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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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Soft Petals Of A Gypsy

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Deeper and Deeper    
My vivid emotions are scaling steeper and steeper    
Falling into the enrapture of my sweeten abyss    
I can’t swim, holding on for a floating reminisce      
No breaths of rescue, but empty perceptions amiss      
A thrilling rollercoaster ride to surrender under my seductive womanly creed      
Giving you my wants, my desires, all of my needs      
Endangered narratives, so allow my emotions for once to softly bleed      
No Band-Aid needed, just permit it to seep and flow      
Merging the essence of my heart and soul as it goes      
Let my eyes see things undone      
No need to straighten things out, this is my salvation, I have fought and won      
I have lifted myself out of the elements of solitude      
My mind screams out for peace among gratitude      
It feels so good for the mind to have no plans      
Just me, myself, and I where I presently stand      
Gypsy girl without my banjo      
Dancing in the wilderness, the winds shaping my heart, enlightening me from head to toe      
In the midst of the sweetest emotional freeze      
No time to get back down on my knees      
I am loving to just write as I plead      
The rambling over spilling, unchained, and running free      
My ability to shelve my salacious creed as I please      
For the first time, I will allow someone else to take the wheel      
Lead my heart into the dark world of forbidden passions to fulfill      
I refuse to find my way      
My thoughts within self is quiet and peaceful as a child is learning to play      
Blue skies on the horizon, making tender love to my mind      
For once, separating myself from my presence, my time      
No designs, yet, grateful for God’s echoing chimes      
I can run, I can walk, I can soar      
No restraints holding me down, refusing to bust down a hurried door      
Feels so good as naked as I am      
Flying high without the constrains of man      
Eyes wide open      
The winds carrying my thoughts have spoken      
Reality advising me this is not a dream      
My mind is suspended in a state of total serene      
Soft petals of a gypsy  

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Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Molases and Honey

Kneeling as he opens the nebula bud of my passion unto him    
Edging on my sacrifice of seducing me with the flick of his tongue  
Titillating he sends, I follow, in the covering of mist, he arouses the soft folds    
Of my lover’s clit    
Waiting for the bid of his tongue to swirl around as he bury his tongue into my dampen honeypot    
The lick of his offering lapping, gently teasing, savoring my sweeten crater    
His lust, my desires draws my pelvis closer to his satisfying giving    
The hunger of his tongue inside the sacred liaison of my sugar walls    
The decadence of his taste keeps me, his addictive manly scent beguiles me    
Lengthening his tongue, my honeycomb riding the rapture of his soulful pleasure    
My pussy walls cocooning his tongue in the wet wondrous slicken bliss    
The flare of his nostrils lost in the silkiness of my ecstasy    
A taste of me is as sweet as the soft voice murmuring for him to take him, complete me    
The pools of my essence making a pool onto the lavender scented sheets    
Inhaling the gulf of my pinkish deepness, sniffing in my feast of my dampness    
Holding the opening of his bliss to his face, palming my voluptuous hips, his mouth fellatio me ever.. so slowly    
His tongue taking the time to languish indulge my liquidly heat in his beauty’s sinful indulgence    
Insatiably tattooing my mound, with each cunnilingus slip, letting the world know I belong to him    
My back arched in the perfection of him implementation me with his nightly wishes    
My soft bronzed skin glistening against the mounted lightening, showcasing the blazing of wantonness    
Purring moans as he drinks in the yearning of his femme fatale obsession    
His dedication, I lay, caught in the web of my tang    
Our sacred union he surrenders my resistance    
The soles of my feet, bracing the curvature of his lower back    
Kissing through my downy hairs, uplifting my mound up to his face    
Creasing the girth of his tongue, curling it inside me, clenching his skin in the incursion    
Eyes closed, my body as a feather’s touch under his maestro    
Hand to his head urging his puissant    
Mm… riding the darting pleasure of his mouth    
Tasting my soulful eruption on his tongue    
Famished of this beauty’s pussy, my essence drippings, kissing his chin    
Mm… my dewy saturation, his face now wears    
A femininity taste only to lick his lips in the sweetest remembrance of our moment in time

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
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OMG!!!! The ultimate of  cunnilingus.  The joy and  satisfaction of eating pussy for both parties….mmmm…

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Ms. Valentine Serenading Mr. Cupid

We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving.

