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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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Beautiful Immortality

Beguiling darkness cloaking the full moon illuminate's ecstasy, wishes the insignia of desires, hangs                  
Human seductress to craving immortality pangs                                    
Carnal salvation, siphoning the trickling of his blood                            
My Master I feast upon, the red river of death, draining him in the name of immortal love                            
His throbbing veins, drinking the fountain of his generational bloodline                              
In the cathedral of the afterlife my body, sleeker, hungrier, anew, freer than the sands of time                            
Drips of my blood ravished from the feast                            
In the abyss of damnation, we entwine upon the meet                            
The Queen of the thirteenth element, the suspension of immoral of aether's principles                            
Blurred lines for the mind, takes its toll, give into the temptation, it's so simple                            
The passage of rite when eyes wide shut have bargained the core of the soul                            
My earthy concubines grovel at my feet, giving them wisps of power to infiltrate as seductive words seep as they flow                            
The dividing of my thighs, nations of tongues softly licking my sacred creed                            
From the yearns, the appetite of my mouth, my tongue, satisfies in threes                            
Fingers, hands, mouth, I bestow to the 33rd degree                            
Craving for the justice of my pleasures, within my sacred Chi                            
Seductive entities bow unto the alliance when reality and other worlds collide                  
A sphere where hellish souls once reside                
Roaming under the majestic moon, upon the darkness they scatter then hide                
Landing on earth to have escaped the Mothership                
Bellowing chants on the wind that slowly drifts                                      
No cosmic alliance to look upon to console                            
Stealing souls on the edge of limbo                          
Silent whispers to the ear you hear                            
Shh... listen carefully to the beckon of the night my dear, have no fears                            
The swirls of fog rendering you helpless, the soft touch you feel, cannot see                            
Coming from the astral plane into my silken cove, creamy honeyed love                
Your drippings stirring deep inside me                            
Holding me closer for an encore tease, fading after you lift off your knees                            
Savoring the flavor when you awaken still tasting that succulent peach                
Calling out to the Heavens... feel me in the touch when my flavor is out of reach                            
Feeling those standing hairs to nape of your neck                            
To be mine, sinking my incisors deeper, joining me in the shadows of death                            
Unto this moment, your old life remembrance, passion, lust, now worth more than wealth                              
My touch, a kiss, no refusal, I give you immortality                            
Fetishes coveting of my universal individualities                              
Appetite for the mystique of my lineage skin                            
Poetic hieroglyphics shrouded in Cairo, embedded tales of this sovereign’s lustful sins                            
Ancient tongues pleased, endowed from the tease, over spillage by streams of his seeds                          
Vexatious of the moon, into the night I go, my fate foretold                              
Flattery, unto you, the toast of my tongue                            
Addicted to silk and satin caresses of my silken butter rum                            
Half mortal from your awaken dreams                            
My hypnotic voice to soothe, coax, when penetrating inside my honeyed cream                            
Smokey grey alluring eyes, enticing you at will                            
The entice of my Huntress Moon lavishing you, mmm...swallowing your wet spills                            
Sinking deeper and deeper inside my bodily thrills                  
Entwined in the heat of the night, Nirvana we worship of thy free will                            

Tyrant of Words
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Mm.. It’s All In The Enticing Moves

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Mm.. It’s All In The Enticing Moves

Fixate your eyes to the seductive sway of my enticing dance
Sultry movements to allure as you drop your pants
Come closer you feel my allure, mmm... as you palm my curvaceous hips
Pull me closer, breath to breath, lips to lips
Oh, sweet mercy, our bodies are now attuned
A kiss to my ear passion as the music stops the softness of desires
I give unto you blending souls now marooned

