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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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and i use the word loosely

i saved a spider last night
i thought
stuck in the sink
i had gloves so
grabbed a leg and lifted him
into a small bucket
took him outside to the wild
where he belongs
on the sidewalk
not many plants in the city
but i forgot he was only
and soon as i dumped the bucket
i cringed
it was too high up
he was already tired and afraid
hope he landed ok

Fire of Insight
United States
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Chalkboard Dust

he got down on one knee
in Mrs. Kreiderís
third grade classroom,
chalkboard dust in his hair
and earnest affection
on his handsome face;
pledging his true love
to me forever,
he sealed the deal
with a tiny silver ring;
I didnít love him back
and Iím pretty sure
he knew it,
but we each practiced
settling for what we could get
whenever what we
really (really) want
is just out of each;
turns out forever isnít
nearly as long as
Iíd imagined it would be ~
I still have the ring
but he changed his mind
about the love
before second semester
was even over

82 unique words

Fire of Insight
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22 of 30

Ginger and Lemon Drink

I'm sipping my nightly drink
A cup of warm ginger and lemon made by my son
Blend of fresh ginger slices, lemon and spoon of wild honey in warm water
Flavored just right for my taste
Not too sour nor too sweet

I had a busy day today
Did chores and attended to my husband's needs
He is still weak physically
I feel tired and spent

A cup of this ginger and lemon drink is just what I need
To recharge my low energy
It is soothing for my throat and helps
In relieving my cough

Every night I take a cup of this drink before I go to sleep
A sort of nightcap
My son knows this routine
And he serves me each night before I go to bed
A task he enjoys doing for me

Tyrant of Words
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Itís Poetry!

By any other moniker...

Else how can one and all
Get away with random thoughtlings?

Arrested grammatical development.


so steeped in metaphor
As to confound-
the most stalwart of sleuths.

Its fantastical, sobering affects offering release, catharsis-

to all in need of an embrace
no other language might equal.

Will you countermand this theory?
Methinks you wonít.

You need this elixir too much.
Your own brand of tonic.

Itís what will set you apart from
All the rest- you BARD!

Like a curse cast on your soul.
Youíre driven to poeticize.

Itís beyond your control,
As words wash over you in waves.

Write Poet, write.
Donít disappoint me!

(73 unique words)

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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#22 of 30

Touch Of Love

 With just a touch of love
Little magucal sprinkles
Classical cupid"s spell
His arrow flying true
In the heart"s direction

Ever burning yearning
Keeps surprising feelings
Bubbling above normal temperature
Leaving no doubt
Fires are being unleashed

Soul's whisper desire
Like poets spill ink
Listen as they float
Honey dew eyes glisten
Crying joy

Unique word count 54
Total word count 54

Guardian of Shadows
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(22 of 30óOfficial DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2021)

sonnets among my scribbles

sonnet #22

she is the daughter of Amazing Grace,
enduring all the scarcities of time;
her fortitude and tolerance stand prime,
where anger and abuse confront her face.
surrendering her plans to Sovereign Will,
she finds peace and contentment in the wait
whose blest rewards her hopes anticipate
shall every noble end and deed fulfill.
her prudence, clothed with optimistic poise,
longsuffering yet, and void of flippant ease,
has covenanted, by faith's guarantees,
to rid forbearing hearts of fretful noise.

Lord, give us Patience, NOW!  for we are weak;
forgive our haste to grab the calm we seek.

© Copyright 2021 April 19
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC = 78

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Ode To Night XII

Absorb me, O tender night
that I might disperse as you
into the great expanse up there
so high above the shaking trees.
Help me know how with you I'll be
lost and unformed as clay unmolded
placed within your mists so neatly folded
Tell me where and to which I'll follow
softly along and into your furthest hollow.
I will go and only by your song;
ever widening my eyes to your
dimmest of ponds.
Absorb me, O tender night.  

