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2024 Official DUP Stomp the Prompt Comp

Nathaniel Peter
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Trek onward to overcome the fear
When it grates my flesh but feeds my spirit all the things I yearn to hear
Truths of grace breaking through
Undeserving yet still I hope in the invisible You

Debts cry to control
Lay claims to the will to reposes by default, my soul
With interests built up, the entitlement of the betrayed
Taken apart, dissect the heart, when my actions are filleted

Youíve every right to reject but still you love when I am unlovely
Fear cast out of perfect affections lavished upon
Beauty from the ashes when everything in me is ugly
You see something more in me, where sight fails my faith perceives beyond

Calibrate my heart when Iím off beat for disoriented rhythms of self
Reset the broken bone when I am sick and yet You heed my cry for help
When the only way to overcome and break the curse of fear
Is to let perfect love speak as I retrain my hope to hear

Resurrected again and again as I oscillate between
Whether dead or alive Iím wanted by something more, unseenÖ


Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 17


Integrity is such an important part of my life
It speaks truth and honor, it seeks justice for whatís right
Because in a world filled with confusion and chaos
Integrity is the moral compass that leads us to see the light

Even when faith dictates awkward and archaic thinking
Our minds should feel somethingís wrong with these decrees
Keen intuition will make the heart feel like its sinking
Sensing something sinister that seems like a grisly disease

Such was the rhetoric I once heard from a pulpit
A leader of faith should never spout apathy or prejudice
A person from a different faith is still a human being
Or else we should be ready for a mass exodus

Belief in a higher being should bring enlightenment
But organized religion twists it to fit their sordid plan
Then all integrity and humanity goes out the window
Because hatred and bigotry has gotten out of hand

Nathaniel Peter
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Skin Deep

Spelling out the nature of this that I despise
The stench of beauty exploited that tempts the beholders eyes
Raunchy from the innocence of what first was intended
Perversity idolatry, eroticism from purity descended

Bathing in the filth of our bodies exposed
Immodest in the will to sell
Profits at an all time high undisclosed
As pleasures pave way to usher them to hell

Identity stolen by the politics of domesticated culture
Immorality circling dead spirits like a bloodthirsty vulture
Youth siphoned through the corruption of indoctrinations of false unity
Revolution hate in a parade of pride for lovers of a depraved community

Skin deep and appetites twisted
Claim tolerance when itís born of your will to self reject
Playing God when everything that you resisted
Was born from a place of your inability to accept

We are cut from the same cloth of this adulterated flesh
Our demons kin to common lusts in various expressions of desire
In the aftermath of brokenness and different forms of molest
Youíll never walk in truth as long as youíre in love with a liarÖ


Tyrant of Words
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This is the largest 'Stomp the Prompt' comp ever! Deciding on a winner is going to be TOUGH!

Twisted Dreamer
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Warm summer's day
Outdoors with friends
Play tag, I'm it

Run through gardens
Cobblestone paths
Too young to sit

Carrying weight
Thrill of the chase
Trying my wit

Cut through the grass
Not watching where
Into black pit

Water above
Sunlight fading
Dark walls unlit

Glee to panic
Thrashing around
Life might acquit

Fear's encounter
My second time
Not yet close-knit

Breathing water
Not really
Choking a bit

Hands from heaven
Pull me out quick
Mom threw a fit

True punishment
Deep in my dreams
Never forget

Tagging with fear
Always on edge
Since I'm not it

Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 18

The Introvert

For too many years that I give into my fears
Being withdrawn not wanting to interact or socialize
And that in a way stunted my personal growth
Unable to connect with others unwilling to compromise

But I knew I could to come out of my shell
After all I had been a leader in my younger days
It would just take some effort on my behalf
I was still shy but a little more mature in my ways

Then I saw how it improved on relationships
The way I listened, the way spoke, the way I was heard
And that in turned helped me understand myself
It gave me courage and confidence to share my words

Itís OK to be timid, itís ok to be shy
But be careful with becoming a recluse
Because fear will push away those you love
Because loneliness is another type of self-abuse

Nathaniel Peter
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Inquiry of questions interrogations in my head
Yesterday a revolving door in paradox of philosophical repose
For all the things I wish I never said
The mystery of the history of all the things that no one knows

I am a stranger to myself gradually learning as I go
Who I am in this experience to discover why
Every choice I make is another revelation of getting to know
Self, in all the tangles unraveling, until the day I die

Mystery in the mirror, mirror
How do I believe the best
When so much of what Iíve done doesnít square
When for all the reasons I find to serenade my joys Iíve as many to wallow in despair

Unanswered, all Iíve got is awe to displace the unreliable certainties of all I cannot see
When I live a life of self denial in my will to come to terms with meÖ


Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 19

Still Bringing Up Boys

As my boys grew older and asked more questions
I began to comprehend more in depth the importance of personal growth
Because if I was going to lead by example
I had to better myself
And build upon on what I had at the time

