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Dedication Thread for Elisha ( Eerie )

Tyrant of Words
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As many of you know from my announcement last week in the NaPoWriMo discussion thread, our former team member and director, Elisha, is battling cancer's return after a double mastectomy a few years ago. This time it's metastasized to her lungs.  

Team NaPo has organized this thread for EVERY member of DU with the intention to infuse Elisha with love and healing through poetry and posts specifically written to honor her during this difficult time. We would start this in the Poetry Forum; however, it's not limited to poetry, but a wide range of responses based on each participant's preference.

The poems, sentiments, quotes, memes, whatever your heart desires, don't have to be specifically about Elisha if you don't know her personally. Instead, they could be poems or posts about strength in hard times, comfort items and/or about overcoming adversity. I am sure we have all come into contact with cancer through a family member, friend, or associate in our lifetime.

Team NaPo'24 can cross-post their dedication to the official challenge and use it as their daily poem, or they can write a separate one for Elisha. It's up to them.

I will be emailing Elisha the link this morning so that she can garner the love and support she has here at DU as she travels her healing journey.

Thank you for your caring and concern. Below is a gofundme link if you can't find the words but desire to support her.  


Thank you kindly,


Tyrant of Words
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For Elisha  
I am sure you felt its shadow  
 locomotive smoke growing thicker  
that plumule bomb  
of hazardous waste  
pulverizing the landscape  
of your lungs  
There are so many cliches  
for a time like this. . .  
‘Take care of you’  
‘It will be alright’  
‘I’m so sorry’  
‘I’m here if you need me’  
'What can I do'
But the truth is  
it hurts to concentrate  
on a war game  
of chemotherapy  
and radiation roulette  
There is a nervousness  
to an unknown outcome  
after a villain strikes  
our current state of health  
Or someone we admire  
Cancer’s rat-like lurking  
haunting capillaries  
with subtle trickeries  
of normalcy before  
ambushing us  
to claw for breath  
I know you must be tired  
hoping the suffering will last  
only a short while  
before it’s over again  
Perhaps you extend dreams  
to the infinite Universe  
to seek matching energy  
Maybe your faith  
is so far ahead  
it signals,  
‘Listen. . .  
‘It will all work out’
Or you’ll offer  
a piece of yourself  
in exchange  
for added years  
as you did before  
I’m beginning to doubt  
this poem  
It’s taken over  
and I don’t know where it’s going  
I want to re-frame it  
calibrate it to the energy of spring  
after spring  
witness the repetition of new life  
beneath your bare feet  
A guaranteed path to trod  
singular, yet well-worn  
by previous survivors  
of an unexpected war  
I want to live  
where Mother Gaia’s breath  
disarms grenades  
and the skip  
of bouncing Betty’s  
is seen no more  
Where I find the vibration  
that feels foreign to our bones  
but familiar to the soul  
The hummingbird cure  
of nature's naturalists  
reverencing holistic  
rather than Western antics  
for profit  
Emptying sickness  
by gentle faith and belief  
until your body becomes a geyser  
springing tears from every pore  
a tidal rush flow  
wholly cleansing you  
inside out  
This time for good  
No locomotives  
approaching your perimeter  
only blue, smokeless skies  
No tripwires or hidden mines  
within range or sight  
Only an open horizon  
of many  
                       decades of life
Written by Ahavati
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Dangerous Mind
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11 of 30

beautifully Eerie...
as sunlight caresses ripples
stirred by a single launched pebble
gilded at the edges
golden in accentuation
like the rings of an ancient tree
highlighting inner beauty...
...of each step along life's journey
spreading ever outward
& that intrusion...
...tossed so unexpected...
...into a mirror still surface
changes the reflection
tis the nature of liquid-essence
you see...
water does not break upon stone...as they claim
ending right there...
...at the obstruction
its very existence is movement
tides cannot be stopped
...by a mere rock
no...it reforms...reborn...
settling once more...into calm
...& carries on
Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Tyrant of Words
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Spiritual Assiduousness

I’ve met many a wonder-worker
Prophetesses & counterparts
many of which buried their own

Latter pieces of time, 2018,
I met You and felt You and…….

I knew before I knew
and it caused my face to be wet

an ever argument / lament of
an empath, right?

