The image in the mirror

Staring at the image in the mirror, reflecting on the face,
wondering what became of the girl who fell from grace,
now the memories come clearer,
in the patches of sunlight casting, shadows of darkness everlasting,
her words of courage left unspoken,
by regrets she was haunted,
still unbroken,she was taunted,
for her kindness towards her foes,
believing love could cure all woes,
a foolish child left alone,
when she had come so far from home,
pushed down into the depths of sorrow, letting go the hope of tomorrow,
slipping into a dreamlike state, surrendering to her inevitable fate,
allowing weekness  to control her actions,
selling flesh to feed the fires of madness,
out of darkness came creeping,
the shadows alive and fiending,
a deep hunger unquenchable,
she was consumed by monsters unmentionable,
until there was nothing left but anger and hate,
the hope of rescue came too late,
finding strength in passionate rage,
tasting a bitterness so sweet,
like an imprisoned bird freed from a cage, she spread her wings in the morning heat,
flew beyond the troubled sea,
crashing waves of misery,
past the wicked nightmares she had known,
through a forest of illusions and seeds of doubt she had sown,
the thorny branches reaching up to pull her down,
as the wind cut through her blood soaked gown,
the more she resisted falling back into that darkest hole,
the harder the rain fell drenching her soul,
washing the stains of sin and need,
the more she knew she could never go back,
she was on her way,combating every attack,
finally finding she owed no thing,nor deed to any man,
the realization steadied her still trembling hands,
and clearing her mind to see her worth,
she set the course,and with great caution made her first choice,
she heard the might of her own voice,
renewing her power with each word that she spoke,
like embers still burning beneath the ash and the smoke,
her fire not extinguished by vile misdeeds,
like wind blowing, stirring dead leaves, awakening the somber skape of winter,
revealing foliage still growing,
the past a gift worth knowing,
the battle scars still showing,
mistakes branded in memory,
a reminder of her enemies,
they should have killed her while she was young,
they should have locked her away from everyone,
they had their chance, but let her go,
thinking this frail and fragile child won't know,
she was meak,but strong inside,
the fire in her hasn't died,
she's fed it on heartbreaksand failures alike,
until she saw the time to strike,
now she knows what it is to be week,
but finds strength in the abyss and bleak,
her halo long gone,
all that remains are her wings,
she's embracing her freedom and pain,
the past now fading into her unconscious,
she's learning to live a live a life not promised,
dust still settling from the battles she's faught,
studying the lines on her face and the lessons they taught,
the mirror a window into a far away place,
each day a gift she cannot replace.
Written by SRE_crowsclaw
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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