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Poem of the Month - November 2022

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

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4. Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  

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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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all around there is a faint sound
soft orbs that shimmer
flowing down
I hear your voice
soft as clouds
"you were destined to wear a crown"

you were the only one that cared enough to know me
the only one that felt every emotion that poured upon me
the one that knew how placid it all could be
accepted all of me
without judgment, hast questions or any mockery
you removed unnecessary blockings that were made to punish me

you helped me see clearly to never make any excuses for them
to believe them the first time and quit giving out chances
to remain open but vigilant of their glances and stances
to kill them with kindness because they couldn't stand it
to never stoop to their level for our royalty had already been granted

never planned it
how magnetic
all this magick
velvet robes layering the love beneath that was planted
the real ones grow roses in the dark never truly afraid of what lurks in any grungy parks
you taught me the iciest stares pulls them apart of what they dare to pull off
disguising as sharks
even the sneakiest snakes are tethered in scars
making it obvious they could never reach so far

I can honestly say
that my blood no longer boils when pain tries to make its way
attempting to poison my veins
I take the moments and breathe it away
transmuting all that can no longer stay
no longer can it stay the same
I believe It will get better than this
we dreamed about it
I remember it

I remember the way it used to be
before the cowards charmed their way in trying to be kings
giving up their souls because they had nothing left
content in identity theft
petty living in piles of regret
failure to own what was rightfully given
a heart of gold is the truest luxury in living
Written by lovestonedfaery
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Two Werewolves.  Loving causes wild pain.

You asked me not to leave you alone,
And looked at the full moon with angry eyes.
I was just silent - I didn’t know what to say.
We shouldn't be together, I just knew that.

I repeated again that we can not be together,
Explained many times that we are different.
But you didn't want to understand what I meant.
I boldly cut at the root of all my dreams ...

You stood under the moon, turning away from me,
And lovingly said something through my tears.
I will never forget that moment of destruction,
That moment of our silent battle...

Love is a struggle, and separation is a victory,
Only whose fault is it, who will tell me about it?
I don't know which of us wins from separation,
I only know that it kills us both...

I wanted you to hug me, but I said, “No".
The moonlight causes me wild pain ... "
I waited for the next day to come,
And quietly repeated:" I love you, werewolf ... "

Oblivion came, you were too close,
And the moon at that moment was so low.
I wanted to tell you, but I choked, fell ...
I was wildly tired of this tortured existence!

Why didn't you walk away in that hideous hour
When you destroyed what held us together?
I remember a stream of blood, your piercing cry,
And how the light of the moon drooped over me.

The rising sun woke me up.
In your sad eyes I saw myself.
I found two scars on my shoulder -
Now the same wound is on my heart ...

You and I are now forever together -
Two werewolves, two loves, two fires, two souls.
I'll never be able to go anywhere without you,
Just don't die, breathe and breathe...

Again I was silent, I couldn't find the right words,
But you understood me even without them...
I assure you, there is such love,
Where loving causes wild pain
Written by KristinaX
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 21st July 2020
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Far Away, I Am Free

A young girls fantasy
A grown woman’s sadness

How warped fate can be
To twist and knot a dream

Euphoric beginnings eroded
Daily, the grind of merely existing

I long to run
Yet, maps are obsolete and
Siri didn’t understand my request

Fancy language and scripted fonts
Do little to assuage this emptiness

Bards of yesteryear are mute
To the very thing I need to hear

I don’t know where to go?
Written by Honoria
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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The perfect storm

I stray
from where it's warm
choose the perfection
of icy wind
cutting me
in tidy little ribbons
releasing anxious pain
in whispered

It's my way;
wandering alone
roaming far away
from hearth and home
unharbored— jettisoned
finding rapture in ruins
my own shipwrecked architect

Squalls carry familiar sounds,
recognition is a meandering thought
slivers of miracles
erode time
tamp down depression
refreshing stagnant minds
hailing the horizon's harmonic rise

Wicking away tears
casting off menial fears
weathering seas
from a stiff rolling breeze
blowing strengthened air
tasting of hard toiled
tumultuous fare

Taming each wave
as courage reflects
upon a face full of brave

I build myself buoyant

I fathom

Written by Bluevelvete
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Related submission no longer exists.
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Related submission no longer exists.

