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White Noise

Lost Thinker
United States
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Mists of Past and Present

In their shattered shadows I live this day with only an illusion to breath.
And within this graveyard of time's graying mists, lives a past ever present, never in rest.
The heroes, long fallen to raptures of need, had tempted the wastelands of fate.
Never to amend the passing of debts to those they cast to depth's darkened gate.  
All words and passages owned by R. H. Maxwell. No text of this, or any subsequent additional text or passages without written permission by R. H. Maxwell, is permitted by International and United States of America copyright laws.
Written by carpemax
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Guardian of Shadows
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carpemax, thank you for your entry.

Fire of Insight
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Conformist's Plea

Here, we value your creativity
Those splashes of insanity
Your brushstrokes of wild ideas
Give such colour to our community
Just keep it within the lines
We honour all your feelings
Even pain, if it brings you healing
Scribble black across our canvas
We’ll permit the unappealing
If it stays within the lines
It's adorable, your messy spirit,
(Though secretly we fear it)
Just smother a tiny bit at a time
So we don’t have to hear it
And keep it within the lines
Written by brokentitanium
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Dangerous Mind
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Removed, incongruent content.

Twisted Dreamer
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Tis a little known fact about the truth in our lies that we are our own creators in this manifestation of our hollow cries.
Clinically dead is the life of the love I spread, for I have aimed at nothing and I have never missed.
Tis a lonely reminder that I am forever gagged n bound in the hellish depths of this.
No exit nor out, there is no turning your back on this demon in creation. For it is with a heavy hand I must hold this burdain in my soul.
Now you can plead and scream but your heart will never again be whole, as at wait far beyond our fate is an evil of the darkness truly driven by hate.
A tormentation from your very own shadow, who in trust only the devil knows.
Please god lay down your protection. For I only wish to smile at my own reflection....
Written by Breakingbenjamin (Benjamin)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Internal destruction

A tornado of emptiness is tearing through my soul, ripping all that is left and dragging it into this abyss. My despise is a bottomless pit, tis once you fall in you seem to be falling for life.
Weightless, souless, heartless and completely fucking alone. Tormented for ever by the fuck who never left you alone.
Tormented by the same fuck who destroyed my dreams of ever having a family home.
Tormented forever because even when I'm by my self, I am never completely alone.
He whispers and he talks, it pushes he thrives, it is my negativity that drives this.
It manifests and it lingers.
He grows like a foul moss on a stagnant corps, it is a stench like no other, he will never let me go.
I bleed and I scream, looking straight through those unknowing eyes.
It is my self I despise.
Written by Breakingbenjamin (Benjamin)
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Fire of Insight
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John Smith will be here
because he fears his absence
may not be noticed...
Written by takis1917
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R Byron Johnson
Twisted Dreamer
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faithless gospel

cocooned in an emotional blister
like a cyst
like an unhatched egg scarred with a dead embryo
logic in contortions, acrobatic reasoning bending but never breaking
each corner straining making the sense limp from common
building a sandcastle morality
conscience with a double-tongue, forked and tasting,
capturing forbidden scents from the world's rushing breath
encapsulating, embracing and crushing
retaining them upon a subliminal level;
subconscious spores,
consentual infections sowing what it reaps,
idealistic distortions rendering reality obsolete,
its fruit will never threaten you with promises or burden you with hope.

within i am a hypothermic fixture,
crystallized in a private game of longing, desperate,
cloaked in old fashions to usurp the life they previously held,
diffusing an identity,
leaving a residue mood deep and teaching me to impersonate your dead.

little fish eats Big Fish from the inside out
and both lose to the river's tide--
begging for hate's intervention,
the diplomacy of indifference, the amnesty of detachment
and a return to the stifling confines of an imploding catastrophe of responsible existence.

never through with premature alarm clock nightmare calls,
painful mechanical cries of the newborn morning still purple with the suffocation of dreams,
fresh from crying itself to sleep lying next to a profound vacancy.

here, a man-child ripe with the fever of hope,
dehydrating with a profuse expulsion of eager tenderness and fresh affection searching for a home
quarantined from an infectious smiling despair
with sacrificial martyrs bleeding poetry
union's armagedon and severed ties bleeding out,
leaving pale shells of thoughts called words
statues of post-immaculate forms frozen in a near embrace,
reaching out but never touching
swollen eyes burning with the evaporation of tears
a mind throbbing sore with the hammers of obsession

this faithless gospel has given me a cause to live against like a surrogate spine,
while the future, once a silholuetted blaze,
now lays a dead cinder
the disintegrating ash choking, an inhale of burning memory,
blocking, locking.  
a recirculating carbon dioxide scream
Written by RByron418 (R Byron Johnson)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Winter In The Middle Of My Summer

