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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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Softly Cradled By His Poetic Ascension

Offering my soft passion unto the core of his firm virility  
The feet of his masculine existence    
Rooting me to the silk covers for which my back graced  
Anticipation to explore the gift of man’s virility    
To be satisfied as a woman yields unto  
His gentle kisses from my toes  
My skin, his postal stamp of approval  
Delivering my body to an erogenous state of his care    
Softly kissing me, tasting the ambrosia of my passion fruit  
His tongue deep inside me  
Capturing the wet aura of me  
Digesting the elixir of awaited time, I’ve wished upon  
Mm.. succumbing to the feverish craving of a man’s touch  
Body hesitant, yet willing  
Gentle palms spawn over me  
Absence of a man’s touch, my body submitting  
Foretold of this surrendering night  
His scent is now my perfume  
In the throne of my naked lust for his raw hardness  
The longing to be taken  
As he is receiving  
Calloused palms softly playing my body    
Fine tuning the depravation residing inside  
Wrapping my legs around his eagerness drive  
Masterful loving soaring my body to heights unimaginable  
Eyes closed as my body kissed the stars  
Manifested onto his alliance of our mingled bodies  
My breath sealed by his  
Our palms interlaced    
Thrusting inside me repeatedly  
The soft mummers echoed of being a woman for where I lay  
Settling the creamy passage on top of his throne  
My silken gyrating crown, up and down his head, my reign, Kinging him for the bliss  
Palming my tits, then cupping the back of my neck  
Drawing my face downwards capturing my soft lips  
Dominating his desires    
Hungry moans drifting    
Sailing on winds of forgotten time  
My soul seeping  
I could not have diminished the moment  
Or recoiled from the weakening torture of his first touch  
The first taste of him, heighten my pleasure when he’s driving in and out my lush  
Oh yes, faster his girth soaking up the essence of my gush  
His whispers to my skin as he possessed my existence    
Giving me his name to borrow for his ears only  
Two souls beautifully blending in the still of the night
The night song now resonates our heighten carnal outcries as we rest in sedated ecstasy

Tyrant of Words
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Cradling Him In The Softness Of My Wind Song

Can I write you a love song  
I’ll sing it softy in your ear all night long  
Blow gently without words on my saxophone  
Diamond and Pearls behind the throne  
A beautiful ensemble meant for only you  
As I give credence too  
Take my hand  
Cross this journey with me as I sing about faraway lands  
Past Egypt pyramids shifting Morocco sands  
Lay back my love, allow your mind to silently drift  
Feel the enchantment of my piano keys as it spiritual uplifts  

I’ll sing love songs of old  
A cappella chorus echoed from deep within my enlighten soul  
I’ll sing to you about the blues, society’s injustice, and elements of darken storms  
Keep your heart warm, while playing my French Horn  
Enrapture foretold from this dedicated symphonic poem  
A music sheet of percussion, woodwind, brass, keyboard, and strings  
Harmony carrying the mind away as the joy of coming spring  
I’ll hum your favorite beats, can you feel the crescendo now  
Fiddle from the heart by the sweat of one’s brow  

Submerge your cerebral cortex, lose yourself in the sultry tunes  
Harp sounds bathe of light kissed from the illuminating moon  
Destiny overcasts in the lyrics  
Fate floating stratospheric  
Karma of others handled in the eyes of satiric  
Opera, I give you so grand in its grace  
French Creole dialect murmured among silk and lace  
Sounds of my flute resonant to face  
Allowing my Cello sounds to thoroughly embrace  

Can I write you a love song  
My poetic whispers within the melodies as the ballads of us plays on
Body and soul serenading soprano to keep you standing strong  
My guitar stringing your philosophies along  
An equal equation, one plus one equals two  
Emotions, feelings, sentiments, its tenor expressed only for you  
No compass to my heart, my seasonal love found in hidden melodies  
Trombone guiding back and forth breathless as it please  