The Fire Elemental
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Born to Hang

The crescent moon hangs as the
Executioner’s smile across harbour lips,
Windswept rhapsodies of a midnight piano
Wreathe the mouth of the teenage junkie
To the somnolent doorway……

The Irish Sea is sullen tonight.
The sinking sonar of summer’s lonely swimmers
Sleepcrawls across the drowned steam-submarine (of 1880).

A peroxide wraith rattles shingle
Saturated thighs breach breakers,
On your knees and pray for me
For the roped fatale is emerging.

Hampstead host to beguiling swine
(Sty)lised fools of fortune, Savile Row arms
Drape their persistent necessity.
Gin, satin slings, wedding rings
Planted in pernicious pots.

Brutal men prefer blondes, strapped
To their windscreen and knuckles,
Queen to Blakely’s British Racing Green
Dethroned on a never ending final lap,
One more slap and see how the gears change.

Femme fatigue, dreams of stilettoing his heart,
Smoke ballistic breath at (h)arm’s length.
Come down before David and murder love
Come before Christ in swinging ear-rings.

Fishing nets are at sail
So what can catch the black hearts?

As Monroe in methadone mist
The Gods of small boat (a)light her.
Triggered fingers claw the sand,
Her keel lists towards an eternal groin,
Three hundred and seventy degrees, and
I’ll scavenge through the heaped wreck.

On forecourt of derelict garage
Her waters divide wide open,
Fumes neck the unsealed bottle,
Open mouth in the night, dripping shards.

Someone takes her hand down
A line of soft white glass,
Away from the drowned bells and
Her wretched newspaper’ed history.

It’s a long walk home for
Those who are named guilty.
Written by Strangeways_Rob
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Prophecy Of The Gun

it was the immaculate conception      
inconceivable as it was      
me being birthed from the womb      
of man's ideology    
never nurtured from the essence of her femininity      
an umbilical cord just a figment of      
my sentimental imagination      
I arrive as a prophet in my own right      
and though i have not walked on water      
I have ceremoniously baptized countless      
in pools of their own blood      
for I am the axis upon which      
fear and love revolve around in perpetuity      
thus I am aptly named the Revolver      
a solver of sorts      
that mediates matters in medieval fashion      
as I am fashionably dressed      
mostly in shades of onyx      
but I have been known to have wore    
chrome exquisitely well as well      
the proper attire indeed    
as I foretell what is fated for legion      
as I am irrevocably mated with clip after clip after clip      
and our union would eclipse the light of many    
impregnated with hollow-tipped shells      
all my children would silently dwell      
within my amniotic sac      
each eagerly awaiting for that hammer to cock back      
and release them through the length of  
my dark chamber    
come hither  
please tease my trigger-clit with your anger    
and I will show you how I begat them    
spat them in frightening sequence    
deadly precision...one by one    
come..let your clouded decisions misguide you      
and be my masculine mid-wife      
as I give birth to these bullets with no names    
go ahead and pull it!      
and I will maim and kill at your discretion      
I promise    
hear my progeny cry      
as they exit me in a flash of a new dawn    
feel the ringing of their voices echo      
throughout your ears as they reconcile your fears    
hold me firm in your hand    
and I will assuage the God-complex      
sitting seductively in the back of your subconscious    
preaching in darkness how    
the Lord giveth    
and WE shall taketh away    
and if we so choose to stay the hand of our judgement    
they shall be reborn under the blanket of our terror      
with me at your waist i will make you      
more of a man than your dick ever could    
pull me out your pants      
and people will always tremble at the sight of me    
i am always hard and ready to bust    
again, and again and again      
leaving the uninitiated keeled over in orgasmic agony      
viewing their reflections for one last time      
in the puddles of plasma left in my heated wake      
i will extend your ego a 100 fold my niz    
but I must confess    
I do have    
some serious abandonment issues      
for without the sweaty embrace of your palm    
the seductive stroke of your index finger      
I am worthless...just a prisoner of no circumstance      
suspended in animation      
so always keep me near baby    
I am your genie in a black bottle    
your street oracle tucked near your crotch nice and snug    
I am forever the UN-mother      
heralding death's potential in my cold metal womb      
I am the point beyond reasoning      
where humanity utterly fails      
and decadence prevails      
and I shall pronounce you neo-King      
of this barren wasteland      
nestling under the illusion of my security      
while i snicker behind your back    
gloating in my triumph over the triumvirate of the    
mind body and soul    
Written by Naajir
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Vampire  Passion

