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Ghosting That Ass...

Gee, how long do we have to go    
I need to get back to New York, after we take care of this hit, we all disappear and invest the profits from our products on the down low  
My Queen, itís best we sneak up on the Russian Cartel and let the bullets flow †  
Those ruthless fucksí compound is just over the hill †  
Donít worry we got them in sniper rage, we case out the joint and take out the head czar like a true gangsta kill †  
Their weapons of choice, cannot match ours at any rate or when used at will †  
And thatís the art of this Nun Runnerís deal †  
Then we torch his marijuana harvest and confiscate his jewelry, his dope, his safe containing all those markers for blackmailing purposes, and his loot †  
And in these mountains no need to worry, no five-o will be in pursuit †  
Word has it there are some political figures to bribe on that list †  
It will become my property a bargaining tool now my gift † †
Yeah, my Queen, I feel you, I get your drift † †  
†† †
My Queen, whatís up with you and this punk †  
Well to be up front †  
He tainted my dope with fentanyl and on the streets bragging, like it will not get back to me, and now that I brought you up to speed †  
I need to check his sorry ass then pistol whip him until he is bloody and one breath short of dead as his life he pleads † †  
Then spit on and with my Glock put a cap in his heart on a whim †  
I can peep that My Queen, these pretenders do not respect the dealing of the game †  
Trying to come up on someone with fame behind their name †  
† †  
You know me Gee, I will squat and then shit upon a gangsta who speaks with a bitch ass tongue †  
Not when he can just step to me, my crew, so we can roast his punk ass in the sun †  
Placing his wanna be, ainít gonna succeed over my lap, clawing his back, treating him like sewer trash †  
Hacking his limbs, then shoveling one of thigh bones so for up his ass †  
News flash †  
You come on my playground talking that HeMan bravado yang †  
In my hood I only respect two gangs †  
The Blood and the Crips †  
Anybody else, my steel rips or my stiletto on your chest smashing down with the tip † † † †  

Tootie Fruitie †  
I will bend a poser over and let my Rottweiler screw them like he's Oh Rudy †  
My words to your face I will slang †  
Well with me, my Queen itís nothing but a Gee thang †  
The difference between a man and a boy †  
A man does what he says, not rant as a girl like somebody stole his Barbie toys †  
This Queen of the East does nothing but make noise †  
† †  
You ainít ready by me to be strung up and then castrated as a man †  
If not, you better have one hell of an exit plan †  
Iím the Queen of this jungle and everything, that prowls, growls, roams, or stand †  
Donít question the odds, best to move aside, if YOU can comprehend, if not your life I will reprimand †  
Throwing a GI Joe tantum like you the King shit †  
Partner I will razor cut your skin then slowly saw off your dick †  
Belt a plastic strap on then pump your narrow ass like itís a clit †  
You sane, therefore, mentally stay in your lane, son †  
I back my dope game up and, in my shoes, Iike a Ghost I disappear †not run †  
† †  
My Queen, we are almost there, we need to divvy up and circle the grounds †  
Everyone I am sure we will be under surveillance, so obscure your movements with no sound †  
Our inside man is in there and he will cause a distraction †  
Enough time for our mission, to get him out, so everyone be ready, after the grenades go off, we will spring into action †  
Gee, you got my back †  
My Queen, you are my right hand bitch, in any attack †  
† †  
Letís do this Ö
Written by The_Nun_Runner
Author's Note
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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