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Grand Rising loves this.

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nutbuster said:Grand Rising loves this.

"I thought you and I will humbly bow to the world as we echo in universal union our Aquarian Mantras, which is to love, honor, and treat humanity with a smile and dignity, in addition, always show compassion."

And you are humbly welcome, my friend, always.

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She Conquers

Okay ladies and yes, even gentlemen too, within this year, let's get into the mindset to motivate, that means Spring is returning early than the mind can process, therefore, I will advise you to start managing your overall health. And no, you do not have to be a star or wealthy to give yourself a star rated pass to your health.

Get into the mindset, you must represent yourself in all matters of the heart and all phases of the mind from infancy, through adulthood.

The body is designed to add years to your life, not for you to abuse its beautiful capabilities where you begin to deteriorate your temple from the inside out, drugs and drinking. I know we all have our habits, our quirks, but when it is detrimental to the thinking process, you are selling your ass to obtain it, you need it to calm the sickness/addiction, or it disrupts the family unit, then I will say get help, or just do not start.

The mind is terrible thing to waste, therefore, use it, or the decline of those regenerated brain cells, which brings us such useful information, will decline.

Invest in becoming a member of a local gym, if you are not for sure of the site or what it offers, advise your member recruiter you will think about becoming a member, put can he/she offer you a week pass to see if you are best suited for their facility, with that being said, investigate the equipment, the staff, the personal trainers, or if your membership includes any classes offered.

Be observant of their food or beverage court, take note if they sell any beverages on site, versus vending machine, it is also a bonus to me when both are offered. Make sure the food items even if it say, organic, certified, or is FDA approved, and after any spinning class, or cardio related class, during the recovery, make sure you try to stay away from those energy drinks, or supplements, the body has its own tolerance for pain, and heart calming effects and you help your heart, kidneys.

When you use your body against resistance, it gives you more defined definition of lean muscle mass, especially for us ladies, where we just want to look fit, mmm... sexy legs, sexy arms, and a flat jeweled abdomen. So, working out using your own sheer willpower is more preferable than fade diets the rewards will be yours in the end.

I have much respect for the citizens in society that have to depend on some form of surgical procedure due in part, their weight has become a medical concern, and if no method of medical invention is warranted, then it threatens to the health of the person.

We will be marching out of Winter soon enough, this is that time to make sure you take care of heart, mind, body, and soul.
The brain we have the sole pleasure to use no matter how we live, who we love, or where we live. The mind never quits thinking, planning, plotting at times.

Henceforth, make it your priority to instill it with knowledge, wisdom, adopt productive thoughts, and engage your dialect that will be uplifting and beneficial to the cognitive awareness of its listener, and give us the discernment to know the difference between right from wrong,

It is time to focus on my third eye. A pathway to the evolution where the secrets to the civilization exists in so many parables..

The pineal gland is a relatively small gland centered at the core of your cranium (brain) in recent studies it is known to play a significant role of tapping into the higher awareness of oneself. Once you become aware of its potent spiritual power and the gateway to unlocking the transverse nature of your cosmic being. You can learn to become one with earth and spirit.    
Be advised the pineal receives an abundance of energy among any other gland in your body. It seems there are 17 glands in a human body. Some are ductless and others have ducts. The main way to categorize them is as exocrine glands or endocrine glands.    
In comparison to all your other vital organs; just to name several, your lungs, your heart, and your brain. However, for such a miniature gland it is the receptive source to receive the highest concentration of energy.      
The pineal gland is overly sensitive to light. It is best known as the component for sleep and waking phases.    
Whenever your pineal gland is compromised or is off centered. It is an insomniac worst nightmare.    
In essence, 30% of the population in the US suffers from insomnia. It does not provide melatonin a natural effect of the brain that regulates sleeps. In addition, while stress plays a major role here, we can’t ignore the fact that a compromised pineal gland doesn’t produce melatonin the way it’s suppose to function.    
I will have to say in the spiritual laws of the seven Chakras, the pineal gland primary function as an inner third eye, the Ajna    
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is produced in the human pineal gland. In fact, DMT can give a free rein to the mind’s superior powers to hone in and give credence to a higher perception of consciousness.    
For most of us, our pineal gland becomes dormant early in life, in several initial studies once we become an adult, it has been proven it dawdles into a weakened state of existence.      
The main contribute is the fluoride added to our drinking water and toothpaste we utilize, then you must take into consideration several other damaging factors; processed foods, drinks which contain carbonate, and a lack of the ultraviolent rays we get from sunlight.    
Can your pineal gland ever be restored to its original glorious once channeling into the subconscious on a cosmic level?    
Yes it can, once you begin to as the saying goes, 'you are what you eat' and when you do, please maintain a balanced diet by eating healthy, and pamper your temple, whereas,  it will certainly be beneficial to your, heart, mind, body, and soul, therefore, you can be attuned when summoning positive energy by enrichment of wisdom, boosting your psychic abilities, which, we are all born with the knack, yet most of us are absence to employ.    
The pineal gland is the passage to the doors of a higher realm.    
In life the road that you walk is for your shoes…how tight they may seem to someone else. Have faith as you continue your journey, gain knowledge, it is always the thirst for power.  