Vamparic Passion..
Her body lay on the red velvet bed
black roses covered her bust
he hungrily stared down at her
an uncontrollable lust
he ran his hand across her body
caressing every curve, every part
he pressed his body against hers
quietly he listened to the increased beating of her heart
he ran his fingers threw her raven hair
stared deeply into her eyes
echoing threw the room
were her satisfied cries
he stared down at her soft white throat
and slowly pressed his mouth against it
he eagerly began to drink
excitedly she bit his wrist
blood covered their body's
as they slowly moved together
filling each others thirst
every minute getting better
together they lay
enter-twined as one
lost in eternal lust
a vamparic love...
Written by dee_amethyst (pho3nix 999)
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Down In The Valley

If I close my eyes, and in the afterlife as I never existed    
The bark that stands in the forest, as the universal to my roots softly have christened
With soft branches to hold the fruit of my divine    
Shelter the sun, bare in the nakedness of winter to rebirth my generational leaves, time after time    
Would my virgin timber cry to the hollowness of the wind    
Where ropes choked my branches as feet dangled in demise as souls quietly ascend    

Bowing my creation to thirst of knowledge from the tree of life    
Sapping the bitterness from wicked tongues    
The race in life is never won    
In the cathedral of death, the Book of Revelations mar the world with the convincing beast    
Devoid of universal light, a spiritual warfare declared upon the Heavens by Hell    
In the last days only the hunger for peace shall feast    
The valley of dry bones resides in the abyss of strife    
No matter the chances you take or choices you make    
Peace is the substance we all seek in this realm we call life    
Society makes no spiritual crowns to place upon anyone’s head    
In the shadow of death, the spirit and soul wrestle in the thistles of its own bed    
We cry to live, and we wallow in pain when we die    
Hopefully, there is another life, beyond the veil of the sky    
Minds are always clenched on the rim to covet the sips of another's cup    
Not knowing the passage of their journey, is their homage embedded in the ideology of being mentally down or gracility in honor when up    
We are beautifully born, the DNA of our being is for us to adorn    
Not taste the shame, guilt, discontent or digest the trespasses of anyone’ s else hidden scorn    
Manmade technology has warped the youth, no emotions, no feelings, children of the corn    
Be slow in the alluring of anger, receptive in praise, plausible in the hindrance of malevolent thoughts, to see the next day    
Keep your vows to be true to self, and make sure you humbly pray    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Gripping Too Hard

I hold onto her too hard
never knowing if she is staying
or leaving.
And I cannot say I know
whether this is me, and my pain,
or something she stirs up in me.
Some days I know
that it will be okay
and some nights
the fear crashes over me
and I silently cry more than I'd like.
Because ever time I worry
that she will leave instead of stay
I am failing,
always failing,
to trust her.
To know I have a place
in her life.
But I cannot say whether it is me
or it is her
that ultimately knows
why I am the always scared.
All I know is I hold her too hard
And I do that a lot
with people I love.
Even though I know
I am strangling them.
And I feel shame
every single time
I fail again
to loosen
my grip.
Written by Junco (H. D. Jaster)
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