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The Beautiful Mind (Learn To Embrace All Of Its Wonders)

Is the greatest reward to accept one’s fate as we bow unto the carnal pleasures of sin, we give our hearts and our minds unto another, the lending of our flesh, the gratification felt within the sole act.    
Is it better to love with your mind than with your body, giving unto another your deepest thoughts, which the subconscious covets, yet your heart refusing to adhere.        
Where the liaison of the mind becomes obsessional, the journeys to merge thoughts co-mingling, whereas the truth of the heart refuses to stop the course of the mind’s serendipity actions; rather it is found to be right, or an injustice behind the lewdness.      
In ancient days when love letters, were such beautiful thoughts upon its written context, sprayed, with our sweetest perfume scent, and then whisked out of our hands to our awaiting lover.      
Bated breaths in anticipation to read the reflection of the heart it feels, the mind in silence it has wished upon.      
Eager eyes reading feverish thoughts, our wants, our hidden desires, heartbeats pounding in the replacement of pounding within our naked soul, leaving our hearts to bleed once the mind is no longer in sync to comply, to soar off its beautiful melodies.      
Is there a lost art of passion due to the emergent of technology, have we conditioned, and then surrendered our minds to have forgotten the heart rules the mind, once upon a time, where we showed less skin, more intellect ruled, chasten thoughts was in giving of the degree by the heart.      
In this day and in the new age of social engagement, whereas we no longer place our most sacred heart upon a pedestal, for the right person to capture it, cultivate it, and nourish the crown of our Charkas, the depth of our psyche when in alliance of reaching the heart.      
Mentally making love in the dark, forsaking the appearance of human touch, words lavished in the role play of skin-to-skin contact, the absence of that which speak truth from our lips, could ever be measure in sound, it must be felt in vibration.    
Most would say if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, however, how do you even attempt to repair something that will never break, when all logical of the mind relates to the heart’s complexities, its passion, the circumvent of lust, the self-made concepts to love entirely with the mind, and delaying the emotional grandeur of the heart, however, this concept may appeal to a wide range of believers.        
In addition, it does venture into several sectors; you have your muse love, your crushes, your sacred Chakras someone else feels to psychologically engage, explore with sight unseen. the pause, of the human mind and the correlation when trying to upkeep its lack of emotional aggression, the misgiving will always leave the mind to wander and the heart to shadow, in the end, leaving the person, emotionally depleted, with vague thoughts one must contend with, a bad cloud of judgment of what could had been, which was never was, summing it up to only an alluring mind affair and your heart was only present for the voyage.    
As humans we tend to indulge by the mind, declare love by simply sharing our most trusted and sacred emotions, which over time becomes more lucid, more pronounced, whereas we learn to accept the fruitless of its bearing giving our mindset a false sense of love, in as much, it becomes the worth of our value.  
Creating the temperament ideology to engage in online sexual prowess, which does at times entail many variants of porn.  
Is that allusion of perversion a scapegoat for the mind, does the person’s inner connection lay within that mental comfort, if you guessed right, you are correct.    
In my field, of studying the mind, I have bear witness to several sessions of someone's mental cognitive awareness placed under psychoanalysis of the brain... a fascinating experience and be advised this person had a higher-than-average IQ.    
Therefore, this brings me to the summary of my conclusion, no matter what state the mind is stabilized in, it is your sole responsibility to maintain its potential growth, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  
As of late, I have noticed more citizens have become depressed and are making new patients apportionments for anxiety, or are showing signs of depressive behavior, and more anger.

School age teenagers are being seen for home outbursts, and disruptive behavior in the classroom, the ages are ranging from eleven to sixteen, and then a drop off, and the older adults.  

My profession is seeing these segments of the population, personally, I cannot break it down into any variables, as to why.

Those are just a few to name to take into consideration when thinking this could be some of the reasons society is becoming more aggressive.  

Mass shooting has been on the upraise, and some of these suspects have histories of Mental Health Illness.  

I am an advocate of Mental Health, Breast Cancer, and Childhood Cancer, if you suffer from any form of mental illness, and you have taken it upon yourself to seek counseling, I applaud you, with the most humbling respect.

It was once categorized as hearsay, looked upon as witchery, when villagers were having schizophrenia deviations.  

Mental Illness has come a long away through modern science, where the person can discuss openly his mental concerns, without any stigmatisms, no guilt, no shame.  