Friedrich Nietzsche

My siren songs echoed in the night, whispered upon your skin, tenderly felt to your psyche
Entangled stars captivating once dealt  
Beautiful sentiments to make the mind melt  
My inner temple wet life silken rain pelts    
I cry out for your weakening touch tonight  
Gyrating bodies generating more heat than light  
Butter rum craved  
Rain your love down on me, as emotions softly cave  
Passion overflows from the sweetest love ever made  

No soft silver amulets to ward off its call        
Standing to remain from the spiraling silent fall        
The moon so grand in its magnetic force        
Hungering for my heart, my mind my sweetest vows of choice        
Caressing the skin of such hidden fires        
Surrendering unto the taste of the mind’s kindred desires        
Temptation in Cupid’s arrow aiming from the skies above        
Orion’s melody of relentless love        
I cry out for your weakening touch tonight    
Gyrating bodies generating more heat than light    
Upon the universe butter rum craved    
Rain your love down on me, as emotions suddenly cave    
Passion overflows from the sweetest love ever made

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1422

I’m All Yours      

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Swirl your famished hunger my love
Ever so gently over my toes      
Interweaving the tip of your eager tongue          
Between the spaces of its existence        
Snail pacing your eager tongue up my inner thigh        
Mm… to the waiting parcel of my sacred rose          
Palming the cushion of my buttocks        
Inhaling the essence of my savory scent          
Drops of me settling unmercifully on your lips        
Drawing me closer unto the depth of your feast        
The fixation of your oral hibernation        
With care, siphoning my extracts with each lick        
The cuspid of my temple          
Arching my back.. mmm… in total submission        
Under the mastery of your touch          
Your feverish taste of me… mm… satisfying my needs        
The extension of your tongue        
Slithering inside my milky way        
Your head palmed in the moment of heightened lust        
Rendering me helpless, defenseless, I’m all yours        
Gyrating to the ritual of your tongue dance      
Fighting my resistance to complete me        
Your tongue anchoring deeper sss… and deeper ..and deeper        
Snaking inside my eternity          
Soft rainfalls        
Your tongue baptizing within the Holy Grail of my sacred crux        
Sheets clenched in blissful anticipation        

My back arched, sss.. oh, my Heavenly pants, oh how beautiful thy sound
Stealing my breaths away      
My breasts palmed        
The fate of ecstasy locked againt the sides of your face        
Oh God Calls of divinity        
My fingers slithering inside my mouth        
As you’re swallowing my seeping desires          
Cleansing the rapture of my soul over and over as your tongue dips deeper      
Cries of you completing me        
Our spiritual alliance you’ve touched        
An anointed cosmic offering unto my Chi      
Feather kisses to my soft folds behind your beautiful madness        
Soothing the trail of where your rapture initiated          

Mm.. moans of shaken passion        
Remnants of tasting me
Shattered within the wind
Oh, my love touch me
Touch my soul
As we write our passion in the stars above  
Mm… my love

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Another K Production™

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Creole Candy

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I wanted to give homage to a city that I loved walking in my stilettoes on their pavement.

In celebrating Fat Tuesday 2024 (Mardi Gras) 💜💚

Wow... what a nice time to have had the blessing in my life to have experienced. If you have never been to New Orleans, I would advise you to make it a time in your life to visit such a vibrant city with so much history.

Enjoy your evening as well,

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1422

Gordian Knot

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The beautiful passion of Air, Earth. Fire, and Water

My love, you are such a wicked sin
I am the lust
I am the carnal pleasure
It’s where ecstasy shall begin

I love you
I love you not

I’m tied to your rapture as a Gordian knot
Take me my love
Make sweet love unto my skin
Between my creole thighs I am the carnal pleasure
That you found on a whim

Happy Valentine's Day

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1422

Detroit Dreams (Unedited Soundbyte)

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Detroit Dreams (Unedited Soundbyte)

