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The spirit of my femineity speaks    
Where the past and the future shall softly seep  
Do you remember the times as you astral one must mention  
As you have visited the nine dimensions  
Animated in suspension  
You have prowled among human beingsí earthly existence  
The movement of the intellect when the third eye is enlightened when the Sun is high  
Did you celebrate the cerebral cortex of the true thoughts of society cast from the sky  
Power to know the beginning and reap tears in the remembrance of deathís end  
The soul and spirit at will, asunder in the evolution of its ascend  
Have you spoken to the Moorish Queens of old    
Closed your eyes as you baptized your temple in the sacred seas that beautifully flow  
Are the ice glaciers dripping in the mouth of the water  
Did you bow your head in grace and prayer when hearing the bombs, babies crying out from falling mortar  
Does the Gods and Goddessesí voices on Mount Olympus still echo in the night skies    
The constellations that hold the secrets of the stars, keen awareness gifted to decipher with the naked eye    
Tell me, Bastet has global warning melted snowcapped mountains, the cold effect now lapping over mankind feet  
Unto the feline eyes that have seen Monaches unite under the ruse of the greet  
Your heart beats wildly in my hands  
Did you stalk the night as the Moon praised the inventive tools of man  
Tell me, Bastet you are revered by the grace of my throne  
In the realm of time, clones become the reverie upon the ruins of sacred stones  
To give homage unto my mummified bones  
And what is this  
To inhale and exhale life is cherished gift  
Were you convincing enough to soothe the rope and razor from out the hand for the forgotten ones who felt they never did fit  
Comfort the masses who says no voice can be heard from above  
Practice the golden rule never to judge give the offering of ubiquitous love  
Prayer in faith to adopt Karma, Destiny, and Fate  
Wickedness is always prevalent  
Have you risen beyond the tail of the spitting two headed serpent  
Riches and wealth  
Taxes and death    
Synthetic meat, served on expensive plates  
And who is this you speak of, by a philanthropist Bill Gates  
Food company partnership, why does he buy all the land  
What tools are used to blind civilizationsí mind wherever he stand  
The Magicianís illusions in plain sight    
Bavarian ideology, chaos unto the slaughter of the innocence who makes this happen in the calling of the night  
Tivali, did you heal the world with the footsteps of reflexology  
You have visited the graves of fallen soldiers  
Told the tales of a sojourn prophet who was entomb and the force of spirituality, resurrected after sliding aside a heavy boulder  
Go Tivali, return to the center of the beginning  
When void was encased in darkness, on its axis, spinning  
Gather from the four corners of the world, the elements of the heart, mind, and body, to elevate, all must divinely merge  
Air, Water, Earth, Fire the rapture from the elements to help the soul gently purge

This is my introduction to my third element.

I do hope you are all viewing these cosmic wonderful signs, in relation, to the force of the Moon power if you are into Astrological and Numerology this is the perfect time to home in on your reflections.

A 4.8 earthquake on the Fifth, the force of this eclipse is upon as we speak.

Look at the Moon orbiting Earth, which I might add, has taken years from 2017, have crossed over, cities, states, terrains, countries only to share the polar energy of celestial twin flames by Day, and of universal power among each, that power within self by the gift of night.

The radiate Sun, just waiting, presenting himself to be claimed in the four plus minutes before he is complete, his mission to take from those  sacred moments in time, that scent that still lingers in the night , its golden among the skies in its transformation, and knowing in this lifetime on 04-08-24, What Allah has placed together no man can asunder for the moments it take to birth, conjoin, and then asunder in peace.

Enjoy your weekÖeveryone I all you do and no matter where your soul may grace.

That is the perfect way I can softly describe a Solar Eclipse.

In those moments, how do you feel after the eclipse, would you know your place among this 3-D dominion, would you stand to respect yourself, represent yourself, give enlightenment, to others, it only strengthens self.

Making sure, he can bow unto the Moon orbiting unto his stance, his place among the universal.

I wonder if I was a star dust particle in the atmosphere, how would the heat of that hot warmth feel, what spiritual incarnations will it transpire.

From eyes below, witnessing about such beautiful, majestic marvel, ordained and given by the will of Allah to us, in eh capacity to aid, and repair, to heal society, from the water we drink, the nutrients we from the Sun.

That is power, and then the Biblical Revelations of the three days of darkness.

Letís look at the parables in simplistic terms. The Moon is running, and its in the last three miles of completion,weary miles, where the endurance is heightened, this should be your physique as we speak, the Moon is tied, making such a powerful trek, her skies, evaded by chemicals. Manmade clouds, and then her tides are being polluted.

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.

Jules Vern

A Live Blog still shot discussing the spiritual aspect of this 2024 Solar Eclipse.

My creation, of still perfecting my jumpsuit, not for resale.

