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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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Moonlit Surrender

It was night, and moon was lit
Our skins glistening with oceans roar

We were alone at the beach
Walking with our heart pounding ashore

Her hands touched mine
As we walked bare foot in the sand

We were both waiting
To pounce on each other crude and bland

Suddenly you stopped
And looked at me and said “ what”

I was startled nervous
I hesitated and repeated “what”

You grabbed it and kissed me hard
As I melted in your hands

You were resolute to take me
As I was cuffed in your hands

You pulled it out
And mounted I gasped in surprise

You smiled and said
Finally, I have my prize

Under the moon
You made me your man

And thus, our romance
Raw, yet pure began

She made it clear
I belong to her that night

I have been devotedly hers
Staying hard for her every night

So many moons
Have since gone by

The fire kindled that night
Continues to passionately rise
Written by PleasingDragon
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That Has To Be The Sweetest Way To Surrender To The Moon

It was night, and moon was lit
You asked me am I the words…much more as you soak in my tender bliss
Our skins glistening with oceans roar
Closing my eyes as your love tenderly pours

We were alone at the beach
Unto my siren calls you are never out of reach
Walking with our heart pounding ashore
Lovers of ancient time forevermore

Her hands touched mine
Mm... I thought I heard Heaven’s chimes
As we walked bare foot in the sand
Whispering to me I am your woman as you gently squeezed my hand

We were both waiting
Hearts pounding, minds fusing, feeling the anticipating
To pounce on each other crude and bland
Slow and easy, my love, rapture and desires is my only demands

Suddenly you stopped
No.. no... no.. you were near making my cherry pop
And looked at me and said “ what”
Take your time no rush, but…

I was startled nervous
I do love the way you curve this
I hesitated and repeated “what”
Are you serious, tonight this is fate, destiny, our luck

You grabbed it and kissed me hard
I like when you spoil me relaxing your guard
As I melted in your hands
Yes, go on and serenade my Creole temple under yours, my handsome man

You were resolute to take me
In all in need as I please, or tease
As I was cuffed in your hands
I knew once you took off my thong, I became your midnight wanton plan

You pulled it out
Yes, leaving me with a pulsating wet South
And mounted I gasped in surprise
Oh, papi, the wall palmed, you feel the hunger in my grind, the rhythm of my sultry rhyme

You smiled and said
I love making love to you in your King size bed
Finally, I have my prize
Flip me over and please me until the calling of sunrise

Under the moon
Shh… the neighbors will hear us, and be banging on the wall real soon
You made me your man
Passion marks all over your neck so all who look will know and understand

And thus, our romance
Will always give into the temptation of our bedroom sheets dirty dance
Raw, yet pure began
Oh, sweet mercy, you weaken me when you take charge, giving me more than I stand

She made it clear
Yes, it would appear
I belong to her that night
You got that right

I have been devotedly hers
You know I got you addicted to my soft purrs
Staying hard for her every night
Oh yes... and those long thrusts of yours, keeps me on my back until Dawns Early Light

So many moons
Do you have to go, my love, it feels so good when you’re soaking in the chasm of my lover’s cocoon
Have since gone by
I know you will be back as they say time does fly

The fire kindled that night
A kiss to my cheek, your scent upon the pillow left in the years of our Nirvana’s flight
Continues to passionately rise
A gentle kiss from me to you sent down from the skies

Thank you, my love, for allowing me to softly blend my words with yours, I hope I answered your question.. mm ... you can walk through my door any day.. wink.

I will be adding this to my Blendology Forum as well.

