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2024 Official DUP NaPoWriMo Challenge

Fire of Insight
United States 15awards
Joined 12th July 2017
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Present Realities

Sobriety is a sin, with this condition I am in
The familiarity of whiskey lingering still on chapped lips
All downed in five sips
Seems the others play along, or challenge with shots
So called gentlemen, good samaritans, acquaintances, and friends can connect the dots
They follow a trail of desperation, into blackened allies, smoke and ash. Please, turn around, before youíre part of my mess
One is plenty fine
Another I cannot decline
Vipers in disguise, pour me more
I think they love scooping me off the floor
I always assumed I liked it, but sometimes itís hard to tell
Present realities locked with denial in a solitary cell
When I fall, thereís people falling too
When I drink again, I forget thatís true
Thatís why I always go for two

Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
United States 4awards
Joined 17th Aug 2017
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Once whole
Gone again
Time almost gone
Phoning it in

Almost forgot
But got caught
Twenty-five minutes left
On the dot

Cutting it close
But I remembered
Halfway through
The storm has weathered

Two weeks in
Two more to go
Better NaPo

So here's my entry
Basically empty
Almost forgot
So please forgive me

That's not enough
It's getting worse
I wrote this here because I needed one more verse

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
Palestine 41awards
Joined 2nd Feb 2017
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And it came, out the blue, a naked sound ó
to clothe it with beauty was left to me
endless old cycles going round and round

I searched for some clothing, some solid ground
was looking for flowers, naturally
and they came out the blue with naked sound

Vibrations are clever, they are not bound
not stuck in old earthís material fee
eternal the cycles go round and round

And itís never a case of pound for pound
those zero-sum games are not for the free
when love comes, out the blue, a naked sound

She says: Oh humans, they're sacred and crowned
sovereign rulers of territory
with endless cycles, and doing the rounds

And when it seems that life has been downed ó
thereís nothing left but to stop: and to be Ö
then it comes, out the blue, a naked sound
an eternal cycle, round and round.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 27awards
Joined 15th Sep 2019
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I saw you by her bedside
trying to make sense,
today you speak in metaphors
sat on this wet park bench.

you pushed a hand into the clouds
and set the sunlight free
the ducklings are being bold
as they come up to feed.

When you heard me sighing
you played her favourite song,
slipped an arm around my waist
and made me dance along.

You told us not to worry
helped us look inside,
today your in white linen
and walking by my side.

Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
Joined 8th Mar 2016
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16 of 30


they don't warn you about finals
the final time you see their face filled with laughter
kiss & hug them with a smiling I'll see you later
nothing is mentioned about the pain
looking back at that last casual departure

or how your heart will be gripped in a fist of remorse
so tight you can't get any oxygen
the fire in your throat
burning the inner lining to cinders
from all the emotion you're holding in
because release may come in a flood so ferocious
you'll be utterly swept away
with every stuttering thump of your heart...you know this

the anger burning in your gut at the injustice
denied the opportunity to truly say goodbye
...meaningfully...more so than any time previously
what was the last thing said...
...was it enough
shouldn't there be some sort of commemoration
for such a portentous occasion

how many times you'll get excited to share an experience...
...rushing off to tell them...only to falter & halt
with your words still locked in your mouth
and the only way they'll hear them now
is through the mists of immortal aether
as you whisper them through saline streaks
breathing grief in every broken syllable

nobody tells you how the memories will blur
like rain obscuring the view outside a window
how their voice will fade...but never their words
or how the tears will sting & blind you
until the image of that last moment is frozen
encased in an icy hell of untouchable beauty
and you can't go back
...can't make it more momentous
marking it with a feeling more befitting its legendary status

they're simply...gone
an empty space in your existence
leaving a sequence of finalities...
beyond your recall or comprehension
how does time move so stealthily
stealing tomorrows...laters...everything
just that one...when you thought you'd get another

nothing prepares you for visits in your dreams
when they sit with you & chat just as they always did
their face before you...exactly as you remember
pure joy & love surrounding your being
until you wake...& are reminded of the night
you got the call saying he'd died
ripping the scab off the barely healed wound
knowing only...
...like a phantom limb...
...you'll experience the loss over & over again...
...for as long as you live

Dangerous Mind
United States 18awards
Joined 29th Mar 2017
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Ode to Filled Doughnuts

Just sit right back and hear this tale,
the tale of a faithful treat.
It started out as a lump of dough
and now itís quite elite.

The bakers fried that lump of dough
and found it pretty grand.
And so they made a bunch of them,
to help their list expand.

They paired it well with sugar dust
and fruit with yummy cream.
They even cut the middles out
and glazed them to a sheen.

But best of all was when they found
a way to fill them up.
They puffed them up with jam and cream
and pushed the limit so extreme,
you take a bite Ė erupt!

Tyrant of Words
Canada 12awards
Joined 18th Nov 2015
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No poem today

There shall be no poem today.
The thoughts will not be corralled.
Iím an amateur sheepdog
running circles
yapping aimlessly
at an unruly flock,
each going their own way.
So, sorry Ė thereís no poem here.

There shall be no poem today.
Weíre out of stock.
And the sun shining through the spider plant
on the windowsill
is casting a highly disorganized shadow,
as my brainís fingers
also reach randomly
in too many unfocused directions.
Thereís just no poem to be found.

There shall be no poem today.
Just tasks to be done
or more likely, postponed
I thought I was on top of this
but balls are dropping
                 and centre
soon people will notice
how Iím letting them down
and we just canít have that,
so there simply
shall not be
a poem today.