You ARE so / too strong –
Stronger than me.  
a Shared strength, I believe,
with many who have transformed
into beautiful warm loving
energy – light

Shared with each trigger (person)
whose memory causes pain
But I endure and endure to
keep being KIND

Is this not the ONLY GOAL,
My Beautiful, Sister?!

All that glitters IS NOT GOLD
& when You felt the wither of
the cloak,
I saw no make-up, no glitter
Only You

in aural fluid new

Dangerous Mind
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Every Breath a Wish

Emily says “or help one fainting
robin unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.”

And I wish I could scoop your
precious heart into my hands,
hold it close to my lips and whisper
words that heal all wounds,
cool all pains, stop it from breaking.

But I don’t know the right phrases
and every word is more cliche
than your standard discounted greeting card.

When I was a little girl, my granny told me
she didn’t always know how to pray.
When she didn’t know the words to say,
she’d sing her favorite songs.
Loud and beating her chest, sometimes
quiet and wiping away tears.

Paul says “and in my hour of darkness
she is standing right in front of me,”
and I wish I could stand in front of you,
tuck you into the crook of my arm
and make things better,
but I don’t have words of wisdom.

So know that I am singing, Friend.
I don’t know the words to pray,
or even if you want my prayers.
So, I will sing.
For you.

Every note a hope,
every breath a wish.

I'm not the best singer, but here's one for you, Eerie.


poet Anonymous

One For Eerie 💐

Dear Eerie,

This poem
knows where it's going.
It needs no passport
no luggage
no transportation
it just moves

it crosses oceans
soars over mountains
laughs at distance
and borders
and regulations
in its inexorable progress towards you

to wherever you are in America
then it finds you, stands by you
and wraps its arms round you
and squeezes you tight
in a great big Hug full of English love
from me today – and every day – to you.

Get well soon, Eerie, my dear,
and come back as quick as you can.


Dangerous Mind
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Just like in that poem, 'Footprints in the sand',
our friends walk beside us throughout life.
Some cross paths quite quickly,
walking next to us for a short while.
Others are there for the long haul.
Some appear when life is tough,
and others, sadly, fall away.
The best of friends will take our hand,
be with us no matter what,
and even carry us when we need it.
So as you tread this unknown path,
know that you are not alone.
Allow us to walk beside you,
and to carry you, if ever you ask.

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A Gift Beyond Measure

She understood
No questions asked

In reliving my darkest hour
She understood

Each step forward a trial
Holding my hand with strength
And love

She understood

Eternally grateful ❤️

L.C. McQuillen
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I do not know you but I hope that what I’ve written can come as a comfort to you. I wish you healing and light as you continue this journey xx)

When I was eleven my mother
Was diagnosed with breast cancer

I was too young to understand
What my mother needed

But as I observed family and friends
It seemed like they too
didn’t have a clue what to do

The doctor gave her prescriptions
And a treatment plan
That stripped away her energy

My aunt would bring over big casseroles
My mom would be too sick to eat

My grandma made knitted caps
That mom thought were too itchy

The pastor prayed over her like a
Thanksgiving dinner
About to be consumed by sin and disease  

My dad gave her distance
Not to disturb her sleep

My brother would leave his crocodile tears
On the outside of her locked door

Ms. Kay brought her a padded insert
To slip into the left cup of her bra

And cancer gave her a reason to
Finally take care of herself

And I, still do not know what to say

But I hope the divine energy within
Heals your body and soul
Awakening the lessons of this lifetime
And turning something so hostile
Into a journey of love and light

But maybe if I was in similar shoes
I’d tell everyone to just f*** off

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just a small gift for you EerieElisha

I only know you by your pen name\as a DU poet. but I wanted to add something personal to this thread
this is an older poem reading of mine, In Dutch and English
for the English go to about 2 minutes\2 mintutes 2 seconds
than the English translation starts


much strength to you
I will light some candle and incense for you on my altar


Guardian of Shadows
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might i from fresh fountain-heads not drink?

a psalm of life for eerie

but what if i choke on my own words?
what if thoughts too bitter for my lips
should hover behind the palate and strangle me?
i'd best let the hush be golden
an urn for unspoken eloquence.

but what is the hope of strangled birds,
when their wings the shining sword edge clips?
are there any dreams at evening, when misery
my countenance has beholden,
a forum for nubian eminence?

but what if i rise above these great, dark clouds:
might not i pull someone from the brink?
i shall not expire before i inspire my own
to reach for sweet embryonic
spring songs that burst forth with healing balm.

but what if my faith leaps far above the crowds:
might i from fresh fountain-heads not drink?
the Giver of life shall grow the seeds i’ve sown,
to give me His sweet salvific
anointing that makes my life a psalm.