( a Quatern )  

Winter in the middle of my summer,  
It had struck me on the back of the head.  
No more to be said, was out like a light,  
There is no foreplay for one who is dead,  

And knows well what it’s like, eternal night;  
Winter in the middle of my summer.  
And so, with a treadmill journey begun,  
As there’s nothing to the left or the right,  
While snow’s white sound & the faster I run,  
A wheel grows colder from the sleet & frost.  
Winter in the middle of my summer  
Denies me all that I’ve already lost.  
This, my solitude, I’m not alone yet,  
In the lockstep of a different drummer.  
Endlessly wet from sweat to pay my debt;  
Winter in the middle of my summer.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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When the Ache Digs Deep

The bright and tender smile that once lit up the screen,
Turned into a little dying ember, forlorn and bleak,
But it was in the eyes that you can really see the pain,
Like rain you get when you expect a warm sunny day.
The vibrant and lively personality that once shone through,
Is now hidden in the deepest coldest corner of the soul,
Trying to keep composure, even during these struggles,
Even at the edge, hanging on to a little sliver of hope.
But no hears the scream, no one feels the sting,
When the ache digs deep into the core,
Then it goes further,
Into the very essence of life,
Taking hold like nothing else has done before.
And with a soft and lowly murmur,
A cry slips out,
But no one is there to hear.

Guardian of Shadows
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brokentitanium,Breakingbenjamin, takis1917, RByron418 , Jade and wallyroo92...thank you for your participation.:)

Thought Provoker
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My Mistress’s favorite game
is White Noise—this is how it is played:
Whip the cock ‘till it bleeds  
and ignore frantic pleas  
from her slave, freaking out in his pain!
My Mistress has gone for the night,  
and I’m naked, in chains! What a plight!
She forgot my release,  
so the rats have a feast!  
Will I still be a man, come daylight?
Dripping blood makes them go for my groin!
There are scores of them, climbing my loins!
I quake and I yell—  
Not a single rat fell!  
My manhood will soon be purloined!
I scream and I rant at the walls!  
I can feel them, now, gnawing my balls!
Only five minutes in,  
And I’ve lost my foreskin!  
Is there no one to answer my calls?
My sexual prowess can’t last!  
They’re gorging on cockmeat too fast!
I must face the prospect
of losing my sex!  
The bounds of my sanity—past!
Hanging, slumped down in my chains,
incoherent and no longer sane,
the feast doesn’t end  
as nightmares descend.  
This horror has damaged my brain!
Mistress finds me—a babbling fool!
...my crotch bleeding, and sans family jewels!
She came back too late  
to change my cock’s fate:  
Bloody Stump—all that’s left of my tool!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Making Me Hole

Can't you see my disgrace!
Can't you see my disgrace!
Can't you see?
You wanna cum in my face

You wanna cream on your dream
Make me obscene
You say that you love me
I want to fucking scream!

Your words say so much
So much more than your touch
Like broken glass in my skin
Digging deeper within
Shredding my soul
You're making me HOLE

Don't you want to come inside?
Don't you want to come inside?
Don't you want?
You wanna tear me open wide

You wanna crawl into the womb
Enter my tomb
This sanctuary's closed due to catastrophic doom!

My tears cried in vain
All the time, all the pain
Like broken glass in my skin
Digging deeper within
Shredding my soul
You're making me HOLE
Written by Medinda
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Fire of Insight
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It was her turn to speak
at the Conference On Gerontology

In a small conference room
full of Gerontologists from around the world
- some young, some old, some floating uncomfortably in the in-between -
it was her turn to present
- neither young, or old, but not a floater, either -
present her life study's results

She came to the lectern
placed her notes on its sloping top
adjusted the mic to her height
she took a deep breath

- "Speak before you think" she thought
"because if you think
you may forever remain silent..." -

and she proceeded opening her speech with a joke...

Written by takis1917
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Guardian of Shadows
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takis1917, Medinda and ReggiePoet , thank you for your participation.

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