I must inhale and exhale before, I cannot even begin to assuage this trip. I am still shaking my head in disbelief of having such a great time.            
When does a bet becomes controversial, and I say that with the most humbly respect. My bestie and I decided to just relax for the weekend, no bet, just have so much fun, her spouse was out of town, he is an attorney, and her daughter, was over her grandmother's house, and she flew in from Boston on Friday.              
Please be reminded I was just with my two besties from last week and we blazed our way into West Virginia and then took Pittsburgh by storm.            
Fast forward            
We decided on a trip to Detroit Michigan because I wanted to visit some of their landmarks. The trip was awesome in all its glory, and as always, I love blessing over any body of the water, which you will see during my soundbyte, during my editing process.            
The food was great, and my hotel suite accommodation was star rated, I stayed at the Marriot on the Riverfront, and since there was only one suite available, she ended up staying at the Westin...              
I only share my hotel suite accommodations with handsome men, and her hotel was not that far from my hotel.                      
I am just giving you the gist of our trip, the video will speak for itself, I have traveled all over the globe, so many cites, so many states.              
I was born in the Dominican Republican, resided in France, lived in Haiti with my grann until she sent me off to college in the States.            
In addition, during my college days. I have laid my head in the Motherland; Soweto (My heart still resides from the village echoes and the sadness as I still grieving from listening to the parents of their Albino children being snatched out of their parent's arm, they are used for such ethical folklore practices believed to bring luck, then, Tanzania).            
I have never been escorted out of any country with a patrol car shadowing behind our rental, it was two to be exact. We were set, we crossed into Canada, I was excited, I wanted to speak my official French for a change and the last time I was over the boarder I was in Quebec, and there French is more relaxed.            
So, if anyone know about crossing the border arriving in Cananda, you must have your passport and an enhanced identification, which I thought I left mine in New York, then I remembered it was in my purse, so many international stamps decorate it and that is from my collage days.              
I have been through so many countries customs and immigrations to assure their government you are not bringing in any contraband.            
I do not understand what my bestie was thinking about, but we get to Canada, I show my information, looking at my surrounding, knowing what a day of peace and fun awaited us.            
All I heard my bestie say was, ‘are you serious, and I did not know, I need my passport.’            
This bitch, never stated in a defiance or derogatory manner (Beauty In Total Control of Herself™) and excuse the worded misinterpretation on your behalf, but that is who WE ARE, however, she tried to cross into Canada without her passport, and winked at mean, I did not know what that mean, but now we had to pull aside and park the rental.            
We were asked if we purchased anything in Canada, which we did not, we both had to sign a waiver stating we did not, or else, we would had to go through customs, and I just purchased me a pair of shoes in Detroit, and I wanted to go shopping in Ontario, in the meantime, I was trying to locate the receipt in case I was asked to show proof of my shoes.            
We sat and waited for almost an hour of sorting things out, my bestie over there refreshing makeup for her podcast, and on Youtube this went viral.              
My bestie called me and told me how many hits she has gotten.. and for me, during that moment, I was just relaxing taking in all the hoopla and the Canadian men... oh my, I need to relocate, they were so nice, cordial, one of the border patrol attendant scent was beguiling, he was asking us where we were from, our plans, and sorry for the misunderstanding and it really was, that is the story we are sticking too.            
We had to be, and I kidd you not, escorted by Canadian Border Patrol vehicles back to the Michigan boarder and wait for them to remotely open the gate to allow us back into the USA.            
Oh, what fun we had… I wish I could had bottled that moment in time... a bedtime story for my future heirs and my heiresses.            
I know I should have agreed to go to Florida this weekend, but I am not quite ready to swim with any dolphins, but I know I will have to, when I go on my three week vacation soon.            
Then once we were returned to Detroit, we were greeted by such a beautiful rainbow over the city of Detroit.                        
Live your beautiful life as if there is no tomorrow...because not even a second is promised.              
I have such soft love for all you Canadians.

My last trip I enjoyed as I continue on my universal traveling journey for 2024

I bow to the element of my Aquarian water flow as I pass that Astrologic torch on to all you Pisces, may you still enjoy the spiritual comfort of a Fabolous February throughout.