Dangerous Mind
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Nice matching for blendology

Tyrant of Words
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The Dance

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Mini-Production Brought
To You
By Another K Production™

Tyrant of Words
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Code Yellow Large And In Charge
The Nurse and the handsome CEO  
Softly disciplined for disruptive behavior as the quiet wind blows  
Reprimanded in private, has been replaced by bottles of Italian wine  
Trips in a Rolls Royce to the Hamptons in grand style minus any timelines  
Private jets, VIP box seats to see the New York Mets  
Five-star hotels and secluded island getaways  
A lifestyle a nurse can adopt to, be that it may, yes, I must say  
A staffed mansion, a beach house with ocean front views  
From sunrise to sunset making love, giving the silk sheet their just due  
The CEO and me, his gentle loving sets me free  
The Nurse and the CEO igniting his desires as his release steadily flees  

The first day as a Nurse Administrator I walked into my office to take a seat  
The door opened, I pivoted my head and a hungry smile greeted me  
Umm hello handsome one I say  
And a muscular body to take a woman’s breath away  
I have opening night tickets to the opera tonight  
And I have a surprise for you that will bring more heat than light  
The CEO reached behind himself to twist the lock  
His bluish-colored eyes darted to the wall clock  

I’m out of my linen suit jacket, my skirt, bra, and thong dropping to the floor  
The CEO’s facial expression beams, anticipation for our union oozing from his pores  
Face to face  
Heated breaths falling under the throne while rising to amazing grace  
A fluffy carpet cushioned my back  
Hands roaming in haste for a tantalizing afternoon pussy snack  
Emotions are not the only thing going out of whack  
Dick hard enough to seek, invade, dipping inside a silken ocean for a sinking attack  

A knock at the door  
Passion forestalled, a male rhythm larks behind, pulsating for more  
Pre-cum slowly seeping, pussy wildly moving, buttocks flapping to the carpet floor  
Attempting to bring the flood gate of a pearly release galore  
Repeated knocks, the ears could not ignore  
We have a date tonight and then a quick kiss to my lips  
Regrets of an interrupted pussy coveting a hard dick hits, twists, and penetrating dips  
A quick reversal of fortune deep inside a butter rum abyss  

Castaway marooned, pussy now basking on a wet island to go on, alone  
Staff meetings, budget assessments, naughty boardroom liaisons, and soft moans and groans, echoes my daily song  

Peace at last  
My past a thought to silently rehash  
I missed the patients, the staff, and the hustle and bustle of the ER  
I quickly changed into my scrubs, memories comforted me of I’ve come this far  
I opened the door and a hard chest I bumped into  
Mahogany colored eyes roved over me for concern as a golden rule  
Are you alright, a smooth voice asked with a picture perfect handsome face  

I looked up into his hypnotic eyes, an Adonis, who had to be from another time, another place  
Aww…yes thank you, wait, what code is this as my mind searched for a mental list  
Can I help you, softly slipped from my glossed lips  
Yes, I’m here to meet an Administrator Nurse Smokey Eve for orientation  
It’s Smokey Eyes I said, for the debut of my professional dedication  
You’re Smokey Eyes, the Administrator of this hospital, a clearance password I must give you to trust  
Yes…, I wanted to say. I could give you my bedroom resume filled with steamy, desire, and lust  

Eyes roved over me in a matter of minutes  
I looked down, umm, it appears his dick just jumped in it  
Security backup was immediately called  
Marched down the hallway by this handsome man in front of all  
I wanted to say Code Green  
Side profile was so handsome, however, his relaxed grip to my upper arm was so gentle, serene  

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Code Green Security Of The Heart

