh yes…papi... do your thang baby as I’m making him all mine    
Slowly up and down his girth, my pussy hole gripping, then the circling wind    
Sss... yes… making those manly hissing sounds, can’t wait to taste my flavor on his dick when I go down      
Grabbing my hips plummeting upward bumping and grinding    
Pulling me downward whispering in my ear… move that sweet ass    
Palming my back, mouthing a nipple, losing himself in the heat of my butter rum thrash    
Tenderly touching me right here, softly licking me there, a nirvana’s dream once he has me out of my Victoria Secret flimsy underwear    
Once I climbed on top of him, holding his erection up, easing into the tightness of these vaginal walls, I didn't have a hope or a prayer    
Desire once sliding, deeper, he rules me no matter where    
Leaning his head back in the height of passion, with each stroke, each seepage, breathless, leaving me gasping for air    
Palming the sides of my face, kissing my tender lips    
Tightening my snatch, my essence coating his dick    
With each honeyed drip    
His finger snaking in my asshole.... oh, sweet mercy... pleasing me with both in and out hits    
His bent arms going behind my thighs, lifting me    
Pounding my cunt, oiling his hard girth inside my surrendering tease    
Holding me against his groin    
Kissing my lips coveting my echoing moans    
My sugar walls caving… climaxing all over his girth, sensations, his elongation swimming in the juices of my cum
I like when he poetically asks me for some
One look, one taste of his esoteric fermentation, on his royal sheets. Oh, God, I become undone
Just to lie under him basking in the warming sensations of his Sun
Resting his forehead against mine, his dick convulsing, mmm, his pearly flow coming on strong    
Labored breaths, his dick throbbing, his body still heaving    
Moving, grooving, he plays me so well... giving it up to him, for all the lustful reasons    
Allowing our bodies to bask in wicked desires all night long my wanderlust keeps him appeasing sweet it is  

Tyrant of Words
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Mm.. Just Him And His Soothing Playlist

Masa’s Sushi Bar      
10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019        
Girl, I know this man ain’t that good        
That good, let me knock on wood        
I kidd you not he takes my mind past the moon, and when we are making love girl, he hits that soft spot        
Too much information Sweet Kitty        
I’m only telling ya’ll just a little bitty        
Okay, we want the juicy parts        
What, and have me divulge what this man does to my heart        
Pretty much so        
Since ya’ll asked, I will tell we are like butter when our mind, heart, and soul flows        
Just the other night        
He showed up at my place        
Looking handsome, Moet in his hand, we locked eyes, he licked his lips, I know that look, this handsome one wanted a taste        
So, what happen, did you drop that thong        
Ya’ll so nasty, let me just say to get me in bed, it didn’t take long        
Wait, that’s all
We want to hear the rest        
With one touch, he has me so wet        
Last Evening

