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Dedication Thread for Elisha ( Eerie )

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for eerie

“And your very flesh shall be a great poem,”
Whitman had said –
Lines and stanzas of joys,
Of pains, of struggles, victories,
Our what was and what could be.

The rhymes may not always sound right –
The words foreign,
Pace too fast, too slow –
Garbled wordy messes or
Smooth, smooth phrases –
Life in ink
And pages.

It doesn't always make sense –
(Maybe most of the time, even)
The plot, the journey. But
May your favorite characters stay with you,
In darkness and in light, through the fights and times of stillness,
In breaths and pauses –
May the ink stay bold.
May the good clichés stay
Ringing true, and I hope
They put a smile on your face.

May you still be pleasantly surprised
By new turns of phrases,
By new good stories,
In new days,
And more new days
And more new good days – beautiful poet,
May your great poem continue on.

💜 sending you love,

Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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Final Bump!

Dangerous Mind
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The Unweakening

    "I was weak once.."
                    -  Eerie


I felt its weft unravel slowly
all futures I planned on
as if they had their own choice
regardless of mine

As if they drew my breath
before I exhaled it yet after
it gained strength in my rest
and cognitive momentum

How can futures be that autonomous
formed when they should be fluid
How can plans be unmade and undone
in the faces of emergent fates


To stiffen the resolve hadn't occurred
that I would have to strengthen this way
to rise inside the failure of slipping away
to feel it all crumble like sand

The inner void so receptive
as if all potentials were alive there
waiting for air to awaken them
giving in to imagined success

I wouldn't accept their denial
forcing the light into those corners
was the only option in this scenario
to simply refuse to let them die


I danced alive all possible scenarios
as if they required fluidity to rise
and unsupple reasoning to thrive
even as the odds were squarely stacked

I let reason slip away for a short time
the length of one sweet fleeting dream
and bid the thing materialize as a child would
as never before had I such soaring faith

Somewhere amidst all illusion
a freedom found itself alive and well
precipitating all threats which undermined
following each promise unbelieved


To go where wild things thrive
to accept their uncertainty as our own
becoming part of a whole effort
communing with every voice

Amidst the heaviness of constricts
carrying its weight to some destination
it all becomes useful work to endure
and see what emerges of it, understanding

That joy is naught without pain
and love though fleeting thrives in lack
and each one to the other is undone
so the pack we carry is heavy as we percieve


Somehow belief came alive, and faith
the empty kind that trusts everything
I realized the true nature of reality,
it is created by what we envision

To never become weakened is this
to never arrive at fortitude with its
clamps and sharpenings and severings
to stay attached to safety is to be stunted

The webs we weave are to trap ourselves
so we can escape the entrapment
and to do this by surviving it all
that is the magic and the way..

The unweakening of the heart..


Inspired by the poetry of Eerie and how her strength
and resolve comes through in her words as well as
her dedication to the NaPo challenge

Tyrant of Words
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Beautiful contributions, all! I am sure Eerie does and will deeply appreciate it.

To all who contributed: Thank you so much for caring and sharing. Within DU are clans of families, and regardless of how we feel about one another, we are no different than the outside world - we are all humans occupying the same planet. Some of us are just 'Underground'!

Tyrant of Words
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Could everyone who contributed to this thread DM me your email address if I don't have it. We're in the process of something and need you!

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Cancel Your Cancer

It’s time to cancel your cancer
and never surrender

Studies have shown that copper
is cytotoxic to cancer cells”


Pick your poison
for the parasitic infection
we know as cancer

Sweat it out
of your pores

It dies with a high fever
So-called spontaneous remission

Don’t trust me wholly
Research William Coley

I ain’t no doctor
and neither are you

But we never like cancer
don’t let it cancel you!

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