In this turnabout world

Well here I am,
I've come a long way,
I ain't got no money,  
but that's ok,  
looked for work just the other day,    
but the man shook his head and walked away,    
sometimes it gets me down,    
makes me frown,    
leaves me wondering why the hell I stay in this town,  
when I ain't got no hope,    
and I feel like my mind is dangling from a fraying rope,  
well I asked for a blessing from the pope,  
to marry my true love,  
but he answered nope,  
there's too many laws across the lands,  
and the politician's telling me the government's tied their hands,  
it makes me want to sit and cry,  
but I'd be crying 'till the day I die,  
'cause I gotta keep moving,    
gotta see it through,    
and it's hard when you ain't got a friend,    
but like a wise man once said,    
the answer's a blowin' in the wind,  
and I gotta chase it,  
gotta follow it to the end,  
and now it looks like all my words turned blue,  
and I wish I could stay here with you,  
I wish I could stay and listen to you sing,  
all day and all night 'till my ears start to ring,  
and my eyes fill with tears,  
you always were a star my dear,  
In this turnabout world you had no fear,  
you took a piece of me,  
and I always knew,  
some day I'd come back to you,  
and I'm leaving now,  
but I'll be back,  
like a runaway train on a railroad track,  
I'm steered in an unknown direction,  
leaving me such little time for reflection,  
but you stay on my mind,  
in the early hours of the morning time,  
I look out at the darkness there,  
and I wonder if you knew how much I cared,  
but ahead I roll,  
and my engine's roaring out of control,    
we all have to do our best,  
in this turnabout world that gives no rest,  
'till our hearts cease to beat in our chests,  
It's another day just like the rest,  
full of beauty and ugliness,  
 fighting for thier place,  
trying to outnumber the other and win the race,  
passing by the little child with tears on her face,  
all so they can claim an ambitious embrace,  
in this turnabout world it's a big disgrace,    
to run out of time,    
to be last in line,  
but I'm not trying to play that game,    
I'm just looking for shelter from the rain,    
I'm looking at this world and this life that we live,    
and I'm wondering if I have more to give,    
more than money in the bank or a 401K,    
more than taxes and death and rot and decay,    
more than a flashy car with a hood ornament,    
more than sitting in a bar waiting on my check from the government,  
and if you asked me what I wanted from you,    
It'd be to know that there is more for you too.
Written by SRE_crowsclaw
Published | Edited 9th May 2017
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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