A Queen's Crown Apparelô

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Kaleidoscope Of Time  

It's that quiet whisper  
Allow me to esoterically caress the path to that enlightenment  
In my company  
Under the warmth of the Sun  
The skies are our blanket of forevermore  
Lay me down upon the soft illumination of a Blue Moon  
Relax me in the octopus of your beautiful stardust  
Here, there, mmmÖ I feel the slippery slopes of your love potion  
Softly siphoning the drops of my resistance in the cocoon of desires  
I see the vastness of oceans in your eyes  
I tasted the doctrine to the portals to your soul  
Mm.. Allah will be so proud  
Salvation we all want, many claim they need  
That old ying to yang we are left upon earth to decipher the true intent  
Yet for me to wish upon like a cool breeze sailing  
Inhaling the pheromones in the kaleidoscope of time  
It's that quiet whisper  
Allow me to esoterically caress the path to that cosmic stream of Genesis enlightenment  
In my company  
Under the warmth of the Sun  

The skies kneel to the silhouette of our souls  
An ordained blanket of forevermore we spread  
Drizzled within the fabric for which my back grace  
MmmÖ the alluring dialect of your tongue  
Licking all over my truth  
Easing the tip of your hard seduction into my sensations space  
You fit inside the paradox of me so tight  
Unlocking the dimensions of my Pandora Box  
Dip inside, yes take that stream deeper, lose control in the saturated essence of my mental ravine  
I do like the way you stroke your quill, when you brushing all over the peaks of my curiosity  
Tempting my in the wet liaison unclothed of his psyche to psyche  
Hello, my love itís, just me  
Now you got my spread out on the clouds  
Speak that old Hebrew enticement to my ears  
Make me open wider for you  
Take it deeper ... yes right here, gyrating off your vowel sound, you moaning against my neck  
You got me singing your name, you pushing in the wet bushy nest  
Clenching you tighter ...oh sweet mercy, you so nasty when you slinging those consonants  
Against my supple skin  
Taking me over once I let you crawly and please yourself, that tight butter love got your all ticked in    
When or bodies are shifting, creating time over and over again  
Groping those hourglass hips  
Bending your head down, you got some L.L Cool Jay type of lips  
Coveting my mouth in the hunger of the kiss  
Surrendering, blending, wrapping my legs around the temple of his greatness    
He feels that oh la, la to his four chambers, the tiger in him roars when aroused, his pulsating    
Mm.. yes, I love his fusing bliss  
Closing my eyes, drifting, mesmerized by Cupid kissing over the scented love notes of my soul  
Under him, there is nowhere else I would love to go  
Arching the rainbow of my fruitful giving under a maestro of my sweet desires  
Lay me down upon the soft illumination of a Blue Moon    
Come closer, my love, as a Moth and a Butterfly  
Let's tenderly dance around the candle, this is our evolution, we are the flame
Relax me in the octopus of your beautiful stardust  
Here, there, mmmÖ I feel the slippery slopes of your love potion  
Softly siphoning the drops of my resistance in the cocoon of your appease, a smile and a tease  
I see the vastness of oceans in your eyes  
I tasted the doctrine to the portal of your royal soul  
Mm.. Allah will be so proud on earth as you patrol  
Salvation we all want, many claim they need  
That old ying to the yang    
In life, you have to live by that Genesis' creed    
Yet for me to wish upon like a cool breeze sailing                                                                                  
Inhaling the pheromones of me in the kaleidoscope of time  

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Sweet spill loved it

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We gave you the technology to better yourself      
In the absence of your low vibration intelligence, death merchants you have all become selling poison potions to the masses to swam in the river of death        
You made peace with the remnant of Satanís seed, to give power to the lesser degree      
The Day of Judgment shall be in the sky and the earth, the Mothership will bring mankind to their knees      
Darken unto the Sun to provide no warmth      
Our trumpets will sound as your earth will tremble as a thousand thunder of galloping hooves      
Armageddon to the head of the beast, his legion in the pit, sealed in infinityís gloom  

The balminess to the skin it soothes until it sets on the earth                
Bowed heads, rested upon knees, the sun streaming from the glasses of Mosque, as unified chants to Allah echoed in religion rebirth      
The roaring oceans intellectual minds have come to sail                
In your dream there is Heaven, eyes open the offerings of Hell                
Is the meaning of life found only in the existence of mortalsí inhale and exhale          
Look around the world and see what your disunite has sown                
Out of the womb a baby is born in such a blessed time, years later meeting his own clone
What can your world offer in a life less perfected of serenity, prosperity, and false promises until their full grown  