The Nurse and the handsome Security Force  
Not to worry, he is the only one serenading me with his deep baritone voice    
His muscular body keeping the nights warm    
My heart has been totally disarmed    
Body to body, rainfalls to set off all types of alarms    
Candlelight dinners, caressing on a bearskin rug near a roaring fire    
No home invasion for this salacious dame, only escalating flaming desires    
A trip to Paris, China, and yes, even Italy    
My handsome Proprietor of his own Security Firm certainly loves me    
Flowers and chocolates delivered daily, umm…I think I’m in love    
Deep pockets, and his family jewels is loaded, fits inside me like a hand inside a tight glove    
Nightly bliss for a nurse’s resume of naughty gifts    
Tongue to skin, and then a wet kiss    
Without a doubt, I love his stroking grooves the best    
Passion felt under him than all the rest    
A finger caressed down my arm as I laid in bed    
A hard pillow chest wall of comfort from a night of being carnal fed    
Sexy woman, what would you like to do tonight    
Take in the city lights, a little Salsa dancing, and then dinner by candlelight    
A kiss to my forehead for the acceptance of a plan    
Maybe a little tease below, for an evident erected stance    
My hand creeping under silk sheet covering    
Pussy walls awaiting a hard dick to invade and then hovering    
Watch it woman, you are going to be late for work once I start giving you a hard poke of this sticking romance    
I will take my chance    
Be wary for what you ask for    
Je ne sais quoi, amour  
Umm, I adore    
Covers slid down    
Dick invading my butter rum abyss with a hasten force    
Mmm, a feeling dear to my heart, I love of course    
Souls mending    
Juices swishing, breath to breath, hot passionate sex blending    
My handsome security force providing my body with so much more    
Pleasing my gyrating body, erection dipping deeper, raiding my pussy center core    
Oh…baby, its mine, dammit its mine    
Easy was not my handsome one’s dick drilling designs    
Taking my mind pass cloud nine    
Back scratches engraving his skin    
Tattoos worn from my hunger I cannot defend    
Fuck…fuck, he roared over and over again    
Bullseye shots, weakening my pussy as he continued to anchor in      
Climaxing all over his hard dick    
His release drifting from his pulsating vessel, his essence filling inside my wet slit    
Damn woman you satisfy this pole once it passes that clit    
A pair of mahogany colored eyes looked down into my smokey eye  
A handsome face sharing my bedroom time, bringing the sexual toys, the wine, and the bodacious surprise    
Marry me Sexy Woman, a kiss to my forehead for all it seems    
Eyebrows instantly arched, did I just hear the M word that sounded so serene    
Pushed out the abyss of pleasure my handsome one laying angrily on his back    
Handsome, we’re good as we are, why tamper with that    
I have a career, I love my freedom, control my own purse strings, I love my writing knack    
If the eyes were the windows to the soul, I hear an upcoming manly verbal attack    
For once you must quit code consorting    
Bed to bed grand touring    
Allowing men seeds constantly pouring    
Dammit whoring    
This shit of having me go home after fucking is getting rather boring    
And then a hard smack    
This mean and green code will be the one to attempt to lessen my emotional carnal snacks    
I do not need this flack    
Fuck you and your needs    
I’m out of here, let your battery operated toys bring you to you fucking knees    
Heated minds have now prevailed    
Mind fuses curtailed    
After we went back and forth    
Neither one of us giving in for a recourse    
Pulling me into his arms to erase what was just said    
I told him to just bail    
Too late, words cannot be taken back to no avail    
Fucking crazed sex broad, he screamed at me before he stormed out    
I had no words to follow or shout    
The door slammed closed without answers, or even a verbal debate    
Feelings and emotions for him I’m sure will slowly dissipate    
Code Black to set my chagrined mood    
The feelings behind the loss of a lustful greedy groove    
Is he right about my wanton moves    
The essence of the spiritual and healing properties of me, should not be pitied as being a fool    
My French Creole granns instilled, since being in America, have I allowed it to just flow free    
Without regards of my own emotional and wellbeing needs    
A knock on my door interrupted my musing    
For my own mental self-abusing    
I opened the door, a bouquet of long stem red roses and chocolates welcomed my smile    
I do not know if codes can stay awhile    
Time will tell, I sensed Code Black lurking    
Fate against Destiny one of them is working    
The nightly makeup sex while interweaving on silk sheets made amends    
However, is this the beginning or the end    

Tyrant of Words
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Mmm...Softy Seasoning Him

