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All mad all the time. †***I'm still here I've just taken a bit of a reprieve to reflect on my self and my life. †It has been very exciting and informative and best of all, transformative. I will return but in a different form, greater than before.

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Maynard James Keenan, Greg Graffin, Shannon Hoon, Priya Dileep, Unboundpoetess, Jack Heslop,

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You've come here looking for information, for an impression, but what you have found is a ghost, a shade.  It stands motionless at the end of the hallway with its back to you.  The only question now is do you get its attention or choose another empty hall to walk?

If you try to speak to it from a distance, the apparition remains still and does not respond.  There is nothing but silence to be had here.

(To all that have crossed that threshold, the ghost is now your place marker.  The book will open to you later so you may remember where in the story you were.  Vale amicus. )

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Open a sunrise, once by Jestalessa
Good morning beautiful by Indie (Miss Indie)
Broken by Starlight_angel
maybe I think about you when I'm cold. by daggerguns (.......................)
Free fall by Latin_blossom (Andrea Pompa)
We all fight demons by Viddax (Lord Viddax)

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