Ladies, he brought his own King’s playlist
Mm.. smooth songs, I had no doubt he was coming to taste, and saturate my honey savoring slit          
He carried me over to the bed, dressed in satin sheets of red            
Opening my Creole legs            
To entice the feast of his mouth that will be fed            
My back arched under his watchful eyes            
My fingers, sluggishly dragging up my inner thigh            
Mesmerizing him as two of them slipped inside            
In and out, coating them in pleasure, smearing my breasts, for his tongue to lick the essence off my midnight surprise
My eyes fluttering close            
Pleasuring myself as rapture in each finger jiggled to console            
An ice chip lifted out the champagne glass            
The sharp intake of his breath, you know where it goes, mmm… need you ask            
Seductively rubbing the melting tip over my light brownish tits            
The current of wetness pooling my downy hairs saturating the strands, drooling droplets to my clit            
Holding his eyes, as the tip melts down the cleavage of my chest            
Sweet mercy, he has me so wet            
The feeling, the bliss, the approval in his hiss            
My love lassoed, in the reminisce            
Can you still taste in your mind the ingress of my pinkish gift            
Placing my bent legs over his shoulder blades, cupping my buttocks            
Pulling me to the edge of the bed, spreading my legs            
His fingers and tongue dueling to tease, mmm... please my g-spot            
The air swiping my nipples sandwiching my mounds            
My thighs encasing the sides of his cheeks as his tongue to my pussy hole circled around-and-around            
A quick spit, then my ass he uplifted            
Small bites then a suckle to my flesh, he took my mind past the stars on a Luna trip            
Raising his body up            
Centering me for his taking, his hard erection he cupped            
Leaning his face downward, kissing me like I was a vivid dream            
His fingers, easing inside, raising them to his lips, sampling the dewiness of my pussy cream            
Our bodies shifting, both of us chasing a release, let my trickles cave then bust out the seams            
Moving my hips faster as my essence collided with his monstrous pearly streams            
Losing my breath in overdosing on his dick hibernation            
Biting his chest in the agony of ecstasy, clenching him tighter, his groin to my pelvis pounding me in gratification          
He flopped his body down on me            
And rammed inside my cunt deeper at ninety-degree            
Kissing me while another torrent escaped the rush of his seeds            
Mixing in my sugar walls' mist            
Pressing down his gluteus, passion marking his neck, making sure he never forgets our tryst              
Whew....panting...  mm… do you remember any of that            
His answer        
Addicting me once he flipped me over, hips in the hair, back bent, he divided my crack          
Girl, he sounds like a panty soaker        
Does he have a brother, he can become my coochie stroker        
Forget that, his father, the apple don’t fall that far from the tree        
You are scandalous and here comes our lunch, so shh, please        
Well bring Mr. Handsome to our Black Nurse’s Chapter meeting tomorrow, so you can introduce him        
Around ya’ll horny bunch with no discretion, think again

Dedicated to a Hebrew King's playlist, he serenades my heart and mind with.. so smooth and so debonair

Tyrant of Words
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Mm.. Meow Baby

Dreams of me.... mmm... you feel the tenderness in the softness of my hands    
Shh... you want to feel inside this while under my saucy command      
The extension of your soul, wishes upon me, I have the flavor you strongly demand    
Kissing all up in the soft folds of my nectar    
Yeah baby... go on pollinate for this honey and make me wetter    
Mm.. the creamier the better      
Lifting your state of arousal for my carnal taking      
Your body in a state of Nirvana as you lie under my care, ready and awaken      
Bestowed ecstasies, moistened drools      
Kiss me compassionately and stir the fervor inside my silken food    
Your body flinching, a lick here.. mm … and yes one right there    
Has your body shaking, then rolling my mouth around your pairs      
Your wet dreams, I’m invading        
In the realm of time, I hear the grunts you’re making      
Entwined of lover's embrace      
Silken pleasure found in the abyss of my inner thighs, enchanted longings of its sweeten taste      
Whispers of promises as you seductively orbit your tongue over my Chi      
Kisses to my Brazilian mound as you pamper my soft folds, moans behind my closed eyes      
Slow fingers trailing all in my dewy places, back arched, jiggling while in my tighten spaces      
Oh... ba... oh baby... have sweet mercy, your finger, then your tongue on a collision course upon the trickling collide      
You ready to cum inside, join me as you slip, my hips to greet you upon the slide      
Euphoric bliss getting us both high      
Purring on a breathless sigh        
Yes baby...  right there... Oh God yes, falling into the feeling of your gifted surmise      
Divide my temple, small suckles to my inner thigh      
Burying your nostrils, inhaling the scent of my pinkish surprise      
Flicking the tip of your hunger to feast deep inside      
Palming your head, seesawing my buttocks from off the bed      
Squeezing my breasts, head denting the pillow while mouthing in my nest        
Doing to me what you do best      
Taking my body, my mind, past the dimension of the fifth wonder      
Clenching you tighter, in and out my nightly fate you take, I surrender to your asunder      
Mm... such clandestine fantasies felt        
Rapture to your skin, the sensations between my teeth, to your skin let the cherry ice-cube melt      
Oh.. I love the way you keep me hot, ready, and this lover's dream soaking wet      
Calling out my name.. oh, you are such a toy, a keeper      
Legs gapped farther open, inscribing your hard love on my sugar walls deeper and deeper      
Animalistic urges, supping off my cleavage honey and vintage champagne      
Legs wrapping around your domination, making my cove mist then cave upon the butter rum rain      
Rendering me dazed, floating on an astral plane      
Whimpering to the skies.. for our illicit ties that bind      
Mm.. and there you go...    
My cunt faster gyrating with the monstrous streams of your pearly flow      
Blending us, your coated passion running free      
Hands over my head plundering to my core, in and out with relinquished greed      
Tongues bonding with an insatiable need we feed      
Cupping my buttocks, stroking in my lush      
We have until the sunset no need to rush      
My sweeten essence, I smeared on your lips      
Kissing you, savoring the mingling of our drips      
You smudge it to the peak of a tit    
Taking a … lick      
My deepest desires      
Thrusting in the far recess of my mind, each breathe we breath, takes me higher        
Drawing you deeper to my warmth like a horny moth to my sultry fires

