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The Perfection Of Self

Naked reflection mirror the truth of one’s soul. It’s the pivotal time in your life when you stop, turn around, and glance upon the necessities you have taken to bring the presence of the soul to such a point in time.

I have been blessed to have enclosed the aura of my being with great minded people alike, and associates of greater affluence and keen intellect, but is this all my essence, what my creed stands for, shouldn’t there be more to me, if all possible, on this green earth.  

I am finally realizing materialistic gains is boundless, and it does not bring comfort to the soul, it’s a harsh sense of reality and a sub-diversion substitute for love; an empty emotion one must or has to contend with.  

I suppose when you are the director of a geriatric population. I see the look at pending sunset on the faces each day, dethroned existence still holding on to historic artifacts from generations ago, some mouths laced with such with bitter tongues, yet frail hands, still needing the comfort of a warm heart to see them through the throes of a slumber, most refusing to sleep, knowing the sound of death is imminent in the labored breaths are taken.

It seems ironic everyone wants to live within a past they can never revisit and refuses to invest in a divine purpose for their existence now for a sacred future.

I can now understand why people who are looking in other’s glass houses do not understand the average mind, when people have such grand prosperity, hitherto. They will never tell you half of their life is spent walking around popping pills; pills to awaked pills to keep you up, pills to calm you down, or pills to just zone you out, couch potatoes under the guidance of a therapist, festering their mental illness upon society, giving up, giving in, thoughts of suicide, self-mutilations, drug overdoses, mental hospitalization.

In life, we all must remember their needs to be a balance of our temple; spiritually, mentally, intellectually, physically, and emotionally, the foundation of us is like a jigsaw puzzle, when one piece is out of sync it crumbles the rest or we are not quite complete.  

As a nurse, I would diagnose it as mental deterioration, an undiagnosed chemical imbalance, but sometimes, what if that’s just not the case.  

An empty soul is the devil’s vessel, and an idle mind does the devil’s work.  

I wrote this narrative as my path in life, which has already been foretold, I am at the crossroads, and it appears I cannot defer God’s initial plan or detour my footsteps.  

I have aided the minds in reaching its full potential in all sectors of life, I think it’s time my ordained merriment becomes my calling.  

For once, I wish my mother were still breathing this earthy life to pat me on my back, and tell me a job well done, my grann in Haiti, has been my rock of salvation, my second wet nurse in command, however, there is no greater love than hearing those words, from your mother, father.  

In my culture, lineage plays an important tool in life. I arrived here and forget my ancestral rites of passage that was always to teach the younger generation, heal what is not broken to keep it from becoming shattered, respect the trilogy of life, death, and in the evolution of its rebirth.

My Santo Domingo, French, and Haitian Creole callings of the old has instilled in me not to become attached to materialistic gains, and never to place faith in a man.

In life, if one has a dream, make sure you invest everything you have to obtain it, however, along the way do not forget to take the time to smell the roses, laugh, and seek spiritual enlightenment; money, fame, and having it all is not the things that makes one presence more or less important, it’s the stable gifts we get out of life, which brings us our greatest rewards; the unity of family, lasting friendships, and universal love.  

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

Tyrant of Words
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The Number Five

The Number Five
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Everyone, please enjoy this day in all that your beautiful and embracing soul may partake

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Allow Mother Earth To Softly Reign

