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Poem of 2024

Fire of Insight
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Hahahaha! ☝️🙃💐 There's a cruel and wicked side to you, Grace🙃. It's lucky for those two that you have some cream in your handbag 🙃

Cupid Gets His Head Kicked In!
(From an idea of Grace)

Now Grace and ajay, strolling by,
were shocked to see this itchy pair,
who red and raw were scratching there.
They gave them cream they could apply.
The itchy pair then gave a cry
and, pleased, they rubbed that lotion on
and soon their itchiness was gone,
so back to shagging they both went
until their passion quite was spent
as morning came in rosy dawn.

Then Cupid laughing fluttered off
and landed in the zoo,
to see if any mischief there
there was that he could do,

and sure enough that wicked lad
found out a trick to play
and into action put his plan
without the least delay.

So first of all he fired a dart
and hit the Camel's hump
and then he shot a second dart
and pronged the Tiger's rump,

a third dart pierced the Elephant,
a fourth the Polar Bear,
a fifth then hit the Chimpanzee –
but I shan't mention where!

That wicked lad went on and on,
his darts flew fast and thick,
till every creature in that zoo
had felt an arrow's prick,

and when each creature that was there
was filled with Passion's rage
that naughty lad then went around
unlocking every cage!

Well, soon the Rhino with his horn
was up the Chimpanzee,
the Camel with the Polar Bear
had not one hump, but three!

The Snake uncoiled, long and stiff,
and slithered in a hole,
but whose it was you could not guess –
and not you will be told!

The Tiger pounced upon a Bear,
the Kangaroo was jumped,
the duck-billed platypus was ducked
the Lioness was pumped,

and all the creatures in that zoo
were f*cked and sucked all night,
and all were flat out on their backs
when Dawn shone out her light.

Then Cupid flew off happily
his plan a great success,
for nothing gave him greater joy
than sexual excess.


Tyrant of Words
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Oh Ajay!

Cupid's Mischief

Cupid with his bow held tight
flew away with all his might
he was laughing fit to burst
at the chaos he just unleashed

aiming at another target
a pretty girl with an aged man
pulled the string and just missed
landed on a hornet’s nest instead

he disturbed the hornet's nest with ease
causing the habitants angry and distraught
they stung him from head to toes
then something strange began to occur

as the hornets stung, passion started to stir
as each sting turned into passion
they fell in love with Cupid
much to his disgust and pain

they followed him from morning till night
kissing him with their passionate bites
Cupid cried and yelled as they buzzed
leaving him sore and starting to swell

they followed Cupid their love strong
as he ran around all day long
love began to fade, it was short-term love
by evening the hornets left exhausted

Cupid fell panting on the ground
He was fatter as he was swollen
From all the kisses left by the hornets
Showing their passionate love for him

He knew love can be so fickle and blind
knew he just received his just dessert
for what he did to the animal kind
revenge was dealt out by mere insects.

Fire of Insight
England 2awards
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Hahahaha! I got a buzz🐝 out of that one, Grace 🐝💐🐝

Cupid Gets His Head Kicked In!
(From an idea of Grace)

So Cupid sat there on the ground,
he felt so sad and sore.
The Hornets' stings had made his flesh
all bumpy and red raw.

A big fat tear rolled down his cheek
and splashed upon the ground;
his sorrows deep so deep they were,
the lad was nearly drowned.

"I want my Mum!" he wailed in pain,
"I want my Mum so bad!
Oh, Mum, please come! I need a hug!
I feel so very sad."

Well, Aphrodite, Cupid's Mum,
she heard her sobbing son
and flashing from Olympus tall
she came there at a run.

"My poor wee boy!" that Goddess cried,
and hugged her weeping child.
"Do you feel bad, my weeping lad?"
She kissed him, sweet and mild.

"Oh Mum! Oh Mum!" poor Cupid wailed,
"I shot a Hornets' nest!
I didn't mean to, obviously.
My aim was not the best.

They all flew out so mad they were
and stung me red and raw.
They pumped their hateful poison in
and now I feel so sore."

Well, Aphrodite hugged her son
and took his pain away,
and Cupid smiled, he loved his Mum,
she'd brightened up his day.

"Now listen son," that Goddess said,
"Here's some advice for you:
each time you shoot your trusty bow,
make sure your aim is true.

Now off you go and shoot some more,
to give these humans pain.
I've put a spell upon your bow,
so you won't miss again."

Then Cupid with a great big kiss
flew off and left his Mom.
The world was now a brighter place,
since all his pain had gone.

