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Poet Introduction

Published poems so far unpaid.  Most poems unpublished.  History, Bible, love (romantic/erotic), nakedness main subjects; rhyming captions/messages. Influences: Bible (eg Genesis, Ruth, Song of Songs (inspired user name), and 20th century erotic.

Favorite Poets/Writers

CS Lewis, among others

About Me

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Age: (a young) 59.  Short, sweet, dark and gently greying hair, white (skin) straight Christian gentleman.   I am not an established professionally published poet (yet).  I have so far been unmarried (the right woman has yet to be found).  I earn a legal living but prefer to withhold my occupation, but I can say I am not a journalist, lawyer, teacher or priest (the four main usual suspects in literature), nor am I a doctor/nurse (I have written sex and health tips in verse form).
Apart from composing poems, hobbies/interests are local history research and writing, community choir singing (bass voice), local church, wikipedia editing (subjects chiefly biographies and places mainly connected with my region of England) about which I have the satisfaction of leaving articles more accurate and interesting to a wider range of readers than when I found them.

Many of my poems are written as narrated by a woman, an insight gained from reading women's magazines as well as working alongside women and growing up in a family numerically dominated by females.  They are, with few exceptions, not autobiographical - think of the dramatic ones as rhyming mini-novels.  Some are set in earlier generations, some are contemporary in setting.

I have an ability to think up poems inspired by pictures and fall in with the tradition of male poets writing to compliment women they like the look and sound of. My tastes in beauty are not tied to one dress size, skin or hair colour or nationality.

I have recently moved into my own home and, inspired by the example of Kate A (SeekingKate) in Australia, I have begun writing poems based on the experiences and environment of the place.

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Blue on Black by shadow_starzzz
Aural Pleasures by shadow_starzzz
Psalms of Pleads Part 1 of III by SweetKittyCat5
A Dream Of You by Greywolfman
Send to Simmer by Lookawaynow (Rose)
The Motion of Viking’s Cock by nutbuster (D C)

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