Tyrant of Words
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The Couch (Night Cravings I of III)

Dr. Kay’s Office    
Upper Eastside    
New York, New York    
So, you said you are in love with this man    
Oh yes Dr. Kay, he is a time I cannot place, no matter where my feet lands    
I am the sensuality he demands    
He is in my thoughts, my subconscious, oh my God, even my daydreams    
Even in my slumber he is there, with handcuffs, strawberries, honey, and whip cream    
My friends continue to ask, why don’t I just step away, leave    
If they can only see, he pacifies my needs, his arousal is spellbinding when moving inside me at a combustible speed    
The he tastes my creaminess, his affirmation from the chasm he takes and he takes, he leaves me breathless in his greed    
I see    
Does this man have a name    
He’s of royal seed    
Private, DOMineering, I am the quiet conquest in his lustful game    
Branding my mind, my body to bend at his will    
And yes, Dr. Kay, I do love the thrills    
It is compensating when he is locked deep inside the passage of my mind    
Swagging in my ear his alluring poetic lines cupping my breast from behind    
Rubbing his erection all over my buttocks, twisting all deep inside me, hungering for that jerk, the release, he’s my medication if you would believe    
To keep me under control, when I am creating, my cunt pulsating, he suddenly withdraws    
Then tying me up, he knows I am chained to his passion, my climax he likes to stall    
I tell you the feeling is liberating, soul shaking    
Then the blindfold    
I hear the match strike, seconds later, his wicked fascination is to watch me writhe as wax drips to my supple skin consoles    
No ice cubes today, he likes it his way    
To the bottom of the bed, he pulls me down, opening my thighs, without making a sound    
I feel the strands of his beard as the wax drips to my clit, the intake of my breath, the air to my tits    
Mmm... how can I walk away from all this    
I need him, no lie, from what you are hearing, now you know why    
Moaning in rapture when the sensation of his pleasure kisses the realm of pain    
Inching me closer and closer, oh, Doctor Kay, those endorphins soothing my soul    
panting, on his tongue, he tastes my climatic rain    
You are the recipient to give this man the false sense of power    
You must not get laid doctor, in the midnight hours, waking up to one of his golden showers    
He pleases me by voice, a preferred choice    
Then my body he seduces beyond the rising of the Sun    
Once he lifts the phone, I am already wet and too far gone    
I am under his command, in a city, a country, a hotel suite, once the door closes, fetishes quite fitting from a KingDom's cum    
Mm... hum... gyrating my cunt, softy scratching his back, with each drop of his loving, making him mine    
His lips carrying the caress of a sinful nature up my spine    
Oh, sweet mercy, he does this soothing trick with his finger alternating with his tongue    
Doc, help me, please, just thinking about the feeling it brings in waves, freedom from the glorious madness I have not won    
Can you help me get rid of these feelings for him    
Even if I part my thighs when I am lying in bed such, I know the behavioral I should condemn    
Yes, self-pleasing myself while wishing he was easing his throbbing girth deeper in on a quickening whim    
I cannot help myself any longer our liaisons has gotten addicting    
With my hand on his head, my back arched, imprisoning him between my legs…mmm... my pussy to his mouth, seesawing my hips, his face ringing side-to-side, my g-spot he’s blissing,    
I’m mentally dazed, my emotions shifting    
Slow down, I see in your journal, the one I suggested you write down when your physical yearns peak    
Oh, Doctor, you should see what he makes me do when I am on knees    
Wait, you are reading it and with regrets during the nighttime my desires open, he takes me unmercifully as the illumination of the moon covets our silhouettes, unbridled passion our bodies seek    
My trickles bringing on the raptures behind the flow of his pearly leaks    
Tell me more about these midnight sensual cravings    
They’re very strong doctor when under the need of his dominance, when I am ball gagged, naked, and sultry as he likes, once blindfolded, I have multiple orgasms when I’m misbehaving    
Is there any help for me doctor, oh, he has me so wet, he is a wonder drug to my sacred temple    
How did this relationship develop, and in the beginning was it ever complicated as this or merely simple    
The lines have been blurred, it’s him, it’s his lustful drive, I have never met anyone who could match his persona, his wits    
If there is talk, he is just a myth    
I have been wondering do these men out there really exist    
Or, who can profess his sexual prowess such as this, from off his lips    
I think we will continue this session next week    
And you are making progress trust in your reprieve    
Oh, thank you, Doctor Kay. I hope you can help me and any advice or recommendations I shall conceive  

