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Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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A Hellhound by any other name

What fresh hell is this?
What madness sought this out?
The folly and failure of technology
is in striving to create the impossible
with little to regard
to whether it should be possible.

Robot dogs that carry flamethrowers,
yet another step on the path of dystopia
each step paved with good intentions
and gilded by profit margins
to a new horrible hell on earth.

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Thought Provoker
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Maybe luck. Maybe love

Maybe some of us will never find a partner
Maybe some of us simply arenít that lucky
Maybe those of us whom are already content
Must learn to be without anyone to share

Maybe Iím better off alone anyways
Maybe I can be my own best friend
My own lover, mother, own aching endeavour
All under one big roof

Maybe one can find true solace being on oneís own
Maybe any house with a heart is where I can call home
Maybe itís just not meant to be in this life for you my dear
Maybe true love is a desire youíll never secure

Maybe I donít need anyone to really love me back
Maybe Iím searching for that perfect someone
To share a smile with, to share my love with
Maybe I take this time to be alone

I donít mind being alone
But I grow weary, and afraid
I get so lonely, in these moments
In this treacherous maze

Sometimes we just need a cuddle
A hug or a squeeze
Someone to acknowledge
Youíre already on your knees

Donít become defeated
Donít dwell on it all too much
One is how we come into this world
As one is how we leave

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Fire of Insight
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False Dilemma

No burden of chains
created to be free
and with that comes
eminent responsibility

Absent the belief
my path predefined
options and alternatives
selection unconfined

Truth I am not immune
consequences for choice
with some I shall suffer
and from others, Iíll rejoice

Future not predetermined
yet, judgement does await
an accountability exists
but freewill procures my fate

Dangerous Mind
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The Relay Race/ Teacherly Era/ Archery Elate

I felt left alone
in my dusty study,
but my aide had an idea.
We asked a friend to refind
her sporting form, from years before.
We had to layer up early for the relay.
We filed into a field.
It was a pest to step around pets,
coming to a stop at the right spot;
We had to be silent, listen, then enlist
other athletes for the race, with care;
those who would begin by being fair,
for to live under the veil of evil is vile!
Starting off on a good note set the right tone.
When hewn
from stone, a trophy hits all the right notes,
and I saw that it was ours,
won now, in our first race!
Now place your bets: who will be best
next time, in the relay item?
Don't be late; we'll have a tale to telló
barring any rifts, we'll come first!

Thought Provoker
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A pleasure in monotony.

So today remains,
Carried in the warmth of sun touched skin,
The first true warmth of the year.
The winter white,
Will fade from now,
Layer by layer by layer.
There's a pleasure in monotony,
In silence and surrender.
In simple focus,
On what's in front,
While the sun shines on behind.
Even when the wind does cry,
And raise a whip of stour and tear.
Not all crusts are cut as such,
But I'm relieved,
For all the rope,
The steepness of the slope,
The risks and those,
Near misses,
That this one was,
Blessed and touched,
With sun.

Tyrant of Words
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to bring the giant down it takes dedication
visions and foresight
he saw me out there alone
checking the emptiness I thought I was by myself

I echoed a message and waited he was long gone
I think
I felt safer sighed then anchored myself in
went to sleep singing to you in the womb

I was beyond him but he was getting closer
the visions clearer terrified me
hush little one I think he heard us scream

now I lay me down to sleep
Sandman Metallica
don't underestimate the power of belief
sing for all your worth they look to you to save them

the humans are levitating I've seen his face
everywhere he hijacks them and stalks me
you don't have to leave but you don't need to watch

you're safe I will be free soon
Son, you own me nothing

Tyrant of Words
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Captive heart

I just canít do it today.

Reached into the vault
 where poetry should be Ė
After six days of fitting
into this ultra-conservative
 highly reserved
   octogenarian-paced life
Iíve had to stay buried
 so very deep
I am nearly

Tomorrow, we head home.