The trilogy of sound, body, and mind, the current of the waves softly calls out to comfort me      
A baritone voice whispers his midnight lullabies to place me in a deep sleep      
Closing my eyes to the calming alluring sound      
Images of a sovereign that once held the holiness of a crown      
No soil to greet the soles of my feet      
No clouds, stars, upon Heaven did I greet as I sunk into the depth of the deep      
A forgotten interval when water cleansed my intellect from the chaos found upon the wickedness of God’s earthly land      
One foot in Heaven the other foot walking to the shores to give blessings to my faraway beyond the beds of white sands      
Floating in the wondrous beyond the depth of it  
Caressed by the showering mist  
One of the sacred wonders unto civilization, from the Creator, a sacred gift  
The slow moving ravines, the rapid gushing streams that holds the secrets to my reincarnated dreams      
Cradled within the levitation, it becomes as blessed Holy Oil once the dewiness washes over my Creole skin      
Lowered deeper to a time the world had no sins      
Spiritual gravitating within the coral reef of a past life to ask the Heavenly Father to eradicate earthly depravation once again  
When in the beginning, the earth was without void yet, the thirst of water is where the apple of life truly begins      
It was not caused by the bite, but by the rite of fruitful knowledge, to discern wisdom thy free will when spoken    
Once bitten, the third eye opened, minds in its chaotic state of existence became awoken    
We were as Gods and Goddesses, then man begin to build his own wicked Kingdom    
On his knees and praying for salvation to come under the Sun    
I ask for forgiveness of man when his thoughts become action to raid the sea life, instilling chaos within its quiet depth      
Partaking of food, unto Mother Nature in the preparedness, it must always be thrown back, or if eaten, blessed      
I see in constellations of time, the contaminations that liters along the bed of coastal that goes way back when      
My flowing water bearer purifies when poisoned by the greed of corporation’s silent leaks, their chemical equations into the ecosystem  
Resurrection is found in the afterlife once baptized unto the touch of Jesus' sanctified helm  
The wraith of cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoon funnels its fury, destroying in malice everything in its path to return what mankind have slowly poured  
Is this punishment given upon the heads of mankind, no peace where our feet may stand  
From the damage we do unto each other or the detriment we cause upon lands originating from our bicentennial fathers' fourscore divide and conquer plans
The sea so deep, peaceful, and vast    
It will be here, no matter your lifespan, it will always outlast  
When I close my eyes, I can hear the ocean in peace and hear it when it roars  
To come upon mankind's terrain where it bows, funnels, and then overtakes to cleanse Mother Nature shore  
In the veil of peace, may you dance in your own earthly reign  


Tyrant of Words
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I Just Called To Say I Love You

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Getting out of the shower
Making sure, within an hour
Before the makeup
A lacy thong to softly caress my lover's cup
Vera Wang stilettos on my feet
My eyes to New York traffic my patience will greet
I wish you this beautiful song, whereas, in life we must all cope
For knowing today is filled with prayers to try and hope
The month of April is almost upon us
So, I will be making a plead to your mind, without a fuss
To do your bi-lateral mammogram
In the shower, where you lay, or in front of the mirror as you stand
I just called to say I love, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart...
So, continue to check your breasts and do your awareness part

I actually preformed a bi-lateral breast exam, in front of the mirror this morning, with this song playing through my surround sound in the background, after getting out the shower, but YouTube guidelines was not allowing that video, in all its natural glory.
Therefore, you get the song instead of the breast exam tutorial, sorry, but I tried, I will retry at a later date.

Partial words extracted from Stevie's Wonder Song, I Just Called To Say I Love You... This month is almost over therefore, ladies please continue to check your breasts monthly.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Just Do It..

In celebration of getting my running crew together, I will be making several videos up to my weigh in praying to the Gods of Nautilus equipment to assist me to lose this last pound, in lieu of that I will try to sneak in making a Smoothie Protein Healthy shake.

It will be disheartdned if the running couch cannot participate due to a last stubborn pound I swear, and I weigh in with a Sport’s Bra on, no Nike sneakers, hair in ponytail, and no water twenty-four hours prior, it the scale do not budge, I have nothing left but to be weight in my birthday suit, and if I say it believe it to be.

If there are any runners, workout enthusiasts out there, I salute your progress as the weather is getting warmer and you vow to maintain your overall health.

Smile the weather is nice, make sure you corporate a dentist exam for those pearly whites.

Begin drinking plenty of water to flush your system, I usually place a lemon slice in mine, and when I am done drinking my water I use the lemon to rub over my elbows. (It’s good for lightening the skin in that area).

That tanning season will be upon us ladies; however, I do not utilize any tanning bed, due in part I get dark naturally.

Make sure you use the appropriate tanning bed lotion. That leaves no streaks or any orange discoloration.

Please make sure you are utilizing protective eye, and please pay close attention to any posted taking safety guidelines, that sunshine is becoming a beautiful teaser.

I will try to post running on my treadmill one day this week. I will try at home first to see if I can balance my respiration and talking... this ought to be interested.

Smile for me and have a blessed day..


Tyrant of Words
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Everyone please enjoy the remainder of your weekend, and be safe out there


Tyrant of Words
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My Final Weigh In This Evening

Weight 1251/2
BMI (Great)
Height 5'4

I need that scale to be nice and record me this evening 120..  that's a wish among the stars
I have my thong ready in case, I privately weight in it yesterday. and my sports bra.. I

Where are the days of yore when I could eat as I please, and still make 120 without effort. This is no excuse. I did not even patriciate last year (2023) with my running members last year, and they did very nice with time...hummm ...just kidding.

I will post my final weigh in the AM, with pictures.

Everyone have a great Monday and a blessed week going forward.