However, if you conceal behind your darkness and create the illusion of your mental hell, do not become chagrined because higher intellects do not want to become a member of it, and why is that, it is detrimental to the chemical balance of those beautiful neurotransmitters that fires to gives that boost to the energy of our two brain hemispheres, right and wrong, left and right.  

The mind needs to be pampered in a state of positive animation, it draws in that je ne sais quoi, that spiritual caress to your soul, with a truthful kiss, therefore navigate in the warmth of its generosity.  

When the intellect is deprived of cognitive awareness the creativity oxygen dies of its elevation, always remember that.    

Everyone must strive to get, and then keep the mind and heart in alliance, once blended, that spiritual awareness is a calming effect. You think it, you feel it, therefore, you become it.

Never lean toward negativity energy it has no light, it is dark, keep that light, the world is already daunting, and smile, and keep stepping forward, do not look backwards, it is not called the past for nothing, stay on your journey,  

Therefore, enjoy, inhale, exhale, find that good energy, smell some roses, bow to yourself, and walk away in spiritual grace, and never allow anyone to steal your joy.  

Be blessed on your revolving journey of self-mental care, or if you on taking some form of mood-altering prescribed medication(s) from a licensed physician or therapist may it keep you encouraged to be your best each and every day.  

Be good to yourself and to others, and until the core of our mind fuse, stay safe, live, laugh, and please love self above all.  

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

I am getting ready to commence the soil, my second passion of gardening. I do hope everyone have a blessed day and whatever you do, please smile.


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Coat my presence when all hope is gone
At times when I feel I can’t go on
May the mercy of an Angel’s comfort lead me in the hymn of my spiritual Psalms
I am your testimony your divine will
My words, blows in the wind, on knees in the dark my tender heart spills
I am so lost, I got it all, yet, my creed befalls
My hands out to you as I stand proud and tall

I need to ask you questions about this thing we call life
And why the meek, always feels the whip of strife
Why the good die young
Yet, the injustice of man remains with wicked tongues
Tell me what to do, where to go
I am at the crossroads and I feel I am the only one towing my torn and battered soul

Speak to me my Lord, please do not allow me to go to the way of the heathen
If it comes down to me and Heaven, then take my last breath, and give me wings my heart can believe in
No rest or shelter for the weary
Left here to fend for ourselves when our eyes are red and teary
By His stripes we were promised salvation, the future for some still appears so dreary

There is no Ark, where is the covet of the rainbow
You promised eternal life for the calling of good souls
Who on this green earth, love, give of their heart to console
Do you not hear the cries of damnation echoing down here
Chants, prayers, testimonies, yet, you have not adhered, words seem to be falling on deaf ears

Your children of the earth are running a race with the devil
It seems a twisted mentality is our only resourceful weapon
Turning the other cheek, only make others become cold-bloodied rebels

The babies, still crying of hunger in the cloak of midnight
The ten commandants, shattered on the altar of the wicked’ s plight
Down here we just cannot seem to get it right
The seal of Revelations has been broken
Tongues wagging ill will, souls zombified, the core of humanity not even spoken
Dead minded and lost hope when it comes to being spiritual awoken

I’ve fell down to my knees
Is this cup of my offering you have ordained for me
Oh, God where are you, we need a sign
Death to the last breath, no heartbeats, yet, where is our, heart, soul, and the remembrance of our minds
Does it reside in Heaven, or in Hell
As wandering sheep on this earth, one could never tell

Send the symbols in the constellations in the majestic skies at night
Even the stars, moon, the sun gets shelter from the face of the earth, in the beaming of spiritual light
Oh God I’m done chasing feelings
I need the warmth of your deliverance, for all the healing I’ve done, my daily humble dealings

I’m losing faith in the last days
On my knees, I will continue to pray
Spirits lead my temple home
Keep my sold intact wherever it may roam

If I shall die before, I awake
Bless over my soul, My Allah to take


Today was a weigh in day, and whoever weighed the most had to pay for lunch. I am holding at 119 pounds and that is from eating in between creating my Clothing Empire, Work, Training, I need to gain three pounds... seriously.  
My BMI is great, however, for endurance I run a complete marathon between 120 and 125 pounds much better.
And I did not have to pay for lunch my Running Captain, Kyle, had that pleasure for and that was all twelve of us…

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Tapping Into Your Beautiful Mentality