© Copyright 2024 April 02
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

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Untitled XV

Tranquility is a dish served
by my own hand.
No one gave me intricate recipes
with complete instructions
for how to cope
in an environment that is
beyond an acceptable decibel.

Sometimes my very soul
leaps out, shaking off unsavory
ripples of tactile goo attempting
to cheat its way in.

If I can't be comfortable,
I will be a stuttering,
shaking tree in the shit-storm
of unpredictability.

I will lash out.
I will churn the winds.
I will collapse inward.

How does that make you feel.
Written by Eerie
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What can anyone ever say?... So I had a little look back through some of Eerie's writes and came across this one..

Untitled XV: In response..

You indirectly asked,
how does that make you feel..
I would say before I talk of feeling,
That I've found the same.
In the darker holds,
Of life's throws and falls.
Between the well of the well wishing wisher,
And sorrowed brows,
Of those pained by our pains pain.
Exactly as you’ve said of,
“Intricate recipes”.
That our own hands ultimately,
are what make and serve our own tranquility.
So as for feeling,
It can be a cold meal at times,
Being humbled by our own fragility.
Still I feel,
Whatever has been the cause,
The burden and or, the loss.
The purpose,
Or the point of pain.
I'm grateful to eat my cold meal,
With my limbs stuttering and shaking in the winds.
For it too is tangible and real,
Being as much a part of those ,
higher heated treats and of such,
Very much,
A part,
Of their making.
Please no mistaking,
The place and warmth of well meaning love,
The encouragement of hope,
As one or other slowly chews,
The hardest gristle of life's bountiful thistles.
By that collapsing in upon ourselves,
And crumbling to our knees,
That we know,
What life means,
Or so I feel.
So I hope the strength is served,
In this spring arising,
For you to dish up, leap up
and shake off those
“Unsavory ripples..”

Dangerous Mind
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Dropped from the eye
A tear in the page
Waters paper flowers
Words form a bouquet

Cracks grow in the dam
We’ve all spilled the ink
Flows carry us forward
And force us to think

Your presence and foresight
Have made my heart leak
Gave strength to a mind
That thought itself weak

I thank you Miss Eerie
For playing with me
In a garden of words
In a world of beauty

Dangerous Mind
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The Eerie Self

'If you wondered about my state
of melancholy, I assure you there
is nothing drab about beauty
in a different key.'

Somewhere inside
under this placid surface
she sinks to find herself.

A well of truths unnumerable
of which she knows most
if not all life requires of her.

The journey has held the books
out and the light up to see
and no details have been spared.

Every happy moment has lasted
enough to fill many lifetimes
the love has been hard but worth it.

The words have endured in writing
and were a joy to inscribe, were
shared in comradery.

Weaknesses melted away
as rough edges softened
demanding appreciation.

The her within rose to smile
into her face of doubt
and it became a joint resilience.

She is you exalted, and you
know now where to find her
know how to follow her home.


Inspired by the poetry of Eerie

Tyrant of Words
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The Resilience of a Poet

The resilience of a poet comes from the heart
From the deepest part of the human soul
And yet there is a strength from this poetess
It’s something that can’t be expressed in words

But there is a profound sense of understanding
Something that takes time and tide and time again
It goes beyond the realm of our comprehension
Something this poetess sees and feels and tells

With every breath poetry pours with calmness
Illuminating like a beacon beckoning a smile
Reckoning the intricate webs and nuances of life
In admiration of stars that serve as guiding lights

If you listen closely, you can hear her heart whisper
Her journey is a testament of uplifted gifted verse
So, we sincerely send vibes of love and healing
As the resilient poetess speaks to the universe

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Written by wallyroo92
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