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Poem of 2024

Tyrant of Words
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😂 cruel🤣

Cupids Mischief

relieved that his family Jewels were intact
Cupid went to rest in a secret island
where the gods came down for picnics
pretending to be human

Cupid played  raced with the waves
he swam in the blue sea pool
stuck his arrow into sea cucumbers
that started to  procreate by the dozens

he almost died laughing at that
and if you saw a sea cucumber
you would  know why
It was a sight to behold

after a while the tranquil island
was overun by sea cucumbers
that wriggled out little c-cucumbers
by the bucket full, not that any bucket was around

Poseidon came out and slapped Cupid
Magicked the cucumbers into thin air
he shouted for Aphrodite to come down
to take her son who he stuck into a coconut, home

Aphrodite missed Poseidon once her beloved
so they went underwater for a brief reunion
Cupid sighed as he curled in the coconut
that only magical power of god's could free

when at last Aphrodite surfaced
Cupid was as curled as a pretzel
the long-suffering mother flew him home
and Cupid went to bed without supper


poet Anonymous

☝️💐💐💐☝️ Hahahaha! I don't know what you're smoking over there, Grace, but please feel free to send me some.

Cupid Gets His Head Kicked In!
(From an idea of Grace)

Well, Cupid in his coconut
was tucked up in his bed,
his tummy rumbling hungrily
because he'd not been fed.

"Oh, balls to this!"
the Cherub moaned,
imprisoned in that shell.
"Now in this coconut I'm shut!
My life of late's been nothing but
a total living hell!

One thing's for sure, I must get out.
I can't stay here all night.
My Mother is a wicked Mum
to leave me in this plight!"

So, rocking in his coconut
he made it roll around
until that nut fell out of bed
and crashed upon the ground,

and then that hairy coconut
went rolling on the floor,
then rolled its way across that room
to roll out of the door,

and bumpy-bumpy-bumpity
it bounced down every stair,
and poor old Cupid bashed inside
did not enjoy that bumpy ride
and swore and said a prayer.

Then at the bottom, CRASH! it went
and smashed against a wall,
and Cupid crawled out from the wreck,
not feeling well at all.

"At least I'm free," that Cherub groaned.
"So now to find some food!"
The kitchen door then opened wide
as hungry Cupid dashed inside
at last, in gratitude.

Well, first of all he took some bread
and then a lump of cheese
and cutting slices inches thick
he munched away at ease.

A cake he found, all rich with fruit,
and took a great big bite.
Upon his tongue the flavours burst
then down his throat they all dispersed
and filled him with delight.

A golden wine he uncorked next
and soon that wine was gone,
and Cupid glowing happily
shone brighter than the sun,

then drinking more, upon the floor
our lad lay in a heap
and sleepiness upon his eyes,
as morning light came to the skies,
at last began to creep,

so Cupid made his way to bed
and snuggled down so deep
then curling up so peacefully
he soon was fast asleep.


(I thought I'd give him an easier episode🙃)

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Cupid's Mischief

Cupid woke up fresh and springy
felt all bushy tailed and happy
his niggling pain all gone
results of naughty antics forgotten

with his signature naughty smile
he flew down from his home
landing on a beautiful park
where lovers walked about holding hands

He almost strained his arm
shooting his arrows everywhere
landing on people who suddenly fell in love
with their other half or total strangers

He laughed and giggled as he shoot
some arrows landing on passing animals
and on puzzled heaps of dung beetles
but Cupid didn't care at all

the chaos of love-struck people
in the beautiful park was a sight
indeed it was Cupids favourite
before he snuck back into bed

As for the twitter-pated people
recovered from the love tipped arrow
puzzled, they went home sore and bruised
leaving an infestation of dung beetles.

poet Anonymous

☝️💐💐💐☝️ Ha! Let's hear it for good old dung beetles. 🙃

Cupid's Mischief
(Grace's Idea)

Well, Cupid in the morning woke,
alone in bed and feeling sad.
"Nobody loves me," Cupid thought,
"and this is why I feel so bad.

