Image for the poem Two Werewolves.  Loving causes wild pain.

Two Werewolves.  Loving causes wild pain.

You asked me not to leave you alone,
And looked at the full moon with angry eyes.
I was just silent - I didn’t know what to say.
We shouldn't be together, I just knew that.

I repeated again that we can not be together,
Explained many times that we are different.
But you didn't want to understand what I meant.
I boldly cut at the root of all my dreams ...

You stood under the moon, turning away from me,
And lovingly said something through my tears.
I will never forget that moment of destruction,
That moment of our silent battle...

Love is a struggle, and separation is a victory,
Only whose fault is it, who will tell me about it?
I don't know which of us wins from separation,
I only know that it kills us both...

I wanted you to hug me, but I said, “No".
The moonlight causes me wild pain ... "
I waited for the next day to come,
And quietly repeated:" I love you, werewolf ... "

Oblivion came, you were too close,
And the moon at that moment was so low.
I wanted to tell you, but I choked, fell ...
I was wildly tired of this tortured existence!

Why didn't you walk away in that hideous hour
When you destroyed what held us together?
I remember a stream of blood, your piercing cry,
And how the light of the moon drooped over me.

The rising sun woke me up.
In your sad eyes I saw myself.
I found two scars on my shoulder -
Now the same wound is on my heart ...

You and I are now forever together -
Two werewolves, two loves, two fires, two souls.
I'll never be able to go anywhere without you,
Just don't die, breathe and breathe...

Again I was silent, I couldn't find the right words,
But you understood me even without them...
I assure you, there is such love,
Where loving causes wild pain
Author's Note
The trials of love. Sometimes they can tear you apart, transform you... You wake up after the full moon with blood all over you. And you just can't remember how it got there anymore. I planned for this to be more a dark Halloween write on the surface in the spirit of the season but it took it's own direction. Feel free to treat it as a fun dark Halloween write though. I am more than happy with that. ;)

Happy Halloween!, Guys and Ghouls... I hope you are haunted by all the sexiest things tonight. Or have fun with little ghouls running around so excited to get tons of candy, they shouldn't have. Which will have them bouncing off the walls. lol And then sexiest things later. (that's important damnit)
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