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Set your tone to this dominatrix bustier hands stitched and embroidered with all-natural material and my signature breast thong.  

Mmm... a pleaser teaser to stop any man in his track, if he plays his cards right, I am sure he can see the matching chain draped, thong... so sexy... however, I am still working on perfecting them.

I suppose one size does not pertain to all, I have to make a better pattern, with more decorative styles.

If there are any Art/Craft, Embroiderers, seamstress, tailors. I bow to your craft, since I have begun this journey, my manicured nails have been worn shorter, my solarium, which I am using, I like the light reflection, has so many fabric swatches, give me time.

Ladies, the weather is getting warm, and this little number is a must have item to have in your closet.

Thus is my second creation, Buttercup, within this poem, the female who ordered this shirt, I do hope it fit, and she even wanted to buy the pattern, if I was to stich this bustier once again, it will never look like this, she owns that original.

I do not know what I am doing, but it feels so good walking my own path, on the Dark Web, this went very quickly.

This online patron wanted the lipstick I was wearing (sold it, and that was my favorite shade, from the Kyle Jenner cometic line) I was wearing, my earrings not sold, family heirloom.

I will be advertising some of my creations along with a poem, however, not the poem that is sold with the shirt, due in part, once it is autographed, I do customary frame the poem, and ship out along with all those other items soft alluring you within my pomes.  

I send all times sent with that poem, it become the patrols keepsake.

I am so sorry, where are my manners, hello everyone, I hope everyone please have a blessed week going forward.

That is my thong sold in this piece, mm… as you can see, right where he wiped my nipples office before stuffing them back inside my mouth.

The previews, before, you have to log into my account… the entice incentive.

$589.00 sold
$99.00 worth of poem prop

Bidding started at $350.00

Sold On The Dark Web

I pay for shipping cost for privacy related issues.

Queen's Crown Apparel (Registered Trademark Pending).

Whatever you dream, I know we all hear that old tired and true line, but please continue to believe in it, however, it still takes determination, and perseverance, and make sure you do it with passion, until it speaks as who you are, and ladies, I cannot tell you enough step out on faith, no matter of the last twenty times your dreams, or aspiration becomes stagnant, will maybe twenty-one is that charm, you would never will know until you try.

I see some amazing talent on this platform, and whatever you do capitalize on it. I know every passion is not meant to be shared, and I can respect that, but for the one who think they have done everything with their talent, and time is not factor, find other avenues.

I see painters on here. You have families, host your first showing, rent a hall, solicit a catering service, and send out flyers, get on a social media platform and they will come.

Be your own spokesperson in life, there is an audience for anything the mind has not thought possible, yet those are the ideals other people are getting paid for, isn't it your day to shine, start with a getting a website, if you have knack, sell it.

Have a blessed Monday and a great Tuesday.

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Fly to your potential

Tyrant of Words
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Embrace Your Aura

Well hello everyone we have just crossed the helm of another month, and before I get to my blessing and divine salutations ladies make sure you check your breasts for the month of March, wow, can you all believe we are already in the price of the third month, we had an extra day added the elements of time, for all you adorable infants that were birth yesterday, may you celebrate your life each day, as if it was you birthday celebrated in the moments of awaited time.

Spring is just around the corner, and we will be losing the luxury of that extra added benefit of sleep. Ladies, that will mean upon your Grand Rising, you will most likely be awakening with that puffiness around the eyes, more irritable until the body gets in sync with the natural rhythm of time’s new adjustment, and please take into consideration your cognitive awareness will be slightly off, where your melatonin a secreted hormones from the pineal gland, which is a natural sleep derivative released to your temple.

Melatonin, a natural hormone, is primarily produced by the pineal gland this hormone is primary released in the brain at night, and its beneficial in adding in our sleep throughout our sleeping to a wake cycle.

If weather is permissible attempt to get out as much as you can to absorb those beautiful sun rays, and in getting a dose of Vitamin D, from the sun.
For senior citizens, if you are active and if you cheerful about moving about form a walking group and just get out a take a leisure stroll through Mother Nature. If you are into gardening, my second passion other than traveling and running marathons.

Then make sure you plant the appropriate flowers that is expected to be planted during this pre-Spring weather, do not forgot we are still in the Winter Solstice if utilizing the (Western Calendar) and we are already in the Vasant Ritu (Vedic Calendar). Make sure if the weather does return to cooler temperature covers the seeds up with a layering of plastic to keep the soil still most and fertile.

Vasant Ritu begins on February 18 and lasts throughout the duration until April 19. Springtime, known as Vasant Ritu.