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

The Age Of Aquarius

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Great info you have given

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When The Mind Is Out Of Sync

Does it ever become a priority to adopt the concept, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, and please excuse the justification of my pun when trying to draw variables of my conclusion here.      
I was conversing with one of my workplace residents, and this gentleman was well versed in life, several fulfillments shrined his wall, a philanthropist within Jewish prominent circles, and public accomplishments that remains here today in the state of New York and Washington D.C.        
As he elaborated farther in detail, he went on to convey, he was not as happy as one would have assumed. I asked him if he could change his life what he would do differently, to bring him joy he has mentally denounced.        
He stated and I quote, ‘spend more time with myself instead of chasing dreams only to lose myself,’ unquote.      
I had to mentally digest the vastness of his confession and ask myself does it bear a striking resemblance to the biblical quote, what so a man gain the world but loses his soul.        
In life does the cost of struggling bring the comfort to our being, or for the fortunate souls who deem blessed to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth bring them a sense of foreboding gloom.      
I am sure in our lifetime we have come across individuals, who we know firsthand are well off in life; they do not have to yearn for the creature comforts that would give most other's mediocre life a purpose, justification, validation, or financial peace.        
Is there some form of mental clarity for some to quietly believe, having everything at our fingertips only vitiate our cognizance awareness, it gives credence to the hidden meaning nothing to inspire for, in other terms, nothing ventured, nothing gained.      
I have to detour off course to go a little more in depth.        
Could it be a circumstance or one of the reasons most affluent people in society seek counseling, and please be advised I am speaking indirectly to your average citizen who really does have a medical chemical imbalance of the brain and require a more invasive approach; such as a treatment under the care of a psychiatrist, whereas, medication is the primary source to stabilize those misfired neuron transmitters to the brain, not a psychologist, who specialty is to listen, and draw the proper diagnosis through means of engaging and dialogue.      
I am basing this particular essay for which I am referring too only to give you a general picture of these analogies, you must adhere to your own conclusion or theorize mine.
This concept may have some merit to it, most people who win the lottery is a dream come true, however, the majority of those lottery winners, have went on to say it is curse in providing them a luxury of the American dream or any dream in general of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.        
Most of you are probably saying, ‘ooo… you let me win some millions, I will be happy, yes it may ease all your financial burdens, which it would of course, I am certain of that, but at what cost.        
They say money is the root of all evil… people kill, rob, or kidnap for it. So, with all I have put forth what is the key to happiness, whereas, it is free, and the only thing required is an open mind; I have one word, that sums it up perfectly, I will have to say, the universe, yes you heard me, the universe.        
I related my opinion and the same gentleman laughed at me in the beginning, that is until I broke it down from him to understand on a much higher plateau.        
I advised him to take out five dollars, and for every dollar for the things I mentioned made him happy he would have to give me dollar.      
I advised him you have the Sun, which provides, vitamin D, its ultra-rays act as a natural emollient to the skin and helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body.        
The trees which gives you oxygen, the fertile soil, what you sow is what you reap, the rivers, lakes, oceans, once purified it is a natural hydration the body requires, you can go without food, but no more than three days without water, and he said what is the fifth one, I said the womb, which brings forth life, his life to have him stand proud in all his beautiful endeavors.      
He looked down at his empty palm, and then I reversed my perception to balance the scales from his perspective.      
I recanted all that I had mentioned above and give him a dollar for each as if he did not need them.        
Yes, his five dollars returned to his palm, but not the vitality resources he claimed made him satisfied in life, the water was his biggest culprit to maintain its simplicity; he went on to explain his youthful days remembering times of old when he swam in the lake... a feeling money can never bring back or buy.  

