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World Suicide Prevention Day

Mr Karswell
Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem for World Suicide Prevention Day
Write a poem for World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on September 10th. The poem should deal with the emotional impact of and circumstances relating to suicide. Your poem can be optimistic, sad, whatever, just please donít be stupid and troll this thread.

At the end of the month Iíll open up the judging to a public poll.

For more information on World Suicide Prevention Day, see here: https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-suicide-prevention-day/2022

Fire of Insight
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Suicide ain't no solution folks

(This poem actually helped a few to rethink suicide and dissuaded them from committing it. So I like to post it, you never know who it might help)
When life  
seems all hopeless
still don't you loose  
all scope of hope
for there's  
this thing  
in the air,
Reach out  
for God's sturdy rope.
For how  
sure can  
you be  
death will  
take you  
to a better fate
What if [font=Verdana]

you are  
into a  
where there's no turning  
back at any rate!
In times of trials and tribulations invoke Him
Or your chances of contentment remain slim
You too haven't been infallible and above all blame,
that you wish for a perfect rosy life
The excuses for suicide are usually so lame,
Better enjoy your share even so in strife.
friend, plan to commit this act  
just to invoke another's pity and regret.
The pity and regret will come and go  
Besides it soothes no decomposed,
and a large slice of your life  
May lie in waste, your soul disposed
Why rush for thy grave,  
It may further gloom.
Suicide's ain't a way out  
fellow human friend.
Pray a godless way ,not send  
you unto this doom.
You haven't right to bring  
any life to its end.
And it's probable that all  
those years
that you now wish to recklessly  
discard in dust
†have something bright ahead,
†got to be a ray of  
Extinguish it not if in God  
you trust!
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
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Tyrant of Words
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†Suicideís Plight

Suicide   †  
Unhealthy thoughts taking a free ride † † †  
Should I just keep walking by † † †  
Or write a poem for someone elseís mind to decide † † †  
There are so many people out there † † †  
Not caring if they have a last breath to spare † † †  
Not having remorse to no longer care † † †  
Stress, Life, Hopeless, down on luck † † †  
Not having a penny let alone a buck † † †  
Youíve had it to the point youíre ripping out your hair † † †  
Some peopleís mind freefalling into thin air † † †  
A silent battle of the brain within † † †  
If I comment suicide no more problems taking me on a major tailspin † † †  
I know you are tired, worn out, and yes, from taking it on the chin † † †  
Think of a time when your life was soaring and then think again † † †  
Think of a time your life was going great, very good as it should † † †  
Starting first with memories of your childhood † † †  
During those times things were never misunderstood † † †  
Now youíre knocking your head against hardwood † † †  
Trying to figure it all out † † †  
Finding ways to keep your mental status up no doubt † † †  
Reminiscences that once stirred your heart † † †  
Mental breakdowns from the initial start † † †  
Unspoken anger now for the most part † † †  
Has the world now cloaked your brain in mental darkness † † †  
Allowing no one to reach you, oh, that concept sounds so heartless † † †  
We all have walked a mile in tight shoes † † †  
Dark storms of the mind from society abuse † † †  
Hanging on by a thread hoping no one judges your ruse † † †  
However, who gives you that sole right to choose † † †  
A word no one likes to comprehend win or lose † † †  
God giveth, not for man or woman to taketh away † † †  
As your life flashes you by as acting it out on Broadway † † †  
SOS, May Day, Wait, I think Iíve changed my mind † † †  
Noose has tightened to my neck, blood running from my wrist, sleeping pills have all been washed down † † †  
Stomach pumped, oh no † † †  
I really really never intended to go † † †  
Save me please † † †  
The next time I will ask for these thoughts to be removed on my knees † † †  
Paddles of life to chest couldnít help † † †  
The third time it worked, yelp † † †  
As I lay still † † †  
No more turmoil to fit this earthly bill † † †  
Had I hung in, would this had passed, but still † † †  
There was always a tomorrow † † †  
Tears from someone elseís eyes at the expense of my sorrow † † †  
Iím on my ascending pathway † † †  
You will see the understanding of this self-demise revealed to you on Judgment Day † † †  
There will be no more words from you to say † † †  
When youíre dealing with the mental blues I know itís not my call † † †  
I have to pass this insight of this universal protocol † † †  
I was ordained and yes, I want my Angel wings † † †  
Sent back here to say or do some strange things † † †  
All for a great cause † † †  
Under Godís universal laws † † †  
However, I will never know where you come from † † †  
Slow down, letís talk, I may be able to tell you how to channel that raging weather, and then some † † †  
This is not a fad, way out, or words to get lost in † † †  
Surrendering your last breath is when your life truly begins † † †  
You think you are experiencing hell on earth now † † †  
Going up against God with the excuse I refuse to give earth my final bow † † †  
Trust me you shall reap what you sow upon its disavowal †† † †  
No reasons accepted I thought this was my only way out from a mental drought † † †  
A shake of Godís head for an eternal lockout † † †  
It hurts if only you knew from the soulís earthly remembrance to let it be † † †  
At the Pearly Gates begging if only you could see † † †  
Do not allow your mind to attempt to unlocked Godís universal mysterious † † †  
You canít † † †  
Therefore, when youíre feeling down, pray, meditate, or chant † † †  
No one wants to come back here † † †  
And still adhere † † †  
To the same plan you thought for a quick escape † † †  
Accepting your fate again on this planet we call earth, denied until you reshape † † †  
Trust me thatís not a Heavenly debate † † †  
At any rate † † †  
You never get those moments in time to backdate † † †  
When in doubt, talk it out, take medication if you must to get you through † † †  
I know this has been tried and true † † †  
Just please keep this angle of view in mind † † †  
And allow your thoughts to naturally unwind † † †  
Channel your temple and leave the negative energy of your mind behind † † †  
Once you close your eyes † † †  
No more second chances to understand, the what, when, or the whys † † †  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Thought Provoker
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Animal Addicted