        59 unique words

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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With Haunting Grief

In the void of your concern
hear the steps to make you turn
a chill of air
a waft of someone`s spirit stirred

Relationships still tied, with tangible belief
a leash, seek freedom from the wanton
regrets, signed love letters, final kiss
the grey, the gavel in an empty auction

When love was held by puppet strings
and the one that passed
tug, was a thing that clings
quick, was slipping from the grasp

Feel the presence when alone
a butterfly land on your hand
when you see the departed, spitting clone
Struck dumb; who waved that magic wand

The mist to pass across the mind
the rustle of the leaves not blown
unseen hand that moves the blind
an eeriness you cant  disown

Our reach is further than we think
a busy life of pen and ink
do you hear the whisper, feel the link
a spectre bend the quills sharp nib

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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#22. April 22nd.

Wandering Away

The wanderer moves about in darkened days,
they have forgotten their ancestors
and their roots
and the smell of home.
As their people have been scattered
to the winds,
and have melded too much
with their new surroundings
so losing identity
like clouds behind frosted glass.
They no longer follow in the steps of legacy
and cannot recall the past tales
and can no longer weep
for those who they remember they have lost.

(Unique words: 53.)

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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22 of 30

Dark bequeather

A gift settles upon the ground,
Cast from blue skies all around.
Not a sight is seen of its dark bequeather,
But the gentle quiver of the feather,
Held now between my thumb and forefinger.
I know I am richer for your encouragement,
For your presence.
For your reminder that your watching over,
Even when your nowhere, to be seen.
Now here,
A sign of you rolls between my thumb and forefinger.
You are known,
As well as felt,
You are seen as I day dream,
Walking amidst the recollection of hopes.
The recollection of such dreams,
As only we can dream,
Of such dreams..
I stand,
Embracing what it means.
Breathing an exhaling whisper upon the breeze as it leaves for the trees.
Please my dear,
Please my darling dark bequeather,
Hear my praise and take my thanks,
As you soar and bank.
Hear my praise,
And take my thanks,
As I marvel at your feather,
Held here between my thumb,
And forefinger.

Dangerous Mind
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6-12 Months

What tools does one use when
carving holes deep enough
to hold their child's grief.

His shattered heart is losing
pieces so fast I can't pick them all up.
Shards become lost: he will never
be the same again...

a dying father should make things right
before time decides otherwise.

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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Day 22

Day 22
Iíve had some ups and downs
But Iíve made it this far
The journey is unforgiving
But I can see the end is near
Iím so close yet so far
Just barely hanging in
Trying my best to stay on course
And stay on time
I almost lost it a few times
But I managed to find my way back on track
Each day gets harder
And I find myself wanting to give up
Then I remember what it felt like last time
To survive and win
Iím chasing that feeling again
I want it so bad I can almost taste it
Iíve made it all the way to
Day 22

Dangerous Mind
United States
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To My Ever Growing To Be Read Pile:

I have a stack of books beside
my bed. Poetry mostly, but there
are a few biographies,
a fantasy novel, and two murder

They are a comfort, even if I
donít pick them up,
never crack their spines.
Just knowing that someoneís
love, their art, is close
reminds me that my
words arenít


Maybe Iíll never own
a book with my name on
the cover. Maybe Iíll never
see my words on good
paper. But knowing that
other people out there
value words, their meanings,
the way they feel beside each
other, the look of them all
typed out

makes it easier to
sleep at night.

Dangerous Mind
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I love the smell of NaPo in the morning

Weíre poeting for all weíre worth!
Every night new words we birth;
big words, small words, thick and thin,
fitting all the syllables in.
Words we choose for sake of rhyme,
words that thunder, whisper, chime -
whatever it takes to make the point
(sometimes made-up words we floint).
Most times, I write just like I talk.
Thatís why it often feels so awk-
-ward if I get accolades;
I feel my poems need upgrades!
Perhaps some day theyíll get repairedÖ
not now! New words must be prepared.
For victíryís near if we heed the warning;
it smells like NaPo in the morning.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Richard sent us all an email
On Saturday there were 15 people in the pool
There can only be 10
Social distancing
On Sunday there were 17
People you have to follow the rules
No supervisor for the pool on weekends
If you canít do this properly
It will be closed on those days

Let me tell you
I kind of dread the idea of going there
No I agree being in the pool is awesome possum
But the preparation and protection of the kids
Is such a big production
That can literally only happen on weekends
So please let the pool be open long enough
That I can get over my damn self
And make my kids happy

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