The pineal gland is a relatively small gland centered at the core of your cranium (brain) in recent studies it is known to play a significant role of tapping into the higher awareness of oneself. Once you become aware of its potent spiritual power and the gateway to unlocking the transverse nature of your cosmic being. You can learn to become one with earth and spirit.    
Be advised the pineal receives an abundance of energy among any other gland in your body. It seems there are 17 glands in a human body. Some are ductless and others have ducts. The main way to categorize them is as exocrine glands or endocrine glands.    
In comparison to all of your other vital organs; just to name several, your lungs, your heart, and your brain. However, for such a miniature gland it is the receptive source to receive the highest concentration of energy.      
The pineal gland is overly sensitive to light. It is best known as the component for sleep and waking phases.    
Whenever your pineal gland is compromised or is off centered. It is an insomniac worst nightmare.    
In essence, 30% of the population in the US suffers from insomnia. It does not provide melatonin a natural effect of the brain that regulates sleeps. In addition, while stress plays a major role here, we can’t ignore the fact that a compromised pineal gland doesn’t produce melatonin the way it’s supposed to function.    
I will have to say in the spiritual laws of the seven Chakras, the pineal gland primary function as an inner third eye, the Ajna    
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is produced in the human pineal gland. In fact, DMT can give a free rein to the mind’s superior powers to home in and give credence to a higher perception of consciousness.    
For most of us, our pineal gland becomes dormant early in life, in several initial studies once we become an adult, it has been proven it dawdles into a weakened state of existence.      
The main contribute is the fluoride added to our drinking water and toothpaste we utilize, then you must take into consideration several other damaging factors; processed foods, drinks which contain carbonate, and a lack of the ultraviolent rays we get from sunlight.    
Can your pineal gland ever be restored to its original glorious once channeling into the subconscious on a cosmic level?    
Yes it can, once you begin to as the saying goes, 'you are what you eat' and when you do, please maintain a balanced diet by eating healthy, and pamper your temple, whereas,  it will certainly be beneficial to your, heart, mind, body, and soul, therefore, you can be attuned when summoning positive energy by enrichment of wisdom, boosting your psychic abilities, which, we are all born with the knack, yet most of us are absence to employ.    
The pineal gland is the passage to the doors of a higher realm.    
In life the road that you walk is for your shoes…how tight they may seem to someone else. Have faith as you continue your journey, gain knowledge, it is always the thirst to power.    
And that is another Straight Talk Live for you    
Peace and Love until our souls gravitate to grasp the true principles in seeking the truth

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Live Blog Shot

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Tyrant of Words
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I am Venus, my love…
Upon your loins of the stars, I gravitate you
As you sink your manliness in the divinity of my cosmic chasm
Divide the mystique  of my pleasure unto you I provide

I beseech you to taketh part of my petitions
Softly compose the aura of my being as a rampant Harp
In doth, allow thy sweet surrender found within the music of my petitionary  

Caress upon the waddling may the resonates welcome thy ears  
To bedazzle of forlorn passion
The influences of time shall chaperon  

Within the faint whispers
My heartbeat adores  
You shall conspire to bequeath

Creation is mine, and I am perfecting, one garment at a time..
A Queen's Crown Apparel™

Shirt is catalogued as Venus

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Softly Gifted And Divine Manifested By The Will of Allah

To be the sparkle in one’s own eyes          
It’s the secret to surviving, living, to being alive            
The divine answer to your own questions, the narrative of myself comes with no hidden surprise            
I can walk upon your presence, just as easy as I please            
You will stand upon your feet, kiss both side of my cheeks, pull the chair out, and a hello upon the tease            
I can softly drip your name off my lips like a cool breeze            
An alluring smile to have you falling at the helm of my knees            
Giving the erected tower of a man’s masculinity pulsating power            
While you are dipping in and out the sacred communion of my honey rain shower            
I am who I am, a woman whose presence of grace and decorum is always in high demand            
Worthy of any man, rather he lays, or I give him the essence of my sultry inner throne to command            
It’s that sacredness of the divine gift I quietly possess            
My multi-culture lineage as you bow to me in respect            
Unto my sweeten taste many Kings have professed it keeps their mouths satisfied and their chin’s wet            
No one can ever fit the path of my stratospheric shoes            
It comes with too many sentiments to love, goals I have met, while giving of my healing creed, ordained as my earthly due            
Angels never fear to tread upon the congregation of fools            
We all want peace casted upon our heads            
Yet only buffoons squawk before the crows, not living in the reality of self to understand what is written or what is being said            
An intelligent mind speaks the truth, in advance knowing it’s what the world truly needs            
Instilling hope to the forgotten when dark mindsets emotionally bleed            
When the absence of spirituality is in need            
I listen to the core of troubled minds, on my time, and it has never been kind            
Decoding, what has been damaged, leading to the offset in the pattern of the brain hemisphere’s DNA            
Ponder while looking in dethroned eyes, professionally uplifting beings with encouraging words to say  
Leaving you with the thought to smile and pray        
Into my confident your deepest enigmas of the mind, your innermost regrets            
Broken spirits, discontentment intellects, in the dark you will run if you have ever met            
An image is worth a thousand words            
To the soul it inhabits, may tranquility be found, devoid in its action to allow tongues in contempt to unfurl            
Peeling back layers of social inability disorders to function in the realm we call life            
Masking in the grandeur delusion personalities bringing to Mother Earth chaos and continuous strife            
The simplicity of beauty is what the universal shows you every day upon the soul’s awakening            
Close your eyes, attune your ears and listen to the sounds the earth is making            
The tweet of the birds, the roaring of the sea, the oceans            
No better sounds to be found then the calling of that present to us in its purest form of devotion            
Pelting raindrops, thunder, what better soothing tones to know you are among the population, that is the splendor I see            
And it is not found in the humbleness of any mortal’s humanity            
It is His purpose to guide me to love those elements found in time, and never adhere to the stupor follies of mankind            
When falsehood begins to deceive the perceptions of eyes            
Be strong, and be true to self, and allow your inner beauty to always shine true as your soul is reflective in the eyes of a seer    
There will always be vindictive entities that stand back in remorse, who cannot see the misconceptions of their own presence any clearer


