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Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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time...sometimes light...sometimes darkness...

Time, money, sunlight and food are all necessary for life
but "time" is the rarest of all, slips like sand from the hand

although time brings with it both sorrow and happiness
but it brings a small silken cloth of happiness and a big cloud of sorrow

time is not like a continuously flowing river, it is a salty ocean
whichever colorful pearl or fish comes out is our luck

as the earth rotates, time also rotates continuously
if you stop anywhere, your defeat is certain

nature has given you gardens decorated with diverse flowers
now here, whether you want to keep counting the flower petals or inhale the entire fragrant garden, it is your decision

playing in mother's lap and living a golden childhood is the rarest gift given by nature
finding that childhood toothbrush while searching for something in old age, finding love letters written in youth, all these are golden memories

time is that which, even in the dreary autumn, gives us memories of cool breeze, weather and birds
time is that which enters even the dry soil and becomes a seed and flourishes...

Tyrant of Words
United States 66awards
Joined 22nd July 2019
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The Write

My bleeding
verses mean
so much
But only
to me

The bloodletting
allows a few
minutes of
exquisite pain
to be purged
via my pen

Scratching away
my most tender
emotions depicts
I can’t speak

I pray
someone knows
this pain
Feels this pain
I can’t
go it alone

The desolation
is akin
to a vacuum
sucking out
the very oxygen
I breathe
while my soul
like an imploded

58 u/w

Tyrant of Words
Canada 12awards
Joined 18th Nov 2015
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Butterflies don’t get trapped in spider webs, so I must be something different…

this web of my own choosing
I even helped to build
its supporting structure
has upheld me
 and those I love
  through countless trials

invisible, sticky strings
of friendship

holding tight

preventing flight

I don’t want to tear the fabric
for those who still belong
 but they’re too heavy to take with me

I am afraid to fly


I don’t know where I’m going

and I am afraid to stay
lest my wings (soul) dry up

drop off

the path is unclear
 and I’m waiting


Dangerous Mind
United States 19awards
Joined 8th July 2019
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on the winds of change
she traveled, full of hope;
transplanted miles from home,
she’d knew she’d never return;
tired from her journey, she rested

alone and afraid,
she crawled her way deep,
digging into the cold, hard soil:
buried in the darkness of winter,
she went about the business
of growing, of becoming
something else entirely, for sure
and something beautiful, perhaps -
but either way, alive and vibrant

expanding downward,
she established deep roots,
gathering knowledge and wisdom
from the stones brave enough
to try standing in her way;
they dared her to keep going
and so she did, fiercely

and when spring came forward
she pushed her way upward,
clawing her way to an unknown future;
ready to face the sun at last,
she stands tall and proud
unapologetically herself

Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
Joined 8th Mar 2016
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15 of 30

bait & switch team

she tells them she's not looking to get involved
that they should just keep it moving
they insist they aren't either
...they just want to be friends
& isn't it just conceit on her part...to presume
but she's so often been driven down this well-traveled road
...knows where it probably leads
...& how it will likely end
her constant response to this accusation
to a sense of over-inflated ego
...is always the same
it might be...I am too full of myself...
...if it hadn't so frequently proven to be true
you'll say what you have to...
...trying to change my point of view
wear me down...in the hopes...
...I'll eventually see reason
...& finally want you
you think you're clever
playing a fresh game
trust me...you're no better than the others
....motives the same
looking at boundaries as a challenge
no will always be...no

same song...different verse
& they never learn
as one by one they rise & fall
she's not conceited...
...she's just trying to meet herself...
...& heal from the damage
...done by them all

Dangerous Mind
United States 18awards
Joined 29th Mar 2017
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Ode to Candy Salad

We have this thing, my boys and me,
we like to mix our sweets.
It’s so that I can guarantee,
everyone gets their treats.

One likes that and one likes this,
and I, well, I like them all.
It keeps our snacking full of bliss
and never starts a brawl.

We each pick our favorite treat
and dump it in a bowl:
sour gummies, licorice sweet,
chewy starburst makes it complete,
and everyone has control.

I shake it up and mix it well
(much like I’ve done this meter),
and everyone thinks my idea’s swell,
but I only did it to bid farewell
to shopping trips where bad moods fell
and make my days the sweeter.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 10awards
Joined 3rd Mar 2017
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Majority Rules

So very high and mighty
upon your stepping stool
belief you are of greater value
simply because you rule

Born of privilege
of this you cannot ignore
built solely on the backs
of the needy and the poor

Reaping benefits
meant only for a few
thinking you are superior
from an obscured view

You are disadvantaged
no capacity for compassion
pretending you are worthy
based on the clothes you fashion

All that was provided
only makes you weak
lacking skills to discover
the more of which you seek

Greed will be your downfall
knowing not how to survive
without your luxuries
you shall fail to thrive

Society owes no dues
no obligation exists
you will not hold your ground
when the majority resists