Mini-Production Brought To You
By Another K Production™

Tyrant of Words
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Pickles Pub      
520 Washington Blvd,      
Baltimore, MD 21230  
Me and my bestie walked into this pub, and I positioned my derriere on a wooden stool    
Cruising my surroundings, I saw a handsome gentleman nursing a beer, somehow our eyes did meet    
Flashing him my coy smile, then turned my head, pretending to be shy    
Counting the moments before he made an appearance, with him I see a long night to past the rays of a sunrise    
He looked so good, bowlegged, muscular in all the right places and my eyes did not miss his pelvic bulge    
Mm… a tantalizing appetizer for my mouth to indulge    
Then letting my tight cunt milk his arousal., while he thrusts in the depth of this melting fudge    
My bestie nudged me      
I sensed his approaching in my peripheral vision, what a fucking tease in those black jeans    
Oh yes, hard eye candy in sheets and me on top    
Palming my hips, his dick tapping all up in my g-stop      
Having my pores seeping while loving the way he has my cherry about to pop    
Moaning...  oh baby… yes...yes.. yes  oh, God don’t stop    
Good evening, ladies. He turned toward me, I like your shirt, it fits the face    
Licking me lips, his desires, his passion, his sweaty skin, my mind wanted to taste    
I’m sorry thank you    
He leaned into my ear, and whispered, “Can I have this dance.”    
I would never pass the chance, to be enwrapped in his arm, engulfed in his many scent, a thigh-to-thigh romance    
I was led to the center of the bar’s dance floor, other tables limited our space    
He pulled me closer, I inched in more, making sure no gap between us as benefited our bodies blended in a smooth pace    
He calloused hands felt divine roaming all over my lower back    
How did he know I like my spine to be caressed, oh sweet mercy, just like that?    
His check against mine, his razor stubbles brushing my skin    
Mm… hum… dreaming of his fingers easing into my pussy, as he pushed them deeper in    
He smelled so darn good    
Mental pictures of me lolloping his early morning hard wood    
I have a hotel room not too far from here    
I’m sorry, me and bestie do not separate in these times it keeps us safe from facing any unknown fear    
You can bring her, I would like to get to know your better    
He kissed the side of my temple, making my sugar walls even wetter    
Please, you look so damn fine    
I just want to show you some love, while making you mine    
I will give you the address of the hotel and leave a keycard at the front desk if you change your mind    
We can just relax and unwind, the food and alcohol I will provide    
I would like to be a cowgirl and ride this stallion until I’m exhausted and begging for more, while he has me breathless and tongue tied    
He escorted me back to the table, and wrote the address of his hotel down      
He kissed me on my forehead, turned, and walked out the bar, just as sleek as a hushed sound    
Later That Evening    
The Ivy Hotel    
205 East Biddle Street    
Baltimore, MD, 21202   