This Is A Live Blog Shot (Discussing Politics)

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My second attempt at making a mini skirt suit . .. I still have to make some miner adjustments, I am getting there..

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Waiting To Exhale

Inhaling and exhaling boarding the dream weaver train  
Closing my eyes, I hear the echoes of cries shivering in the cold rain  
Continental men dressed in suits, united handshakes under the Sun in the act of war, blood embedding in the womb of Mother Nature, a symbolic olive branch of impending despair and gloom  
Sealing the fate of mankind, the Book Of Revelations sorrows casted upon humanity’s earthly doom  

The world encased in darkness it’s the new millennium’s perforated plight  
A place where all awaiting souls congregate, to bring inner peace to self, you must give your obscurity a reason to shine its beautiful light  
Your DNA is the temple of thy self  
If man is made in the Creator’s image, then why does his heart not reap of Heavenly wealth  
His broad shoulders carry in his vibrations, famine, racism, carnage, and death  

Allow my purpose to stand on the backs of Yoruba Kings as I humbly bow to the Queens of my lineage  
Gods found in the ordained creation of mankind, evolution in earth’s pilgrimage  
Once when the letter ‘S’ was dropped lessening the meaning of divinity spelled backwards became  
unjust, known as Dog echoed throughout the ages of time  
Sentiments of theology is to have faith and believe given of its ideology, yet to some in society its unacceptable and resonates the agenda of darken minds  
The deeds of survival within the passage of religion becomes mentally distorted and sublime  

Love and compassion, the purest form of emotions we trust in judgment to display  
Prayers needed when terminal illness manifests be that it may  
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust  
Fallen tears, hopefully, in your last breath in the divine I hope your vessel has been in trust  
Inhaling the cosmic you must find your place, longevity for me has never been about the dynamics of life’s race  
The code to life is when you stop and smell the roses, you realize in the fragrant scent your heart pulsates at its own pace  

When you have humbly bowed in the face of death you will find the sobriety to invest in the afterlife  
Remain silent in grace under pressure in the shadows of strife  
Spirit and soul asunder energy never truly dies  
Devine elevation of heart, mind, body, birth, death, and reborn, in this realm, our dreams, hopes, we try to reach, we may fail, but we must continue to try, and try, and try  
Even a baby bird eventually learns how to fly  
Love yourself, and have enough to share, and never covet anyone else’s footsteps and be empathic and comforting in everyone else whys  

Assalamu Alaikum  

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The Elements Of Shedding Tears (Cry Me A River: The Psychology Of Crying)

When we cry what exactly is released during this soulful emotion. Most parents advise their sons not to cry, because it shows a sign of weakness.
Most citizens of society cry for one reason of for various related issues; happiness, sadness, grief, and being overjoyed in the endurance of the moment.
Does one feel better about the circumstances, the turn of events once the tears have been shed, is there a better sense of mental peace, the relinquishing of emotions turmoil.

Why do teenagers or older adults shed tears on a softer approach, is it a normal response to accept its cause or do we show apathy, why does society cry.  