I need a girlfriend of my own,
I'm fed up being by myself.
If I don't get one fairly soon,
no doubt I'll end up on the shelf.

You'd think,"
he thought, "that with my bow
a girlfriend I could quickly find.
A well-aimed shot to strike her heart
and she would think me sweet and kind;

but can I catch one? Can I thump!
They look at me and think I'm cute,
but that is all, then off they go,
canoodling with some manly brute."

Then Cupid sighed and shed a tear,
and turned his face towards the wall,
and racking sobs his body shook
as he began to cry and bawl.

He sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed,
he'd never felt this sad before.
He sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed
until his eyes were red and sore.

He sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed,
till all his tears he'd cried away,
but still poor Cupid felt so sad,
his loneliness was here to stay;

but then there came the knocking sound
of someone calling at his door,
and going down to answer it
he little knew what was in store,

for standing there a girlie stood,
and straightaway he lost his heart,
he'd never seen a sweeter girl,
nor felt more sting from Love's sweet Dart,

but then a Tragic Thing occurred:
that girlie had a heart attack,
and with a gaspingchokingsound
she fell, collapsing on her back.

Well, Cupid stood there, deeply shocked,
not quite believing she was dead
but when he realised she was,
he went inside, got back in bed.

"Ah well," he thought, and snuggled down,
"I don't suppose it's meant to be,
and anyway, a girl's a chain.
It's so much better to be free."

And then at once he fell asleep,
and snoring loudly dreamed his dreams
of all the trouble he would cause
with all his bow and arrow schemes.


Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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awww! Poor Girlie!

Cupid's Mischief

Cupid woke up from his slumber
and knew who tapped the girlie's number
he couldn't really trust his mother
not to commit an act to make him suffer

he was determined to find a girl
just to spite his awful mother
he would kiss her dance a twirl
and cause his mother some bother

so he flew down to the land below
and found a pretty girl
she was such a looker
as elegant and tall like a model

he shot her with his arrow
and got her through her heart
she looked at him with a smoulder
and immediately hugged him tight

he flew with her to his bedroom
and made such a ruckus
his mother woke up and peeped in
angry but soon started laughing

Cupid was puzzled
even as the girl kissed and nuzzled
but when he looked down
he jumped up with consternation

for between the pretty girl's thigh
was something cupid had too
to put lime in his cut
her penis was bigger than his

Aphrodite vanished into her silver cloud
still laughing out loud
while Cupid magicked the girl away
he didn't know anything about lady boys

poet Anonymous

☝️💐💐💐☝️ Hahahaha! And there was I thinking you were all sweet and innocent.🙃

Cupid's Mischief
(Grace's Idea)

Well, Cupid sat there on his bed
and stared with sadness at the wall.
He'd never really thought before
perhaps his willy might be small.

"Now here's a problem," Cupid said,
"Have I a shrimp between my thighs,
and if I took a girl to bed
would she die laughing at its size?

A remedy I quickly need,
some special pills or special cream,
to add some inches to my dong
and then I'll make those girlies scream!"

So looking on the internet,
he bought a jar of 'Long and Thick!'
which guaranteed that when applied
his throbbing gristle would grow quick.

Well, when it came, with eager hands
that little Cherub rubbed it on
and hoped that very soon indeed
his penis worries would be gone,

and so they were, for in a flash
because that cream was very strong!
our Cupid found that he possessed
a massive Whanger, two feet long!

"Hooray! Hooray!" that Cherub cried.
"Now lots of love I'm sure to make!
Those girlies' legs will open wide
when they all see my Trouser Snake."

So rushing out he hit the town
and knew it was his lucky night;
he found a girlie straightaway
who liked to nibble and to bite,

then home they went in a taxicab,
both eager for a shag in bed
and very soon that girl was stripped
and lying down with legs well spread.