Come back tomorrow.

Tyrant of Words
United States 117awards
Joined 11th Apr 2015
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We paint dreams
on natureís back
 in the form of sonnets
 haiku, free verseó
these are the hues
of a poetís love

We find our own
way, sky above us
earth below
each step
one step closer
 if we donít give up
 by letting go

We are not alone
on the Camino de Santiago
between the choice of two:
 the first is short: quit
 the easiest route
   gone too soon
   leaving no mark

 The second is treacherous
 we may think weíve lost
 but moving forward
 comes with great reward
   for generations to come

We seekers are nuanced
in this uncertain storm
of doubtful downpour

Yet our one commonality
 in this whole world
is trusting fearlessly
in the rivulets of poetry

Tyrant of Words
United States 123awards
Joined 25th Jan 2011
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in the meantime, I wait in the shade of doubt
with my resolve strong but needing help
I request, please make me forget
train me not to see
he covets others
it's a constant cycle of love and rejection
not knowing his other wives' story
I took too much for granted about them

now staring at his true face
he's not even trying to raise the facade like he used to make me feel special

half-heartedly he says I love you
while pushing me further from him
all the while pulling on my soft spots
I guess it's a necessary evil
to bring an enemy close enough to stab her

my heart knows not what to do
I'm in it deep, my heart will bleed no matter what
stay or go the ache is real
allowing myself to be alienated from my family
I don't have many options to go and heal

adopting his family as my own
now that trouble is on the horizon
I feel the shift of  them letting go

as my pain increases
realizing too late
I'm caught in the undertow

Tyrant of Words
United States 66awards
Joined 22nd July 2019
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Love Letters

i wrote this
TO you
i meant it
FOR him

Like a vice~
the grip
love has
over me
is suffocating
Ha! Love-

Sickening concept
Some days
Iím giddy with it
Iím so sick from it
Only death
could cure me

Iíll never
understand it
I can only
gauge it
by your
To and
toward me

To give
the finger
to the whole
process of it
How much
of my life
would I regain
were I to
take back
all the energy
I put into
lusting love

Would it
make me
feel better,
look younger,
not hurt
so much

Iíll never know

75 u/w

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 11awards
Joined 6th Jan 2019
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You Can Do It

A deep
Breath relax
You still have time
To write your entry
Don't be rattled calm down
Focus on the thoughts flowing
Twenty minutes is long enough
For you to write something for NaPo
See you are almost done with your poem

You need clarity when you are writing
Fifty unique words is not that hard
Others can write even more words
Hundreds or thousands or more
Why can't you if they can
Believe in yourself
You can do it
Just three lines
Then two

Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
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How long has it been?
I write
With the desert shifting with the winds Ė
Sand passing through the hourglass Ė
More than a year and a few lifetimes,
Since I stepped out into the wasteland.

In the unlikeliest likely place,
Desolate in certain spaces, certain hours Ė
Serene in others Ė
Isolated, pessimistic, half of the time Ė
Hopeful, idealistic Ė sometimes ridiculously so Ė
For the other.
Music constant and
Inseparable no matter the weather
Fate decides on that day.

Today, it was a good day.
The sun was ever high and present,
But we were cool in our little shack,
And the deathclaws and Vipers around Weren't a worry anymore.

Brahmin steak was cooking,
With a side of desert salad,
Fancy Lads Snack Cakes for dessert.
He looked over at me Ė
One eye bruised, bottom lip split open Ė
And raised his Nuka-Cola bottle.
I smiled Ė a cut from under my left eye
Down to my cheek Ė and raised mine to his.
The glass bottles clink.
Time stood still.

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 32awards
Joined 4th Dec 2018
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Riotous Thoughts

thoughts rioting iamong brain cells
spray can graffiti images
scribbling expressionless rubbish
artificial in every way possible
imitator no artistic content here
destroyer of the written word

inkless formless like my talent
quill scratches empty pages
nothing note worthy comes forth
illiterate idiot playing poet
glaring flaws finally revealed
i contradict everything published

Unique Word Count 53

Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
Forum Posts: 122



a sheet of hazy clouds
nothing can be seen far away
just a little light and
everything seems lost
but there is something beyond this fog
but it's not all predetermined

there is hidden happiness and
pain in every part of the universe
various shapes of clouds
are visible over the
vast expanse of space

the earth becomes red with
the golden rays of the sun
this is not predetermined
this natural phenomenon
happens every day in its own time

in the rain of love
the rainbow swings
this is not predetermined

the child born will
become a beggar
or doctor
it is not predetermined

a car meets with an accident
on a serpentine road.
that is an unexpected event

time is a void subject
in the course of life
one day the same emptiness
takes our place
all that remains is our death
an inevitable accident!...

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
Australia 4awards
Joined 17th Dec 2015
Forum Posts: 62


Mixed Signals

Sometimes the only thing
That gets me out of bed
Is a coffee and a cigarette

And I donít even like coffee

But I hope that each day
It might make my heart beat
A little faster
And my blood pressure
A little stronger

Until the cigarette
Knocks it back down again

Hopefully the next drag
Will produce some serotonin

Because I only seem to get high
When my body is in fight or flight

Or when Iím flying to an unknown location
Because I wonít find remnants of
my past self there
& all of her demons

Lying in bed

But it seems that the only place I can be me
Is when Iím dreaming
Because everythingís make believe
And I can forgive myself

I guess if I look close & honest
I can see how many mixed signals
I send
Cigarettes & coffee only being one of them

{97 unique words}

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