Earth shall listen, Hades shall be the believed    
The intellect of man, did surrender to the forbidden found in the femininity of a wicked tease      
The elongation of future generations slides between the gaped halo coveting the soothing of manís head      
What God has put together let no man put asunder is words disowned after He said      
Where upon the earth the beings of His creation did hide      
For the unforeseen strife you have caused upon your earthly wife        
Exile, the sexes of the upon vanity shall one day collide      
She shall bleed in pleasure, and she shall birth in pain      
Like Gods, you will know of right and wrong, no spiritual guidance shall be found to hold your hand      
And the wraith of the weather will temper the foundation of the land            
The roaming of Ancient Sky God and Goddesses, upon earth, we are now Kings, who reign beside our Hebrew Queens      
Within your cosmic time the bed of fornication upon earth was foreseen      

The birth of two nations      
Spirituality appreciated in favor of one and seeds of castration
The mark upon his skinís foretells of his deviation      
Stuck down not of his hands, cursed, a thorn from the skies      
In the vessel of man, he will trick the world unto his grandeur lies      

Weaker of creation, no assurance in the pit of his soul        
On his belly, he shall slide to and fro      
No Sun shall cool, only in the brunt offering shall shade his toes        
Until the evolution humanity the stench of death and destruction he will plant no matter where his presence goes    
I stand in your midst Allah of divination and prophecy
As above so below the purpose of the soulís evolution of thy will from the groin of man and the generation of his seeds

In The Beginning

The Introduction To My Last Two Elements Of Mother Nature

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Eclipsing the feeling of a pulsating heart is a beautifully lassoed    
Heart in midnight oasis bathes in its dew to fortified is consoled  
The tender recipient of earthís clandestine rule  
Worn sentiments on the sleeve  
The mind gently speaks when infinity seeps  
Lust, desires, rapture merging under my sweeten honeyed grace          
Whispered undulations of love to my ear from his handsome face                
My love reaches across the vast of the sea                
Passion and ecstasy from the beautiful creed that evolves me                
That beautiful arched rainbow            
Catering to the moving, grooving of his aroused manly flow                
Elevating the chakras of me, gentle enwrapping my reflection with that enticing Creole sugary ride  
Enjoy the deepness while slipping, our bodies seesawing, gliding  
The craving of sensations, relishing in the back and forth sliding          
MmÖ glimpsing me, twisting deep  
Hard penetrating, unlocking the creaminess of my g-spot key    
I love when he is trying to figure out the secrets of my carnal appease            
Facets of me, silken sheets, on my back youíve already won                
Yearning to be fed off his monstrous kingdom, urging, he knows I covet the gift of his pearly cum                
Rapture and ecstasy, he got me so restless                
Panting, eyes closing, against my skin, his throaty grunts, leaving me spent, totally breathless    
It's His He-brew esoteric found in the mix of that cosmic vibe  
Breezing all over me with his ethos, pathos, and logos    
Gyrating off that surging feeling as he releases them deep inside  
Whispering my naughtiness in his ear, then my tongue dip  
Crowning him with my alluring words  
His fingers already wet from the easing in and easing out of my slit  
Cannot get enough of my femininity once his lips zigzagging down, giving up that sacred creamy centered honeyed mist    
That energic flow as his tongue worship my soul  
Mmmmm... right there papi, weakening me with the first lick, then flogging to my clit  
Could it be, he loves the pain of my back scratches once between my Creole thighs    
The sound of my soft purrs when my eyes are closed, becoming giddy and dizzy on his carpet ride  
He takes my body to heights of sensations, palming his head, an oasis parlay past the majestic skies  
MmmÖ tantalizing him with my clothes off or on    
Once dipping deep inside my wetness, just a little more, becomes our bodies' blending song  
I love the moments when he is thrusting, craving the scented ambrosia of my skin  
Coating the lust of his masculinity, palming the mattress as his throbbing arousal eases deeper.. oh, sweet mercy, panting... and deeper, and deeper in  
Embracing his mind, pleasing his body, inspiring his heart, the aura of him where I will always command  
Once his erect hunger comes under my teasing illicit demand            
Submitting unto my love potion    
Once again, his egotism, brings such sweet illicit motions  
As he's plummeting into my moistened silken lace                  
My passions, my desires overspilling, legs encircling his waist          
Spine curved off the bed, his heat becomes addictive in a tighten gloving haste              
Oh yesÖ the sweetest cosmic entanglement of my sweeten taste              
My eyes fluttering close whenever he bask in it, stick it, eat it, please it, tease it                
His mouth to my soft folds sniffing the scent of my clit                
My fruity laced juices dripping off his lips from my slit                
Tongue dancing inside, thrashing, oh sweet mercy, addicting me with those soft hits                
Gyrating as my curvaceous temple softly sway                
Seductive words caressing my desires, narrative of bodies, moans in the abbes as we seductively play  
Cloaking me, stroking me, in the throne of passion choking me                
Upon the sighs of rapture, fusing, linking my legs behind my neck, seducing my virtues always in that bow tying          
Dipping, sinking, destiny in this moment feels soooooo damn good when our juices are colliding  

I will be serenading my memories entitled Returned To Camelot, through my clothes line and the embracing sentiments of embracing words of love, seduction, for entertainment purposes read the story of Camelot, it is a very beautiful love story .