Therefore, in the year 2024, you must learn to live in the moment and plan for tomorrow. Love yourself and utilize your inborn talents and relish in your capabilities each and every day.

Be Advised February Is Heart Month, So Please Take Care Of Your Heart Health.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Sincerely Me

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I'm The Queen Of His Castle

I wish I could take a journey through the wonderous of his Nirvana's mind  
Mm... softly dine on the emotions he refuses not to hide  
Snatching the vows of Heaven beyond the stars sheltering that Hebrew love found in the core of we  
Universal sacred lullabies in the blending upon our silken sheets
Dreams of roses, chocolates, wine, my soul supine on a petal covered bed  
My mind, my heart tenderly flowing where fate has been led  
Our sacred souls evolving, orbiting around the skies, as desires run
Giving me a dose of his natural Vitamin D, the God he is, my Hebrew gift from the Sun  
Lost in those soothing love melodies, soft touches, the heighted in the appease
Lingering kisses, enticing me with his mentally tease
Our temples laying upon the clouds, the stars twinkling in view
Ecstasy, rapture, the tenderness softy felt while love is in pursuit
The Moon illuminating as pleasure upon us tenderly set free
If I could add the vibe of my words, the other side of me, he will always be  

With that man, beautiful images of a love to be shared  
Wool and silk we are the ordained divine pair  
His undulated passion bringing on the storm
Lightning and thunder capturing the essence of me once in the cradle of his arms
My skin his worshipping kisses adorn
Whispering enticing words of wisdom  
His arousal bathing in the gushing of my trickling butter rum    
My enticingly grating  
Mm... hum.. locked deep inside me giving me the yearning of his Kingdom come

The New Age Of Aquarius

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Holistically, why do most act the way they do?  Is it heavy metals in their blood stream? Is it the toxic air they breathe at work? Is it mental, due to they never leave their home, or they are plain coo coo? What the fuck is it?  Other holistic peeps and enquiring minds would like to know....

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mysteriouslady said:Holistically, why do most act the way they do?  Is it heavy metals in their blood stream? Is it the toxic air they breathe at work? Is it mental, due to they never leave their home, or they are plain coo coo? What the fuck is it?  Other holistic peeps and enquiring minds would like to know....

Well, hello, my poetess, welcome to my Kitty Korner forum, and before I delve into a respectable response to your inquiry, I would like to add, I hope you have perused some of my posted healthcare topics that follows my philosophy and have found something that has sparked your interest, to discuss, or debate.

‘Holistically, why do most act the way they do?  Is it heavy metals in their blood stream? Is it the toxic air they breathe at work? Is it because they never leave their home, or they are plain coo coo? What the fuck is it?  Other holistic peeps and enquiring minds would like to know’ unquote.

It is very difficult to form an honest answer in regard to your question, therefore I will utilize my keen sense of observation to try to address your scrutiny.  

‘Is it heavy metals in their blood stream? Is it the toxic air they breathe at work?’ unquote.

To be honest I am not an employee of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), therefore, I cannot asses the damages or speak on that governmental agency’s behalf when there are any toxics found to threaten the stability of air quality control /water/soil, which can become detrimental to the stability of the body or the components of the body’s molecular DNA when questions arises of its distilled/ sanitary configuration or if there is tainted soil.