Orchestra sounds  
Ascending minds, bodies, souls, pass the opening clouds, divine and profound  
The last note sung by me as we gradually come down  
Beautiful music embraced, needs never to make a sound  
Shh, close your eyes  
Meditate on the music for a little while  

Hush sweet baby don’t say a word  
My heart softly tweets to a mockingbird  
If that mockingbird don’t sing  
Can I write you a love song created only for your being  
As minds are sightseeing  
Hearts fleeing  
Timpani drums guaranteeing  
Entwined of our divine wellbeing  
Emotional freeing  
Crooning of bodies heard as the day is long  
Can I write you a love song

Dangerous Mind
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The two of these blendologies
That are written up above
Drew me in to add my part to them
They made me hard for making love
To fill the voids that are there waitng
To feel the heat of making love

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Once In A Beautiful Lifetime

Once in a beautiful lifetime there comes a spiritual soul of a man, a strong existence whose aura fits within the lock of my life to turn the master key, exploring the seven voyages of my lunar Chakras.  

Scaling the reverent awareness of my inner thoughts, touching the efference of my divinity, kissing upon the wisdom of my nature, heightening my sacred revelations spoken in spirituality and in truth.    
In the dominion of realty, my head bowed in reverence, the gift of blind knowledge, waiting to be exposed, appreciated, utilized.    
Lessons of ancient taught and deciphered, gainful knowledge escaping through the portals of my melanin heritage.    
Earnest whispers to adhere, the cadence expressed much louder for my mind to absorb, my heart to adapt, my soul to take luxury unto.

His manly handprints in life kissing upon the soft craters of my moon, feeling the warmth, the beauty from the illumination, lighting his path, his footstep as they guide, his lead, I follow.    
The pilgrimage of life journey laid at our feet.    
The enlightment of yesteryears gives a beautiful silk coating to the wondrous of my femininity matrix.    
I hear the harmonic notes carried on the wind, infusing for my ears to attune.    
A miraculous pulse, I would love to feel, a beat I would accept the amalgamate as the tempo crests.    
As our entwined souls’ dips in an ordained mystical current only to be embryonic saved.    
Rising as a phoenix in its new skin, its afterbirth rewarded with cosmic awareness.    
Intellectually reborn in acceptance; a new since of rationality, the fallacies overcome as this man uprights in God’s image, without reluctance, I bow unto.    
The woman within, taking benefaction of fate’s salvation.    
From this man’s feet as he stands, to the sovereign this empress beholds, I, as the neck turns with his temperaments, fueling his perceptions with wisdom, giving the meaning of its greater superiority.    
The music of our native dialect speaks of good will, the power within the strength of our words, lends an alliance to our intellectual stimulus, credence in its fluidity bearings.    
My cerebral cortex spinning on the axis of the sweetest magnification.    
Such a wish can only be found in a beautiful lifetime

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Mmm… Humm....

To my handsome Sire, my embracing Knight
Who strings my heart at the coming of twilight
Fall unto your knees
And whisper in my ear thoughts to please
We dance upon the moonlight as stars to the sky greet
Our naked temple decorating rose petals, strewn upon lavender scented sheets

You watch my swaying breasts go by, and sniff my darkened creamy space
Mmm... so addictive, whirling my soft folds as you tease the wanderlust of my moistened place    
My Creole thighs, soft as silk, encasing the sides of your beaded face    
I feel every inch and the tongue pound of you
Gyrating enough to give you the silken aroma of my midnight dew    

My warm nectar coating your tongue as it probes into the center of candy pink    
The slurpy of my sweetness smothering you is so arousing... mm... I see your erect cock is on an explosive brink    
Your mouth taking comfort in the tightening pleasure of my cunt
Throaty pants to release the elixir of your soul resonating to ather, your needs heard in your grunts