My bestie decided to stay in our suite for the night    
This night was starting out with possibilities and from my perspective alright    
Curiosity had me driving to the address on the folded piece of paper, cunt moistened from the lust between my legs    
My handcuffs and satin blindfold rested on the car seat, mental aphrodisiacs surely to make him beg    
A little naughtiness to give him an ultimate nature rise    
Knowing this handsome man’s tongue will wander up my inner thigh    
Gentleness as he parts my soft folds where his tongue will reside    
Mm... I do love a nasty tongue ride    
As my pussy juices drip to his lips as my flavor and his saliva collide    
Entering his hotel room, with no inhibitions    
In the mood for some BDSM submission    
Clothes off in a hurry, I could not wait another moment to feel his heat, love bites to his shoulder real soon    
Rushing me back to his bedroom      
Joining me under a heap of covers    
Locking eyes with this Adonis lover    
He lifted me in haste without any delays      
My tight abyss sliding down a throbbing and hard erection if I must say      
Bounding my wrists behind my back, moving the way his dick inside me was grooving      
Ass flapping my cunt coveting his girth while steadily moving    
Standing up      
My hips palmed, pounding harder up inside my butter rum lover’s cup      
Enfolding me tightly      
Mm… feeling the presence of the first popping of his seeds, as I please      
Hands extended over my head      
Deeper and deeper his length sink      
Legs chained around his muscular physique      
Back arched, seesawing our bodies, feening off our uncontrollable needs      
Oh…baby... here…sweet mercy… my head indenting the mattress... passion, ecstasy our bodies feeding the greed    
Pureed strawberries and whip cream is warm to the skin when pouring      
Tonight, I want to hear this sleek panther going deeper and deeper, loudly roaring      
My legs bracing his chest, his dick sliding in and out, thrusting and touring      
Oh God yes…the length of his erection invading getting me even wetter behind the carnal attack      
Clenching him tighter, dick shuffling, breasts palmed, arching my back      
Nipple mouthed with a tease, Oh God…you know I like that    
Licking the sweetness off me    
Then kissing me, transferring the elixir into my mouth    
Closing my eyes as his fingers is easing in and out my creamy south    
I wanted to know what turns him on      
In the heighten of our sweating bodies shifting sweet melodies      
My supple and perky breasts      
The peaks of transferring sensations set apart from all the rest      
My flat abs, jeweled navel pleasing to his eyes      
Sweet talking in my ear while siding back and forth between my thighs      
Shh…. you feeling this… so take it real slow      
Mm… his cock ring prolonging his blow      
Inching deeper inside me giving me every inch bit by bit    
Tickling feelings radiating from my clit, lubricating my slit      
My pussy gloving the plummeting of his dick      
Oh God he has my yoni soaking wet      
Scratching his back, and moaning against his skin to fuck me harder as we’ve never met      
Breasts palmed…the tip of his tongue sailing into my ear      
Whispering for me to satisfy him, droplets of passion is near      
My soft body his pillow      
Cupping my ass, rapture kissing my temple from head down to my toes      
Tenderly kissing my lips      
Palming my curvaceous hips      
Legs wrapped around his lower back, my pussy kissing his hard dick    
Oh yes… getting high from the liquid sensation in his length of his hard persuasion    
Oh baby… here it... oh sweet mercy, I’m climaxing    
He held me tighter his girth jerked flowed into me without any slacking    
Woo… my heart was still beating fast, panting, speechless      
A warm feeling between my thighs, my body he made melt    
The best liaison this Creole Queen has ever been dealt    
Kisses to you, my love from New York

Melissa White
Strange Creature
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Wow, this was breathtaking putting it lightly. Ican only hope to be this good. This was one of the best poems ive read here so far.

Dangerous Mind
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This poem is great as those of past
To read it makes erections last
I feel the heat of your pussy’s fire
It is still your love that I desire

Tyrant of Words
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Feeling The Blending Of His Soul
Boston, Massachusetts  
South End

There is nothing more mental cleansing than being invited to a white party  
Everyone garbed within the reality of purging their philosophical ambience  
Attuning the foundation of their fundamental and core values  
Uplifting the communion of the sacred nebula of self to the spirits of the cosmic Gods  
Glancing around, witnessing cultures and various nationalities, blending in essence  
A unity of mentalities who shared the evening to submerge with great food and good company  
With my glass of white wine in hand  
Circulating my presence among the conversing population  

I credit my existence in balancing heart, mind, body, and soul as I gain insight of my when, where, and how as I stand in the moment of time  
Assessing the sphere of my stalwart aura  
Within the creation of time, feeling my worth  
In taking inventory of my surroundings  
I’ve noticed this gentleman in attendance who continued to keep tabs on my immediate whereabouts  
He was an attractive man matured in grace, in his element of Rastafarian, well maintained dreads and dressed in a white dashiki and white pants  

Someone of his quiet caliber if I was in New York, I would have made my time available  
However, I was on vacation to relive the adventures of my life  
When glancing up at the Eastern stars at night  
Connecting with my inner being as I find peace and the meaning of life  
And on this self-discovering journey give compassion to everyone who I encounter  

I saw this handsome image of God’s man slowly approaching  
I eased into the crowd, concealing my presence, collecting my thoughts to be receptive  
My bestie had other plans and I had to make an appearance in lieu of being hospitable  
I placed my empty glass on the buffet table and lifted another glass of white wine  
The soft jazz ballads set the tone and mood for the evening ahead  
The effects of the wine welcomed my inner animalistic spirit  
Embracing the two of my brain’s hemisphere  
Hey there pretty lady, are you running from thee eyes  
Mm… his voice was from a time I could not place  
The masculinity of his scent captured my nostrils  
Placing my feet under arrest  
I smiled at the Jamaican accent and slowly turned around  
A picture is worth a thousand words  
Mm… is the only thought that can describe when the eyes are appreciative to what it sees  

