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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

The Fellowship of the Poem

HOSTS : Ahavati & JohnnyBlaze

TEAM NAPO : DaisyGrace , Josh , SummerRain75 ,wallyroo92 , PoetsRevenge , SatinUGal ,Eerie , cabcool , LunaGreyhawk , Mel44

Welcome to The Fellowship of the Poem, registrants, as you bravely set forth to save Muddle Earth from written and uttered ruination! Those who finish this challenge will receive honorable mentions on Facebook and Instagram along with a TROPHEEE! custom designed by the Webmiss!


An accumulation of 3 Strikes will result in your Disqualification. You will receive 1 Strike for failing to correct certain Rule Violations in an entry within 24 hours of its posting. We will not warn you to correct
anything. You are monitoring yourself. Pay attention to our Daily updates to know If you have any Strikes or were Disqualified.

Our advice? Partner up with others who can check your entries for Guideline violations and immediately notify you of such. Anyhoo, If you follow these rules, you won't earn a single Strike.

Only one poem per day can only be posted from 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM in your time zone starting April 1st --- before or after will earn you 1 Strike. You will create 30 posts numbered #1 through #30 regardless of when and if any late postings occur.

Your entries must have its number on top corresponding to the date of its posting, then a title in bold text, and lastly the body of your poem. Example:


After 24 hours of posting, if there is:

No number ( or the incorrect number ) = 1 Strike
No title in bold text ( or no title ) = 1 Strike
Number, title, & poem out of order = 1 Strike
Notes other than the "unique word count" ( which is optional ) posted after the poem = 1 Strike

Theoretically, you could earn more than 3 Strikes from one poorly executed Entry and be Disqualified.

Entries can not be edited after 24 hours of posting. Forum Time Stamps tell us if and when you have edited. An edit occuring after 24 hours results in a Disqualification.

This > XXX < means you will be Disqualified for not correcting within 24 hours.

Entries Must Be Pasted Into The Forum Direct Linking is prohibited.

Poetry, Not Prose Entries must be in the format of lines and stanzas, not sentences and paragraphs. How "poetic" your entry is IS A NON-ISSUE.

No Erotica Allowed Simply do not attempt to post erotica and you will be safe! Do not use language prompting the reader to imagine a sexual encounter. Do not make references or
allusions to human body parts with intent to sexually arouse the reader.

Entries Must Be In English

No Images or Videos can accompany your entries.

Double Posting When Late We encourage you to complete poems ahead of schedule in the event you are prevented from writing and
posting by an unexpected event such as a personal crisis, power or Internet failure, or other act of God.

•Follow this protocol upon your return: post a maximum of 2 poems per date until you are caught up. At the very top of each late post, attach a brief explanation stating why you are posting late whatever
reason it may be. Example:


X if your late post(s) do not include an excuse.

50 Unique Word Rule The body of each poem must contain 50 or more  "unique" words. You can repeat any word as many times as you wish, but it only counts as 1 unique word. You are allowed to make up your own words.

Titles and quotes of other writers are not included in your unique word count. If you provide the number of unique words in your entry, please type it AFTER the poem is finished.

• What counts as 1 unique word : Contractions | Ampersands | One letter words such as "a" or "I" | Numbers such as "4" | Hyphenated words such
as "sugar-free" | Elvish words such as "mellon"

• If you don't have a minimum 50 unique words after 24 hours of posting, this will result in 1 Strike. ( One Violation of this particular rule will result in you not receiving the Trophy. )

Errors & Inconsistencies ( Typos, Grammar, Punctuation, etc ) This is not a competition to see who can write a technically accurate poem. You may submit more polished versions of your entries to
your personal DUP portfolios or other comps at any time.

Multiple Accounts If you are actively posting at DUP with multiple accounts not publicly disclosed in ALL of your profiles + forum
signatures per site guidelines, you will be notified AFTER the competition that you were Disqualified. We do not reward individuals who secretly use additional memberships at DUP to exploit others.

Using Previously Written Ideas For Poems You may convert any written idea into a poem for entry if you wrote it down digitally or old school in a notebook and did not perform any further work on it. In essence, you may use any poem you "started" and it is only during April 1st - 30th that you may "finish" said poems.