Shuddering and shaking, my orgasm drips on your lips
Savoring the alluring spices of me with each lick
Turning around showing you my sexy backside
Opening my soul to you even wide
Giving you my trickles as I slide up and down, squeezing my sugar walls as your girth in and out glide    

Slowly raising up ...oh that feels soooo good... coveting the jingling of your tongue
Feening to your lips the sensations of my butter rum  
The twisting of your head side-to-side... mm.. hum, you watching me uncontrollably come undone
Spreading my cheeks leaning your head upward, holding my ass as my essence drizzles
Reaching my hand backwards stroking the length of your aroused state
Loving the destiny in your hardness knowing the feeling will be my fate

I know you crave to get all up in my honey hive, my sweet wet cunt owns your mouth
My two fingers joining in mingling with the shower of my dampen south    
My ass cheeks squeezing your nose, circling my hips  
Yes baby... that's right, lose your soul in my succulent drips

Mmm.. I like when you need the scent of me, the flavor of my skin, to hear my weakening moans
You know once you undress me with your eyes, I'm too far gone
Carnal bliss with your first lick, oh baby, please don’t make me wait
Yes... yes.. right there... drowning your face in the saturation of my taste    

I love you are content just to lie there, leaning forward, my palms to your upper thighs
Climaxing… mmm… your face sniffing, then tongue bathing in my juicy pussy squirts
I need this man dominating loving for all its worth  
He has taken my mind beyond the stars, his mouth arresting mine to muffle my loud outcries
I love it when he is palming the mattress, ramming deep between my thighs  
Or his tongue, this yoni tenderly rides, once he parts my slit and darts the tip inside

Oh, sweet mercy… go on baby and send me..

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1369

Gifting Me The Solace Of His Beautiful Sanctuary

Mm... you are so tender to me  
Enveloping me within his caressing words
His scurried passion spinning me  
My feet groundless on an axil  

The gateway of my mind  
Your sole entrance
Embraced shadows  
Dancing to the beat of soft melodic utterance

I miss the absence of his presence.  
Tasting his sweeten whispers like drips of honey
Softly relishing in the benediction of his cocooning virility  
Beckoning me like a soothing waterfall

Waiting for me to cleanse in its awakening  
I’ve touched the calling of destiny with my lips
The silhouette of my soul says come closer
Allow the wisps of your gentle winds
To bend me to your beautiful will

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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The Sweetest Love

There is no greater love felt than sync of the minds  
Prevailing by fate captured by time
Breath to breath, passion inhaled, exhaled of such beautiful carnal designs  
Soft are your words that makes my beating heart sing  
Divinity of soaring souls illuminated as Saturn’s revolving rings  
Everything whispered to my ears, so true, so serene  
Feeling the touch of tender caresses found only in majestic dreams  
Stars when aligned twinkles, oh so bright  
Space of the galaxy, we own the night

Shooting and falling into lover’s plight  
A kiss to the wind, obscured of sight  

Private dance finds of no other  
Minds and souls, Angels’ wings weakened undercover  
Taste of earthly rewards, as a full moon hovers  
Not of this time, dimension twined celestial lovers  
Steadfast pulses as passion unrighteous drifts  
Look among the stars for my tender kiss  

Erratic heartbeats, sinking  pleas of reminisce  
Promises of footprints we meet in the sky, granted upon a wish  
Capture my floating bow tied in the skies  
Dreams smile on sleepers, reality tells crooked lies  
Given unto the wondrous of peace  
Shh… a blanket of comfort to rest inside a soft silken need  
Manifestations to awaken, tickled and pleased  
Sweet talking all the way to my knees  
Naked emotions better than any strip tease  
No mentality of its greater lease  

The extension of your soul slips inside with a gentle ease  
To provide the comforts to the heart in a world of make believe  