A moment in time where hearts know no bounds      
Desires of affection of unforgotten yearns      
Blind hearts burning the flames of silken sheets      
Soaked with crimes of instilled passion      
Stirs so strong, weakness asunder we fall      
Whispers cry out in the calling of the still night      
Weakened moans, grunted groans      
Echoing of heightened desires    
Sacred promises, oaths we bond with each thrust and uplift          
Over the horizon pieces of me you beautifully merge      
Over the rainbow conjoined remnants of you, I am        
Freedom in our movements we touch      
Carnal passions staining our lips we savor      
Bodies laid upon the altar of its lustful feast      
My passage of rite opening wider for you      
Dividing me for your insatiable hunger you sink      
In a beautiful moment of time      
Rapid heartrate excels      
Kisses tenderly up my back      
Soft whispers in the wind you ache for me      
Inside me, deeply ensuing the core of my soul      
Claiming me in the peak of rapture      
Freefalling, surrendering, submitting        
In the moment of time      
Yours to take, wetting, bathing your promises deep within the depth of my temple      
Lay upon me the reminisce of yesterday      
Steal my breath today      
Lock me in the oasis of you      
Moving in Heavenly glory      
Pulling me into the famish of your thirst      
My soul you sip upon, drinking in my existence    
My eyes closed, I see you, I taste, inhaling the mesmeric pheromones of you        
Esoteric moments of time’s creation we bare in the transference of truth    
Stirring so gently deeper and deeper inside me      
Pieces of me you mold      
Scattered unto the winds  
Alluring kissing unto you, return to sender      
Captured when awoken      
Passion softy patrolling in the present        
The migration of affection, the only words ever spoken      
Time or man cannot restore or us deny    
Licking upon the divinity of my sweeten abyss      
Fingers laced, my body sealed inside your destiny escaping in the moments in time  
Breathing you in, inhaling, tenderly conceding unto you my needs  
Relishing all that you have in my wants    
Conjoining of minds we ache in the sacred passage of us      
Entwined harmony whispered      
Into dreams our minds blossoms      
Into the sanctuary of our souls, our consecrated temples blend forevermore      

Tyrant of Words
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Oh Yes.. A Taste Of Magic Beyond The Rainbow

I am the haloed illumination in the far sky of the west
When thundering rain soothes the skin, the heart and mind conjoined as I anoint its duality to always be upkept  
The cast upon the seas to rattle the shores  
In the pit of the darken depth, lost souls hear my voice, manifesting hurricanes to the world  
Cleansing within my wake upon land, I unfurl  
In the cloak of my mysteries, I give power unto as dead souls rise  
To the night, I give, Jezebel, Lilith, and Eve my blood drips of immorality, love trance from the sweetness of their eyes  
Upon the bed of lavender, myrrh, swirling clouds of Frankincense    
Enticing the loins of men as I gently spread wide, my potions unto your aura I commence  
A sacred cosmic healer  
The dew of my moistness, more potent to allure than any palliative from earthly medication dealers  
Whispers from the Heavens, my seductive serotonin a gift of twilight bliss calming to your head  
Passion and desires found in the comfort of my rose petal layered bed  
Soothing potions lathed upon your manly skin  
Once touched and seep to pores, to a world we go where the names has no sins  
Mm... taste my raptures, as we make love in Paris atop the Eiffel tower  
To the world we moan our gratification in the midnight hour  
In the confession booth of a cathedral in Rome  
Thrusting inside me, kisses on the sand dunes of Egypt, becomes our home  
Fingers stroking up my thighs, as you plant your lips on my toes  
Dragging up my inner thigh a view for the patrons in a Dubai theater watching our illicit lovemaking vividly unfold  
Mm… you leave me breathless, panting, needing, wanting, into my creamy abyss in and out as it languishes patrols  
Legs entwine your back, my moans serenading the stillness of the dark  
My spine arched    
Looking at the stars above as the nine muses in Greece encircle us and play their Harp  
Oh, my love... make me feel like you are all mine  
Allow the creation of Father time    
To shower our bodies with Argentina’s imported vintage wine  
Clutching the back of your neck as you lick off the sweeten streams from the crests of my tits, real slow  
Your tongue becoming naughtier, hasten as we become a New York peep show  
My powers are weaning you are draining me for this one enraptured night  
To the sheets we find our temples, tenderly blending, love notes sending    
In a hotel suite in Portugal, we lay entangled until the gentle winds awaken us at dawn’s early light

Dangerous Mind
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The wonders and enticements of making international, fantastical love in cyber space. A special kiss to your abyss.