However, as a medical professional I study the variables of science, and how it correlates with the wellbeing of health overall, mentally and physically, and I do not mean to sound obtuse, but you began your question without any sense of direction, therefore, I will try in my best estimation to discuss some of your apprehensions.

You must understand the word, Holistic and what it details when you decide to live that lifestyle, and according to Webster’s dictionary the idealism of any form of practicing holistic measure for the ones who health is define in a more realistic concept to give credibility for those who do practice its healing principles.

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

This is where you have to consider what holistic means to you, and if you practice the discernment for an ultimate lifestyle, it could originate from religion purposes, or a culture related.
There are several factors to take into consideration when you say holistic and what causes to the body when we do not adopt a healthy outlook.

In order to assure we are living a healthy lifestyle; we must negate several concepts and replace them with more transparency options to ensure longevity.

This benefit begins as any woman who is an expectant parent, who has taken those prenatal vitamins, that were believed to contain traces of Lead, then no matter how much you may eat healthy food items, subsequently, there are other teratogens that can delay growth of a fetus; from pollutants in the air, that we unfortunately inhale and exhale, affecting our respiratory airways.

Then once the child is birthed, you are at the mercy of feeding your infant Lead infused infant food and it is no excuse when theses cooperation knows the risks involve and decide to look the other way.

Resulting in a child being mentally delayed with several learning disabilities a big culprit is Autism.

Once you have delivered your bundle of joy, then if you decide to are practicing holistic rearing, then I would suggest, invest in a heavy-duty blender and puree your infant found and breastfeeding pump, which to any woman of childbearing age would be my first option or recommendation.

We are poisoning our children’s metabolism at an alarming rate, with bad food choices, such as red meat, saturated fatty foods, immobile children sitting in front of their computers eating on go, lack of communication, yet instilling their thriving minds with technology literacy.

Ladies, I know we all like to look our best to the world, and for the women who wear makeup and that also details mineral make-up, you must be more attuned because some of these stores brought expensive brands have been reported to contain lead or some fungal properties.  (Never use old makeup or soiled make-up sponges).

I will advise anyone to eat fresh organic foods, exercise, socialize and step away from the computer at least once a week, give the mind a rest.

Holistic practices are a healthy way to cultivate your life; however, you have Eastern medicine which is also known as Oriental medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

To my understanding and researching in college dissertation it is one is one of the oldest medical systems in the world. Those healing concept originated from all Eastern countries such as Japen China, and Korea.

Then you have Western medical, my realm of healing although it is infused with the elements of Eastern Medical; acupuncture, Tai Chi, and herbal remedies that have been passed down through generations.  

By me being a Vegan, I am very selective from what I place in my temple, and those holistic measures consist of studying the seven healing mechanics of my Charkas, I do not consume the vitality of any animal’s organs or chose to wear the skin on me. And for me, no make-up that has been tested on animals. I am an advocate for a healthy and a better lifestyle, through alternate methods; herbal and plant-based products.

Meditation to clear a productive passage for the mind, and always try to select organic foods enriched with certified organic vegetables when shopping.

With that being segregated in thought, I do not assume on behalf of others, I just professionally assess, and give other healthier options to explore that will in the end bring a healthy prognosis where the individual can thrive within a diverse population.

I hope I have alleviated some of those mico-concerns for you to take it upon yourself to further research and share the knowledge on your path of spiritual enlightment.


The New Age Of Aquarius

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The Enrichment Of Beautiful Bloodlines