The man was so much better looking up close and personal  
We exchanged pleasantries  
We shared our humbly expressions about life and denied liberty  
I felt the blanket of his soul awash me  
Verbal masturbation as we blended vowels and syllable of our words  
My Sapiosexual nature feeling each importance of his reflections, his whispered assurance caressed my skin  
I felt his candlelight deep in my soul, coating my mind, falling into the hypnotic ambience of his  

He told me spiritual theories that still has my mind thinking above the clouds  
Amid our conversation, he professed the secrets of the universal offering a better understanding  
His was so deep inside my mind until our thoughts and words were blending  
Such a wonderful intellect he displayed giving me a mental climax  
I needed, wanted more  
We stood naked in our truth  
Inquisitiveness mirrored in our eyes  
Giving each other the properties of being wisely invested in the space we have designed  

To accept the foundation of him being original man and this Queen, the original woman  
He was astounded by some of my perceptions, and views  
His mouth, when he talked carried the force behind his words, captivating my attention  
Before we discontinued our conversion, he advised me to watch for the skies  
When those portals are open  
Permitted the ancestors of old to guide in all spiritual forces  

That was a beautiful memory I will always cherish... much love to you Boston from New York  

Tyrant of Words
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A love like water

I plead for such a love as water
Waves that crash into my heart
Spilling forth in mad desire
A splash of words becoming art

The ebb and flow of rhythmic passion
Moaning as the tide comes in
Fears erode beneath the moonlight
Shoreline soft against my skin

I taste your rain upon my tongue
The dew of morning fresh as spring
The waterfall of deep emotions
In you becomes my everything

Oceans deep is my love for you
My river flowing fast and free
When I thirst or dry from hurt
Your love will always water me

Written by Thor_Azine
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Water Never Felt So Good Like This

I plead for such a love as water
Unto the elements of mind and movement never to falter
Waves that crash into my heart
Lovers entwined in the shroud of dark
Spilling forth in mad desire
Making gentle and passionate love by a roaring fire
A splash of words becoming art
Instilling that dose of love like a Cupid’s penetrating dart

The ebb and flow of rhythmic passion
Linking my legs around your back, sinking deeper, our bodies thrashing
Moaning as the tide comes in
Rapture as your tongue tastes my flavor in the sweeten blend
Fears erode beneath the moonlight
Satin sheet gripped with all my might
Shoreline soft against my skin
My moans resounding as a beautiful sin

I taste your rain upon my tongue
Back arched, palming your head, as you inhale the trickles of my butter rum
The dew of morning fresh as spring
Oh, sweet mercy the pleasing feeling you’re giving me is making my body for you sing
The waterfall of deep emotions
Soothing my mind, your fingers also funning in and out my wet love potion
In you becomes my everything
Wearing my scent all down your chin, my soft folds you are making glistening like royal bling bling

Oceans deep is my love for you
Oh yes, my love... naughty whispers to my ear as you’re still thrusting harder inside the halo of my honey dew
My river flowing fast and free
Climaxing essence... mm… let it flee
When I thirst or dry from hurt
You won’t, this reminisce will kiss your mind time after time for all its worth
Your love will always water me
As the poetic fusing of our love once merging, appeased in its release

Thank you in advance, my love for allowing me to softly blend with you I will add this to my Blendology Forum

Tyrant of Words
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okay with me

Tyrant of Words
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as we sit and talk of the good old day

Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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My Creamy Pudding Cupcake