Devoid clouds of misunderstanding, rainfalls of mistrust  
Psalms of my principles is heard, practiced is a must  
Love and honor are the most part  
To touch, the true essence of another’s soul is a once in a lifetime work of art  
Flowers today withered of tomorrow  
Standing in a vase of today’s thistles of sorrows  
Believing and perceiving as sure as the day is long  
Surrendering under the echoing of such beautiful symphonic undertones  

Alluring lyrics of a melodic romantic song  
Absence of malice greets your kingdom, juices to bask prolong  

Hearts aflame, scorching kisses from dusk to dawn  
No remorse, no insecurities, reviving stolen moments, time withdrawn  
Kisses among the stars and then we’re gone  

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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He Makes My Love Come Down

Mm… I’m in love with the stature of his muscular body                  
He yearns for those soothing pleasures from this Creole hottie                  
Sultry desires his virility covets the essence of my pussy when he dips and slips                    
His dick gyrating in the creamy sensation of my carnal gift                  
Tenderly tonguing my Chi down                  
Wrists apprehend above, circling the tip, the swishing sensations resonating such a beautiful sound                  
Dropping his weight on top of me                  
Mm… thrashing in the tightness of my moistness while following my lead                  
The back of my thighs braced against his chest wall                  
Grabbing my hips, hammering my pussy, closing my eyes, suctioning the intense of his throbbing heat inside my rainfall                  
Giving him every bit of me, my all                  
Licking over my toes, V-shaping my legs                  
More cushion for the pushing                  
The thrills and spills of his body, knowing he likes to hear me beg                  
Candles lit all around the bedroom                  
Our naked silhouettes flickering, enveloping him in my warm cocoon                    
Relishing in his scent, his sweat droplets pasting all over me                  
Clenching him tighter in the height of the tease                  
Sinking deeper                    
Emotions, feelings, passion scaling steeper                  
My head denting the pillow, oh baby, he is a whispered dream, a keeper          
Bodies entwined in carnal lust, lips locked                  
Plummeting deeper, and deeper in my pinkish soft folds, thrusting wildly, his girth kissing the weakening dam of my g-spot                    
Legs wrapping around his waist, back arched… oh yes… my cherry, I love when he pops                  
Drenching his arousal all up in my sweeten entice                  
Lifting out the champagne glass a cube of melting ice                  
Drips streaming over a perky tit                  
Then covering the peak with his lips                  
Only he sends me like this                  
Oh, sweet mercy, seducing me when our bodies are entangled, palms tightly clasped                  
Loving that sound when his hairy groin slams into my jiggling ass                  
Mouthing under my earlobe                  
Pressing down on his gluteus... mmm.. hum... that’s the way love goes                  
Already addicted when his loving consoles                  
Holding me tight                  
My climax blending into his release... oh.. this moment feels sooooo right                  
Mind sedated, my body elated, our labored breathing still not regulated                  
In the calling of morning rays, Dawn greeting the welcoming of a bird's tweet                  
Rolling over to cold empty sheets                  
A scribbled note of see you later left in haste                  
Will his mouth still remember my midnight taste                  
Are you getting an erection thinking about you kneeling between my sacred abyss whispering in my ear, you know I can't wait                  
Mm… is the essence of my feminine scent still under your nose from parting me                  
His hair still in disarray when my hips met the seesawing of his tongue tease                  
Cupping my buttocks, darting his family jewels in and out                  
The neighbors now know my name when I surrendered the trickles of my dewy south              

Moaning against his skin in total surrender                  
Leaving me in soaked reminisce, gentleness prevailing from the love overdose, my heart for him is always tender     Sitting at his desk, does he think about leaving me, wanting, needing, still hungering for his strong dominance, my finger easing inside my wet                  
Smearing my lips, a smile, knowing all night long he ached for my flesh, his finger, the bliss it felt while being his meal as he orally fed                  
Loving when I can send him over the edge… grunting and hosing his elongation                    
My silken climax saturating his chin from his tongue exploration                  
Honey flavored drools streaming down his face in pools                  