Studies have shown infants begin to shed tears infants between 4–8 weeks of age, be advised infants are known to develop one point in time inflamed tear ducts, which results in crust formation of the eyes, not to be confused with conjunctivitis of the eyes.

There is always a scientific fact, the true elements of this introduction for me to research. I would like to really understand such a natural physical response of mind and heart. We are taught at a younger age crying is good for the soul, is it really.

I professionally engage with intellects on a greater scale, more than not, the engagement of my salaried vocation, when I am the assessing the root of Mental Behavior(s), on a global measure, and those tears, can be deceptive in a court of law, misleading, or yes, detrimental to the eyes, if used as a catalyst to do psychological damage , if you do not know the science behind this natural reactive emotion.

The Mechanics Of Shedding Tears (Crying)

William H. Frey II, a biochemist at the University of Minnesota, proposed that people feel ‘better’ after crying due to the elimination of hormones associated with stress, specifically adrenocorticotropic hormone.

The calming effects of crying, such as slowed breathing, would always outlast the negative effects. There is a related medical term known as lacrimation, this term refers to shedding of tears non-emotions.

Tears produced during emotional crying do have a chemical configuration which fluctuates from other types of tears. There are several exchanges of the hormone, such as prolactin, then you have adrenocorticotropic hormone, leuenkephalin, and not to forget elements of potassium and manganese.

How Do You Cry

The definition of crying is known in many forms of reassessing such as when we are, weeping, whimpering, sobbing, and blubbering.

There Are Several Disorders That May Affect Crying

Familial dysautonomia, where there can be a lack of overflow tears (alacrima), during emotional crying Colic is where an infant’s excessive crying has no obvious cause or underlying medical disorder.
This one has always concerned me, and that is what is classified as Pseudobulbar affect, it is uncontrollable episodes of laughing and/or crying.
Then you have Bell’s Palsy, where faulty regeneration of the facial nerve can cause sufferers to shed tears while eating.
Most patients who are diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, are referred to an Ophthalmologist due to Partial or complete blindness of the eye that won’t close. This is caused by excessive dryness and scratching of the clear protective covering of the eye (cornea).
Cri du chat syndrome, where the characteristic cry of affected infants, its literacy is compared to that of a meowing kitten, be advised from medical research and its conclusion, and in its initial scientific findings, it is caused in part, due to problems with the larynx and nervous system.

There Are Two Types Of Crying: Positive And Negative

Spatial perspective explains sad crying as reaching out to be ‘there’, such as at home or with a person who may have just died.
Temporal perspective explains crying slightly differently. In temporal perspective, sorrowful crying is due to looking to the past with regret or to the future with dread.
Public or in Private point of view. This describes the two types of crying as ways to imply details about oneself as known privately or one’s public identity.

Religious Views Of Shedding Tears

The Shia Ithna Ashari (Muslims who believe in Twelve Imams after Muhammad) consider crying to be an important responsibility towards their leaders who were martyred. They believe a true lover of Imam Hussain can feel the afflictions and oppressions Imam Hussain suffered; his feelings are so immense that they break out into tears and wail (Cited 08-05-23/SKC)

These Are The Classification Of Two These Types Of Tears

Basal tears (and are made in order to keep the eye lubricated and smooth out irregularities in the cornea)
Reflexive tears (is usually manifested in response to irritants to the eye, such as when chopping onions or getting poked in the eye)
Psychic tears (these tears are produced by the lacrimal system and are the tears expelled during emotional states)

Gender Differences In Crying

Women are known to be more likely to cry and to cry more frequently across cultures. These gender differences seem to emerge in middle childhood and persist during adulthood. Masculine sex-role stereotypes may discourage men to display internalizing emotions via and men display less help-seeking behavior in response to mental illness and suffering, which has been suggested to be linked to their higher suicide rates.

It could in relations men also have smaller tear ducts, usually have more testosterone, which may inhibit crying, are prone to have less prolactin, a hormone that might promote tears.

If You’re Around Someone Who Is Actively Crying

Acknowledge their sadness, embarrassment, or pain and show compassion toward their feelings, in addition respect their tears. Let them release their feelings and show them you care.

Whatever you shed tears or cry for just know it is a beautiful natural occurrence, therefore when you see someone cry, know the science behind the tears, what tears are being shedding, in my world it is all about the science and I thank you for allowing me to explain what tears are, the feeling/emotions behind the meanings, and the identity of those tears.

Enjoy the journey through life, baptize your mind, your heart, in truth, try your best to uphold justice, circulate peace, and whatever you do, aways smile after the tears have fallen.  