Today is not my birthday
However, my cupcake is on the menu be that it may
Advertised to be the tastiest I must say
Mmm... a sweet morsel to ravish, known to chase any blues away
Sit and enjoy this dessert catered just for you
A little dollop of whip cream and a cherry on top to entice your devouring mood
Since you like the popped cherry juices and I like to enjoy the nuts...satisfying when blending together
I’m sure this alliance would make this feast to indulge so much better
Everyone knows this little sweet course is the best known finger food
Once it reaches the lips its’s just that good
Wait, first you must lick the icing to taste the confection flavor
Roll the tip of your tongue around to allow the flavor on your tongue to slowly savor
Or, you can go straight for the soft center to taste
Only if your inquisitive palate refuses to wait
Do you love my pudding cupcake, as you enjoy the taste inside and out
To relish it fully, you must adjust the roof of your mouth
You may have to use your fingers to delicately peel back the soft barrier covering
Mouth on top of the mound, taste buds just a smothering
Handsome, do you like the pudding in the middle
This sweet poem is the taste compared to the melody of a fiddle
Just a pudding cupcake I wanted to share
Sorry, I have no more to spare

Tyrant of Words
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Mmm.. Santa's Ho..Ho...Ho

Leg stretched out, pressing my foot down on Santa’s crouth    
Making sure the visit down my chimney is not a waste on his watch      
I have been waiting for your appearance all night      
You like my lingerie Santa, it’s all for you to prove my plight      
I’ve been good, my fingers crossed behind my back in a state of Santa being right      
Let my help you out that red suit      
And allow me to mentally and physically soothe you      
Mm… Santa lay back and keep your eyes on this twerking groove      
At…at…you are required to watch and don’t move      
Santa lifting my leg, removed my stiletto the other off in tow      
Tenderly kissing the sole of my foot his beard tickling my toes      
The path of his tongue dragging up my inner thigh ever so slow      
Where it ends up my naughtiness will know      
Mm palming his hard North Pole      
Oh Santa, I won’t everything for Christmas I stated on my list      
Staring first with the twelve days of a wet butter rum wet lick      
From my tight ass hole to my pussy’s deep sweeten abyss      
Santa’s heard my pleads      
While he had me down on my kness      
His girth in and out my mouth reading off my sins, as I teased      
Mm…he exploded inside my mouth      
Then reassured me he would think about taken me off the naughty list no doubt      
After I allow him a taste and to please my wet South      
Santa snaking his tongue inside my pussy giving me my nightly gift      
Palming my hips        
My legs circling his lower back loving the tongue-lashing hits      
His palms clenching my hips while kissing all over my wet clit      
His finger integrating deeper into my wet slit      
Mmm.. oh...yes…oh yes Santa      
Back curved, breasts squeezed, as he’s tasting my pussy on a cold night in Atlanta        
Grunting Ho Ho Ho        
Hungrily licking up down the soft folds of my kissable mistletoe        
Santa rising up      
His beard stained with my pussy juices from his famished sup      
Centering by body under his as he slides his erection into my tight lover’s cup      
My legs he places over his shoulders      
Dick hard than a boulder      
Oh Santa, wait there’s more      
If you listen, I’ll let you even fuck me on the floor      
Then I’ll suck your dick again before your feet hits that door        
Your pearly cum oozing down my throat until there’s no more      
Mm…I would love those twelve drummers drumming        
Each bending me over for a good hard dick sticking, as I’m cumming      
My didlo still inside my pussy humming      
Oh Santa, please, don’t forget those eleven piper pipers      
One by one fueling the flames of my body’s desires      
Oh Santa, for his word his dick is sinking      
Sweet mercy, he has my wet pussy singing          
Santa’s dick is ringing, balls swinging          
My nails branding his skin      
The smell of me ingrained under Santa’s chin          
Hands palming my ass          
Parting me as he pleases, no breaths to last      
Cumming inside me, his pearly release now a thing of the past      
I woke up on Christmas day      
The house, my very own private jet, my BMW, and an Arabian Stallion as I prayed      
Stood under the tree, wow was all I good say      
Voices of twelve drummers and eleven pipers filled within, all stood naked to my dismay      
Happy holiday to all this poetess I  bestow      
Santa’s Ho..Ho..Ho  

