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Fire of Insight
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under the knife

thinking of her now
under the knife
white-clad wizards
of the blade swarming,
masked, gowned with
caps of paper pressed
down about the focused brows

how precise the cuts
of blade
stlll tipped with obsidian
one atom wide

this world has drowned to her
longboat drifting out to sea
a viking valkyrie
in a smouldering dream
of fire

white-clad priests
mumble at her side

instruments click and clack
on metal trays
low voices scat
as the surgical cauldron
chuffs and toils

the ritual leaps, pirouhettes,
bits of flesh lifted
become bread
torn from the burning flesh

spurting blood
clamped becomes
the wine as

i think of you
the center now of hushed attention
arranged in a standard pose

lights perfectly positioned
to gaze upon that part of you
which he will enter through

and nijinsky dancing
the lead surgeon years
before he danced
himself insane

but now the lights have dimmed
and you are wheeled away
as we wait in anticipation

that bitter choreography
of you rising lifelike
from the dead.

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Stained glory: only Mori

Who really wins in war?

Who will be left
To raise the proud banners high
as crimson blood of innocent bystanders flows
turning all flags red
now that more, many more
are gone and dead.

The dead care not
for who boldly won
Their tragedy is in being robbed
of a life to see a future
where all is done,

Or at least
until the next time round
around and around
Who it'll hit nobody knows
only that when pettiness grows
soon too the sorrowed blood flows.

(Unique words: 68)

Dangerous Mind
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At Deathís Door

i am choked by the twisting vines of melancholia
hypnotizing petrichor fills my tarred lungs
i miss meandering meadows in mystical lands
and being mesmerized with each magical leaf

the last petal of an
enchanted flower falls;
an incantationÖ

i have lost my map to the forbidden knowledge
spellbound by the curse of a creatureís wrath
i am tortured by malignant tumors in my chest
the last shimmers of poison escaping my lips

i am aware of mother natureís
decisive sorcery;
all things endÖ

Fire of Insight
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Happening again
I am reeling
impotent to change
the way Iím feeling

racing thoughts
cannot breathe
panic envelops
no reprieve

chest heavy
fists are tight
anxious, scared
fight or flight

unable to run
wanting to hide
frozen in place
pain inside

body shaking
I close my eyes
no one there
to hear my cries

I am ill
there is no buffer
in distress
alone I suffer

Dangerous Mind
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In Plain Sight

On holiday in Lisbon, going round the zoo,
I suddenly remembered that I had a job to do.
I had to write with some aplomb, as soon as I could;
with so much going on, gracious me would it be good?!

Well, I'd already had rum, so while I sat down to think,
I ordered ravioli, nicely washed down with more drink.
It was an urban joke, being so very sleep-deprived;
Inspiration really lagged, but regardless, it arrived.

To finish this, I had to have a stab, late at night.
When my phone began to buzz, it heralded the light.
Although my work is finished, I'm still feeling quite perplexedó
can you find ten instruments I've lost within this text?

Thought Provoker
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Let me be your story

Come and be in my book
Let me be your story
I could write a thousand words a day
With the right inspiration

Play me your souls music
Teach me the worlds sounds
Educate me on the ways of being
So I can prosper all the more

Let us surrender to ourselves
We can rejoice in this blessed day that be
We can laugh and cry, perhaps touch the sky
But we can be together whilst we do

Be my daily update
Tell me todays news
Help me piece the puzzle together
Because I sure as hell donít know!

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Thought Provoker
Scotland 6awards
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In pools of spilt dust

Cutting, forming, shaping those obscure,
Irregular pieces of a puzzle,
Clearing trimmings and dust as they settle.
Questioning the grain of strained creativity,
The means and it's means,
Of its strides, leaps and tides.
Those places where in,
Elusivity it hides,
From the processes of the day.
Unfound space or room,
For it to roam and play.
I see the answers laying untouched,
In the gathered off cuts,
The throng of strips,
In bits and bark.
I see the answers,
Laying untouched,
Standing dry,
In pools of spilt dust.