Tyrant of Words
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Take Off Your Clothes

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Take off your clothes my love  
Slowly, let my eyes digest  
The perfect circumference of your exposed arousal  
The imaginary of my mind is to taste your lust has made me silken wet  
Anticipating the move of me controlling the tempo of your heightened emotions  
Unsnapping my camisole, letting it heap to the bottom of my feet, stepping out of it  
Invading your manly space  
Your eyes, drawing me closer  
Listening to the eagerness in your shallow breaths  
My hand… sss…  reaching downward  
Inflexibility captured, for some love making, under the covers soul shaking  
Lifting the hard promise to come of your erection  
Wrapping my soft palm around the stance of your manly girth  
Sliding my compressed palm up and down the length  
Mmm.. you like that my love
Leaning your face downward, quickly licking over one of my nipples  
Sss... oh your tongue trailing under my chin  
To my awaiting lips  
Oh yes, cupping the back of my head  
Slipping your tongue inside my mouth  
My palm lathing all over your elongation slowly squeezing the mushroom tip  
Smearing your pearly droplets  
Your seeds of life seeping into my inner palm  
Lifting my fingers to my mouth  
Rubbing the glossy pleasure over my lips  
Pumping the base faster, to the tip, a little squeeze  
Leaning forward, whispering in my ear, “Let me stick this dick inside your tight pussy.”  
Mmm.. your palm covets mine  
Bracing my shoulders  
Pushing me down, the carpet cushioning my knees  
I got more than one way to please you so that you know  
Laying back, you joining me, reaping from what you are about to pleasurable sow  
Spreading my thighs, fingering me, tasting me, rubbing the wetness over, my lips, my nipples  
Let the tip of your tongue follow the heat of your needs
Dipping your two fingers inside my creamy pussy  
My body slightly flinching of the tightness  
Uniting them with your tongue lapping at my streams  
Placing my legs over your shoulders pleasing me mmm as you lick all inside my yum yum cream  

Relaxing into your ministrations when you tease it with a side-to-side flick  
Oh, my climax my love swarming around your tongue, coating your lips  
Lifting me rushing me to the bedroom
Oh baby, I love when you shoot my mind, my body to the moon

Mini-Production Brought
To You By
Another K Production™

Tyrant of Words
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Touch Me

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One touch I fall under the dominance of his spell  
One whisper and I am his to preserve  
One kiss and he has me moaning for more  

Capture my heart my love  
Caress my skin gently as the morning dew cometh  

Take possession of my mind  
Worship the serenity of my supple skin as my soul lays bare  
unto you  

My tender heart, my inner soul, my chi entwined in the breaths  
we breathe  
Infinity, I feel as you touch, speak, console me  

Love me in and out of time  
Write our names in love notes across the sky as  
you feel the caressing of my surrender  

Share my world my love  
take of me all that I have to give  
Head thrown back  
surrendering me, taking me, enthralling, seducing my existence  

Tyrant of Words
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The Seduction Of The Amethyst

The seduction of the Amethyst
Always a soft hit
It allows my mental capacity to seductively drift
Enigmas of life’s chance
Romance found in its sultry lyrical dance

Asking for my hand, forbidden pleasures in my bed
A silken pathway for me to covet your head
The one that explodes within the essence of life works for me
A hard attraction to provide all my essential needs
Will you allow me to emotional bleed
As I demand you in the middle of the night
To get between my thighs and make things all right

Mmm, thank you and please
Emotional weakened of the worthwhile and the aftermath of the tease
Fiddling the song to a sultry mind
A blessed occurrence to pander amongst mankind
Dangerous mental liaison, watch your step handsome, when it’s on my time
At least bring the wine

