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Poet Introduction

Synaptic mechanics, in fathomed dynamics, emphatic with answers, enacted the glances. Imagined awareness, exacted semantics, attracted schematics, adapted enhancement.

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God's word inspires me the most.

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Basking significance, By dancing shadows, dilated round the sun, Where positions of observation rotate and span, My earthen metamorphosis A shining signpost Intense, gushing, colorful resolution, Zooming across a visual field Closer, the grain Out of abundant, golden meadows, To be harvested when the sickle threshes.

To waltz under an overflowing radiance, Showering, light, afoot Celebrating, cherishing the opportunity To share in, A triumphant majesty Bound, coursing through my heart, like Smiling in memory of my soul And the smell of clean fabric As I am here, asunder, divided, yet with Elohim, to inherit all.

Many levels of specified detail Were the sums of Broken chains Of time's revolving doors, Pushing and pulling, Varying dimension, Like 4 corners to sheets, To set the table, And feast upon what grew and grazed for Eternal conviction.

When I am through, An exit into the vast, open, free Escape from my body, Cosmic travel shall Reveal a secret, Like some esoteric scenery, Where I will rise again, To inherit God's creation, Along with omnipotent, peaceful, Age-lasting prosperity.

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The Idleness of Ides by Everavalon
Fulsome Voyeur by Everavalon
The Mire of Lost Tomes by Everavalon
Dogma of Depravity by ClovenTongue34
Ravenís claw by Everavalon
Wise by the Dawning by Everavalon

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