"The primary job of the psychiatrist is to enable the patient to once again become an addict to life." †-- psychology 101  


The greatest of addictions yet is life,  
the dread of dying still the daily fix,  
the scars against the pains untold the strife,  
the overdose the need to all pain nix.  


a dedication of Respect  
the Pain of existence  

a revolving helios rhyme  

september, 2022 -- "Life per se is good" yet a subjective declaration; †
"Pain per se is bad" an objective Truth
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Dangerous Mind
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Lighting Up The Night

tucked her into bed then timidly grabbed my pack
craviní it bad so i smoke a third djarum black
and feel fkn disgusting, deceitful, disappointed
had to sneak around the house to the basement
then into the garage, carefully prop open the door
the whole place smells, thereís no going back now

she will know what iíve done come the morning

i light up and stare off into the cold rainy night
intersectionís lit up by buzzing street lights
frogs are croaking, windís whipping through pines
at the top of the stairs, jostling wind chimes
and i imagine it would be a night much like this one
when i would be sneaking out of this very doorway
after grabbing both of the gas cans
and ensuring my bluetooth setting is off
so music doesnít suddenly start in my car
then just like that, thereís no turning back
i drive quietly off into the dark

i donít need a map
i donít say goodbye
iíve already told you
my last goodnight
leave you with my notes
pray you donít wake up
soon enough to stop me
from burning up my body
and lighting up the night

you will know what iíve done come the morning

Written by nightbirdblue (enbyblue)
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Dangerous Mind
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Deja Vu

deja vu: I see you  
from the corner  
of my eye  
shadows electrify  

recollections flutter by  
as Iím  
through space and time  

Iím swept away...  

scenes are dripping  
vacant eyes are peering  
cautious and leery  
at painted canvas  

reminiscence stings  
spilling into me  
grasping at  
hieroglyphics of  

I wonder at  
your meaning  

repetitious screaming  
as a blade  
presses into skin  
peeling open  
crimson beading  

I awake  
but canít escape  
this haunting feeling  
Iíve breached capacity  


traveling offender  
my psyche falters †
relive it all for  
an addiction  
calling its puppeteer  

and so it is  
as I feared  
a fervent fever burns  
internal taunting  
eternally concealed  

please beseech me  

I am in need...  
Written by nightbirdblue (enbyblue)
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Dangerous Mind
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Solutions [Solve for X]

I feel ashamed; I have no dignity.
I have no personal accountability.

Iím a pathetic desperate kind of person.
Seeking external approval and validation.

I wasnít given the tools to build character.
I was handed neglect and abuse by many figures.