• If you paused during the "note-making" - i.e were interrupted or answered Nature's call - the note remains valid.

• If you returned to the "note-making" after performing a chore or relaxing, then the note is no longer valid. You cannot consult the written version and must start writing it again from scratch during

Off Topic & Drama Posts will be removed from the Registration / Discussion thread. Only poem entries are to be posted to the NaPo challenge thread and NaPo Prompt Comp thread.

Acceptable Entries & Writing Prompts We provide prompts available in the NaPo Prompt Comp competition likewise beginning on April 1st.

• Otherwise, you do have complete freedom to write about anything you want! You will not be disqualified based on content or quality - with the exceptions of Erotica, which is not allowed, and Plagiarism; if we
discover that you are swapping words in pre-existing poems or copying partial to entire poems, you will be notified AFTER the competition that you were Disqualified.

• PLEASE use common sense. Your poetry, unpolished or otherwise, is a reflection of the overall talent being fostered by DUP. We would hate to see outside readers, potential members, or even publishers turned away by material meant to garner attention purely from shock value. Don't be a shock jock.

Final Award Check After the FINAL entry is submitted on April 30th, Ahavati and I will double check entries to ensure viability. It only takes 1 ineligible entry to negate your acquisition of the
trophy, so be certain your work adheres to the Rules!

A special THANK YOU! to all braving this challenge! Particularly to our Team members for donating their valuable time to assist us in making this the most SPECTACULAR NaPo ever!

Sincerely Good Writing To All,

Ahavati & JohnnyBlaze

Tyrant of Words
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In the early days of Muddle Earth when the world was young, the Earthwyrm race flourished in all of the Arts, especially excelling in the Art of Poetry. So much so that the slug known as MOAR!ON grew jealous of their gifts, who then hatched a plan to control how all Poetry throughout every realm was written.

MOAR!ON gifted to the nine Earthwyrm Kings seemingly magnificent poems that when read aloud, deadened their minds with its brain numbing rhyme scheme that left them prone to his magic spells.

Unaware of his intentions, MOAR!ON in secret had crafted The One Poem ™, enslaving those Poembearers to his very will. Havng established complete dominion over their kingdoms, all forms of Poetry other than ABAB rhyming were outlawed by the Kings. And thus began a stifling of creativity, ushering in the Dark Age of Literature.

A thousand years of miserable verse was endured before the great uprising occurred, led by the Spiderweb Mistress of the Underground and her faithful companion, the Dark Knight. They met MOAR!ON face to face in battle as tens of thousands of Earthwyrms and moronic minions from the wastelands of Moardor slugged it out.

When all seemed lost and that tyranny would prevail, the Dark Knight snatched The One Poem ™ from its chain around MOAR!ON'S neck and with intent to destroy it, raced towards Mount Dumb ( pronounced "doom" in the Classic Speech ) where it was forged.

In retaliation, MOAR!ON used the last of his magic to transform the Spiderweb Mistress into the Eye of DUPon, which he took with him as a keepsake on his keyring before vanishing into the Blank Space to recuperate.

No one one knows what became of the Dark Knight or The One Poem ™. Legend has it that both were swallowed up by a chasm leading into unchartered realms of the Underground, never to be seen again for another one thousand years.

That is, until a peculiar, ancient looking scroll was discovered at a yard sale in the town of Wyrmington Heights. And this is where our story begins:

in a hole in the Underground, there lived a Glowyrm named DUGlo Baggins . . .

Twisted Dreamer
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my crested bird beeps
it’s a cute tootly beep
tries to mimic the tone
of our baby talk
he can’t say “good boy”
with no voice box
but he whistles it
to the tune of
what he thinks
we sound like
when we tell him
so many times a day
and, effectively
i tend to
feel like a good boy
by “nigh-night birdies”
lights out

he tries to communicate
even on an attitude
speaks guinea pig
from his pet shop days
chitters in budgie
with his friends
on a regular basis
and i’ve heard tell
he has the capacity
to hold a grudge
for 7 years
so i live in trepidation
that he’ll hate me
if i’m rude
by forcing affection
therefore, i must
respect his excessively
demanded space
in quiet resentment

it’s hard to earn trust
across so many bars
hoping everything clicks
but at least
we’re all polite
and whatever else
we’re not
we are good boys