The moral of this story is:
A Mum's a boy's best friend,
the only Woman in the world
on whom we can depend. 🙃

Then Cupid flying happily
saw his next Victim clear.
Who will it be? I do not know.
Choose wisely, Grace, my dear.💐


Tyrant of Words
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Love that Ajay. Mum's little boy

Cupid's Mischiefs

Cupid was happy as could be
when he saw an elderly lady
carrying a tiny black bag
passing an old folks home

he laughed, he knew what he wanted
to give the old lady an experience
to be loved by many all at once
so he aimed straight and clear

alas for Cupid he was seen
the woman caught him fast
swiftly put him on her knees
and began to paddle his ass

whup! you put your arrow
in my first husband's heart
he fell in love with a tart
and left me with his debts

whup! my second husband
did abscond with the maid
during valentine's day, cupid
your arrow found him sure and true

whup! my third husband died
when you shoot into his heart
his libido shot up without help
and his heart burst like a balloon

whup! thwap! whup! whup!
her small handbag whipped
in painful rapid succession
as Cupid cried and yelled

when the woman grew exhausted
she shoved him into the bushes
and went to visit her fourth husband
in the old folks home

Cupid hugged his knees sobbing
sitting under the thick bushes
he wanted to rest  for a while
from shooting his love-tipped arrows

his mother once told him
love was not for gain or prank
the little arrows were to nudge
the hidden love to blossom.

Fire of Insight
England 2awards
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Ha! We're all Mummy's boys at heart, Grace. 🙃

Cupid Gets His Head Kicked In!
(From An Idea Of Grace)

Well, Cupid huddled in his bush,
his arse was really sore,
he'd had a really rotten day
and he could take no more.

The teardrops rolled down from his eyes,
his sobbing filled the air,
a bitter lesson he'd been taught,
the world was full of woe, he thought,
and no-one seemed to care.

But then a female Cupid passed
and thought she'd play a game.
She shot an arrow in his heart
and whispered Cupid's name,

then Cupid fell in love at once,
besotted by her charms,
and dashing out from where he sat,
he saw this Cupid, sweet as that,
and clasped her in his arms.

He kissed her once, he kissed her twice,
his heart belonged to her,
but female Cupids are so cruel
and all she did was glare.

She pushed him off, she seized his heart,
and threw it on the floor,
then spat on it and stamped on it
and spat on it and stamped on it
then spat on it some more.

"Now go!" she said. "Now go away!
You smell like stinky poo.
You make me ill! You make me sick!
I hate the sight of you!"

She turned and stomped off haughtily
and left him standing there,
and Cupid broken-hearted stood,
as any lover surely would,
too much it was to bear.

His arse was sore, his heart was broke,
he'd never felt so bad,
he sobbed and crawled back in his bush
and cursed the day he'd had.


Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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poor cupid...Ajay

Cupid's Mischief

Cupid decided to rest and sleep
the day away in a hut by a lake
the blue lake was not too deep
so he went and swum around

along came a lady so sad
who unfortunately  just lost her son
she saw little cupid and caught
him, and swaddled him like a baby

Cupid may look cherubically cute
but he was old enough to have seen
the forging of baby Pegasus shoe
in mount Olympus

she took him home, fed him honey
and put him into a rocking crib
rocked him gently singing a lullaby
that lulled Cupid's senses

he fell asleep so deeply
and dreamt of home so cosy
far away in a castle of beauty
on the other side of his reality

he woke up in the morning
while the woman was still sleeping
he took his bow and arrow
shot her, an arrow of happiness

she woke up and forgot
how sad she was
although she mourned her son
her grief was somehow dulled

she had forgotten Cupid
and hummed softly to herself
Cupid smiled and flew away
proud of his good deed.

Fire of Insight
England 2awards
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☝️🙃💐👍 Ha! You big softy, Grace.

Cupid Gets His Head Kicked In!
(From an Idea of Grace)

Then Cupid fluttered in the blue,
so proud of his good deed,
and thought he'd lend a helping hand
to other hearts in need.

Well, first of all he spied a bloke
whose Mum had named him Bill,
and Bill had had a lover's tiff
and fallen out with Jill.

So bitter was their argument
they both had broken hearts,
but Cupid fixed their rifted lute
and made their bitter discord mute
with just two well-aimed darts.

So, pleased with this, he fluttered on,
his heart was all a-glow,
but then a fighter pilot thought
he was a UFO,

and zooming fast a rocket's blast
shot poor old Cupid down,
then in a daze, his arse ablaze,
he crashed towards the ground,

but luckily for our poor lad
a pine tree broke his fall,
and save for scorch marks on his arse
he wasn't hurt at all.

He gave a sigh and thanked his stars
that luck was on his side,
but then an Eagle, soaring high,
aloft in fluffy-clouded sky
our pine-treed lad she spied.

"Aha!" she thought, "A tasty treat!
A Cupid for my lunch!
I'll break his bones and strike him dead
and on his flesh I'll munch!"