Love and Hugs, always.

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Softy Eclipsed Gown

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I hope everyone enjoyed the 2024 Solar Eclipse and you were wearing some form of eye shield.

If you gave into the temptation to glance upward into the Sun, and you are now experiencing blurred vision, or headaches. Seek the care of an Ophthalmologist.

Enjoy your late evening and have blessed Wednesday on the horizon.

Live Blog Shot
Creation By A Queen's Crown Apparel ô

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🤎... always

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The State Of Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

Not only do spices make our foods tasty, they're also very important for our health. They don't add calories, taste great, are easy to use, and most importantly, they have amazing health benefits. Did you know that spices are powerful antioxidants? There are six super spices, I like to use when I cook, and being a vegan, and fruitarian I like to experience with a lot of flavors from spicy Cajun to Creole appetizers and French cuisine when making my tofu and soy dishes. It is best to incorporate these wholesome healthy spices.      
Cinnamon is the most widely known spice among the group. Just one fourth to one half of cinnamon per day lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides in people with type 2 diabetes.      
Ginger can stop nausea and relieve heartburn and bloating.        
Dried Red Pepper lowers the risk of skin and colon cancers.        
Nutmeg The Chinese use nutmeg oil as the remedy to relive pains. Nutmeg treats inflammation and abdominal pain. Got toothache? Don't panic! Try to apply nutmeg oil on the gums. It will work like a miracle.        
Cumin The health benefits of cumin for digestive orders Cumin is rich in iron and vitamin C, which are important for good immunity and keeps the cold away. Calcium is also found in cumin. It is very good for lactating mothers. Cumin can also treat insect bites!      
Turmeric contains curcumin, an active component which may stop cancer from spreading and help prevent type 2 diabetes. It is useful in disinfecting cuts and burns. A natural painkiller! It has long been used in Chinese medicine as a treatment for depression.      
Whoever said water has to be just refreshing to drink, where there are several healing properties that water can benefits, providing you are investing in drinking the right water, therefore let implore the healing mechanics of the water and the natural elements it provides.        
As summer is approaching the body needs to stay hydrated, and itís imperative to invest in the benefits of hydration healing elements.        
I recommend you always research farther at your leisure for more amazing healthy benefit of these water. In addition, there is a certain way to make home rice water.      
Cucumber Water is used for healthy skin, it eases nausea, and it also keeps you hydrated, and removes dark circles.      
Honey Water is used to cure acne, it reduces bloating, flushes out toxins, it is an excellent remedy for a sore throat, and could be used as an aid in weight loss reduction.      
Mint Water is used as a detox, freshens the breath, helps fight acne, promotes digestion, and improves complexion.      
Rose Water, I personally use to maintain the shine of my natural curly hair. It can be utilized to lighten scars, tighten pores, soothe eyes, purify skin, and prevent breakouts.      
Ginger Water is a favor to use when relieving menstrual cramps, headaches, bloating, cold, and indigestion.        

Fennel Water can be used to relive menstrual problems, digestive problems, weight loss, and healthy skin.        

Lemon Water is a Hollywood Favorite and mine as well, is helpful in keeping a flat belly. boost the immune system, detox, blemish, free skin, and healthy digestion.      
Rice Water is used as an energy drink, and can be used to aid in glowing skin, healthy hair, shrink pores.      
Enjoy your evening and always be kind to your mind, and smile      
SKC, Interim DON, APRN      


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Today in Numerology is an 8th day to me and this handsome spiritual King was ordained by the Creator to battle.

Hear his story from a spiritual, emotional, point of view, and him wrestling with decisions to uphold his oath for his Heavenly Creator.

Joshua, also known as Yehoshua in Hebrew, played significant roles in biblical history. Letís explore his life and contributions:

Leadership and Military Conquests

Joshua was Mosesí second in command. After Mosesí death, he took over and led the Israelites into the Promised Land.

His most notable achievement was leading the seven-year conquest of the Promised Land. Joshuaís military leadership during this period is highly regarded.

He serves as a model for effective leadership, emphasizing faith, courage, and obedience to Godís commands.

The Battle of Jericho

One of the remarkable events associated with Joshua is the miracle of Jericho. The city of Jericho was surrounded by massive walls.

Following Godís instructions, Joshua led the Israelites in a unique strategy: They marched around the city for seven days, and on the seventh day, the walls miraculously collapsed, allowing them to conquer Jericho (Joshua 6).

Faith and Trust in God

When twelve spies were sent to scout the Promised Land, only Joshua and Caleb expressed unwavering faith in Godís promises.

Despite reports of strong enemies and giants (Nephilim), Joshua believed that God would fulfill His word. He urged the people to take possession of the land (Numbers 14:6-10).
Lessons from Joshuaís Life:

Joshuaís leadership qualities included rock-solid faith, reliance on Godís guidance, and obedience.