"Oh, Cupid! Cupid! Take me now!"
that girlie cried with eager lust,
but when she spotted Cupid's dong
that wicked girl laughed fit to bust.

Poor Cupid thought at first that girl
had simply laughed, that she was drunk,
but looking down with deep dismay
he found his dong had sadly shrunk

and now two inches long it was,
a little acorn in a shell,
and as that girlie cackled on
poor Cupid thought he'd gone to hell.

Well, getting dressed that girlie left
and right at once she called a friend
and they both tittered mockingly
about poor Cupid's small bell end,

and soon the news was all round town,
and girlies laughed at how he'd shrunk,
then Cupid hung his head in shame
and thought he would become a monk.


Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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oh Ajay!

Cupid's Mischief

Cupid looked at the photos on the wall
of ancient times when they were true gods
worshipped and revered so well
by humans and other beings so bold

he looked at his father's picture
Ares, the tall dark god of war
eternal youth so regal and true
with the power to fly and soar

his mother Aphrodite, beauty epitome
among humans and goddesses
her voluptuous figure eternally the same
even though she birthed sons and daughters

Cupid stared at the images of his siblings
all from Ares' loins although elsewhere
more of his mother's children existed
here the little goddesses were his blood

They all looked so happy
caught flying in the clouds
their faces radiant with joy
except for him, small and chubby

A tear flowed down his cheeks
he was never happy with his lot
he didn't want to be a cherub of love
he wanted to be a warrior

he felt quite out of place
he wanted to be unique
to have power of a colossus
and the might of Zeus

for him it was mere arrows
aiming for a human heart
and victim not knowing pain
just fell in love on first sighting

he sighed and went to bed
pulled the cover over his head
trying to forget what happened
and hope for a better day ahead

poet Anonymous

☝️💐💐💐☝️ Ha! Poor old Cupid. We're too cruel to the little feller. 🙃

Cupid's Mischief
(Grace's Idea)

Well, Cupid woke up in the morn
and yawned and stretched and scratched his head,
depression cloaked him like a net
he didn't want to rise from bed.

If dressed he got and went outside,
those girlies laughed and called him 'Titch.'
He cursed all girlies in the world,
so cruel they were, each one a witch!

And then he thought, "I've had enough!
I feel so stupid and a fool!
The problem's ajay! He's the twat
who's writing this in Liverpool!

I'll fly down there and sort him out!
I'll break his nose and punch his head,
and when I've finished kicking him
he'll surely wish that he were dead!"

So Cupid flew to Liverpool
and zoomed off round to ajay's house,
then hammering the door he yelled,
"Come out, you bastard! You're a louse!"

Well, ajay who is sweet and kind   🙃
was shocked to find poor Cupid there.
He brought him in and made him tea
and sat him in his softest chair.

"Now what's the problem?" ajay said.
"Have I upset you in some way?
If you would tell me what I've done,
I'll put it right this very day."

"Now listen, ajay,"
Cupid said.
"You've given me a rotten time.
My willy's small, I can't get laid.
Is it a wonder I should whine?

I want to be the Hero brave,
who kills the Dragon, gets the Girl.
Instead I'm just a laughing-stock,
the butt of jokes throughout the world."

Well, ajay who is kind and sweet   🙃
was sad to hear of Cupid's plight,
and so he promised there and then
to put poor Cupid's troubles right.

He took his pen and wrote a tale
in which old Cupid, brave and strong,
a shining knight of old he was,
whose horse was white, whose er lance was long.🙃

Now in this tale a Dragon lived,
who liked to capture Damsels sweet
then take them back to his dark cave
and munch them up, a treat to eat.

A monstrous beast this Dragon was
who terrorized this noble land
and every Knight who'd fought with it
had perished by that Dragon's hand;

but then one day that Dragon caught
the Damsel with the sweetest face 💐
and all the land was horrified
and cried out, "No! Poor Grace! Poor Grace!" 🙃

Then Cupid sprang upon his steed
and sallied forth, the foe to fight,
the sunshine glinted on his lance
and made his armour shine so bright.

