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2024 Official DUP NaPoWriMo Challenge

Fire of Insight
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We stepped out of the house,
found ourselves a face of sunshine.
Filled our lungs with fresh morning
and coughed up daffodils.

Hungry bears woken from our cave
ready to eat whole summers,
spit licked our bed hair
and presented ourselves awake.

This time I read the leaflet
and the side effect is laughter,
It’s a thought that clumps in cloud,
takes time for the mind to linger.
I’m forming bright blue words
that you make me want to say.
A feeling that reaches out
and shakes the hand of every day.

We’re green and gold chameleons
with a grins that fills this sky
if our mood gets any lighter
I’m sure we’ll learn to fly.

We hitched a ride with Blackbirds
and sang their morning song.
Lost track of where we’re going
let laughter keep us strong.

We’ve ripened with the rape seed
spread their yellow onto downs
talked the ears off corn stalks
and earned our daisy crowns.

Dangerous Mind
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Laptop Malfunction

Oh no!
My laptop is faulty
and I don't know what to do!
A button split
but I must still work.
It's NaPo month;
how can I fix this situation?

Wait... what?
How daunting!
So you want a submission
without that symbol?
Is this an instruction,
Or an invitation, huh?

You should know by now
that I will find this a cool opportunity
to play with words,
particularly if a minority of individuals
think it is too difficult!
On first sight, I concur that it's tricky,
but with a bit of thought, it’s a cinch.
Starting off is as straightforward
as falling off a log.
Continuing this task is as basic
as sinking a brick in a swimming pool.
Padding out a stanza is child’s play;
almost plain sailing on a windy day.
Avoiding a particular button
is as obvious as noonday sun
and midnight stars.

So, this is my submission:
as flashy as a rat with a gold tooth.
That’s what I want to think, anyway!

P.S. this is all my own work,
but alas, I cannot sign it
without an important, missing button!
Will 'by Mrs J' work?

Dangerous Mind
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Queen Of The Marigolds II

Feeding off the earth
to help humanity
in flowers gainly girth
stilled of vanity

To nurture the nymphs
held in her utmost care
she built a nest in a hollow
and reveled in the busy lair

The days grew longer
her offspring slept in the blooms
among the gardens fairest
within the deepest fronds

Marigold the final crest
and in the garden but a guest
to the buzzing community
yet aloft above and free

       53 uw

Fire of Insight
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not in the best of whatevers today

i need a break
or the day to start over
or for someone to say
it's okay
you're doing fine

but instead
i am worried about
some silly-ass poem
i know is hiding
around here

i can hear
her gigglng
and i can picture
him sticking her tongue
out at me
wagging her finger
from the tip
of his nose

(my poems being

or tapping on
the window
or out there
on the riding
lawn mower
with the scent
of cut grass
coming in
through my hermetically
sealed windows

all in good fun
of course
but this is se-

this is poem stuff
we be talkin' about.
deadline shit.

keep on

Thought Provoker
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15 of 30

Clouded white page.

And so,
The unknown clock,
Is reset.
From two years and counting,
Back to six months,
If that,
Hopes and fears,
Flank each side of possibility.
And turn the crank,
Between worries and their anxieties.
Speculative sliding scales of dates,
Really don't address their finality.
I’ve seen enough to question,
To respect,
Concern of possible suggestion.
But know,
From the still clouded white page open,
I've some ground to scale,
Before that voice does break,
It's brooding cloud of pent up rain.
Before that clouded white page open,
Turns dark with deluged lines of ink.

Thought Provoker
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Ponder that…

Is death really the end?
Is it ever really over?
It just doesn’t seem logical to me

I know I’ve never believed it is
Yet when death stares you in the face
All logic goes out the window

I know she’s not really gone
She’s as close to me as ever
I can feel her all around me

She’s in each breath that I breathe
She’s in every tear that I cry
She is everywhere and in everything I do

She’s as gone now as she was when alive
She’s as present now as one can be in death
She’s constantly near and far
Always right by my side, holding me, guiding me

Life’s a funny old thing
I’ll never cease asking inexplainable questions
I’ll never have any more or less answers
Yet I forever still ponder what it means

We had the best bond a mother and daughter could have
I have no regrets, she knew I loved her
I told her every day, as she equally told me

It’s our perspective of time that’s the problem
We’re pretending it’s all linear
When that couldn’t be farther from the truth
We’re celestial beings after all
It’s all just a game, and none of this exists

Ponder that…

Unique word count: 123

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#15 of 30

And the next day

I did not
want to wake up today,
yet the alarm called anyway
and only so much can be
put off today
before it creeps into being
and the next day
and the next day.

For just as the Sun shines
but a chill hangs in the air,
so too is my mood
but tinged with coldness
as work is too much work
to do today
and the next day
and the next day.

Surely not forever?