In the conversations we have
I found that I had to explain that no one is ever perfect
We make mistakes and we learn from them
They can learn from mine
But they too are bound to make their own

Now at this juncture in my life
I strive for balance and inner peace
Recognizing that the unexpected will try to break you
And if youíre not flexible
You could be in for a world of hurt

Bringing up boys is never easy
Itís been a journey teaching them how to be men
Because in the process of leading
I find I still learn things about myself

Nathaniel Peter
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Vitriolic Values

Caught in a perpetual fight
The inheritance of conflict and the ongoing war
Violence's in reprised roles cast of former strides
Living and dying for the causes of a broken record

Circling revived mountains, reinvented
Sparking the same revolution over and over again
Scapegoat nations, self centered generations
Faulting forward the debts we inherit

Mocking mantras of politicians on repeat
Torn between the red and blue parrot

We suffer, casualty of an unseen battle
Not the flesh and blood, but the symptom of ourselves
Bearing the weight of our own frailties
Manifesting the modern era of our re-trended hells

Take to arms and hands
When weíre equipped to the teeth
Neglecting prayers for demands
Wear your hatred on your sleeve

Vitriolic values of self righteous indignation
Patriotic sentiments regurgitated and fed down
Rights gradually forfeit of a captive nation
Dreams die with pride when the cross falls second to the crownÖ


Dangerous Mind
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Oops, wrong thread

Fire of Insight
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I cannot find my voice today
no inspiration comes my way

Dull and depleted is my plight
unable to find the will to write

I force these words onto a page
pitiful performance for this stage

As if my hands were truly bound
muse for my quill cannot be found

I shall leave said poem sadly here
and pray my passion shall reappear

Prompt #1

Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 20

The Iís in Gemini

Most of the time I like to stay quiet and listen
And sometimes he has spouted loud and fast
While Iím at the wheel avoiding the schism
He loves the many times we have crashed

Many times unconsciously he feed me a line
Trying to get me in trouble just for his kicks
And many times his intuition has been aligned
Building a relationship with a fun ton of bricks

I try to be plausible while he can be quite impossible
Driven by passion and lust at the spur of the moment
But he also been able to offer a different point of view
And if agreed upon I can be an open staunch proponent

There are two Iís in Gemini with a space between him and I
Like a curtain uncertain of who is about to take the stage
Though I usually know how to deal heíll seldom take the wheel
Until our identities come together and become fully engaged

Nathaniel Peter
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Rose Colored Depravity

I canít see the thorns in the shape of the bloom
When demons masquerade in beauty
Enchantment, the blind optimism
Count down to ultimatum confessions

We are lulled to sleep in the throes of comfort
Wake up to see the reality
Our smiles sell our hopes like thereís substance to them

Chasing all the wrong things
Pleasures and social prestige
Set the stage
Everything is routine
In circles we breathe like weíre here to stay

Bought on the material and failing to see the cost
How far will we stray away from true purpose before we find out that weíre lost

Temptations roses perfumed of poison
Enraptured by the bouquet
Enlivening senses yet dying on the inside
Till all wilts and fades away

Looking through the glasses
Sprucing up death in the veils of paradise
Pay no attention to the consequence behind the curtain
Dragged away by the will to carnally entice
The lie never felt truer than the way the satisfaction appears so certain

Dancing down the isle
The romance of the dream
Passions arouse to a whole new level
Betroth your soul by way of hearts for sell
Pronounce the addict to his devil
As indulgence makes its home in hellÖ


Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 21

For My Great-Great-Great Grandchildren
(In the Year 2124)

Hey kids!
Itís grandpa Wally from way beyond the grave
I know my time here has passed
But if you read my stories youíll have a blast
You may have a lot of ancestors but I hope to be your fave

I donít know what your generation will experience
But Iím sorry for all the things we muffed up here in the past
Just remember that time is always fleeting
As recollections are retreating
Understanding that nothing ever really lasts

Except loveÖ

Love is the only thing you can hold on to
Express it and share it with those around you
Just as those before me did when I was a kid
And though there is a mix in the family tree
I hope you get to read my ancient poetry
I hope you laugh and cry for the things I did

So, a hundred years from now
In the year 2124
I give you my word
I leave to you my verse
Whatever trophies or pictures are on the wall
However you decorate you halls
Just remember, back in time I loved you all
Even before you came into this universe

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Do you think thatís air youíre breathing?

Convenience craves control
We are cogs in the mechanics enslaved
Blueprints for consciousness in the drafts of experimental AI
Past the point we can be saved

We are mastered by computers in the name of technological advance
Following algorithms to patterns after the network of digital romance

Minds undone as we plug in
Reworking perspectives of the news thatís sold
What do we believe in
Indoctrinated by the narrative of everything weíre told

What is the source behind it all
The collective coding, the programming of anotherís ideal
Lucid fantasies on the screen
The mind incapable of distinguishing the false from something real

Networks of our social illusion
Pretending like we know ourselves as we sell our lives
Caught in the web of the evolution
Linked in as if our lungs are made of hard drivesÖ


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