Let me add, ladies, please take care of the inner thoughts of your mind when thought are not conducive to uplift, our psyches, the nakedness of our truth, we become the reflection of our own dissatisfactions, our own envy, our insecurities began to peak, and we become the vessel of our own demise.

Walk in faith, if it cannot kill you, it can only make you stronger.  

Never dwell in the fallacy of anyone’s gloom and doom, it’s theirs, allow them to own it and retain.

I know this adage may sound cliché, but ‘the meaning of life is to live through the windows of others.

How can any person look into the house and see a starving child, and walk on by, with that being said, no one in this world have time to make themselves miserable, what is the validity in that.

Self-preservation and self-love bring so much divine gravitational, it becomes the spoken truth of your action, it gives credence to your deeds.

For me, personally, I will always try to thrive on the wings of high vibrational energy, seeking to learn, to explore. In this day and in this lifetime, being, no seconds or the next breath is guaranteed. You need to create your own happiness, live through your own storms, and celebrate through your trials and tribulations, after all, those are your darkest hours, the uncertain times, when faith is lingering in the air, and the easy way out seems like the best course of action taking the detour through life.

That is what you consider your crossroads in life, no one walks in the wrong direction in life, its costly, mistakes add up, and time is never a beneficial factor.

Subsequently, show the aura of your persona what you are made of manifest positiveness through your endurance, after all, you are the navigator of your own testimonies, make it shine to give others, hope, feed their minds with daily encouragements, it is always warrantied for someone who may have lost the way.

May you feel the wind at your back as you gallop toward the embracement of the wind.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

The ensemble is called Homecoming, I blended several fabrics, and I incorporated several colors swatches that screamed to be softly blended.

I am live blogging, this is a freeze frame shot, I am trying to put together a catalogue for a portfolio.

The purple swatch added my signature flair Amethyst affluent
The white-the purity to wear against the skin
The color brown represented the Motherland
This universal color of black symbolizes freedom in the movement means uprise

A lace is precise measured patches I incorporated from a sanitized sheer panel (just for the sleeves, after tie-dyed and the leather material was from a Simplicity pattern/Simplicity 9911, Sz 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

Asking Price For The Dress $300.00
A Queen's Crown Apparel (Registered Trademark pending)

I am venturing into plus size, once I am comfortable with the variation of adjusting my fabric

I am getting some inboxes; therefore, I hear you.

Thigh High leather boots (out my closet-not sold)

Enjoy your upcoming week everyone, and smile


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Memories of Soweto (Allah Have Mercy)

This dress I have created, was made with fresh tears, from the remembrance of a teaching moment.

There was a little girl and her mother within their village, I vaguely remember, and I did not know their customary during the time. This mother must have sent her daughter over to give me a black ribbon to tie back my hair, I remember my hair was wet and that Sun was beating down on us, we were giving immunizations that day, if anyone has ever been to Africa or any of its continent, it is more near the equator and its hot, a dry heat.

Still to this day, I get teary eye knowing the little girl came running up to me, she wanted to touch my hair, I seen the question in her mother eyes, I did not allow her to oblige out of respect for her parent, do you know that same woman took off her head scarf walked up to me and demanded in her dialect for me to sit, it was done more so, from a  concerned shadow, she wrapped that head scarf around my head, it was so tight, I could not even lift my eyebrows, but as the day unfolded, it became to loosen, I stayed in that head scarf for two weeks, and we moved all over location, we were in Tanzania.. and beautiful eye opener, in addition, I was given detailed stories of suffering being Albino.

I sewed that piece of ribbon into this creation, if you look on the neck above my Royal Golden Insignia, it represents.

I posted not to be sold someone offered some nice waver for this, and then I did post this poem with it, due in part, and it stirs so many cherished memories, when I was in college.

Love and Hugs, always.


A Queen's Crown Apparel
(Registered Trademark Pending)

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Returned Unto Eden (Genesis)

