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World Suicide Prevention Day

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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The Y Chromosome

Must be tall, must be funny
Must have the looks, must have money
Must have muscle, must have the fight
If not, then don't bother swiping right

Must be into sports, must always be tough
Must bottle up your feelings, must do other 'guy stuff'
Must handle your drink, must enjoy a good smoke
If you don't do these things, are you even a real bloke?

Must pay half your assets, must play the court's game
Must give up the children, must take all the blame
Must be left broken, must bring your life to a halt
If you do all of this, it'll still be your fault

Mustn't be weak, must not cry
Mustn't speak out, must not try
Mustn't ever run, must not hide

But once every minute, a man commits suicide.
Written by Adzy
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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No words

There are words for someone who has lost a spouse:
they are widow or widower.
We have a name for someone who has lost their parents:
they are an orphan.
So why is there no word for parents
who have survived the unimaginable—
the loss of a child?
And whilst acknowledging that there's a world of difference
between their experience and mine,
why are there no words to describe parents of a child
who has attempted suicide and come back from the brink?
I mean, I've done that twice— but I was grown;
my mother never knew, and my father wasn't there.
So they were none the wiser,  
and if I had succeeded, I would be oblivious too
because I would be dead.
There is no short, easy way
to explain to anybody what has happened to her;
no convenient word to describe her attempts
or the dubious club I now belong to.
No palatable option for letting others know
that my child could not bear the life I gave her.
No descriptions vivid enough to articulate
the painful, slow steps back into living
or the beautiful, symbiotic relationship we share.
And so, in the absence of suitable terminology,
she draws, I write, we talk, we make music,
hoping that we find an outlet there
and beauty in the pain.
Written by Wafflenose (Ellie)
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Jaqui Camp
Lost Thinker
United States
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She told me that everything was going to be alright
If I just took some pills, pills that would put me to sleep forever
She told me eternal sleep would help unravel a mind that runs so rapid
She promised no more pain and that everything would be ok
I took her pills and lay to die and she didn't free me
From this prison of endless pain
Where my soul seems to always lie

Pain from the past, pain from the present, pain from the future
There is no way out of this glass prison,
No weapon to bring the walls crumbling down
I can't breathe in this prison, I'm lost and afraid
Confused and defeated, no more energy to fight her
She is winning this war and she knows it

I lose myself more and more
She knows they anchor me and she goes after the memories I have of them
Pressing on the pain that was already there and the fear of what their future will be

Even in this pain, I love them, even in this prison they are my light
I beg for her to let me go and she clings to me even more
What is this prison that I can't be free

Just when I believe I am, she shows her face again
In the end, I must fight and victory will be within my reach
Written by shanal (Jaqui Camp)
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Fire of Insight
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As She Lay Crying

As. Was. When
Auburn bundle
Stoned the pavement

Ring a Ring o’ Roses
Pocket full of voices,
How can a child comprehend
Wordscapes without faces?
We all fall down

Literary terrorist,
She wanted to burn it all down,
But matches only lit cigarettes and
Edges of stolen library books

Writing poetry in guise
Of sultry French widow,
Simone stalked Seine banks
Coffined illness into symbolist wreath

Always a bit on the side
-  Thespian starring as usherette,
Complaining ‘men only
Want me for my dirty deeds.’

Stroking bandaged wrists
Her Mother pleaded
“Promise me, we won’t
Have to bury you.”

Life stalked in intervals of sanity
Satin laundry of heavenly cloth,
Nothing of hers endures…...

No hymns to her
Or lover mourning,
Just a hole in the paper sky
Ripped by outstretched arm
As. Was. When she jumped
Written by Strangeways_Rob
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Saving winters child

When comes the frost that sows the seed
a patterned haw, its brittle plea
its whisper, only self can hear
a secret shared with only me
And who can break your winters child
for in normality, it resides
for there is very little sign
to break the plan on deaths designs
In quiet isolation, time to brood
the winters child, alone is stood
family and friends, don't have a clue
the ache to be misunderstood
Samaritans with angel's tread
a silent reach beyond the dread
a moment to step back from the edge
leave the note unfinished yet
For there is love for a winter's child
and from life's freezing fog, unhides  
for each loss, it hurts, the ever while
listen close, to hear it thaw tactile

Who can conscript, the strength to heal
see the cracks that lie concealed
my traumas blindfold darkness feel
 help chose life, as death can't be repealed

Weigh the anchor on my heavy chains
and easy path to go, much harder to remain
 admit depression and despair is never lame
considering, its repercussions maim

Then winters child will feel a warming flame

Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Tell Me

Tell me Im worthy
Let me hear those words

And say them with meaning

Tell me you love me
That Im irreplaceable
and mean it this time....

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Do Not Lose Hope

You may have lost the sparkle in your eyes
Or the pep in your step, but do not forget
That people still love you. You hold regrets,
But do not forget that although goodbyes

Are easier for you, your hellos and smiles
Are what makes this world a better place.
You may want to leave without a trace
Or leave this earth with all these miles

Between you and everyone else, but no
One else could ever be like you. So when
The words slip away, hold onto that pen
Tight as your story has not lost its glow.