Tyrant of Words
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Watching me sleep:
vigil you keep
until excuse
to set shirt loose,
emboldens you
to tiptoe nue,
get in beside
me, let hand slide
down my front side
to where you'd ride,
teasing my flesh
as you get fresh,
stirring me up
to give you tup,
making bed shake
as we love make.
Written by Solomon_Song
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Mm..Who Said Anything About Sleeping After This

Watching me sleep:
Does it turn you on I love to peek
vigil you keep
Are you dreaming about me when you make me softly seep
until excuse
I love I am your subconscious muse
to set shirt loose
Skin to skin, passion we pursue
emboldens you
Rapture once inside my sweeten dew
to tiptoe nue,
Shh.. allow our desires to cruise
get in beside
Mm hum.. let our bodies collide
me, let hand slide
Cowgirl style
down my front side
Oh, sweet mercy I love your thrusting glide
to where you'd ride,
Gyrating where your arousal now reside
teasing my flesh
Losing myself in the warm mesh
as you get fresh,
Your strength is mightier than King Koresh
stirring me up
Kissing the tenderness of my lover's cup
to give you tup,
Closing my eyes as you gently sup
making bed shake
Headboard rattling, as our yearns overtake
as we love make
Until we are breathless, sedated, and panting in the equate

Thank you Solomon_Song for the Sweetest Blendology

Tyrant of Words
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Pearly Eruptions

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Mmm.. some would say never give glimpses under your silken sheets
Does this hold merit in virtual reality my love
This is where you find that mental sanctuary
Right between these Creole thighs
While looking at my lacy pleasure
And your heated thoughts migrating in my abyss
Of my tighten and silk dreams
Taking possession of my tender kisses
To my lips
The hunger of your compassion, I crave
Your intellectual stimulation
Oh, my love it gets me so hot
It moistens the mood
The wine is poured
Sexy satin teddy with matching robe
Coveting my skin, until
Your scent my mind bathes
In with the thought of your smell
The thought of your hard girth
Easing into me
Wiggling, parting me
My thighs dividing without conscious
Body clenched
Breathless after you whisper in my ear
Relax and let us flow
Palms to palms
You sinking deeper inside me
My softness pillowing the stature of your hardness
Your skin lovingly pasted against mine
Feeling inside the tightness of my pussy walls
My legs linking around your ankles
The peak of my tongue licking a shoulder blade
Tasting your sweaty manliness
Your hunger to complete the unfilled desire in me
My heart echoing in union with pure lust
At its finest, and only for you
Fucking me until I admit I’m getting addicted off
Your animalistic high
Leaving a trail of my scent for the prowl
The hunt, in me, the conquer
Mm... your nostrils buried all deep up in me
That jungle heat of my aroma
Keeps you returning to the crime of my passion
Yanking your throbbing dick out
Climbing …mmm… on my face
Just as my lips part, in awaiting anticipation
You cup your girth and sink it past the portal
Of my moistened lips mm… with haste in pleasure you sink
Your strokes back and forth making such deep love within the wet corridor of my mouth
Rolling your palm up and down your stomach
Your erection sliding in and out my mouth with ease
My hand pumping the base, you thrusting deeper
Grunting, groaning, between those, labored breaths
Choking me in the quest for you to explode inside my mouth
Cum inside me my love
Let me taste of you as your flow oozes down my throat
Mm… yes... mm there your… oo essence as it stains my tongue
Swallowing your seeds of life
With pleasure the current galloping down
The ooziness of my throat
Licking the residue off your helmet of your head
For the throne this Queen will sit upon
You leaning down sss… ooo…and telling me
Baby we’re just now getting started
Mm… pearly eruptions

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A Taste Of Simplicity

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Close your eyes my love
Let’s sink into the sands of time
Let’s fly this earth
Where we have no earthly whys
Entwine bodies among the stars

I am your Venus
You are my man from Mars
Kisses upon my lips
Legs entwined, girth slips
Calling out your name among the universe

They hear
Down below there’s chaos and tears
On the galaxy on the moon
You lay me so
No hindrance of clothes

Mm… as you slip as you patrol
Kisses to my feet, up my legs
To my breasts, and to my nipples
Mm… make love to me as you sink
Oh my love, so simple

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