Well, swooping down, as Eagles do,
she plucked him from his tree,
then flying high in bright blue sky
she gave a screech of glee,

but on the ground a marksman aimed
and sent a shot of death
swift-flying at that Eagle's heart
to blast her feathered breast apart
and take away her breath.

Her talons loosed and Cupid dropped
and landed on his head.
He lay there in a broken heap
and thought that he was dead,

and then some bad boys came along
who used him for a ball,
they laughed to see him rebound as
they kicked him at a wall,

and when those bad boys finally
had finished with their game,
poor Cupid bashed and bloodied was
and in tremendous pain,

but then a female Cupid passed
and saw him lying there,
her heart went out to that poor lad,
who groaned and moaned, he felt so bad –
she took him in her care.

She fixed him up and tended him
and took away his pain,
and soon old Cupid well he was
and his old self again.

Then those two Cupids fell in love,
and from that day to this
they did not let one hour go by
without at least one kiss,

and arrows tipped with Endless Love
they shot in Lovers' hearts,
so if you feel that sting of love ♥️
it's down to Cupid's darts.


Mr Karswell
Fire of Insight
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The sting befell a pure young man
Who had not thought of sex in weeks,
Now he’s coming thrice a day
And his bedroom reeks.

Fire of Insight
England 2awards
Joined 21st Mar 2023
Forum Posts: 1212

You're a wanker!
You're a wanker!
And it does you good,
like it bloody well should. 🙃



Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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😂👍💕oh Ajay!

Cupid's Mischief

for a while Cupid was happy
nestled in girl Cupid's arms
everything felt so fulfilling
he ate slept woke and again

but he grew tired of girl Cupid
as at times she looked really stupid
gnawing old bread and honey
when she could conjure up money

sometimes she would fly in circles
steered by her long windy farts
or dive in shallow pools
instead of the deep end

so he picked a quarrel
and went home to mama
Aphrodite was not a nice girl
when it concerned her baby

Gave girl Cupid a hard time
and called Steve Wilko's show
just to see if Cupid was the baby daddy
needless to say, it was temporary pleasure

Aphrodite brought her son home
to recover from his malaise
He was feeling so lonesome
after girl Cupid was put on ice

As for baby Cupid
none got custody
as the baby daddy
was a little human.


Fire of Insight
England 2awards
Joined 21st Mar 2023
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☝️🙃👍💐 Ha! You're a homewrecker, Grace.

Cupid Gets His Head Kicked In!
(From an Idea of Grace)

Well, Cupid was a sorry sight,
he missed his little girl,
despite her long and windy farts
which made the curtains swirl,

and what was worse his Mum was strict
and used to box his ears
with such a sharp severity
it brought him close to tears.

"I've had enough!"
at last he cried,
"No more! No more! No more!"
and packing up his duffel bag
he stormed out of the door.

His Mum was really rather pleased
to see the back of him,
for now she had an extra bed
for lots of sex and sin,

so phoning up her favourite God
to say he was in luck
they soon were bouncing in that bed
enjoying a good f*ck.

But Cupid lost and lonely was,
alone out in the night,
and sitting down beneath a tree
he pondered his sad plight

when suddenly beneath that tree
he heard a rushing sound
and looking down he found that he
was falling Underground!

Well, Bump! he landed, with a thump
upon a paper pile
and lay there wondering where he was
for quite a good long while

until at last a damsel came,
with such a pretty face,
"Hello," she said and picked him up,
"Hello, my name is Grace."

Well, Cupid lost his heart at once,
but this was no surprise,
"I'm Cupid," finally he said
and gazed into her eyes.

"Deep Underground you are," said Grace,
"and we write poems here.
I think I like the look of you.
You seem a little dear.

Perhaps we could collaborate
and write some poetry.
Together at my desk we'll work
with you upon my knee."

Well, Cupid liked the sound of this,🙃
his face lit up with glee,🙃
and soon that Cherub and the Girl
were writing poetry.

Then T. S. Eliot came by
and he was most impressed
and said the poems they'd produced
were of the very best.

So Grace and Cupid fell in love ♥️
and shared a great big kiss,♥️
and many poems more they wrote
and lived in loved-up bliss.♥️


Tyrant of Words
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🤣omg Ajay😁

Cupid's Mischief

Grace liked the little Cherub
at first, he was fun all the time
he liked to paint her nails
and give her foot rubs

but she got tired of his attention
he was around her all the time
if she said boo he'd answer hoo
and kept on asking silly questions

he breathe down her collar
kept on asking for a dollar
to buy screamy buns
all yellow with red MnM buttons

so one day she told him
his mother was coming to stay
it was enough to send him away
and fled he did to the realm above

She shut the door of her home
with all her written poems and proses
intact without Cupid's footprints
she happily sat down to tea and biscuits ☕

Fare thee Well, Cupid😁

Fire of Insight
England 2awards
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☝️💐🙃 Ha! Nicely done, Grace💐. I was wondering how you'd escape

Cupid Gets His Head Kicked In!
(From an Idea of Grace)

Well, Cupid knew that Grace had fibbed
and he was feeling glum,
he made his way up Overground
and went home to his Mum,

but she had gone on holiday
together with her God,
so Cupid all alone at home,
with no-one even he could phone,
was sadly on his tod.