SKC, Interim DON, APRN
This Is a live Blog Shot (Open Discussion, Do Men Really Cry And If So, What Brings Them To Tears).

The overwhelming response for men was, the Sunset of a loved one (Primarily their mother).
Women (A pet, losing a parent, a child, a terminal illness, and loss of freedom of being incarcerated.

In lieu of the nature of my blog discussion, I thought I would repost the scientific elements behind those beautiful fallen tears.

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The Touch Of Peace

May peace be upon the land after the water recedes
Lives be spared upon family, friends, neighborhoods continue to thrive, and hands come together help each other in such devastation to assist with each other's needs
In these perilous times be wise in the minds, and giving of the heart, unto others we must all do our parts

The power of words brings comfort in other’s people worries, their concerns, and their tearful sorrows  
When they turn away, it is the compassion when they are alone, the memory of those sentiments wished they mentally borrow
A mind is a beautiful organ it carries us through  
It get us to the next phase of our journeys, it is to be used to enlighten, no pity the fool
Those intellectual brain hemispheres is to take the heart to school, to learn to love
Always keep that etched upon your soul as you earthly console so the divine rewards showers on you, around you, and for you from above
When you think no one has you
Those universal miracles, I guarantee will prevail and give you those third eye cosmic tools to always use

I will be less than Nurse, or not a caring human being not to offer my well wishes of comfort, and a prayer, for those who are in shelters or for some who have remained behind in their humble abode braving out a natural act of Mother Nature’s four elements, be careful, please, as gloom larks  
You all have my love, my support, and the encouragement of my heart

The babies, the children are always my main concern in the aftermath, who some will be left homeless, or as their parents rebuilt, and without power to toll in the dark

Therefore, may the grace of our Creator keep you all safe and shielded in His tender and merciful arms.


Dedicated to Mother Nature and her fierce elements that has been manifesting as of late; tornados, floods, mudslides, disunity among nations.

Have faith always.

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Love The Skin You Are In

I do not understand this... as the running coach it gets comical at times. I am either overweight by three to five pounds. now I am underweight. which I do not worry about, but I run much faster against the hands of time at 120 pounds, I am still retaining at 118, and that was hard to gain that last pound.

Today was our last weigh in, as a seasoned marathon runner I will be running both days, the 10k on Saturday (6 miles) and a full marathon 26.2 miles on Sunday.

How is everyone doing on this first day of May, this year is breezing by so quickly. I do hope you are using your time wisely.

Ladies, please make sure you check your breasts for the month of May, and men, yes please check your Prostate and make sure you it is paired with a PSA test.

If you are due for an annual Pap Smear, make sure you schedule and ask your physician to order a CA125, it is a test indicator to detect if you are pre-disposed to ovarian cancer or if ovarian cancer hereditarily then I will suggest that blood test that most definitely.

I am noticing a lot of women are losing their hair or thinning around the edges. I will explore some of the causes much later.

The weather is getting much warmer therefore, stay hydrated, exercise, and if you are exposed to the sun, make sure you use sunblock.

Stay in faith, smile at the world, be positive, and slow to anger.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Tyrant of Words
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Just A Little Pick Me Up For All My Kings, and Royal Knights..

Just do it... inhale and exhale your existence, live through the reflection of your humbling words. You are the navigator of your own self journey, no one, but you, the visionary of your dreams, hopes, manifested wishes seen through your foresight, you are the spokesperson for your dialect, and therefore, you are solely responsible not to allow chaos to penetrate that beautiful mindset we are all capable of possessing.

Never allow anyone else to lease the gray matter of your intellect it is sacred and once comprised you lay in the state of mental vulnerability, which leads to comprising your integrity.

My golden blessed liquidation offering to my Kings and all my Royal Knights.

I do love my Arizona Teas
Rx Energy (Herbal Tonic)

Love and Hugs, always,

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I Am

Spiritual enlighten from the depth of my melanin context your soul shall receive    
Angel wings of divine intellectual seduction    
The creed of earthly introduction    
Earthbound divinity of perfection    
The law of an unbalanced existence always follows rejection    
In my arms your earthly protection    
This is the story of my universal delegation    
Sinful flesh behind such wicked dedications    
Wings ideology human a sensual transformation    
Stranded never forsaken    
Please do not twist my mission or get it mistaken    
Here to earthly awaken    
Earthbound divinity to covet aspirations    
Your silent affirmations    
Respecting your private self-meditations    
Administering a dose of erotic medication for animalistic stimulations    
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down    
Clear sweeten elixir, swallowed from my sugary crown    
Warmth with a touch of bodily supplications    
Whispered words of participation    
A wish list of specifications    
Buddha engraved domination of compassion    
Yes, while our bodies are in harmony as we’re thrashing    
Worshipped words of love as pleasure foretold of its rehashing    
Never mistake me as an earthly being to be what you want    
Truthfully, what’s the point    
My fervent words will continue to flow    