I am the wind beneath blowing at Hell’s feet  
When Demons come to the roundtable to greet      
My sword’s tip ingrained in the wood    
No permission granted in earthly rest until the understating of man’s devious plight is understood      
Spells I ordained, your souls blended to entertain      
Who dare deny the force of the afterlife, when it resides in me      
The spiritual prodigy born with a discerning third eye    
My heart, mind, soul manifested to obey unto man’s purgatory just to appease      
Can bridge one moment to the next glimpsed of ancient time      
Reached into history to give Roman its blueprints as the empire fell under trickery’s designs      
Can close my eyes and be right there      
Through the portal of astral traveling of the fifth dimension, just like that, through thin air      
Because you cannot see, or comprehend never disbelieve      
Some beguiling souls have locked secrets, only the Illuminati or the Freemasons will ever come to agree      
Faith on lock      
Destiny by my soul can unblock      
Karma, the Creator’s punishment to mankind when the Temple’s arrogance, refuses to stop      
Born in the reminisce of time, psyches to save, and ordained by the North star my existence is well defined    
I can taste, smell, and feel man’s earthly demise      
Hold tight on to my hand and keep your heart pure unto me as we make each our first time      
As surely, I will covet your spirit on earth as the sun in the East shall rise      
I predict      
I kiss      
I am the Magician who stars have foretold of its miraculously gift      

Shh… who dares announce such extraordinary they posses      
The snap of a finger to cry in the last breath for one’s death      
I am Haitian Creole it’s in my blood      
Have centered and learned to channel spiritual love from above      
It is exceptional, Revelations, yet Stigmatic’s painful undulation      
I surrender unto the stripes of its beautiful dismay as life moves upon it axis pace      
To inhale such Heaven my skin lashes, tortured in silent under God’s ultimate’s grace      
Hell for you never to taste the bitterness’ or its trace      
For the creation of the human race      
I am the one who has a foot in tarnation my heart in the realm of Heaven to balance out the universe      
To disavow human’s progression to submit to a diabolical curse      
No strife within my care as you reside the purity of your seven sins denounced by Heaven      
Within hope I am the one who permits you from the falling to your self-created sin, the unknown eleventh      
Your subconscious when right and wrong is not found in your mental dwellings      
Free will      
The persecutor when not upholding the universal divine oath thy should not kill or steal      
Hope, when you cannot go on      
Sounds for reassurance when your ears cannot atone      
The benediction when your mouth speaks degradation, hatred on the prowl      
Serenity, I uphold the light in the calling of midnight, hooting like a wise owl      
I tell you this to keep my Charkas spiritually aligned      
Words are mightier than the sword, as the ocean roars during turbulent times      
I wear the Tarot, Loa rites of ancestral passages, the cradle of Divinity in one hand      
Love, compassion faith, trust, the olive branch of understating to grant virgin intellects across the land      

To judge me brings shame upon your head      
No psychological balance given to foolish minds to turn and toss in detraction, persecution of blind daggers led  
Yet magistrate me, in not recognizing the stench reeking of your own bed      
When you speak of ensorcelled, the marring of the souls’ worth      
Suffrage found in your loins and wombs never to give rebirth      
If not marked with good intentions , will never come to past of this cruel world      
Hitherto, to unleash my beautiful passion, rapture, lust, ecstasy blessed as my mind softy unfurls      
I am the one the darkness bathes in Divinity’s light      
No lights, or cameras will ever be the vanity of my reflective plight      
You can never measure the gift of the rite of passage might      
Some occurrences in life are not meant to be understood      
A moment once encountered will never know the starvation of righteous and good      
I am the stalwart soul in the softness of time      
Hands of wisdom given you the Hieroglyphics can decipher like its dialect tongue was once mine  

This creation, which is mine, is called A Gift To Eden (Not For Sale).

A Queen Crown Apparel

Have a blessed Friday everyone.


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Returned To Eden (Exodus)

I wanted to say my prayers are with the royal family.

In regards to the Princess Kate of England newly diagnosed of Cancer.

May we all keep her in our humbling prayers for her a speedy recovery to her road to remission.

Ladies with that being said and sadden to have stated, make sure you get your yearly cancer screenings, please.

Everyone have a blessed weekend.

Love and Hugs,

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Prelude to Part III The Sacred Scrolls Of King Solomon
(The Queen, Concubines)

I will be bringing this part to eyes from a Royal Court Queen’s point of view written from The Sacred Queen Orator

Interwoven with narrative tales from a King’s Concubine.

If you have ever read the epic biblical story on King Solomon of Israel, it is a fascinating tale.

A very powerful King who in his generation era ruled Israel.

King Solomon did have many wives, not by sexual conquest, many were a political means to strengthen his legacy among many nations.

I will explore that as this beautiful biblical story unfolds told from my eyes, and the unforeseen elemental forces of Mother Nature that propel this story along until completion.


There is only one Queen

I will tell her story

This creation is titled, Bowing In Grace from My Return To Eden Line.

Shirt $350.00
Pants $150.00  
White Satin Steve Madden Stilettos (My closet- not for resale)

This is a live blog still shot

A Queen's Crown Apparel™

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