Guardian of Shadows
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Theme 2:  Elements of Life
april song 16ófire

flammable sometimes, the temper,
even deadly in its ember;
who can pacify a furnace,
when with rage it burns in earnest?

purify my wanton dreaming,
that your tongues, for my redeeming,
may appoint me to rejoice in
kinder metaphoric cruisin.

an aspiring pyromaniac,
straddling burning candles bareback,
fascinated by the flame dance,
withers in his budding romance.

yellow flames in low combustion
leave fair room for verbal fustian,
but the deadly blue of high noon
breathes an arsonistic monsoon.

© cab♫

UWC 69

Dangerous Mind
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Queen Of The Marigolds III

But for how long the interplay
can she carry and relay
every motion in her fray
and in her bosom such a way

In generations all gone past
the spritely thrumming into mass
hovering and buzzing by
on their way to brightest guile

The last of many
a soul of multitudes
fragrant with eternity
forever in dexterity

And in forever, she somehow
must bear forth some humming vow
and not in haste the future birth
to stay so caste with heavy mirth

       62 uw

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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Manumission, sort of

I scooped her up
gently carried her
to the other side
of the road

I know better than
to touch or
bother wildlife
but the cars
speeding past my
parked location

Damn!  Moving too
fast Ė no way
would they see her
in time to swerve
to stop

My good deed for the day
going unnoticed
maybe even

I still managed a
smile as I took a
moment or ten

watching that
Desert Tortoise
slowly creeping

63 unique words

Dangerous Mind
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Checking In

you came by, unannounced  
finding my doorway dark
you knocked, anyway
until I had no choice
but to let you in;
you tell me I look tired
am I getting enough sleep?
you donít wait for an answer
which is just as well
I donít have the one you want;
you definitely donít want to hear
about the nights Iím laying awake
thinking of all the ways there are
to disappear and be forgotten;
your animated voice
bounces erratically on your lips
before jumping, landing somewhere
between my ears and neck;
you seem nervous
I canít stop staring at your nails  
I also have no idea
what youíre talking about now,
Iím too busy
pulling your words apart
like sticky pancakes;
I watch them drip on your silk shirt
down, down they ruin your status
the thing about pancake platitudes
is that they taste so good
I often forget
they are devoid of nutrition
I watch them all spill from your mouth;
they leave me fat and starving  
I feel irrationally angry
I want to tell you to go away,
but you wonít until I absolve you,
so I tell you Iím fine, really
we both choose to believe me

Tyrant of Words
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Elemental skull inside matrix of elements
Maze of blaze Ė Uprising in brilliant auroras
Bells & chimes align in this mind of mine
That which is dreamed-divine in and out of space




From equinox to equinox: So goeth the goers
So know/eth: The knowers
Some things growing by hand/s of seed sowers
Other things


Everything participating

The Auric

Tyrant of Words
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Let Others Help

We canít do it all alone
Itís a human trait to feel tired and sometimes overwhelmed
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness
But itís a characteristic that allows us to be truthful and real

Too many times do people let their pride get in the way
As if for some reason they think that theyíve failed
Letting other help is a sign of strength
Not just in character
But it can be a collaborative effort with another human being

Itís ok to ask for advice
Gathering ideas and sharing in thoughts
Getting different opinions and views can go a long way
In building a more synergistic culture

79 Unique
110 Total

Tyrant of Words
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Bonding With My Chief

Long Bow was dad's name
and mine, Straight Arrow
At least once a week
when we'd meet
with our tribe
of YMCA Indian Guides.
Father's and sons
seated in a circle
all in dark yellow
headband arrayed
each with a real feather displayed
from the tail
of a synthetic bird of prey.
Also, a tan suede vest
with our names burned in
And covered in
primary colored, ironed on badges.
Around our necks
hung an articulated breastplate
we made of genuine bleached bones
with no marrow
from slaughtered
plastic squirrels
or jack rabbits
We would pound
drums, sing and
learn Native American lore.
Concluding with a shout
A motto that I now treasure
more than ever.

Unique word count: 94

Dangerous Mind
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