Tyrant of Words
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The Couch (Night Cravings II of III)
Upper Eastside New York  
As I have lit the last candle, I must reflect and confess      
This evening, strange emotions crept into my mind at best      
Dr. Kay, I do not mean to disturb you this late, I am regressing at best      
Inhale, and exhale, bring your mind down to a place where you feel comfort, an occurrence in your life where it made your heart melt      
Have you been writing in your journal, your triggers, for this man’s obsession      
Yes, Dr. Kay, his words he fingers over my skin feels like warm water, and he pleasures me without question      
My body is his playground and Dr. Kay, he plays the stings of my heart, fill all my holes, he has me screaming, moaning, pleading, I could swear Doc, I even purred      
And this has never occurred      
He leaves me chained to his King size bed, feeding me the streams of himself, his fingers I hungrily dine on      
His tongue zigzagging over my body, then I’m blindfolded, his hands smearing my skin in all flavors of icing and licking it off me slowly, mm… hmm … jabbing his finger in and out my mouth, I’m sucking on his fingers, tasting my creamy dew when mingled, my drools the top of my tits lavishing adorns      
I keep falling from debauchery, the obsession of the pleasure found in a tornado of his flurry, an addictive KingDom      
I want you to disconnect from your social crutch, you must find a safe mental passage, or you will lose your identity, in this man’s mere presence, his ideology, your freedom to walk away from this bondage, will never be won      
During these sessions should I admit he keeps me wet under his expensive sheets      
Rather on the ocean, his private villa, and any hotel suite no matter where, he makes sure I am straddling and then gyrating on his midnight feast, his throne he says is my midnight
Once the door closes, his tie is off, his skin, my naked skin in haste, we hungerly meet      
His world of caviar dreams, yachts docked at marinas, affluent upon the greet        
Are these the trinkets that keeps you drawn to this man      
No Dr. Kay, it’s his loving, his scent, his aura, the yearns to feel his sweat droplets, merging into my skin the way he makes love to me when he has my back plastered against the wall        
Then when up lifts me over his head, his tongue awaiting when he slowly lowers me to his face for my taste, teasing into my yoni, wrapping my legs around his neck, hoping I dare not fall      
He balances me as he’s cupping my ass, his beard buried in my trickling sweeten juices, and he stills stand so tall      
His scent in the sheet is like a pheromone’s mental infusion, I’m hooked, and when he’s easing it in      
Oh, Dr. Kay, I lose control, then he moves inside, my vaginal candy wetting his width for his slips, thrusting dips, and thrashing, unwrapping the pleasure of my lust little by little, oh sweet mercy, he has me feening, begging for more      
I am kryptonite, once I wrap my legs around his back, his double humping, winding his groin against my pelvis, giving him the moistness of my sugary dew, milking his girth, loving the sound when the tightness of my gripping cunt suctions his monstrous release just to hear him grunting as a tiger in carnal satisfaction will roar    
Dr. Kay, can I read my journal, you asked me to keep      
For this late hour yes, not to forget the denial of my beauty sleep      
I will be recoding this session      
I hope you are the doctor who I can relate to you this beautiful obsession      
Here is what I have written      
And excuse the words, I’m not smitten, twice, shy or bitten        
I am recording right now      