Joshuaís autobiography was cited on 04-14-24-SKC) regards to this introduction

Enjoy your Sun-Day as it slowly unfolds.
Picture from Pinterest

Love and Hugs, always

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Sharing In The Soulful Enlightenment Of Manís Rib

The puzzle of where your rib has passed unto me      
Within the comfort of my heart that softly beats      
Close your eyes, inhale, exhales, and allow Godís plan        
Standing in His image you are now universalís man      
To the emollient of your scent to the aura from which you stand      
Is the canal of my womb my brotherís keeper      
The intellectual placenta to give him his philosophical ingenuity      
A tender voice of perceptions when in his primitive state of mind      
Are his ears entrenched to the outcries of societyís deprivation of mistrust      
The faint echoes of ancient times carousels through the doctrine of his marrow      
Does he not comprehend he commands fate by his whispers to the winds      
Until his hand like a staff and rod they will always comfort him      
Commence unto the earth the scars of his fortitude        
The sanctuary of his undeniable being unto woman is like a rock of salvation      
The stars said we were born      
Into the footsteps freedom shadowed      
The rushing of tidal waves shall always bow in grace at his feet      
Attune to the shores as you look out into the past      
Glimpsing the distance to the sun of the future      
A lost world of Atlantis once erected upon scrolls      
Their sacred Sovereign held the adoption of manís abilities invested from his soul      
His strength in his mane belays his character in test of times      
To the universe he shall never asunder or strike the strength of his strands to divide      
Can you uphold me against the remnant of Luciferís seeds      
The army of wealth is making war with man in the revolution of technology, the scars of his greed      
Power behind the throne, the locked code of his existence, the carbon significant of his genes      
Misplaced history of the heart, the purpose of his goals is to keep him blind from his own glory        
The greatness of his lineage and the wondrous of his sacred ancient stories        
His six protons that he is power driven to survive by the sands of time      
His six neutrons to heighten his serotonin and dopamine, the third eye to awaken his neurotransmitters of his mind  
His six electrons the crown passage to Heaven, Earth, and the Sea, the purification of his soul as infinity intwines          
His soul by the Most High is ordained from his head down to the feet by spiritual designs  
The component of melanin superiority that rules his veins  
The Kaleidoscope on earth as he reign  
Hindered and stigmatized    
That which is first, which is last, will be first again devoid of pain  
The Hebrew manís DNA biology      
Sleep and now awoken      
The gift of my speech, the fables for me to teach      
Uplift our hands to the sky in enlightenment over the mountain we both reach      
Given by His hands I am the galaxy as far as the eyes can perceive        
The battle of manís will freeing the emancipation of his courage upon his head      
The coat of his honor gives credence from the protection of his melanin skin      
Many four scores ago, blood slayers, have hunted the corners of the world to investigate the power or its origin      
Kings and Queens under the eyes of the Sun      
Understand there is peace in hope and internal we are one kingdom      
Is it my commitment to instill the pearls of knowledge for his mind to use      
To deny the hunger of a manís brain that needs the tabernacle of sacredness      
If not      
When we greet, will ignorance and lack of spirituality indulgence      
Twain our fork tongues where we both lose      
Allow me to softy take you deeper into my Holy Shine      
Our laments of satisfaction        
Fulfilling as youíre thrusting into the maze of my seven wonders of the world      
Finding the history of us      
In the height of creation from his loins      
Is my predestined a manger to carry the passage of life      
As I push the image of Godís creation into the light of the world      
Let our names be embedded on ancient walls in this moment in time, come hither unto nigh      
To attuned ears may my soft voice embrace and resonate behind the moon nestled in the sky

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This was my last dress I sold from my Return To Camelot line. I am now working on my spring line and yes, I will be introducing my lingerie very soon, just easing you into the concept.

I only made four pieces and then are beautiful, and someone commissioned me to make five gowns for them Renascence Festival.
I am so excited, and I am training for an out-of-town marathon next month.

Everyone have a blessed day, and I am connected for once in my life just enjoying the fruits of my labor, after so many sacrifices, so many doubts to even launch my clothing line, remember this was a hobby, my creations are ... are very unique, because if you asked me to recreate the same outfit, I couldnít but the newest version is always hot and sell just the same.

I have always advised anyone the road to success is never paved on a smooth course, oh, it has its setbacks, it comes with those just fuck it moments, or I asked for this, what now, or when you just want to say, I came, I seen, and I conquered, and move in, until I look into my email and someone wants something unique, that is my smiling serenade, that warms my heart, because I wear all Very Wang and Donna Karen creations, when I am not wearing my own, and when someone tells you it's hard work, please believe it, and then to market and advertise your dreams knowing you believe in them and for someone who sews as my spiritual mind moves my hands across pattern after pattern, stiff fingers in the end, and I am thirty -one and sometimes not moving from same chair, back hunched to keep that beautiful flow of all my creations, and when I box my creations paying for shipping and handling cost, I feel proud someone has entrusted my dream in their care. When someone may ask their wearer Ďwhat you got oní and itís my Clothing Empire I am trying to build, with stich at a time all mentioned from off their lips.