Taking my lips captive under yours                  
Plunging In and out my cunt, bathing his appetite for my butter rum savor, waiting for his release to jerk then pour                
Kissing me until I am breathless in submission under you                  
Ramming even deeper inside my lover’s cove, wrapping my legs around his back, coating the thickness of his arousal with my sugary dew                  
Mm… laying in the bliss of the afterthought                  
When love has been sought, rapture brought…  

Tyrant of Words
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At His Mercy

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I have missed his beastly hunger  
The anticipation, making the pounding of my mind pulsate with relinquished considerations  
A quiet feeling embedded, loud enough to mesmerize me    
Once I’m captured, weakened at the knees    
Stirring the yearnings of my body into a heightened frenzy    
Taking my breath, owning the air I breathe, claiming my curvaceous physique    
Chained to the obedience of his addictive bondage      
Only to escape to the wonderous thrashes his thrust mar deep inside me      
My handsome one, you have been slipping in and out of my dreams    
Seducing me in the reality of your desires    
Smelling all over me, like the prey I have become    
Sniffing out the core of my fragility    
Wrapping my palm around his aching arousal
Drooling in the spoils of his sentiments I give    
My wonderfully soft breasts so warm as his cock nestles between them    
How often have I dreamed of his tongue teasing the wet cove of my pleasure      
His happy face buried in the soft folds, deeply inhaling me in      
The tip of his tongue making love to my trickling slit    
Tasting it for the dewy raindrops his lips ache to greet
His mouth to savor    
Headboard gripped, gyrating upon his face in gypsy abandonment    

Palming my upper thighs
His tongue flicking at my clit
Planting it with a kiss, a spit, dosing lick

Tell me, my love, how sweet it is

Tyrant of Words
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Mm... Santa Claus is Cumming…    Oh, To Town

Mm…  I hear Santa’s whispers enticing me in the wind  
My nice and naughty list he needs, and how the pleasure of my aura to him softly blends      
I love when he grunts ho…ho…ho    
Slowly pouring honey over my feet then licking over each toe    
I just stopped through to say hello and give him my list    
Last year I sat on his lap while he tenderly kissed the peaks of my tits    
He had me in the throes of his orgasmic bliss    
Tongue to tongue, licking around the contour of my luscious lips    
Kissing over his saturated beard    
He was aroused to the point of fulfilling my naughty list, from what I remembered... oh dear    
Santa lifted me up    
Sliding my thong to the side, wetting his finger, then snaking the length in my lover’s cup    
Easing his North pole deeper into my creamy south    
Capturing the pleasing moans while serenading him from my mouth    
Smearing my essence to the side of my neck    
Passion marking my skin… oh sweet mercy, he keeps my honeycomb so wet    
Santa Claus Naughty Letter One

Tyrant of Words
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Into The Deep (Rapture)

Tyrant of Words
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Into The Deep (Ecstasy)

Tyrant of Words
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Inhaling The Phenomes Of Mocha Paradise

In the cloak of midnight, embrace thy sweet kitty cat
Nine lives of undulated sensuality I give you, legs in the air, pleasing my erroneous zones as I lay on my back
Purring to the gifts unwrapped under the seduction of the illuminating moon
Spread my thighs and take my mind past the peaceful waters of the Blue Lagoon
Higher, as our souls topple the peaks of Egypt’s sand dunes

Tenderly meowing
Mm… soft cat scratches to your skin, pulling you closer, your erection kinging, inside me, crowning
The spearing of fate, entwined deep inside the benediction of destiny’s sacredness  
Karma words of ecstasy cascading from your lips of poetic undulated bliss
A tender caress to my inner soul when no one is looking, an enticing lingering kiss

I miss you, as a touch felt of its rhapsodize soaring beyond the shooting stars
Your love in reverence for me has never been that far
Written from Venues... carried on the winds of Jupiter, delivered unto an embracing man of Mars
A beautiful aura to kneel upon your grace, as only you have
Absence in the quest of mortal minds, but to my heart lays his forwarding path