Part II tomorrow


Tyrant of Words
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Embracing the duality of my inner wonders, wading within the current of its soothing depth      
Unto the Sun, my Moon upon the bosom of universal’s chest    
Closed eyes, the basilica of souls, tarry in the Grand Rising of its promising of day    
The quiet soothing of Luna, upon the earth may the funneling waters hear as I pray    
I bow to the wonderous creation as I venture my presence upon the green earth      
Walking in the Garden of Eden, in reminisce, a thought of lover’s rebirth      
Meet me my love, as I call upon thee in another beautiful lifetime      
Let me be your guiding voice as you ride your chariot to search for me on the other side      
In the intensity of your touch, I fall in the sense of you, enticing me with your beguiling scent      
My soft hands reading your body as love is commenced      
As a mirror, my eyes glimpse upon a once upon a time      
Loosening my silken chiton      
Seducing a Yoruba God always makes the galaxy chime      
Removing my himation for the thrills of this muse, he seeks      
Out his toga, outlining the contour of his muscular statue physique      
I see you standing among the universe arms opening wide      
Harkening unto his annotations for me to step inside      
Hearing my footsteps across the night skies      
Step closer mortal man and amalgamate our earthly tides      
I still feel the love letters written upon the quietness of my mind      
The gentle caresses to my supple skin as you descend deep into my moisten surrender as your heart become mine      
Soft whispers of enticement within the music of my soothing voice      
The cherished sensations of such a handsome this Yoruba God, mm.. by sacred choice      
Where passionate rendezvouses for us shall entwine      
The desires of immortality we shall befall as intoxicating desires we partake, potent as wine      
Coveting embraces adoring my rose fragranced skin      
A Yoruba God escaping unto the galaxy of my beliefs as I let him in      
The sanctuary of my soul, my mystique, only you know where it truly begins      
Undressed as the memory of us, receptive in my eyes      
This night of pleasure, allow the stars to witness the merging of our Chi's      
Your mighty hands zigzagging up my legs      
Unto an immortal Yoruba God, a Yoruba Goddess in the throne of passion, tenderly begs      
Sweeten kisses to my lips      
Palming my hips      
The gift of your soul ponderously slips      
Can the earth hear our moans as paradise you taste in the gyrating of your dips      
Back arched on the softness of the clouds      
Eyes closed, shaking the foundation of Heaven from the roaring thunder when he surges deeper, echoing sentiments so loud      
The soul of a Yoruba Goddess, sweeten giving of my charms in the calling of a poetic dance      
Palms clasped teetering upon the wishes of a sinful chance      
Falling into the softness of my lullaby lyric drawing a Yoruba God into an eternal romance      
The luminosity of the moon kissing the wanton movements of our bodies in the cadence of ecstasy      
Forehead to forehead, feeling the lightening of his hard needs      
Legs linking behind a Yoruba God’s back, urging human nature on      
Playing my body as our temples unify, the elixir of our consoling bringing his kingdom to come      
The essence of my love potion bathing his lust as it crest, seeps, and then run      
Over the moon, you tenderly ascend my heart, mind, body, and soul, high      
Laying my temple among the galaxy you part my thighs      
Stars unto whispers we cry out in forevermore chants      
Blanketing your arousal deep inside me in longing, haste you implant      
Plundering over-and-over within my sugary cove, his groans shadowing my pants      
Touch me, bathe your soul, sink it inside the dewy saturation of my raining essence      
Within the space of time, the deeper you anchor, pleasing this Yoruba Goddess without question      
Drowning me in the kindred enlightenment of my spiritual luminescence      
We have climbed the stairs of glory, cradling our releases on the spirit of the wind      
Eyes closed, free failing with each thrust as we blend      
His mouth to my lips consumed      
Heated moments, cosmic cravings, keeping us cosmic marooned        
His groin shifting, soft pelvis downgrading then hungrily uplifting      
Marring of skin in wild abandonment, nails indenting      
Bodies pasting, tapping into the peaks of a creamy invasion, wetness unrelenting      
His release unto this Yoruba Goddess, coveting        
Plummeting, pleasing me, his divine calls unto the dark vastness of time advising me this Yoruba God is loving it      
Mingling saps        
Filling the sodden abyss of my pinkish gap  

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