Do you know the feeling of that self-empowerment from your hands, its words you cannot describe you can only feel it... that is the nucleus of my foundation and I, am the navigator of that course and the recipient of its rewards.

When I am under hot lights, blogging, zooming my remote webcam in on zippers, buttons, and lace, remote is getting sweaty from holding so long.
Having to sell a pair of your Vera Wang Stilettos because it went with the outfit, yes, this has happened two times, it is a part of you are asking someone else to believe in you, just give you that one shot, a crack in the door, the twilight moments when you should hold fast or just fold.

I am French from my European fatherís side, and we learn to enjoy life, sweet wine, and the savory of great food, and for me and honest lover. Nothing less frazzles me.
Whatever in life you want, itís yours, providing it brings you a peace of mind or a sense of accomplishment.

In the lifetime, never allow anyone one to forsake that for you, now one holds your hand when you walk the lonely miles, but for the one who refuse to move those are the voices that remain stagnated, and why is that.

You cannot live in the shadows of otherís success. We are adults here and you must carry your own basket of goodies.

My basket consists of clothes cataloging, shopping for the right material, pin needle cuts to my fingertips, it become overwhelming, but it's like itís your baby you are birthing, you nurture your ideals, strategic planning, then you monopolize the time to see it through; you take the platform of your intellect even higher.

Nothing to look down for or makes excuse for if you are carrying the weight of you own success, itís yours.

On that note of uplift, ladies please check your breasts for the month of April, and gentlemen, make sure you are getting your Prostate checked and make sure if you are of age to get a Colon Screen, Colongard Screening Kits are great but that only tell you if you are exposed to Colon Cancer, if you get the colonoscopy and polys found then they are taking care of during that procedure.

Everyone please have a great Monday and all day going forward.

Love and Hugs, always

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Softly Wading In My Depth

The trilogy of sound, body, and mind, the current of the waves softly calls out to comfort me      
A baritone voice whispers his midnight lullabies to place me in a deep sleep      
Closing my eyes to the calming alluring sound      
Images of a sovereign that once held the holiness of a crown      
No soil to greet the soles of my feet      
No clouds, stars, upon Heaven did I greet as I sunk into the depth of the deep      
A forgotten interval when water cleansed my intellect from the chaos found upon the wickedness of Godís earthly land      
One foot in Heaven the other foot walking to the shores to give blessings to my faraway beyond the beds of white sands      
Floating in the wondrous beyond the depth of it  
Caressed by the showering mist  
One of the sacred wonders unto civilization, from the Creator, a sacred gift  
The slow moving ravines, the rapid gushing streams that holds the secrets to my reincarnated dreams      
Cradled within the levitation, it becomes as blessed Holy Oil once the dewiness washes over my Creole skin      
Lowered deeper to a time the world had no sins      
Spiritual gravitating within the coral reef of a past life to ask the Heavenly Father to eradicate earthly depravation once again  
When in the beginning, the earth was without void yet, the thirst of water is where the apple of life truly begins      
It was not caused by the bite, but by the rite of fruitful knowledge, to discern wisdom thy free will when spoken    
Once bitten, the third eye opened, minds in its chaotic state of existence became awoken    
We were as Gods and Goddesses, then man begin to build his own wicked Kingdom    
On his knees and praying for salvation to come under the Sun    
I ask for forgiveness of man when his thoughts become action to raid the sea life, instilling chaos within its quiet depth      
Partaking of food, unto Mother Nature in the preparedness, it must always be thrown back, or if eaten, blessed      
I see in constellations of time, the contaminations that liters along the bed of coastal that goes way back when      
My flowing water bearer purifies when poisoned by the greed of corporationís silent leaks, their chemical equations into the ecosystem  
Resurrection is found in the afterlife once baptized unto the touch of Jesus' sanctified helm  
The wraith of cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoon funnels its fury, destroying in malice everything in its path to return what mankind have slowly poured  
Is this punishment given upon the heads of mankind, no peace where our feet may stand  
From the damage we do unto each other or the detriment we cause upon lands originating from our bicentennial fathers' fourscore  
The sea so deep, peaceful, and vast    
It will be here, no matter your lifespan, it will always outlast  
When I close my eyes, I can hear the ocean in peace and hear it when it roars  
To come upon mankind's terrain where it bows, funnels, and then overtakes to cleanse Mother Nature shore  
In the veil of peace, may you dance in your own earthly reign  

Introducing A Queenís Crown Apparelô Spring Line

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You Take My Heart Somewhere In Time