I’m not your average Angel as this you may come to know    
As you come unto my faith, my creed, giving you my healing needs, the essence of life steadily flows    
Close your eyes and listen to my ordained truth    
Umm…just an enchanted earthbound Angel with a passionate gift basket just for you    
To give the morality of men their earthly intellectual just due  
The healing prosperities of Honey to keep away the mental blues  
The mystique of me you will never understand  
From Egypt to Macedonia unto King Solomon’s reign, under his sovereign, he had powerful demons he could even reprimand  
So many wicked spirits have came in the shadows of my name
No glory manifested from the light, no Heavenly home found within false fame
I am
My voice rings from the treetops, and dusk in the wind  
The breeze where you will hear my cerebral cortex, non-seasonal, knowledge, pure and spent, unrelent    
If you have not rebirthed your soul in the light of truth, and cast not reflective stones  
Time unto the placenta, gives life and death, the spirit of the soul, always must find ways to atone    

I spread my wings to combat the lonely beings who longs to be free  
Knowledge is power when you plant within a person's cognitive awareness, sacred spiritual seeds  
My God, that beautiful vibe of fusing minds it reaps great deeds  
Look at your future generation and know they will have harvest to provide empty hands appreciative needs  
This is life, you want a soulful intervention, taste of sweet interactions, then gently kneel and pray homage as unto you to please, release, or grieve    
I will fulfill your poetic fantasies, grant your every need with wisdom, wishes for you to adhere, upon my canvas to keep your vitality within the celestial powers to be  
Enwrapping you in positive serotonin to the mind to encourage the divine lineage of self to see your glory, reach for greatness, and allow the intellect to find compassion when it shifts to unfurl  
Do I love to mesmerize with carnal imagery, pleasure of coated words  
Mm… Is a Red Cardinal a beautiful soaring bird    
Lyrics of emotional sentiments are always a grand illusion of the mind    
The harmony of heartbeats, escalates in rapture, as if sipping with me with a glass of vintage wine    
I’m in your bed, in your head, you coming again, from what I just said  
I never allow the voice of a human to deter my destiny, detour, or rule my fate  
Not when the tongue is a two-edge hypocritical oath, conformed in the womb to sin before birth takes place        
What you wish for the portal to darkness is always open wide  
In this day and time, protect your mind, what good is having gains, but relaxed on a couch confessing all your sordid insides  
Mortal man, whisper to my ear the planet alignment is in what Zodiac sign, the meaning of the constellations, my mind dwells beyond Mars  
The vast universe seen through a telescope you realize you are a speak, and to ascend it is mighty far  
Chaos of commitment in the mirage of perfectionism is for the Creator’s eyes when peaking  
Depravity is always in the pasture of self-gratification, when blissful seeking  
Unto the winds  
Who professes out of the mouth, the existence of mankind is without sin  
By the false narrative of its revolting evolution, we are the origin where it all begin  
But then again, love and laugh with all you have, and let the Sunshine in  

Assalamu Alaikum

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Decipher at thy will


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Beam Me Up Too…

I have decided to write my first refreshing Straight Talk Live piece concerning this phenomenal occurrence; however, it is not without its prominent discredits or its supernatural castoffs.  

The relativity theory from my personal observation of astral traveling seems to coincide based on various facts, which is related to mystical connections of self and the subconscious of many dimensions where we seem to tap into its unknown origin.  

There are many facets of atrial projection/traveling. Before I explore such a wondrous quantum physical outer body spiritual channeling. Allow me to explain or define what many have come to term what precisely is Astral Traveling.

According to Wikipedia

The astral plane, also called the astral realm or the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical, medieval, oriental, and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions. It is the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death, and is generally believed to be populated by angels, spirits or other immaterial beings. In the late 19th and early 20th century the term was popularized by Theosophy and neo-Rosicrucianism.  (Recited 05-07-24-SKC)

Within that definition of such an embracing transition from a channeled mind to reaching that elevation spiritual awareness, then once into the zone of that divine awakening it become a sacred blessing given unto the intellect, and for me, it has always a cerebral cleansing to become one with the Creator, that pathway when the mind is in its most transference euphoric state, and please take into consideration the practicing of astral projection is not an ideology that is an inborn characteristic trait we possess and can be snapped into reality on a whim notice, please reconsider that it takes years to understand the dynamics of the concept, the brain power, and the perseverance to curtail the passion. It becomes a universal commitment to allow your Chi to manifest here on Earth as a human being of course yet can meditate in phases to reach an ultimate supreme mental uplifting to a divine state of existence.  