"I'm all alone," that poor lad said,
"and no one wants me round.
No-one wants me Overground,
and no one Underground."

A great big tear rolled down his cheek
and splashed upon the floor,
but as it did our poor lad heard
a knock upon the door,

and getting up to open it
he found a Frenchman 🇫🇷 there,
who'd from the Foreign Legion come,
complete with bugle and a drum,
and dusty sandy hair.

"Now listen, Cupid," said that Frog🐸,
"I know you are upset,
so join the Foreign Legion now
and there you can forget.

Traditional it is, you know,
for lovers who've been spurned
to join this foreign fighting force.
It's best for all concerned!"

"To hell with that!" our Cupid cried,
and punched him in the ear.
"The only thing I need right now
is lots and lots of beer!"

and rushing out so speedily
he found a cosy bar
and after drinking thirteen pints
he smoked a fat cigar,

then walking home unsteadily
our lad was heard to mutter,
"Who gives a fig for Womankind!"
as he fell in the gutter,

and lying there so peacefully,
he gazed up at the moon
and all the many million stars
across the black sky strewn,

but then a Copper came along,
as Coppers tend to do,
and taking Cupid down the nick
he thrashed him soundly with a stick
and in a cell he threw.

Poor Cupid sleeping there all night
awoke with pounding head,
and when they let him out once more
he went back home to bed

and vowed before he fell asleep
that when tomorrow came
he'd take his bow and fire some darts
and havoc cause again.


Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Poor Cupid

Cupid's Mischief

with decisions to change his ways
not to let loose an arrow
without thinking and choosing
Cupid walked around without worry

but when he glimpsed a naked girl
laying down near a swimming pool
getting all tanned and sunbaked
Cupid's mischievous spirit surfaced

Cupid with his bow and arrow
peeped between the picket fence
and stared with interest at the sight
of  the petite beauty sans clothes

he was not ashamed at all
as he started to ogle
he admitted he started to drool
as he leaned into the fence

alas the fence broke
and cupid fell on his stomach
as the girl shrieked and went indoor
and a Pitbull came rushing out

Buster with a bark and a growl
jumped at Cupid who gave a howl
he tried to fly but the dog latched on
to the seat of his pants

Cupid flew low with many bumps
on concrete and on bushes
as the Pitbull held on tight
the dog was too heavy for flight

for miles the strange sight
of a dog holding on to the pants
of a winged cherub flying a feet high
became a wonder to behold

when at last the dog let go
Cupid flew away in relief
and looking down gave a laugh
as the dog had lost its way.

Fire of Insight
England 2awards
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☝️💐🙃🌷Ha! You're a wicked woman, Grace.💐 Funny as f*ck, though

Cupid Gets His Head Kicked In!
(From an Idea of Grace)

Well, flying off, around his arse
our Cupid felt a breeze,
and looking round he found his pants
were split from waist to knees.

"Oh, drat that dog!" the Cherub cursed,
"My arse is on display!
If I should see that hound again
I'll cause that animal much pain
and make the bastard pay!"

But then two seagulls overhead
espied his arse's cheeks,
and zooming down began to peck
with sharp and savage beaks,

"Gerroff! Gerroff!" poor Cupid wailed,
"Stop peckin' at me bum!"
but those two seagulls paid no heed
and took this perfect chance to feed,
as vicious as they come.

They pecked and tore and pecked and tore
until the blood ran red
as ripping into tasty flesh
upon his arse they fed,

but then a seagull suddenly
saw Cupid's dangling dick
and thought it was a tasty worm,
all plump and fat and thick,

and taking hold it pulled and tugged,
and Cupid screamed in pain,
against that beak he'd no defence,
the agony was so intense
he thought he'd go insane,

and then a seagull seized his balls
and gave them both a tweak,
then next it tried to rip them off
by yanking with its beak.

Poor Cupid's genitalia
would soon have disappeared
straight down the throats of savage birds
had not a man appeared

who had a gun and aiming it,
he blasted those birds dead
and saved poor Cupid from attack,
the nasty pecks upon his sack,
but filled his arse with lead.

But Cupid minded not the shot,
in fact he praised that act,
for checking both his cock and balls
he'd found them all intact.

"Thank Christ for that!" the Cherub sighed,
and gave his balls a stroke.
"Had those two birds ripped off me cock
I'd not now be a bloke!"

So flapping on he went to town,
of pants he had a need
and thought he'd buy the finest pair
there was of thickest tweed.


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