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Once upon a long ago time    
Until the Gods Iíve loved  
Who their tongues taste of my skin    
Like fine wine    
Unto the earth, until the stars    
You all were my Man from Mars    
Unto you I bow until your throne    
You, were the one who kissed me behind my neck    
As our love died on    
Zeus, such a handsome man to be a God and a Muse    
Dionysius, the man Iíve loved    
Like a million roars    
He was the one    
Who made my honey drip out of my pores    
Unto Ares oh, such a love, so divine    
He is the voice Iíve heard through the portals of time    
Unto this Goddess, youíve loved me    
Since the ancient of the earth    
Each night your caresses feel like loveís rebirth    
Unto the Gods    
My voice, so tender in its coax    
The tease, as I love you until the end of remote

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Blind perceptions and misleading beliefs will always be the instability of humanity. The very same fate giving his way to fall on his own sword.  

In addition, the postulations, which I will wisely intricate on that concept more as I narrate more in depth. Is it normalcy expectation to judge the intellect of person by words unspoken, or to infer their soul through the windows of their eyes; is it a realistic charisma flaw that tells us the anarchy and epitome of oneís hidden soul and does it carry the preeminence of what that person stands for, his/her truth, by vow, or by his/her bond.          
Perceptions from birth we are taught to value our self-worth as a person, to accept our mental projected gender, and to acclimate to be the best we can be when interacting. We try to find the common ground as we uphold our characteristics with merit and without bias; those three principles of convictions are what we present to the world, and its properties is well known as first impressions.      
Should those three argumentative persuasions be the sole catalyst to condone, demoralize, or beret, the assumption of oneís charisma, to label a person to be non-worthy, to boost oneís person ego, giving way to a false superior complex, which eventually crumples due to being erected on a sense of an ill-reputed grounds of oppression.          

This is the very same foundation for what I have taken the oath to enter as my profession continues. If I have not been taught, anything in my scholastic journey, I have been taught to be well versed to know, you never take people at face value, allow them to prove their importance, through actions, or by greater deeds.
I specifically stand on that assurance for good measures for who I am, and what I can give back by words or by my civil duty.    

Most intellects in society practices the pedigree of being polite, charismatic, convincing, or stand to be just downright insufferable.  
It saddens me for the citizens walking around, who are quietly suffering from Mental Health. The dynamics is to live your best life no matter what innate, your energy is boundless.  

For some that feat becomes more easier said than done.

The older we became we supposed to be stepping up into our rightful place to discern wisdom and practice delivering it with grace, what happens when neither can be obtained, does the mentality regress to a state of discord where the intellect pampers and wallows in its own universal discord, the pillars of right and wring becomes blurred in its composure.
In my field of interest everyone is always considered dishonest until proven right, I had to rethink that concept, meaning, it did not make any sense at the time, however, as time has progressed, and I am fully aware how the mind tends to function that concept has taken precedent.  

Does this perception give us permission to love our neighbor at a distance. That is one reassurance trait I was taught when I was growing up and that is, never give a troubled mind the benefit of the doubt, not when it is uncertain of its own destination, cannot foster the notion of its own direction.

I cannot make you swallow the truth, that is not my job, however, I will surely place it up to lips to partake or not. Nor will I negate my truth or lessen the evolution of my mind, because time have not caught up to yours.  

To silence anyone's beliefs is to give a false sense of security to someone 's else 's vision, if you follow pursuit, it becomes detrimental to build one's own utopia.

The source or truth is to be philosophically assertive, then assess from your mind, hopefully, our spiritual higher vibrations will fuse into something meaningful to promote our brain mechanism higher than the words of what man can offer. In my best interest, knowledge is power, and cognitive awareness is the freedom of the psyche to make its mistake, repair, and heal the progression to foster a better understanding of self.
Everyone is wrong, when you do not know of them, only what they tell us is through the introduction of their sou, the phases of their human spirit.

Hopefully, it is always the truth, whereas, if it isnít, then, I am never disappointed in the least to give credence for a person displaying their true colors.      
That connotation takes you far and being in the field of Forensic Psychology you must place yourself in the patient role to completely understand where the breakdown of the perceptual pattern went awry, so you may reasonably understand to properly diagnose the mindset.      
The mind is by far the wisest culprit known to man, it can love, or it can deceive. Whatever is on your mind, please allow it to always stay in the spiritual light, once it gets a slice of that darkness, it tends to funnel the strongest negative forces, in better terms, no one can really see what ugliness it can really fester.      
Then you come into my path where our souls meet and you are pushing to retain your persona doctrine and me cheering to get you back on that road of independence, utilizing positive reinforcements for the ones who have locked their presence in their own mindset.

May your mind, find peace where your thoughts can inspire on the path of your journey, find an avenue to seek the truth, or may we assist someone else in their journey so our living will not be in vain.