Lineage and Legacy as one must come to perceive  
Those are life’s footprints we deem to conceive    
Moments in time we have achieved    
As we glance upon a mirror of our reflection    
Our eyes, nose, lips, lineage at times comes into question    
What makes us the person who we are    
From a presence already ordained beyond a constellation of stars    
Are we playing out our life on a cosmic screen    
Sight and feelings in time unforeseen    
Learning in life to keep our noses clean    
If God does know all    
Then why do we fight our fate when we stumble or fall    
From the womb from which life we came    
Universal love one and the same    
In life that’s the name of the game    
Prepared at birth to withstand the stinging rain    
Have faith through bodily pain    
Never taking the Lord’s name in vain    
Echoes of cries, don’t pour your money down the drain    
Never to go against the grain    
Perilous times has ridden the face of society’s dream    
The white picket fence, American’s apple pie wishes, so it may seem    
From the dust from which we shall return    
While we’re all here we live and we learn    
Believing in daily blessings    
Praying we all put down such deadly weapons    
Social media has now become our true friend    
Stroking computer keys to emotions we lend    
Mental images displayed on screens, never to cease or end    
I’m a writer, author by trade    
Words sometimes hidden behind a masquerade    
My lineage is Haitian, Mulato, French, Creole of old    
Midwifes in villages, city nurses generational foretold    
Will I leave my mark, my handprints, my footsteps    
My written concepts    
Media sites with memories of my creed    
A dose of reality always to feed your need    
My legacy is the signature of my face    
As I bow my head in a state of grace    
Being vain, never the case    
At times, feelings get caught up between a rock and a hard place    
Aquarian traits, please don’t blame me    
Footloose and fancy free    
None as blind as those who will not see    
Roots of the soul    
Intellectual Creole    
Which makes me who I am    
Healer, as God’s tempers my land    
Legacy and Lineage for me, that’s who    
My blanket above I have proudly laid out for you  

Just Me

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Ladies, please check your breasts for the month of February.

Love and Hugs,

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Have a Blessed Upcoming Week.


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 Suicide’s Plight

Unhealthy thoughts taking a free ride        
Should I just keep walking by        
Or write a poem for someone else’s mind to decide        
There are so many people out there        
Not caring if they have a last breath to spare        
Not having remorse to no longer care        
Stress, Life, Hopeless, down on luck        
Not having a penny let alone a buck        
You’ve had it to the point you’re ripping out your hair        
Some people’s mind freefalling into thin air        
A silent battle of the brain within        
If I comment suicide no more problems taking me on a major tailspin        
I know you are tired, worn out, and yes, from taking it on the chin        
Think of a time when your life was soaring and then think again        
Think of a time your life was going great, very good as it should        
Starting first with memories of your childhood        
During those times things were never misunderstood        
Now you’re knocking your head against hardwood        
Trying to figure it all out        
Finding ways to keep your mental status up no doubt        
Reminiscences that once stirred your heart        
Mental breakdowns from the initial start        
Unspoken anger now for the most part        
Has the world now cloaked your brain in mental darkness        
Allowing no one to reach you, oh, that concept sounds so heartless        
We all have walked a mile in tight shoes        
Dark storms of the mind from society abuse        
Hanging on by a thread hoping no one judges your ruse        
However, who gives you that sole right to choose        
A word no one likes to comprehend win or lose        
God giveth, not for man or woman to taketh away        
As your life flashes you by as acting it out on Broadway        
SOS, May Day, Wait, I think I’ve changed my mind        
Noose has tightened to my neck, blood running from my wrist, sleeping pills have all been washed down        
Stomach pumped, oh no        
I really really never intended to go        
Save me please        
The next time I will ask for these thoughts to be removed on my knees        
Paddles of life to chest couldn’t help        
The third time it worked, yelp        
As I lay still        
No more turmoil to fit this earthly bill        
Had I hung in, would this had passed, but still        
There was always a tomorrow        
Tears from someone else’s eyes at the expense of my sorrow        
I’m on my ascending pathway        
You will see the understanding of this self-demise revealed to you on Judgment Day        
There will be no more words from you to say        
When you’re dealing with the mental blues I know it’s not my call        
I have to pass this insight of this universal protocol        
I was ordained and yes, I want my Angel wings        
Sent back here to say or do some strange things        
All for a great cause        
Under God’s universal laws        
However, I will never know where you come from        
Slow down, let’s talk, I may be able to tell you how to channel that raging weather, and then some        
This is not a fad, way out, or words to get lost in        
Surrendering your last breath is when your life truly begins        
You think you are experiencing hell on earth now        
Going up against God with the excuse I refuse to give earth my final bow        
Trust me you shall reap what you sow upon its disavowal         
No reasons accepted I thought this was my only way out from a mental drought        
A shake of God’s head for an eternal lockout        
It hurts if only you knew from the soul’s earthly remembrance to let it be        
At the Pearly Gates begging if only you could see        
Do not allow your mind to attempt to unlocked God’s universal mysterious        
You can’t        
Therefore, when you’re feeling down, pray, meditate, or chant        
No one wants to come back here        
And still adhere        
To the same plan you thought for a quick escape        
Accepting your fate again on this planet we call earth, denied until you reshape        
Trust me that’s not a Heavenly debate        
At any rate        
You never get those moments in time to backdate        
When in doubt, talk it out, take medication if you must to get you through        
I know this has been tried and true        
Just please keep this angle of view in mind        
And allow your thoughts to naturally unwind        
Channel your temple and leave the negative energy of your mind behind        
Once you close your eyes        
No more second chances to understand, the what, when, or the whys        
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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I Stand In Solidarity

