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Poet Ahavati

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Favorite Poets/Writers

J Clark, cummings, Eliot, Márquez, Saramago, Neruda, Rumi, Li-Young Lee, Xue Di, Bukowski, Plath,
If you're reading this, thank you.  I'm blessed that you took the time and interest.  
After decades in the corporate maze, I left to focus on the arts for what I hope will
be as many years. Professionally I'm a freelance photographer who works in marketing,
promotions, and events. Personally I'm an artist, writer, lover of music, and all things
nature. Water and woods are my respites; they sing my inner song. The wind is the
violin and the mountains the drum that calls me home.

I enjoy life at face value regardless of what it presents. I believe that I have selected
to face every circumstance I meet so that I may spiritually evolve. The deeper the wave
the higher the crest; the heavier the boots the lighter the waltz. Something is always
just around the corner from what we perceive to be difficult that will enable us to realize
it was simply a teacher that challenged us from our complacency to growth.

I still believe in romance, magic, fairy tales, imagination, dreams, and the hand written
letter. I eschew materialism for simplicity and words for listening. I love poetry, history,
archaeology, astrology (not horoscopes), ancient civilizations, and ancestry. I enjoy a
good movie but prefer reading, writing, and listening to music over television (gasp).

I am a vegetarian because I love animals, but not an extremist who attempts to force
it down anyone's throat. Life is choice, and the individual choices others make is, for
whatever reason, a mere step in our own evolution of understanding and patience.

I have the gift of discernment and will sever a lie from you in an instant. Or, I may
wait a little while just to see where you're going (or trying to go) with it. I don't believe
all dishonesty is inherently evil. But born of a fear of not being accepted or loved
for who you truly are. To that I would ask if it's better to have many people who 'love'
you for who you aren't? Or those few who love you for who you really are? It all comes
down to what you chose to experience in this life; that's something you may not remember yet.

How you treat those whom you feel are of little value (or no more value) to your own
life doesn't go unnoticed. You'll impress me only with kindness & respect. Love is my
religion and nature my church. My motto is simple: Do what ye will, but harm none.

Below are a few amazing poems by my fellow poets here at DUP that I have the honor of being included in.

Nelumbo Nucifera

He is an unwalked path
open before us

we come closer
only to find
an even wider horizon

He is wind
in a tree
raining wild dew

Orchids bloom
while he speaks
as silence

Breeds clouds
fields of Lavender
Swirling vortex

Seeks salving words
as Lepperochans wake
from their mossy sleep

Soul adorned with
his crown of hair
Draws Vees in
burgundy skies

We pray to Vati
She bows her head
Her third eye knows

The sacred Lotus



Sister Quill

There is a Zen saying, "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."  
Went for a walk in the cold dark. The man all sheathed in black, a constant stream of wind, ground wet with shadows.  
Stop and stare at what visible stars have thrust their chins from the recessed faces of their respective constellations. Sitting beside the road, alone with all I know.  
Upon the hewn geography of my thoughts, emotions trace invisible lines of demarcation. I pass through states of sorrow, to calm, to elation.  
Sister Quill, know that my strength is to shake the nesting birds from slumber, where my will is wind upon the boughs, beholden of the bending arm of branches. I thank you, also, for the hand you reach to me.  
My charge is to stand in the breach, meet the moving wall of descending waters, where my gaze does not waiver from the colossal approach of liquid limbs swept by lunar tides of weeping waves.  
My power is to lift the booted heel that crushes me, crowning my brow with a horizontal wall of weight. To weave ash into a cloak of clockwork thread that bares an emblazoned clasp of cinder. To burn and burn and burn.  
I am the living totem, whose rising tower of avatars coalesce, one upon the next, as I resurrect.  
Killed the music about a quarter mile from home. Listened to the low digestion of engines, breath of funneled air that pours through the undercarriage.  
Upon every corner of the earth, suffering abounds, and yet, who could deny its beauty.  
Sister Quill  
Daniel Christensen  
Writing as  
The Fire Elemental

This write is dedicated to Ahavati, whose brilliant and kind spirit inspired it.


For Ahavati
(Written for the 'about them' competition)

on the fireplace
sits a pink salt burner,
Himalayan so I'm told

a diamond cut bottle
of scented oil stands
sentry to the left;
I examine it some nights
the ridges pressed
beneath my palm

and I think of you,
your perfect courage
while the vapours
spiral into ether-
in another life
I'd still have found you,
a child of the universe
blessed with all the gifts
that inspire me to thrive.

Wherever you are
the Goddess delights
in your talents, your givings
communes with a cup
of tea, of kindness

sees your worth
in the same way I do
every day you walk
this precious Earth.

Written by Miss_Sub (Missy DeMeanour.)

Dream Snare
bawaajige nagwaagan

Ojibwe ancient story tells us
origin of web that catches dreams
woven by Asibikaashi,

the Spider Woman's willow hoops
with nettle fiber webbing loose,

protective charms, the spider webs
that hang from feathered cradle boards.

The bad dreams stay inside the web
to disappear when sunrise comes.

The good slide down where feathers hang
while she weaves as children slumber.

Her long dark hair lifts off her arms
from morning's subtle breath of sage.

The whisper from her slender wands
as swaying bracelets' chatter sings.

for Ahavati .
Written by Jade-Pandora