Tyrant of Words
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Follow me not

Why follow me  
if you do not read  
or add me to your  
It seems remiss,  
to keep up like this
with my poetry  
constantly dismissed
If my pages stay dead  
unloved and unread
my name will disappear
so please be a dear  
an come over here  
have a read and  
act like you care  
I’ll do the same  
and leave my name  
with a smile upon your page  
It’s really much better  
if we stick together  
Dup friendships helps us  

Fire of Insight
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The gathering

0845 GMT

Is this the Motley Crew
the corral to pastures new.
Whatever the collective term
a drove, a herd.
Where is the phrase
brave summoning to a higher plane.
A collective noun for this display
Locked in the moon, its wax and wane
to broadcast beams and find the time
 Capture wonders, pros and rhyme
The pencil shaving millers full,
deep cranial thought, a patchwork skill.
The keyboard gummed with coffee spills

We will not hear a starting gun
try to jump, on the moving bus,
inspiration. the destination with no terminus.
But think, on thirty days to come
when we can groan and say its DONE.
Written by slipalong
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Lessons in life Part 7……..Badges are important

There’s an old photograph at the Isle of Mann,
green and white Vee necked jumper
and my first wrangler, it had two embroidered patches
sown on the pockets,
one Suzuki the other Honda,
I’ve ridden Honda’s all my life
and two of my friends lost theirs on Suzuki’s.

Making my own,
by shrinking a crisp packet over the gas hob,
everyone was wearing them.
I set fire to a tea towel and the kitchen,
it sounded stupid when I had to explain
and cost me a 1979 ac-dc ticket,
Bonn died before they came back.

I still have a few of the metal ones,
they remind me of independent record shops
leather jackets and Benson and Hedges
Friday night drinking and getting ready
for nights when everything was expected
but nothing ever happened,
when music meant everything
and everything was music.

I have a feeling it could be again
If I live long enough to get the badge.

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"Nine poems for the Earthwyrm Kings
on thrones of stone in halls of earth
because invertebrates can't wear rings
rendering gold n silver of little worth"

DUGlo began to flop sweat as the reality of his latest yard sale acquisition began to solidify. His bioluminescance was on full display from mounting anxiety. He fumbled for the bottle of industrial Strength Maalox on his kitchen table.

"One poem to rule them all
One poem to find them
One poem to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them"

Lady Ahavarwen and Lord Jaragorn quietly exited the room. The verse was too much of a burden for them to bear, especially that second stanza - "one" was used three times and "them" four times, aside from "all" rhymed with "all" and "them" with 'them"! Ugh! It represented everything in Muddle Earth they had been fighting against, condensed into eight lousy lines!

"This is The One Poem ™," said Ganjosh the Gray Lizard, as he examined the artifact in the light of the Full Wyrm Moon coming through the skylight of Bug End. It was the light that illuminated the script that was otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The Lizard quickly tucked the scroll into a bubblewrap envelope lined with tinfoil. He explained the method to the magic. "This is to block MOAR!ON from listening to our conversation, for he and the Poem are of a single mind."

The slice of pizza in Gimlyroo's mouth fell to the floor. "Oh, fudge!" he cried. "I just ordered Dominoes over the phone and gave them DUGlo's address!"

"Then we must figure out our next course of action," said Lady PRadriel of the Mothlorien Elves. Barefooted, she paced the floor with such effortless grace that not a speck of dust was disturbed. "Has anyone seen my Phial? It contains the Light of the First Poetry captured from the Dawning of Literature. A little help here, folks ..?" She peered into the cookie jar and all about the kitchen counters.

"There is no time for that now," declared Ganjosh, grabbing his magic walking staff. "We must leave as soon as possible now that our location has been revealed."

"I just lost all control of my large intestine," said DUGlo, clutching his abdomen. He slugged down the last of his Maalox, which afforded him little relief. And then he realized why - he had mistakenly been drinking from a strange, Elvish glass jar . . .