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Straight Talk Live (The Beginning Of A Crumbling Society)

Who is really fighting this war is in question by some, not all. It appears this unorthodox third war is involving American against Russia or China against America. Ukraine is just the pawn in these dirty games of politics.

China or Russia is not allies with NATO, and as it speaks, they are converging with several other countries, excluding America.
China is working diligently to bring that purpose to life their new money systems will exclude American for commence.  

I asked that introduction question in lieu of some strange occurrences in the name of politics I have come to discover. China is backing Russia with their military engagement. It peeves me when our government can aid billions to another country, continue to give financial and military aid backing, but lack the proper overseeing for its Veteran’s Medical or Behavioral Health care, subsequently, for the homeless basis needs, shelter, and grooming essentials.  

Not to forget we house countless of illegal immigrants crossing the borders daily We provide free housing, medical, schooling, food assistance, and interpreter assistance.

I will always extend my deepest regard of happiness for anyone who wants to seek and find the chance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but that twisted concept is becoming questionable in this day and time.

The pitfalls need of the adrenaline of attention. Classified in lament terms, the fifteen minutes of fame mentality.  
Henceforth, as much as that sounds good, to be in the spotlight, all eyes on me, there are prices for the misperception of that life’s path, leading to its success. Narcissistic endeavors that bring the soul distress to those surrendering to it.

Fame can get you murdered through human sacrifice, in some secret societies, the loss of innocence, or the product of anxiety or depression. I stated that for the readers who have that third-eye of perception, of what is taking place in society on a higher plateau of the elite.

The clash of the economy is dwindling in funds to aid its citizens. We have moved out of the tsunami of Covid-19, and funds are being rescinded by the government, such as the SNAP benefits, the extra money for those who drew Unemployment benefits payments, and some Child Credits some parents were receiving.

Would the deficit from those purses, cause most families to search more for social services, food for home, will be rendered through Food pantries, the Dollar Stores increases in sales.  

I truly hope homes are stocking up on items if there ever was a universal catastrophe to occur, most families would be prepared. Look around, theses of disasters can happen without warning. If there was spill of toxins into the water systems and it could not be contained how many of you would be caught without a stockpile of bottled water, dry goods, a radio, and canned goods, also, a Brita Water Filter System to place on your sink faucet.  

There have been various train derailments that have been discovered transporting toxic and hazardous waste or in liquid form, and the EPA has declared a cleanup, but how deep has it seeped into the soul, how wide as it integrated in our rivers, some of these reported spills into the eco systems has lessened the sea life of fishes and other underwater plant life.

Mental Health has been on the uprise among kids, and that statistics consist of children be wo have been admitted to a mental faculty the duration of the hold observation.

Parents, please talk to your kids and teenagers about their emotions and what they are feeling, the anxiety related in their mind are real, therefore, get to the root of their problem or seek a reputable Mental Health Counselor who is trained to do so..

I will elaborate more on Mental Health and children at a later date in time.

These are my observations, until our souls entwine on the fate of the wind, stay blessed to your mind, and a beautiful spirit beckoning unto other.


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