Tyrant of Words
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Mmm… Sinking Inside My Kompa Dance

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The magnetic pull sending my essence to you filling your lungs          
Passion on the run, desire felt past the rising sun                
My mind, my soul as you sail into my wet sunken treasure and then thrust so deep          
The heat of your core urging me on with a passionate leap          
The taste of my mind searching, savoring, feasting, our bodies making its own carnal song all night long          
Desires interlocking, as bodies cajoling on          
On a sumptuous flow of honey, hunger consumes my flesh          
Left and right, solid, oh you’re so firm, entwined bodies, a beautiful carnal mesh, dewy and fresh          
Crushing lovingly, hips undulating to the beat of my own tune            
On its own journey to climax, moving, feeling, sending my pussy past the beautiful Nile lagoons                
Yet not rushing towards our bodily plight          
Your whispers telling this Angel it’s all right          
Passion, you will give me into the throne of Dawn’s early light  
Tell me, my love do you remember how many soft licks    
How many tongues wagging soft inflict    
Does it take to get to the center of my esoteric cream centered vibe    
Once you have me on your King size bed, naked, thighs parted, wet for you, open and wide      
Consuming my honeypot, fully forcing my moans of hungry passion, in the tease          
Heart beating preparing a river of a tricking rain to flee              
What joy, what ecstasy as we ride the same path          
Wondrous sexual calamity, moisten as your family jewels sink into my griping gripping salve          
Unrestrained, silent screams if only to enjoy the feeling of you slamming inside my gentle chase, closing my eyes, back ached, losing myself in the domination his Hebrew creed    
The inner core of his soul once we bond our temples, he spiritually gains the purpose of his divine power    
Pleasing me past the calling of the midnight hour      
I do not need titles in this lifetime    
The rose by rite of passage already made you mine    
In the sanctuary of calligraphy, my hieroglyphics is stamped “forevermore” all over your ancient heart    
No matter the dimness of detours I will always laminate the duality of our souls in the light, or give the path of illumination in the obscurity of dark      
It is blessed by fourscore with the upstanding infinity of the ‘8th’ mark      
Given by me, and blessed by the Holy Oil of Yoruba Gods    
Along with the Scepter, your Staff and by the comfort of your Rod    
Mmm.. your family jewels swinging, my cunt sliding up and down his girth, he loves when I’m kinging, gyrating into a heavenly sphere, aching for his monstrous release          
Thrusting as powerfully as my pussy rides his blissful greed          
My hips lurching up from the bed, straining behind the compulsive need          
More yearning still as the crescendo approaches sweetly          
Thighs entwining his back, my pussy gloving the length of his girth in rapture so weakly              
A gush of sweet wetness riding his hard groove          
Begging me over and over to faster move          
Palms pressing his hard buttocks down into me          
Cradling my sweet flesh even closer, tighter, prefilling his pearly flow of seeds          
His river overtakes my weakened flesh, my desire I’m now sedated          
Sensations rules my mind, its feeling euphoric and related          
My body, desiring from you more          
Submerging his arousal deeper inside my candyland once again, this feeling I do adore          
Clenching, scratching...mmm as I climax galore          
Pussy oiling his girth          
Addicted off its arrowing and aroused worth                  
Once again as I lie under the contention to allow him to take my body beyond as we celestial soar          
Are you ready to renew our passion of emotions again...and...again for the desires I have in store    
Oh baby.. I love when you are sinking deep inside my Kompa Dance      

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Soft whispers in the dark    
Where connecting spirits beautifully lark    
Oh, radiant sun, emotional strokes of the moon    
Gentle words spoken, as cascading water flows  
Bathing my Chi as sinking in a deep lagoon    
Caress the softness of my skin let his tongue aimlessly roam over me as it please, when it seductively drift
Sealing your lips upon mine on a starry night, as whispers from the inner core gravitates to your alluring comic thrusting gifts

A Queens's Crown Apparel™

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Serenading to the winds my results
Just my inner random thoughts
Today, I must give recognition to mental attractions
That one soul worth the attentive of your emotional satisfaction
Blushing behind shameful detractions

Not long narratives, just the caressing behind the meaning
That sedated feeling you get when you are serene dreaming
Waking up and trying to go back to that slumbering feeling
Eyes wide open, reality is dealing,  
Sweet whispers continued spilling
Yes, the magnetic mental attraction is still reeling

The is a gown is from my Return To Camelot Line

Creation By A Queen's Crown Apparel™

I will be venturing into the fable somewhere in time

Dangerous Mind
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