Enticing words sailing our temples on a smooth course
Love, laughter, serenity within his silken lines he dips into my intellect with no remorse
Such a beautiful heartfelt choice  
To my love, an infinite bond where the beginning of us, has no middle ground, or no end
His presence, felt in the deficiency of stalwart time
Privately, his whispers, his echoes have always been mine
Unlocking the ambiguities of my Chakras, where my mystic is composed in his mesmeric lines

Tyrant of Words
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Softness In The Sensations

Passion we surrender unto the carousel of our insentient sinful souls                    
Ethos in the gift of an illuminating moon patrol                    
Coats of craving, feels like a chocolate seduce                    
Catered minds yearn, under a Blood Moon recluse                    
Heaven’s paradise we shall conform                    
Wicked passion we cradle come hither, my skin your lips softly adorn                    
In my arms tonight, Eve’s kisses upon your skin, your tongue slithers...mmm... to relish in the savory of my creamy apple        
My temple, unto echoing moans as you consecrate inside my sanctified chapel                  
My hypnotic gypsy dance, calls to you, intensity, the groove              
Sliding inside for the anointing smooth moves                    
Kneel unto this Goddess, divinity parted, no time for false modest                      
Carnal relishing the forbidden taste of my pheromones                      
Upon my bed, naked, gagged ball, wrists bonded, as the night is long                    
My tantalizing animism softy siphons, dark knowledge instilled, as enlighten wisdom pours            
The Yoruba whispers from the chasm of infinity’s amore            
The Oya whose quench unto me, spills forth                    
The Oshun who wants, needs more                    
The dripping honey of me, my seductive lure                    
Pandora box by design, desire, shall be stored                    
Coveting your mind, of the fifth dimensional kind                    
Lips shifting, then bodies collide              
In the darkness entwined, fusing, the sacred offerings of me bestowed                  
Bodies seeping until the dusk of dawn, catching the last drops of our saturated flow                            
The cloak behind the immortal veil we ascend
Tenderly fusing in the perfection of the blend                
Resonating the sweetest moans, we console                    
Each silken gyrate extracting your soul                    
Mingling in the calling of time making our bodies ordained, rejuvenated, whole                    

Tyrant of Words
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Feeling The Soft Vibes Of Mr. New Jersey

A mirrored image stealing my breath with the elixir of his potent love potion  
Blinded by such sweet charismatic devotions  
Have the hands of kismet karma given hearts a twosome dance  
Whispers felt from afar for a whirl wind romance  
The second coming of lust, desires, rapture between woman and man  
Leap of faith for a rare revolving chance  

Beautifully sinking my heart in its divinity purified ocean  
Kiss me up and down my spine, the footprints of love, blanketing stalwart auras in slow motion  
Covet my reality to the reincarnation of Heavenly chimes  
Love me over and over again, in and out of time  
Feelings of old shall be anew unto us  
Moans and groans of ecstasy when climbing the destiny of our lust  
You feel it… shh...don’t wake my mind up  
Intoxicating sensations caressed as you’re sipping from my lover’s cup  
Serenading me, as your tongue licks blissfully pleases, roaming as it slowly sups  
Soar my body past the stars of passion, rapture, desire, lover’s trinity  
Blending our names within the majestic skies of infinity  
I’m breathless  
Close your eyes, my love and crave the destiny of my butter rum wetness  
Feel my erratic beating heart  
Remembrance of two bodies dancing undercover in the governess of dark  
My naked canvas, awaiting the fill in, as you sketch our desires from start  
Mm. delirious  passions in such vivid colors, torn and reborn while we were apart  
A collage of two souls blending, sending, masking its beautiful work of art  
Bodies, minds, hearts, souls coinciding  
Reflective imaged emotions unto this moment colliding

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