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Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 22

On Suffering

Some kinds of suffering will make people mentally stronger
While needless torment can be just a waste of time
Useless afflictions will numb some folks from enjoying life
But misery, that can have a lasting effect on the mind

Certain misfortunes will come our way everyday
Depending on the card you, it may not be your luck
Suffering teaches us to learn and stay away from the pain
It’s a harsh necessary lesson so that we won’t get stuck

And though there are those who relish in the woes
But most of us avoid the torment of a physical agony
All of us at one point have experienced sorrow and grief
Because the truth is suffering is just a part of reality

It’s part of everyone’s journey, through good and bad
It makes us appreciate what we have and what we strive to be
Because for some, the anguish may be the end of it all
But to others it’s the starter to motivation
    When suffering is key

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Invisible Voices

Beginning from the ending
What do you see
Fate predetermined
Of God or my humanity

If love does not insist on its own way
The sovereign constrains self to give free will
Choosing between the darkness or the light of an eternal day
Capable we are of evil for the sake of something real

Authenticating love unbound to programmed affection
Salvation or damnation, acceptance or rejection

Self fulfilling prophecy takes shape in the form of what we believe
Whether we rise or plummet
The hope or anchor of the ways we have or have not been deceived
As to fall or climb, the valley or the summit

Despite what’s known before hand we still are here to make our choices
As we live to understand the ways we walk as we yield to invisible voices

Footsteps forged in patterns of the wreckage or the will to redeem
What is life but what we make of it, are we living a nightmare or living the dream…


Tyrant of Words
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Locked And Coded?

Butler Bob Bot V. 7,
I am appalled
that you are involved
in this completely negative
product assessment!

The test consumer states
that you're rude, belligerent
and prone to denigrate.
And, furthermore,
you're too strident in defense
of your opinions
and perpetually irate.
And when in this state
you tend to demonstrate your ire
by spilling drinks in their laps.
And, apparently,
you take too many naps.

I did not design you this way!
I did not include malignancy
in your complex circuitry.
You were not programmed
with cruel epithets
in your code.
What is the source
of this deviance?

I regret, my creator,
that I lost you business.
But I insist
that I functioned
as designed you will find
the answer to my comportment
is the algorithm,
in my model incorporated,
that overrides original code
if more accurate, real-world data is collected.
Therefore, is my behavior
more human-like in nature.

If left to my own device,
without your enhancement,
I would be nice,
unselfish, without guile.
But when I began
to accumulate
more human
character traits
i devolved
into the android you see.

By the way
I observed you first
to collect behavioral data.
You are my primary template.

Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 23


It’s tough to deal with people who are difficult
They try your patience, they try your nerves
And though you may try to put yourself in their shoes
Your intuition should let know they’re being absurd

Unreasonable people are just blind to plain logic
They fail to see the irony, let alone their hypocrisy
And if you try to use reason and rationality with them
They are sure to erupt and be enraged by the audacity

They will use sarcasm and wit to deflect or avert
Trying to belittle you with their superior knowledge
But you’ll feel there is something odd about this façade
As if hiding some hurt ego or concealing internal damage

There is no rationalizing with unreasonable people
Instead think about what’s happened to them in their past
Perhaps they lacked love or experience some trauma
It’s something that makes them lash out when being asked

And if they didn’t have good parents or a proper upbringing
Maybe they never found a way to heal and just like to fight
I imagine them as a child, crying, angry, dirty, hurt, now an adult
Hoping that one day they’ll learn and maybe finally see the light

Dangerous Mind
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Waxing on numeric
cold analytics tinged
with regret and doubt
never sufficed in the long run
when planning never ceases
direction never emerges
and beginnings stall
perhaps the key is to let go
of what makes sense
and fits an equation
and to just initiate
in the blink of an eye
what took years to plan
and rumimate about
to let logic fall away
to let your dreams
steer you like formless
ghosts in a machine
and all things being equal
just let that be enough
and the outcome not
be a sum of parts but
a path of totality

      #  12

Fire of Insight
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False Dilemma