Now all I want is to hide in the dark and wither away.
Just want it all to end; whatís the point in staying.

Overwhelmed by perceived chronic deficiencies.
Mental illnesses that disfigure and disable me.

Traumas define every waking moment.
Crystallized time keeps me frozen.

Iím exhausted by this endless existence.
Futility fueled by my own resistance.

Holding onto life by a razor thin thread.
Every fiber of my being wants to see me dead.

Voices of abuse eternally battle in rumination.
Provoking justice through bloody finite ideations.

Releasing fractions of pressure via self-mutilation.
I see no solution to fulfill righteous vindication.

Twenty years of cutting away at the equation.
Only brings me closer to fatal transfiguration.

Written by nightbirdblue (enbyblue)
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Dangerous Mind
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The Day I Died [February 9th]

this house is cold and empty
but it wasnít always so hollow
once filled to the brim of perfection
resembling a spiritual art show
my favorite aesthetic was bits of nature
but my collection, like me, was all dead
dried flowers, acorns, stones, and herbs
a museum of dreams once held sacred
in this room, I once again bled poetry
while still dwelling deep in the shadows
finally said what I had to say but
it broke open my psyche; insanity followed
no longer cloaked in the darkness
it had always been my shelter
to protect others from myself and
the secret of my personal nightmare
but the razors have finally won over
surgical scalpels are sinking in deep
to fight back is utterly futile
when thereís no fucking hope for me
and the worst fucking part of it all
is not me and my pitiful lack of will
but the fact that I know whatís to follow
it is [you] that my suicide will also kill
yet I sit here in this cold fucking house
not an ounce of strength left to live
crying the ocean of tears Iíve held in all along
fucking shredding every inch my skin
tell me, what the fuck was I supposed to do?
when all day and all night, self-loathing screamed
fifteen years have created a monster inside
a waking nightmare to kill every hope, every dream
there just arenít enough rhymes that could possibly convey
why the story has finally come to this fatal conclusion
Iím so fucking sorry I ever found the Underground
only tainting this world with masochistic delusions
I cannot continue to live with myself
the dragon of despair has finally won
Iím sorry if my actions rip apart this scene
but it seems suicide was my fate all along
now Iíll go and get into the bathtub
polish off the vodka with too many Rx pills
listen to my favorite depressing songs and
become just another voiceless suicide statistic
Written by nightbirdblue (enbyblue)
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Dangerous Mind
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The Grind

Wake up youíre just dreaming
Alarm blaring sunrise
Rinse off all your feelings
Settle in for the ride

Monday through Friday
From eight to five
Two or more hours
On interstate sixty nine

Eighty miles an hour
Clock in right on time
Plug into the system
Sacrifice your mind

Calculating equations
Breaching overtime
Forget about feeling
Just feed the bottom line

Five oíclock rolls around
Relief floods through your spine
Power down and unplug
Welcome back to your mind

All work and no play
Every neuron is fried
Thereís a stranger in the mirror
Reflecting bloodshot eyes

Dependency awaits
Smoke away all your lies
Grim reality unsheathed
In a long heavy sigh

Keep quiet less they see
The cracks in your smile
Feign interest for now
Donít hurt his pride

Donít know how you do it
Without weighing suicide
But thatís our little secret
I know you just hide

Iíll find you in your dreams
I will make you cry
For everyday that youíre enslaved
Youíre living a lie
Written by nightbirdblue (enbyblue)
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Mr Karswell
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Thanks for your entries so far!

Fire of Insight
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Related submission no longer exists.

poet Anonymous

Fire of Insight
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My last walk

As I stepped off the building,
the world turned through 90 degrees
and I strolled past neighbours windows,
looking down inside their rooms
warm, bright, family life behind glass.

Vibrant with activity, sit down meals,
office workers greeted with kisses,
children fighting over the tv remote,
dog stretched out in front of the fire,
siblings giggling with bath time bubbles,
passionate couples arguing over nothing,
bodies showering away the days grime,
dad wrestling with three little monsters,
a lady near the ground floor even waved.

As I stepped onto the pavement
I said ďmy world isnít too badĒ
But I was walking faster than I thought.

I left the note under a rock,
so it didnít blow away.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Dangerous Mind
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Are old writes OK, or just new ones?  
I might or might not take part... incredibly painful subject at the moment.

poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

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