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I just like weaving words.

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Dylan Thomas, W B Yeats, Ted Hughes

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Never, not even during my wildest drunken ramblings, would I ever consider myself a proficient writer or poet. I just like playing around with words,  usually in a mish mash of  styles .... I can never decide whether I'm writing poetry or prose.  It all just gets thrown into the mixing bowl,  unmeasured,  half baked then thrown  onto the plate.  "Eat it all up!"  My old mum used tell me "It'll put hairs on your chest!!"    For Fk sake...I was only six!!  Luckily I had a hairy old black mongrel dog sitting expectantly under the table that would swallow anything!    
I don't ask or expect you to digest, swallow...or even take a tiny nibble of anything I offer here.  If , perchance you do...I can only ask that you bear in mind what I've told you, and be kind or constructive with any comments you care to make

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