SKC, Interim, DON, APRN

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My Whoosah Vibe

This is dedicated to anyone who has the passion to excavate crystals or stones. I have been collecting stones, to use for the sake of transferring positive Feng Shui energy and when meditating to draw, the reinforcement of positive energy, enlighten the purification of channeling my Seven Chakras, in a meditative state.

There is a stone I am tracking as of late. This particular stone I cannot seem to locate in New York, I would like to have an ensemble created out of this crystal; ring, necklace, and a pair of earrings.

Lepidolite, when placed at the crown chakra, this crystal is said to dissolve fear based belief systems.  

What is the best crystal to put on your heart chakra to me

Lepidolite when placed at the crown chakra, this crystal is said to dissolve fearbased belief systems.  

While I have your undivided visual attention. The weather is getting nicer, the birds are tweeting their Spring serenades to Mother Earth to soothe us into our Grand Rising.

This is the time ladies you must take care of that alluring frame that silently speaks by visual to the world.

Nothing drastic, always love the skin you are in; however, utilizing natural enhancement always is beneficial to the mind, heart, body, and it attracts like-minded souls.

A little Heavenly reminder to keep you looking vibrant, and feeling on top of the world, sort of speaking.
The passage to the inner peace starts in the heart, and it is manifested by the mind.

Who really has the time in life to awaken in mental distress, hatred, angered at the world without a cause, that must get daunting, then to shift the mind and regress, into a state of dissociation in, a mental roller-coaster. Come on get off the mental slopes, the toxic hills that youíve built, bathe your beautiful cerebral cortex in the whoosah vibe, now thatís sexy, itís addictive, own it, itís yours.

Shine on, always in your own shoes, no matter the road you have traveled, stand still, inhale, exhale, relax, I say that as to advise you live in the moment, not even a second is promised to humanity.  

These are the times you must inventory your psyche, what are you doing to yourself to make you better than yesterday are you sharing your universal love, its free, and do you respect Mother Ether and her minerals, we rely on them more than you know.

Starting with the basic question, are you in love with myself... Iím waiting, you will be surprised at how many people say they love everyone else, other than themselves.  

Or yes, you also have the ones that will admit, ĎI love myself.í

I will take you at your words, only if you watch, what your digest, exercise, just move, smile/laugh, its good for the soul, cry if you must, it releases those inner hurtful or happy emotions they soul needs to purge, it is beautiful and it is an inner cleansing by your body to bring those overwhelming, stimulating Leucine-enkephalin, it is an endorphin in the assistance of producing your own tears, in that spiritual suspension. you give yourself another change, release the hurt, and walk your anew path.

That Sun will be shinning more as the months progress with the flow of time. Get out enjoy those sunrays, in moderation of course, a brisk walk, a acing run, gardening, shopping. Subsequently, please make sure you use some sunblock, and watch for any signs of irregular moles, bleeding skin tags, if any abnormalities suspected, please see your physician or your dermatologist.

Love is a state of mind, you cannot touch it, you can only feel it. It baffles me, how the human being and all its beautiful intrinsic complexities that makes us an individual always fall for that one emotion, love, that is one sector you will never find any disparity, only the chemical equation when someone else balances your inner twined flame, you sway, they sway, the heat of that cosmic higher vibration is scented out, the moth will aways hover to the ethos, pathos, logos, of your soulful, flame, duality in the scribbling upon the reflective mirror of entwined minds, let the enticement of your words, speak for your silk sheets.

My love, lay the burdens, of a cold word, and allow me to softly turn up the sizzling mental blanket, mm... extending scorching desires, felt across the hands of timeÖ hey, I had to get my arrow in the mix.. wink.

Love And A Healthy Outlook

Now you have your love interest, itís time to keep his nose wide, his scent flavored for only you, attract him with those alluring pheromones.

To always keep your skin supple, your mind, and heart pampered, I would say spend a day at your local Spa, a facial, my favorite, a massages (full-body) your haired shampooed, professional styled, do not forget, a manicure, pedicure, pamper yourself, if you are a feminist, and I bow unto your holistic, or esoterica uprising, naturality, herbs, medical roots to purge the soul of its toxins, and a spiritual atonement with self where beauty is as the natural existence as is.

Meaning, beauty is within, we all have it, most are usually attuned with that harmony of mind, heart, and soul of that gift to self.

That holistic energy revolves around the world; it is the inner subconscious for which you manifest it.  

Positive energy within self is the embracing of your quiet Crown Chakra, a higher level of insight. Common sense to the mind and to give credence to others.

Society will acknowledge its intellect for which the world to be uplifted, held in the highest esteem.  

Negative energy has no shape, no form, yet it swarms in obscurity, it stirs misguided and negative pathos to the dark core of the mind, its detrimental to the digestive system, who can really sit down at a table, bless over their food with a hatred heart, well, a sociopath, can.

On that universal vibe, I bow to everyone in peace, love, and spiritual harmony.

Please follow the link, to find out the incredible and beneficial healing and general properties of this amazing stone.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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