all around there is a faint sound
soft orbs that shimmer
flowing down
I hear your voice
soft as clouds
"you were destined to wear a crown"

you were the only one that cared enough to know me
the only one that felt every emotion that poured upon me
the one that knew how placid it all could be
accepted all of me
without judgment, hast questions or any mockery
you removed unnecessary blockings that were made to punish me

you helped me see clearly to never make any excuses for them
to believe them the first time and quit giving out chances
to remain open but vigilant of their glances and stances
to kill them with kindness because they couldn't stand it
to never stoop to their level for our royalty had already been granted

never planned it
how magnetic
all this magick
velvet robes layering the love beneath that was planted
the real ones grow roses in the dark never truly afraid of what lurks in any grungy parks
you taught me the iciest stares pulls them apart of what they dare to pull off
disguising as sharks
even the sneakiest snakes are tethered in scars
making it obvious they could never reach so far

I can honestly say
that my blood no longer boils when pain tries to make its way
attempting to poison my veins
I take the moments and breathe it away
transmuting all that can no longer stay
no longer can it stay the same
I believe It will get better than this
we dreamed about it
I remember it

I remember the way it used to be
before the cowards charmed their way in trying to be kings
giving up their souls because they had nothing left
content in identity theft
petty living in piles of regret
failure to own what was rightfully given
a heart of gold is the truest luxury in living
Written by lovestonedfaery
Author's Note
an additional dedication to my angel and spirit team and to all the real kings and queens.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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