Do not lose any hope as others need it
Too. Others need to know that they are
Never alone. They have the hidden scars
No one else knows about, but bit by bit

They are healing as they hear your story. They should never have to worry about
How they survived. They are allowed
To survive. Some simply live for the glory

And some live for the pain, but no one
Knows the pain of feeling so empty and
So lost. I hope that you take my hand
So that I can guide you into the sun

Where there is no need to lose your hope
Or need to end your life before it really
Begins. Some may have lost all their frilly
Edges as they tried to loosen the rope

That they hung around their necks, but
They are only going to leave this world
Covered in darkness. Your hope is unfurled
Like a flower waiting to bloom in every rut

And every ditch, even if you do not see
It. Darling, you are the bright star among
The dull ones just like you are the unsung
Song in the dark. I hope you know me

And everyone else like you know you.
Never lose sight of that faith you lost
Once on the distant horizon. The frost
Will not fade away and you are not too

Much of a burden for others to carry or
Bear. It is your one life you cannot ignore.
Written by eswaller
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Strange Creature
United States
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A Lifetime of Lies vs. A Moment of Truth

The whys are not the reasons of the moment
But the compounding lies that add up to its truth

As perceptions narrow and everything is filtered through tunnels
With no light at the end, just one more shot in the dark

When the entrapment of discontentment becomes a weight far too heavy to bear
And bullets beckon to transcend the whispers that scream inside

The will to die didn’t start at the point of a last breath quantified
But all the little ways we go through life and gradually commit suicide

When it harbors more appeal to give up for all you know
For the release of the uncertainty indifferent to lost hopes and contemplating letting go

Caught in patterns of lethal sabotage
Seeking a way to reinvent
Prone to quit, blow up, and settle

Where did it start?
From days of impressions made upon my mind
I feel like clay meant for fire
As to be refined or thrown away

Corruptions seed planted from the fragile origins of a fractured home
It breaks before the symptoms take their toll
Like learning to breathe pollution as a substitute for fresh air

Cognitive malfunctions nourished as I suckle from the fangs
A poison to quench on the dissatisfaction of deaths supply

Something on the inside gradually craters from the unseen
Faults in our hearts pave over tempered foundations till cracks gradually make their way through
Pin the affliction on the bystander
When the problem more truly resides in me than you

Occupational hazards of mental instability
Destroy and rebuild till I get burnt out on these cycles
Jobs lost laundry list to follow in the history of the will to quit
With explosive resignations to follow in the wake

Drop out anthems of high school and college without a degree but all the debt to show for it
As nooses tighten around death grips of a life mortgaged and commemorated by bills

Homeless hearts find belonging in the cold
In a world that loves to judge the hurting

How long till I’ve had all I can take
As rejection speaks in new tongues from the lips of selfish lovers
I can’t accuse when I am the one just as soon to sell out for my own desire

More truly I feel I am the monster puppet to my own delusions
Attempting to reverse engineer the wreckage
Only to find negligence and abandon speaks

Would I be significant at all if I didn’t have the grey to matter?
As to paint pages with clever strokes or the walls with the brain splatter

The only awareness that says anything is in the aftermath it seems
Because only then are we remembered after we’ve been forgotten with our dreams…
Written by DeathRattle89
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Thought Provoker
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Neutral November’s  
eerie early morning air  
carries the whispers of finches  
that hide in naked branches  
I whistle back, entangle in song  

reread my letters- a stack  
of seven pages, packed, each  
with a different address, left  
out in the open less one  
tucked into my jacket, I leave  

towards the Subway line  
rock with my pace, I hold  
one letter close and kiss it,  
drop it, hear it fall inside the  
red box, knowing she will read it  
before all meaning fades  
I fear I have made the  
mistake of leaving other  
explanations to be discovered  
today, I hear this oncoming train  
coming fast. Here, where my  
decision will last (beyond me)  
Not one thing is choice. One  
birdsong unsung, one written  
word left for loved ones; delivered  
or not, one moment of waiting;  
getting on, or fatefully falling  
between me and tomorrow:  
one touch, one call, one breath.
Written by ursa
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Lost Thinker
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The Good Samaritan

Mostly, I thought, folk suicide
and in an unhurried way opt out
their life, perhaps, unrealised
and reflective fags dispell doubt.
And alcohol, I remembered,
this dissipates away all might  
lightning up from a dying ember
I raised a glass towards the night.
Then I phoned the Samaritans
and garbled out a few words
to hear some gentle soothing tones
" everything could be all right."
" What have taken, where are you "
I don't remember my replies  
but next morning's cool clean sheets
told me I was alive.
Well, my old man he got jailed
that don't trouble me at all,
but I wonder if I hadn't failed
who'd he be sniffing round now...
Written by Rew
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