Those conductions of those Chakras interaction on the mentality play a very significant role here.

I can only refer to it as drawing positive energy to heart, mind, body, and soul, an indirect mega pathway that we all possess, which is a compliment of the Pineal Gland (The sector in which the physiological role of the body, and its close association with spiritual beliefs and the mystical experiences its pilgrimage).

This inner part of the brain’s hemispheres is where we ascend and enlightenment we connect through the brain/body) those unanswered questions to life’s confounded questions we seek in the space of time.

You learn to see, well maybe I should say, attempt to see beauty and grace in all things revealed unto you.

Then you have the spiritual movement of astral projection (also known as astral travel. The term used in esotericism is to describe an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE).

During this stage of cognitive meditative awareness, the existence of the body, known as the astral body or body of light, can function accordingly to separate from the physical body and travel throughout the astral plane.

A broader view on the history of Astral Traveling does go back to ancient centuries, this practice was heavily influenced by the assumption astral projection was associated with dreams or medication induced.  

Lucid Dream -vs- Astral Projection

In a Lucid Dream, you can control everything around you. You can instantly do whatever you want just by thinking about it.

In the Astral World sense of traveling, unfortunate is not permitted.  

The main reason why Lucid Dreams are so different than Astral Projection is because a Lucid Dream is just in your head. This is why your mind can do whatever it wants in a dream. Astral Projection, however, is in the astral plane and not just in your head, make sure you know the difference.

Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is a French word for the phenomenon of feeling as though one has lived through the present situation before.

This is not so much an aspect of astral traveling; however, it correlates with the feeling of the persona entering various dimensions throughout his/her his lifespan, which takes this concept back to reiterate the perception energy never dies, which brings on that infamous line we have all said to ourselves. “I’ve seen this before.”

That is a manifestation worth exploring at a future date, which I shall it is more complex than what that statement applies too.

The weather has been so inviting as of late, therefore, make sure you get some Sunrays it provides natural Vitamin D, exercise, (run, hike in Mother Nature natural park trails, brisk walking, just move, if you are elderly move in moderation and I would suggest with a walking or runny companion.  

This is one of the reasons vitamin D is called “the sunshine vitamin.”

Be advised when your skin is exposed to sunlight, it creates vitamin D from cholesterol. In essence, the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays make contact with cholesterol in the skin cells, which in part provides the energy for that vitamin D synthesis to occur, and it keeps the skin radiant, and please make sure you use a sunblock always.

Vitamin D has many roles in the body and is essential for optimal health. Here are some essential foods you may want to incorporate in your diet if you are not an outdoor person, or some form of occurrence where it is not permitted due to your circumstance for you to maneuver outdoors.  

Henceforth, then make sure you include cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, canned tuna, beef, liver, egg yolks and sardines in your diet.  

Below, is my Sunrise Surprise

Brain Boosting Smoothie

½ avocado (flesh only)
¼ banana (organic peeled and sliced)
½ cup blueberries
6 walnuts (if you are allergic to nuts please delete this part)
1 scoop Vanilla Grass-Fed Whey Protein (For a different twist try Chocolate, I prefer the Chocolate whey Protein, I use 1/4 scoop, since I am a marathon trainer less is more)
A dollop of Organic Greek Yogurt
A pinch of Flaxseeds
½ cup ice chips

Place all ingredients into a blender.
Blend to your desired consistency and enjoy!

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients above, please do not indulge

Enjoy, it is a great mental enhancer and a boost to your metabolism when facing the beginning of your day.

This is another Straight Talk Live for you, take care of yourself, always, and be mindful of others as you encounter their presence.

SKC, Interim, DON, APRN
Creation from A Queen's Crown Apparel™

Live Blog Shot Discussing The Flood Upon The Erath, I was Actually conversing with someone of Jewish faith, and I will be writing a Straight Talk Live Piece in regard to his theological POV versus someone of Christianity faith POV, I am always bias, but some of his key points were questionable and have me researching and some of my references had him just as perplexed, I was quoting passages from the Lost Book Of Enki, and The Book Of Enoch.

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