Well, soon he found that fearsome beast,
"Release that Damsel!" Cupid cried,
and thrusting with his mighty lance
he pronged the beast and that beast died.

"My hero!" lovely Grace cried out
and leapt into her Cupid's arms,
then gave him such a great big kiss 🙃
that Cupid fell for all her charms. ♥️

Well, Grace and Cupid galloped off
to Cupid's castle far away,
and what those lovers did that night
you'll have to guess, I shall not say,🙃

but from that day forever more
young Cupid called himself a man,
and those two Lovers lived as glad
as only two true Lovers can

but then old Cupid yawned and stretched
and found that he was still in bed.
A dream he'd dreamed the whole night long.
He groaned and wished that he were dead. ☹️

And so, dear Grace, it's up to you
to write a verse for our poor boy.
Will you make things even worse
or find a girl to give him joy?


Tyrant of Words
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🤣🤔poor Cupid🙂

Cupid's Mischief

Cupid didn't feel like adventuring
he just want to enjoy the feeling
of peace and tranquillity
in a beautiful forest clearing

his bed was soft moss
his pillow the grass beneath
he reclined, enjoying  the sun
feeling the cool of the wind

he closed his eyes and dreamt
of pretty girls parading nude
and kicking their legs dancing
in the can can dance animatedly

he was loving the heat
from his head to his legs
urged by the Can Can nude girls
he didn't want to wake up

But wake he did and swiftly
when a female bovine passed by
and splattered him with her offering
a warm patty of her morning meal

Cupid was angry fit to explode
standing there with brown stuff
slowly sliding down his face
so he magicked her into a leather vest.

poet Anonymous

☝️💐💐💐☝️ Hahahaha! You are truly the most wicked woman I have ever known.🙃 I like that, though😎

Cupid's Mischief
(Grace's Idea)

Well, Cupid stood there, mad and brown,
"Can things get any worse?" he yelled.
"A bastard cow has shit on me
and never I've so badly smelled!"

He wandered off along the path
and made his way to where a stream
danced happily among the trees,
so pure and fresh and cold and clean.

"I'll have a swim,"
that Cherub thought,
"and rid myself of stinky shit.
I'll splash and scrub and rub and rub
and wash away all trace of it."

So in he plunged and soon our lad
was once again his pristine self,
when walking down the path there came
a sexy little female elf.

"Aha!" said Cupid, spotting her
appearing from behind a tree,
"Perhaps I can entice this elf
to come and have a er swim with me."

He waved and smiled and splashed around,
then called, "Come in! The water's nice."
The sexy elf stripped off her clothes
He didn't need to ask her twice!

Well, Cupid saw her naked form
and thought it was his lucky day
as diving in she swam to him
and said, "Hello there. Can we play?"

She didn't need to ask him twice,
and soon they frolicked in that stream,
then Cupid kissed her on her lips,
and thought this was another dream,

but disappointed Cupid was
because he heard that elf girl say,
"Get off! Get off! Get off me now!
Do you not know that I am gay?"

Then swimming off she soon was dressed
and disappeared among the trees,
and Cupid felt his vital part
begin to shrivel and to freeze,

so getting out, alone again,
he wandered lost in sorrow deep,
then lying down beneath a tree
that Cherub sad fell fast asleep.


Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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😁 Cupid's getting his head bashed indeed!🤣

Cupid's Mischief

a rest he needed a rest he got
he woke up hopeful and refreshed
he would go on his merry ways
and do what he loved best

I'm created for love he thought
and love and lust I will serve out
mixtures of nuts and tiny fruits
are better eaten mixed he laughed

so he went to a market fair
where all manners of folks came together
to buy and sell grains and meat
and all sorts  of savoury and sweet

Cupid with a happy laugh
let go of arrows everywhere
and a chaos it created
a favourite scene for naughty Cupid

the friar kissed the washerwoman
the blacksmith latched on to the baker's wife
the baker ran after a willing working lady

the fish monger kissed the messenger boy
his wife didn't know he was gay
but she didn't really care
she was clutching the pantry maid

the library woman kissed the carpenter
the fortune teller straddled the candle maker
while the deacon sang in his high voice
as the grocer's wife massaged his...er...legs

It was a regular chaos at the market
that the king's men were summoned
to disperse the joyful animated crowd
it was a while before they stopped

Cupid laughed and laughed
he was as happy as could be
he had not lost his touch
and he flew away in satisfied glee


poet Anonymous

☝️💐💐💐☝️Ha! Perhaps you're not so wicked after all. 🙃

Cupid's Mischief
(Grace's Idea)💐

So Cupid laughing flapped away
and thought about his latest plan
to get a girlie home to bed,
to sleep with her, become a man.

"I'll form a band!" that Cherub said.
"The girlies love a Fender Strat!
I'll learn some chords and twang those strings
and then I'll be a groovy cat!"

And so he did. He bought an axe
and practised hard that very day,
then rang up John and Paul and George
and asked them if they'd like to play.

"OK," they said. "That sounds a trip.
No need for Ringo on the drums.
A band name, though, we surely need.
We'll have a meet and see what comes."

They all met up and had a think
to see which name they liked the best,
and 'Cupid and the Groovy Fuckers'
they decided beat the rest;

and so it was the band was born,
they booked a hall, arranged to play,
and every member practised hard,
to be note perfect on the day.

The day arrived. They hit the stage,
and girlies when they saw our boy
all screamed and made their knickers wet
and danced in wild orgasmic joy,

then Cupid thought, "Tonight's the night!
A girlie I will surely shag!
No more a virgin will I be!
I'll be a man! It's in the bag!"

But then the girlies lost control
and rushing madly at the stage
they tried to tear the band to bits,
so wild they were in Bacchic rage;

and John and Paul and George all ran,
but Cupid slipped and down he fell.
The girlies pounced, so mad with lust!
They ripped and scratched like fiends from hell!

One grabbed an arm, one grabbed a leg,
one grabbed his head, one grabbed his neck;
they pulled and tore our lad apart
and made of him a bloody wreck,

then screeching like the fiends they were
away they ran in that dark night
and all those girlies in their hands
kept hold of part of Cupid tight.

The girlie who'd got Cupid's head,
when that same night she went to sleep,
she placed it on her pillow white
and kissed its lips, to her so sweet.

So Cupid had attained his wish
to get a girlie into bed,
but sad to say for our poor boy
our poor boy alas was dead, ☹️

[Aw! Poor old Cupid 😥]

but Aphrodite when she heard
came rushing to her poor son's aid
and reassembling all his bits
her little darling whole she made,

then Cupid kissed his lovely Mum
and flew out in the world again
to shoot some lovers with his darts
and make them know all Love's sweet pain.


Cupid and the Groovy Fuckers 🙃

poet Anonymous


The poem dances on once more
and makes its way towards the Spring,
and who can tell what lies in store?
The poem dances on once more
on springing feet of iambs four
towards whatever life may bring.
The poem dances on once more
and makes its way towards the Spring.


Tyrant of Words
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Cupid's Mischief

upon this earth this lovely realm
Cupid is seen no more
could it have been a dream
from a kiss under the mistletoe

his visit has been sent
on many a pillow's stream
of wistful overheard conversation
where they slept perchance dream

where is Cupid one may ask
no one knows but one who write
such stories like escapades of Puck
one night in midsummer long ago

Cupid's Mischief will be unheard
for a while to rest until
he wakes from slumber
by a writer's quil.


poet Anonymous

Not A TS Eliot Poem (Thank Christ! 🙃

April is the cruellest month
as we discover every year
and we'll find out once again
because gulp! NaPo's nearly here 😬




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