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Light of mind

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John Berryman, Robert Aickman, Marcus Aurelius, Stoicism, outlaw country, old R&B, nature

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I used to be this guy:

STR 14 (-1)
DXT 16 (-1)
CON 15 (-1)
INT 12
WIS 16 (+6)
CHR 10
Chaotic Good

Former addict of drugs & gambling. Lived as a horror movie monster deep in the Appalachian woods for a couple of years. That cured most of my addictions....but not really. I even lied here in the DUP several times about my sobriety (said I was clean when I clearly wasn't). Been clean since 2017, and a tinfoil hat-wearing Stoic philosopher wanna-be ever since.

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Supertramps by Cipher_O (Zero_Stillness)
Introverted Desire of An Aspiring Hermit by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
Without Oxygen by Mrd (Mr. D)
pets by case28 (Alexander Case)

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