"Don't worry, Mister DUGlo!" said Satin Gamjeez, his personal Earthwyrm trainer. "You'll be right as rain in no time. Give me a minute to run home, pack a gym bag, and to tell Rosie Grace that I'll be gone for the month of April!" Now more than ever, with NaPoWriMo soon to start in just a few days and already being in jeopardy, his lovable employer needed someone to keep the Glowyrm in peak physical shape with poetry a'flowing.

Standing right behind them, Rosie smacked Satin hard upside the head. "Idiot." she said. "I'm coming with you." Then she beamed, clapping her hands. "We're gonna be bunkies!"

Just then Dwarves began pushing and shoving their way in through the front door and lining up to use the bathroom - so many that it became standing room only in DUGlo's underground abode.

The Glowyrm was flabbergasted at all these uninvited guests. "Ganjosh, what are all these Dwarves doing cramming themselves into my Hole?!"

There was much snickering throughout the quaint home.

"Because, DUGLo," said the Gray Lizard, adjusting his pointy hat, "we're going to need an army to pull off this $@%&ing quest."

Dangerous Mind
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He found a beautiful stone formerly owned by Rosetta
Now his dome can conform to her love language better
When he first met her, he didn't quite understand
All that loving that woman would ultimately demand

Now they stand hand in hand journeying together
Not always seeing eye to eye but every day gets better
Like Correta, she's a Queen and he's her loving King
Praying for longevity cause love's the greatest thing

Both bring baggage that they're trying to unpack
Discarding garbage that they've held on their backs
No longer holding back from giving their all to each other
What GOD joined together they'll let no man put asunder

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Foolish April

Time to write a poem a day.
What the heck am I going to say?
I sit and stare at this cursed page:
who wants to read my angst and rage?
Look! 25 words; I’m halfway there,
but is this a poem I want to share?
There’s nothing of substance in my mind,
not a shred of poetry can I find.
Five rhyming couplets, now I’m done!
Tomorrow I’ll write a better one.

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#1 of 30

A Head Above Water

Imposed restrictions
A way of life
When diagnosed
Became leper like

Changed perspective
Momentarily clarified
Genetic mutation
Newly discovered
In plain sight

Not exchanged
No robust system
Help always lacking
Adults left floundering

Society misfit
Social skill
Slated as rude

Still surviving
Treading water
Slightly drowning
While connecting
With the human sea

Unique word count 56
Total word count 56

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the alcoholic mid-morning fields

young boy dreaming
nothing will scare you,
the spoons inside, pool
to sea and sall screams back to you

the foolish floats
as a hook waiting
a throat of wren singing
and I am laying now down
for tomorrow

baby-milk sky
the nautilus dried fruit sun
seeing and sawing
I magnet the compass
until the north stops spinning
the mothe rumbling, mumbling
stumbling upstairs

and the stars are looking
to find you (see if you)
are looking for them

52 unique words of 80 total

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Perfect representations of
Perfect circles
Round and round with no breaks

How life will manifest itself
In that same fashion...
Same routines, friends, mistakes

A dizzying object by design
Restrictive, constrictive, binding
And yet,

There is a particular beauty
Within its structure that lures
And mesmerizes its wearer
Like an illusionist

Made to define status
Security, even love.

I prefer its cold hard unforgiving
Clinking against my watch
To remind me how enslaved
I will always be to what i
Will forever hide

(56 unique words)

Written by Honoria

Fire of Insight
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I’ve missed her question completely ~
something about the weather,
or my summer plans, maybe?
My eyes and two-thirds of my
ahem, attention please
held hostage by the nothing-gray
stick of Wrigley’s Doublemint
offered to her, apologetically
from the bottom of my purse
ten minutes ago.
Transfixed by its chaotic bounce
back and forth,
to and fro
across her pink tongue,
I watch her lips juggle speaking
and gate-keeping the bite
she took but can’t swallow
darting recklessly between bones
to have its back cracked.
The hairs on my neck prickle
with every satisfying,
understated snap

(74 unique words)

Dangerous Mind
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1 of 30
Holding The Rein

I am grasping for words
Can't  find the right thing to write about
My mind is not in sync with my heart
But I have to spill something

A sense of ennui has filled me for days
These past three months have been hard
Draining me of my energy and strength

I need to be strong,  I must be
Even if I have to carry all the load on my back
There is no room for weakness
When I am holding the rein

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