And thenÖ
I shall unleash
 all my unseemly emotions
move my body freely
 with inappropriate exuberance
utter long strings of
 filthy cuss words
and unearth the truth
 of the poet
   that is me.

Tyrant of Words
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Productive Endeavors

Focus your energy on whatís within your control
It will reduce anxiety
It will give you inner harmony

We may have influence over certain things externally
But we do not have power over the world
Because for whatever the outcomes may be
The truth is
By concentrating on our own actions
And letting go
We can keep our tranquility
Regardless of the outcomes
We can engage with productive retrospection

Itís never easy to let go
But whatís the use if something is beyond our control
Why put effort into futile undertakings
When we can use that energy into productive endeavors

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Dangerous Mind
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Dangerous Mind
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When the dice
All roll the number

That you need
To make it forward

And the paltry
In your pantry

Yields a feast
Your loved ones cherish

Hear the music
And enjoy it

Because somethingís
Always on your scent

The universe
Cannot relent

The sun itself
Will kill you

You shout into its rays

ďNot before I spread
These petals

Bear witness to
My grand displays!Ē

(54 uw)

Guardian of Shadows
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Theme 3:  Attitudes of Life
april song 24óall my ambitions

you would think not that fire born in my blood
gives me wise counsel over ill and good;
the choices that i make are sacrosanct
though, as a dreamer, i am humbly ranked.
all my ambitions ache to reach their goals,
though i must navigate fateís deep potholes.

nor do i wish, nor do i merely hope;
for noble ends are not for those who grope,
but those who put the shoulder to the wheel,
to challenge failure for the golden seal.
i seek not praise for merely coexisting
with lifeís ambiguous flotsam, toil resisting.

© cab♫

UWC 71

Tyrant of Words
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For thirty-one years
it encircled
my left ring finger.
Smooth band
of ten carat gold.
Repeatedly scratched
and like ocean glass
polished over.
Symbolic of our
our microcosmic
Ever brilliant
no matter if
the hand gets battered or dirty.
of ostensible fidelity
A burnished beacon
throwing a signal
that this port is full,
all docks are taken.
Though seeming
to become
a part of my anatomy,
With a few
carefully chosen words.
It has become
just a plain golden
that no longer sings
of everlasting romance, love,
or devotion.

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Tyrant of Words
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Sitting in a pickup truck
Bamboo shifting secrets
Pearlescent swirls & whirls
Abounding sound Earth bound

Rotation/s inside of rotations

Heart of omnipresence
Rivers streams sun beams Ė Beam/s of sun
Bending into unending become
Such a structure Ė Architecture linguistic verdure


Surfacing/s of consciousness
Rotations prismatic stain glass amassed in a mass of shimmering glimmering
Setting the sky itself on fire on the basis of the


Capacitated beyond the capacity of all places

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Memoirs of A Renegade

Calculations calibration, down to the wire
Ignite my heart again on the fuel of my desire

When everyday I wake up playing with the fire
I mean well as if justified when I am an honest liar

Abstracted messages of coded confessions made
Trying to clear my conscience till enough time passes that all of my mistakes fade

Filling these pages with the memoirs of a renegade
Faith in future havens comprised of references of retrograde

In timelessness thereís no such thing as too late to live again
When all too many times Iíve contemplated quitting but Iím not giving in

My imperfections blemish the integral theory of my legacy reborn
Living in the conflict of exhortation and self scorn

Divided on the terms of prophecies entwined
Do I follow in step with my frailties or the hope of something divineÖ

Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
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More Between

There is more between the Earth and sky
Than simply the horizon

More between the lines
Than the wave that hypnotizes

More between these eyes
Than the path that winds unguided

More between you and I
Like a jester to his Highness

With every tug upon the strings
Pulling the knot in tightness

Crows adorned in shiny rings
Each one of them blinded

A devotion to the queen
That could revel in the pious

A smile that often sings
Delighted by the kindness

Pull the strand and bind us

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