Tyrant of Words
United States 123awards
Joined 25th Jan 2011
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My Life

my eyes open and I'm shaken
keeping everything in has cost me
awakening tears streaming down
I'm betraying my heart because I am afraid

the emptiness of being alone
adrift in a sea of faces
all looking as haunted as mine

with no place to call my own
my mind does not allow me freedom
beholden to a broken spirit
the pressure starts and the pain builds
and I find myself in an alternate reality

different than most, my heart paints delusions
seeming so real I get confused by them
forgetting to eat and pay my bills
ending up in the hospital with no visitors

broken of soul I drift
twenty-eight years ago I met him
he was kind to me when he didn't have to be
love grew from friendship

fearing the loss of his heart
grappling with the reality of his love
I center myself by focusing on due north
seeking the heavens I have to know what's real

I won't allow myself to break
not this time my life is at stake

Dangerous Mind
United States 9awards
Joined 24th Sep 2017
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The Sound of Silence

It is a lost echo
   a wandering ghost
an empty room in a Victorian house

It is dust piled on unopened books
   a writer’s empty page
slow winter snowfall

It is an incense burning
   the warm sunshine upon dozing cats
the steady growth of a plant

It is that pause between breaths
   an unvisited gravestone
a still woodland pond

It is the artist’s inner concentration
   the awe at gazing upon shooting stars
the stage in an empty theatre

It is the meditated mind

Tyrant of Words
United States 117awards
Joined 11th Apr 2015
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There are times a poet
feels so uncompelled
locked in sedentary confines
dreaming of exile

of regeneration
through inspiration
beyond this quicksand
cementing us to shores
we wouldn’t choose
for ourselves

But at high tide
the Muse rolls in
as waves
engulfing us
whispering. . .

‘It’s all a ruse’

This wasteful idling
this endless desiring

All we need do
is pick up the pen
open the keyboard
and allow the truth
to crash over us

Writing is about
opening our hearts to receive
not thinking or performance

it’s allowing Poetry
to take the stage
with its own voice

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 32awards
Joined 4th Dec 2018
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Mixed Up

whiskey awakening memories
little playbacks looping
with stolen dreams mixed in

tossing turning restless
wondering if love
was ever real for me

like cigarette ash
it lays discarded
then blown away

safety net clearance gone
gap appearing too wide
doesn't deter jumping head first

often painful messy affairs
diving into oblivion
driving insanity further on

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Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
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The night sky was starry as I listened to the radio.
Another update, another statement –
More threats and promises –
Stories of little men beaten and
Pushed to the point of needing to fight back –

To say enough
Is enough and this wasteland –
Burning under its harsh sun and harsh histories,
This wasteland  –
Imperfect, corrupted, yet
Full of good people hopeful
Still for a better
Future –
This wasteland is home. This wasteland is ours.

The heads sing their songs to be
Louder than the people,
Dance their dances over graves,
Play their part in the never-ending
Play – victims and victors and those
In between – killing, living –
Dreaming, believing –
Falling for it –
Dying against it –
Nukes and guns and lasers and cannons – this
Is canon:

War never changes.

Two hundreds years later and two hundred more.
The news and songs go on.
The starry night sky might as well have been empty.

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
Australia 4awards
Joined 17th Dec 2015
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Deep & wide

My father always told me
I lived life a mile wide
And an inch deep
I was never certain if I agreed
Because although I have traveled
Far and continuously
I believe somewhere inside of me
And I can’t decide if
Seeing too much
Is a privilege or a hindrance
But I do know how deeply
I feel about a wide range of places

It’s hard to look at a parent
And see a stranger
So maybe I take their words
With too much weight
Questioning my own character
So maybe I can relate
But they are the ones who have
Always stood still
And I am the one who seeks change
A mile wide, a mile deep

It’s hard not to be seen

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Dangerous Mind
Philippines 11awards
Joined 6th Jan 2019
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I find myself
Thinking of things
To write about
So many thoughts
Flowing in my mind
Right now
But can't put them
Into words
It's 11:40 pm
Just twenty minutes left
Before midnight strikes
I'm feeling bored and lazy
How quickly the days go by
We're in the mid of April
Schools will be closing in May
And so much things to do
And accomplish
Just thinking about them
Makes me anxious
April is a busy month for us
I have to reschedule our flight
Next week to next month
Because of some upcoming
Activities in school
I wonder if I made the right choice
In becoming a teacher
I would have been better
At caregiving or nursing
I enjoy teaching
But I don't enjoy the paperworks
Though I love to write

Twisted Dreamer
United States 4awards
Joined 8th Aug 2016
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It's Time

We have none to lose
Yet, it slips away

When most kinetic
In jubilant high spirits
It slips between grasp
Like pouring sand

Prying my own hands open
To lose my miser's cloak

At peak's potential
Yet it trudges onward
With seconds saturated
Scraps go to the dogs

Stay vigilant in panning
This eternal river for gold

Some days, perfume
Wisps that float by
Brushing into us
With memories
Like close embraces
Mixed with soft lips

Other days, stenching
A cruel taskmaster
Under whose thumb
We wish to be free

Numbering our days
Whether count towards escape
Or pass bittersweet tears
Like goodbyes to an old friend
Our eyes reflect our time

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