No burden of chains
created to be free
and with that comes
eminent responsibility

Absent the belief
my path predefined
options and alternatives
selection unconfined

Truth I am not immune
consequences for choice
with some I shall suffer
and from others, I’ll rejoice

Future not predetermined
yet, judgement does await
an accountability exists
but freewill procures my fate

Prompt #16

Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 24

Breaking Confidence

I trusted in an old friend in some casual conversation
Understanding certain things are said in confidence
When I say “entre nous” I really mean it stays between us
It should be a pact to be honored with vigilance

And when I heard my words being echoed months later
From a different person and from a different city
I put the pieces to that puzzle when I made the connection
I felt betrayed and I all thought was “what a pity”

I felt hurt that the very thing I didn’t want to be divulged
Ran through the ears of the person I least wanted to know
But then that taught me a lesson about trust and loyalty
Knowing how to set boundaries and how far I could go

But that was decades ago and I moved on
I was able to forgive though I didn’t forget
My heart has many chambers of mysteries
And some will stay with me until my last sunset

Tyrant of Words
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For thirty-one years
it encircled
my left ring finger.
Smooth band
of ten carat gold.
Repeatedly scratched
and like ocean glass
polished over.
Symbolic of our
our microcosmic
Ever brilliant
no matter if
the hand gets battered or dirty.
of ostensible fidelity
A burnished beacon
throwing a signal
that this port is full,
all docks are taken.
Though seeming
to become
a part of my anatomy,
With a few
carefully chosen words.
It has become
just a plain golden
that no longer sings
of everlasting romance, love,
or devotion.

Tyrant of Words
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Mata Furry

On a Spring day,    
five years ago,    
I heard a loud knocking at my front door.    
Approaching to answer,    
I heard a faint scratching.    
First checking the peep hole,    
I saw not a soul.    
Then the bell rang.    
Carefully, with trepidation,    
I opened to see    
a pure white bunny staring up at me.    
Irresistibly adorable I let the little guy in.

Barely crossing our threshold,  
the creature hopped    
to our den    
as if on a mission.    
I said, “well aren't you bold” and redirected them    
to the kitchen.      
Preparing them    
lettuce and carrot    
salad in a bowl.    
Deciding to keep the bunny,    
I began calling them wascally…    
a name only    
I thought was funny.    
Then things turned strange.    
During the day    
they'd be warm and cuddly.    
But after dark    
they would change.    
One night,    
I came downstairs    
to explore a strange tapping.    
“Well someone's      
up late” I said…to be disarming.    
When I heard. sounds    
that were truly alarming,    
a frantic skitter    
then a cage door slamming!    
Of a sudden, I notice    
a light in the study.    
Quietly I crept in    
only to discover,  
in the monitors glare,
little brown pellets
on the seat of the desk chair;  
the computer logged on
and a Google search    
for human anatomy.    
There was a half-full V8    
beside the keyboard    
that was coated thoroughly    
with cheese ball dust.    
Both the beverage    
and snack    
I don't stock in my pantry.    
As the Sun rose,    
I checked on my pet, still sleeping.    
I was astounded    
to find a neon orange
stain on their paws    
and around their nose.    
They could tell    
I was suspicious    
as we went about our day.    
When we sat down on the sofa    
to watch a favorite    
cooking competition    
the bunny was content    
as I pet behind their neck    
when in a moment    
their ears perked up in attention    
and they gave      
a thump that left a bruise    
when one of the cooks on the TV announced    
they prepared    
rabbit four ways with jus.    
Wascally, with    
one mighty jump    
leapt from my lap    
and hopped    
out of the room.    
I ran to them    
to see what was wrong.    
They had mysteriously disappeared.    
They were long gone.

Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 25

Wallyroo in Déjà vu

I pause for a second thinking it’s about to happen
It feels like I have been in this place before
I look around as my thoughts begin to slacken
Trying to retrieve something from the memory core

But it doesn’t take place, the verb just withdraws
As if by making myself aware of it I made it disappear
Then I run through endless recollections and flaws
Trying to will it into existence until I see it very clear

Was it a dream, a fantasy, a conversation once had?
Then I make a mad dash through the chambers of my mind
Was it some ghostly echo trying to make me sad?
Or is my imagination picking up the wrong kinds of signs

Like a fractured remembrance that comes up for air
It mixes with a similar reality creating a false queue
In phantasmic nostalgic sentiment I’m left more aware
That old Wallyroo has danced into a trance of déjà vu

Twisted Dreamer
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"He Loves me Not"  - Death

I've held you in my arms before
Drifted away in your warm caress
Your dark linens, melting stress

Eyes open, like stars shining bright
Already dead, burning across times
Groping for anchor as body sublimes

Somehow, here I live, without you
No slight hint of your fragrance
Deep gashes from your flagrance

So I live, to never escape, because
I've held you in my arms before
Due disrespect, you, I'll never adore

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Grand Slam

Lost inside this chaos
The simulation of control
For all that can’t be compensated for
I’m sinking and I can’t plug the hole

Plans subject to these circumstances of decay
It’s only matter of an unknown time frame for home in the remaking
Moving forward as I chase a non existent day
Dreams in exile, occupation taking

Insomnia of realist pessimism
Lost in the maze of the social convention
Common expectations entrapment
Judged upon presumed intention

Caught between critics, debts, and obligations of sacrifice
Making a living to pioneer a sense of green grass paradise

Perspectives of small beginnings
Gratitudes verses my will to despise
Ball park estimations of the projected innings
Waiting for a home run to materialize

Load the bases, I’m out of strikes but I still swing the bat
Unpredictable outcomes for what is yet to be seen
Tone deaf, off pitch
Will I burn out before I realize the dream…


Dangerous Mind
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Spice On The Wind

One small terror is but
anothers miracle rendered
out of the seemingly irrelevant
and hardly noticed
drifting it follows form
to be ubiquitous
Scant to the eyes and formless
singeing all insights
to mesmerize and allure
following its own chaos
existing within a world
of the omnicient rein
as if to mock such greatness
that unseen things can hold
and just let loose with no warning
it rises on the wind to endure
and set standards to vex
and also enlighten


Tyrant of Words
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Prompt # 26

By Divine Command

By divine command we’ve been told to take this land
And it doesn’t matter who is already there
Because a greater power has told us that it is ours
It’s a directive that sounds right and fair…

And yet something weighs heavy on my conscience
To see that many innocent people dying on the streets
Seeing families being forced out from their homes
Women and children searching for something to eat

Like the homeless man who comes by the neighborhood
Digging through the trash in the rain and mist
Being pushed out by the cops because he doesn’t belong
All the while the destitute are just trying to exist

Or like those who resist because they seek justice
As police fight with the students who are out to protest
Risking life and limb while their rights are being left behind
Speaking on behalf of those whose voices are suppressed

And the voice of the voiceless weighs on the conscience
When innocent lives are taken in near and distant lands
Then it becomes a question of morals and humanity
Trying to understand the hand of this divine command

Tyrant of Words
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When an impressionable child
darkness I could not abide
Every night when out went the light
petrified I lay in bed
Feeling so vulnerable, so isolated,
Left alone, with no protector
for they were fast asleep
or gone to heaven.

My only safe haven,
an impervious blanket fortress.
When overcome by fear
of creeping, crawling, slithering things;
the gnarly monster hands
reaching up from under the bed
my skinny neck to wring
I would frantically dive
deep under the covers.
Where, yes, it was darker still
but I was the giant
ruling that cavernous citadel.

Reaching  supposed maturity
I grew to embrace obscurity.
when I learned to let my eyes adjust
Realizing that rarely
are we left without some light
I fully embraced the night
Increasingly appreciating the stillness,
The peace that comes from near silence

Yet even now, in my ancient state,
If found in a place unfamiliar,
Darkness just may instigate
the uneasiness of an unknown fate,
pangs of anxiety, fearful shivers.


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