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Poet Introduction

Speaking dual device, reasons due divide. Weeding root from light, kneeling knew no nice. Seating cruel with ides, seeming rule abides. Sweeping brooms to hide, keeping groom and bride. Sealing soon decides, beaming view so bright.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Anything inspirational - scripture, lyricism, insight, philosophy, stories, education, poems, etc.

About Me

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Poetry knows a tree, grows a seed, shows a leaf...

I'm a rhymer, still learning poetry.  My favorite style is rhyme.  Infact, most of the poems on my profile are rhyme.  There are a few that aren't. I have 3 categories for the poetry on profile - Rhyme, Form & Prose, and Philosophy & Concepts.  The following is a list that excludes the rhymes on my profile, since they are the main theme.  This will hopefully give people some idea as to what to read to try to understand where I'm at in other styles aside from rhyme.  You can find these titles on my profile where there is the list of all of my poems in alphabetical order.

Form & Prose poem titles.

Familiar, Contrast of Community, Out in Left Field, The Clarity of Conscience, Attentive Awareness, Soul Idolatry, Deviltry (A Satire), The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Innocence in Infamy, Fingers Behind the Mirror, Black Snake White Dove, The Damsel Fortune-Teller, My Heart (Jubilee), With Elohim, Alcohol, Curse of the Water Witch, Be On Guard, Untitled, The Crescent Moon, Fair Loss, The Silver Spectrum, The Dawning, Commoner Conscience (Assume, Project, Repel), Collapse, The Playwright (Wicked Mirror), Intense Wonder, The Fallen Fallacy of Politics, Disassociation, Thunder, Asunder Break, Stowing Away, Of Which Levels, Kingdom, Tongues Slippery, The Burden is Light, Intangibles, Then & Now, What Fights, Rule, Certain Sentence, Trolling the Stream, Identity, Certainly Wages, The Calling, As Lesson, Conception, Incandescence, Loss of Inspiration, Circus Crazy, Dichotomy of Mind and Heart, Vast, Stirring Crap, Yonder, Pendulum, Ethereal Essence, Impeded Purpose, A Hand From Above, Turned My Back, One Yet Perpetual, Serpentine Scholar, Call of Idols, Born Babylonian, Spirit in Humankind, Behind the Scenes, Dimension, Prayerful Salvation, Creativity, Act, Four Random Haikus, Three Inspirational Haikus, Three More Haikus, Ten Haikus, Crazy Love, Scriptural Haikus, The Whore of Babylon, Ten More Haikus, Even Ten More Haikus, Ten Haikus Again, Ten Haikus Once More

These are experiments with formats and styles of writing that are poetic.  They're not necessarily anything flippant or strict that's taught in classical forms of poetry.

Philosophy & Concepts poem titles.

Potential Unity in Humanity, Ignorance & Corruption, Pride, The Irony of Failure, Fact, Depth-Perception in Attention Span & Awareness, Judgment, The Box, The Absolution of Truth, What's Wrong with Lust, Poetic Justice, Phrases & Concepts

These are anything from philosophical rants to conceptual ideas about life, the world, relationships, the mind, and some personal insight.

My Reading List

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Skin Deep by ClovenTongue34 (Nathaniel Peter)
Dark Secrets by deliabear (Debbie)
Paper Stages by ClovenTongue34 (Nathaniel Peter)
Desire by deliabear (Debbie)
The Myth of Human Decency by ClovenTongue34 (Nathaniel Peter)
Secret Stream by deliabear (Debbie)

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