I have the carpet and poetry lines as we float to the sky
The rapture of my salacious Aquarian creed
In life, shelters my existence as it defines my core as it frees
Time to love given unto by Heads or Tails
In my bed sinking your family jewels inside my wishing well
Diamonds is a girl’s best friend
Amethyst a balanced Sacral Chakra to the end
There is influence always behind a queen’s throne
Rather you physically or mentally roam

Umm, I like this
This hide and seek thrilling gift
A sensational camped out under the star’s passionate makeshift
A universal Amethyst to keep the mind uplifted
Never a demise for anyone to take a spiraling dreamy trip
As minds soars among the universe, blended souls kismet kissed
Indulging in an addictive soft pink lick
Intentions in life never to cause any rift


Tyrant of Words
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love the way you put this sensual spill

Tyrant of Words
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love the way the two of you put this sensual spill together

Thank you for reading my musing,  however,  this is not a blended serenade, it is a soft whisper to the essence of my February birthstone, which is Amethyst.

Enjoy your Wednesday.


Tyrant of Words
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He’s The Gifted Image Of Allah’s Beautiful Wonders (Mandingo)

The ecstasy you glimpse behind the offerings of my soft inviting hazel eyes  
A sweet feeling to caress once clothes has been cast aside  
Look at my melanin skin my love, now lean in closer for a soft touch  
Intellectual paradise you roam, Mother Nature kissed, ebony we entwine in the soft folds of my heated lush
I’m no model, but my mind is the bearings of the mystic found in my sultry whys  
Honey infused, trickles of weakening, pleasure you sink, deep between the silken passage of my thighs  

Closing my eyes, legs entwined, bowing unto him as a Mandingo King  
In the height of passion, cumming unto me like a quite storm  
Moaning his name over and over, shadowed by his roar, the taste I crave from being entombed in my arms  
He has my body singing  
Back curved, I see the stars, the moon, I hear Heaven’s bassoon ringing  
Taking all, cupping the back of my head… mmm… this is evitable, is all my mind silently said  
Oh God…  King me, needing to feel the flow of his soul as it tenderly consoles  
My body, a parchment of beauty sealed in time, falling to the temptation of his appease  
Giving myself unto the alter of his wonderous commune, the needs it feeds  

Cloaking my existence in his arms as the sky veils itself from the stars and the moon, as it earthly binds  
My peachy nectar he draws substance from, my lips he tenderly kisses upon, making him mine in this time  
Our tongues dueling, souls blending, desires rendering  
The depth of our spirits, surrendering    
Silent whispers heard so faint, echoing in ether, time refusing to wait  
In the mist of a beautiful storm, dopamine remembrance of the acquaint  

Happy February And The First Day Celebrating Black History Month

Tyrant of Words
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Quiet Time

Find me among the calling of the clouds  
Away from earth cocooned in the zillionth mile  
Inhaled desires
The seductress Moth has touched the helm of that beautiful fire  

Scorching my existence in moments of forgotten time  
Only Heaven will hear our outcries as Gabriel’s Horn beautifully chimes  
Hearts aligned without making sounds  
You whisper so tenderly to the muse of my celestial emotions  
Each breath stroke of your pen I feel the caress across the vast oceans  

Close your eyes my love  
Come unto me and take me to a land before was  
Touch me in the realm of the hereafter, as you kneel between my Creole thighs  
Within your wishes spread me gently to the wonders of your eyes  

My silkiness you wantonly tease, ordain my temple my King as you please  
And partake in the sweeten honey of this Queen B  
Take my soul where the warm winds softly blows  
A treasured place, only between our stalwart souls will ever come to know  

You have the elixir of my beautiful soul spinning, our bodies fusing, blending  
Labored breaths merging  
Holding onto each other, cresting, caving, purging  
Surrendering your flows, tapping into the gushing of my butter rum streams  
Sinking deeper into the essence of my cream  
In the height of pleasure you covet my breaths, wallowing in my abyss  
You have sunken into the core of my Chi sacredness  
Making me softly melt from the internal bliss  
Heated, sedated  
We asunder, your words awaited  


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