(Unique words: 53)

Tyrant of Words
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Gradient/s & Differential/s

Why does my heart hurt so
Dying in the crying sun
Where tortured souls
Black rainbows of black soils
This find of mind is coils
Whirls swirls spirals vortex

Yet blessed with this taste of: Consciousness

Platforms of stars man
I discover/ed platform/s of stars man
Seclusion is submersion is the illumination of: The mission
Wilds winds of fears and tears man
Soldier/ing on in the on & on of the reverberations
Frequencies of frames facsimiles of the same
Something always peering in




Tyrant of Words
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Taxably Taxing

Per the Federal Poverty level
in the United States
I am not quite as  boracic
as I used to be

So I know I should feel no
stress in filing my Taxes
late on today’s last day
getting that crucial
postmark stamp

I owe nothing
will get nothing
So wondering
why I rushed around
getting my shit

I know the paperwork
could have lapsed

I mailed it off
Just in case.

57 unique words

Guardian of Shadows
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15 of 30

Theme 2:  Elements of Life
april song 15—clouds

clouds would seem, at first, like blindness
charged with weather-borne unkindness;
yet, with cumulus abounding,
you can find sure-footed grounding,

if with confidence and courage
you embrace the timeless marriage
twixt your laughing and your weeping,
and your waking and your sleeping.

chilling cirrus clouds bring shivers,
as cold-shoulder hate delivers
to the peasant in his groaning,
nought for pity grace atoning.

nimbus-stratus cloud commotion
carries oft the faulty notion
that the high and low of weather
reconcile all hopes together.

but i've looked at clouds from all sides
up and down, from great and small sides:
there's no permanent conclusion,
where dark clouds have brought confusion.

© cab♫

UWC 85

Tyrant of Words
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Be Yourself

It’s a question that is as old as time
Do we want fit in or do we wish to stand out?
It’s that ancient dilemma that has plagued many
Conformity versus authenticity
Should we speak our truth?
Or do we silence our voice to please others?

Being true to ourselves
Should gain the respect of other people
So long as we are honest, humble and diligent
For in the genuine and sincere interaction with others
There will be a connection
A meeting of the minds if you will
That will show our uniqueness

65 Unique
93 Total

Dangerous Mind
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The first time we tried
It was too much for you
The lights and the noise
Got you out of that zoo
We cried and made space
And we promised each other
At some future date
We would give it another
Try so I held my ear
Fast to the ground
Like a rumbling train
There came advance sound
Of a chance we could listen
And both celebrate
I booked us a passage
For a later date

(58 uw)




With only the knowledge
Of past love to guide us
We followed the path
Of the compass inside us
And knew that we’d be
In a field on a day
That people would dance
In a group in late May
Then things came together
The pieces they fit
And we started to gather
Each new shiny hit
And the tears they ran fast
From your glistening eye
We’d made it to the jam
Our souls left us to fly

(58 uw)

I'm a tax preparer and on Sunday got bogged down in work on the second-to-last day of tax season and forgot to poem, so did the corrective thing the next day.

Tyrant of Words
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Homage to Modern Minstrel Philosophers - First Teacher

Carole, like a benevolent big sister,
entered my young life
as a clarion of joy
after black clouds prefaced the twister
tearing all tender
notions of happiness asunder
with the death of mother.

Important wise truths
taught in mornings
before walking to school.
From a red, portable,
borrowed phonograph
Ms. King taught me
about the seismic power
of loving desire;
the sacrifices
made for love;
the longing for
permanence and
pain of absence
and dissolution.

That a smile
an altruistic act
of kindness and compassion
will most often
be reciprocated.

She opened
my eight-year-old eyes

to the magical, colorful,
life-sustaining beauty,
and somber grief
of each life's tapestry.
That it takes time
to understand and
embrace our mastery.

Unique word count: 93

Dangerous Mind
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Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Zombie Lines

These words fade before the ink dries
When intentions to actions fail to materialize

Fabricating inspiration, reputation embodied in an empty phrase
All the ammunition without the impact, handicaps of shame
The right words without the follow through, the low highs of shallow praise
Wasted potentials relegated to make a name

Play the role and write the script
Saint facades of the linguist hypocrite
Thriving on the uninspired
The taste for silence is acquired

Every word is noise that is love without meaning
When character is lost with integrity’s spine
Inconsistency is self defeating
Confessions and dead apologetics in every zombie line

Penances mean well but fail for follow through
My ugly ways accuse to condemn from a broken point of view

I am not victim when I instigate the consequences
Humility entreating me to abandon my defenses
Writing these letters to fill these pages uninspired
When every word that forges promise makes me out to be a liar

Suicide by secrecy and misplaced priorities on repeat
Save the soul or save the face, witness versus egos bid
Appraised self worth on a scale of self defeat
Would they still love me if they knew all the ugly things I did

Self doubt and judgements laid upon this heart that breaks in the hope of something more
Breathing a test in my longevity of how much of myself I can endure

Forgiveness at the altar on which I throw myself time and time again
Haunted by the my guilt in the phantom of regrets formed of my own sin
I write through the mud to make something more of something uninspired
To find substance in the burn of the ways I play with fire

Set aflame the midnight oils once more
As to lead by or be made an example of
Purity tarnished by the rot that decays me at the core
Versing compositions of self hate and false love

Idol in the mirror, hoisted images of vanity
Excavate the fossil beneath the dirt
Archeological rehashing of identity
Therapy journals from pens dipped in the blood of my own hurt

Violations of boundaries
These convictions I strive to bring to light
Walking in circles orbiting
Shadows eclipse the sun when days are made of night…

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