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Headstone Epitaph

poet Anonymous

My Love

Goodbye my love
We'll meet again
When I am old and grey

Goodbye my love
We'll meet again
Once I have passed away

Hello my love
We meet again
I told you it would be

Hello my love
We meet again
Your face I've longed to see

Forever my love
I'd never forget
Our vows when we were wed

Forever my love
I'd never forget
The things that we both said
poet Anonymous

Fear Not

Do not fear the hour of death....
For in it great honor awaits....
For if we believe in Christ our Lord....
We'll finally walk through Heavens gates....
poet Anonymous

Death Is Just A Hand

By deaths cold hand were lead to a new land..
Where streets are paved with gold..
And in God's arm's were tightly enfold..
poet Anonymous


He’s going to kill me  
with the way  
his cock cuts past
the bite marks  
on my thighs  
to impale
something vital.  
He's going to kill me  
in a white-hot
mind fuck with  
low-slung base
throbbing in the  

He's going to make
eye contact,
take off his belt  
smile in a way
that makes me  

as toxins steam
off his gorgeous  

I’m going to lean in
and inhale.  
poet Anonymous

Your Orders

Tickle the cock, the balls, and the gooch
Then come around
Give anus a smooch
poet Anonymous


I am simply
the end result
of my intentions.
poet Anonymous

Engraving on My Headstone

Prefer you my romantical ghost
with beating heart and spirit
ascending from this grave
to show I still love you?

Prefer you a love-letter
from the depths of my grave?
A letter penned in ink,
or in the tears from my veins?

Prefer you I claw out of this grave
of solitude to chase you?
Prefer you to embrace my ghost
with a thawing affection?

poet Anonymous

When She Met Archer

Here lies Miss Challenge Accepted.
“I’ll put the apple on my head.”
is what she said.
Then she hit the floor,
and could say no more.
Looks like fate intercepted.
poet Anonymous



The howling winds depicts no hurricanes
The sound of rains tapping on the stones is no noise
But a reminder that in the fields,
human silence predominates,
In the fields time stand still and troubles distill
Birds hosts with lullabies to comfort and heal
As flesh decompose, a beetles' meal.

Rest and forget! The world is cruel
The gap is undefined, the bond undescribable
Reading the epitaphs reminds how temporary life is
Holding close to the souvenirs reminds how good yesterday was
Crying for you reminds how chaotic the world can be.

But in the fields is where serenity is
Rest still, freeze till
We shall and we will
These boundaries will fade, be erased
And in that beautiful canopy, a mystery, we will enter
For in it there is a life again and forever.
poet Anonymous


Here lies poor Rew        
A would be poet?      
But still, now I can tell it,      
Rew, rhymes with, you...
poet Anonymous


The midnight mind roams a midnight path
and surveys the gamut of its glory
be it ever so nice or full of wrath
as hard as stone from the Devil's quarry
which is always useful for crypt and tomb
should you desire lasting epitaphs
or preserve a final nom de plume...
which may elicit lingering laughs
whereby my fans may reliably know
that when poets remain awake at night
they see what the universe has to show,
since darkness betrays all sources of light
and blue diurnal static makes opaque
the boundless beams of a cosmic...
          DAYBREAK !!!
poet Anonymous


There is no better place to be,
than at a MIDNIGHT...there or here,
where awesome shadows let us see,
old spectres...of a SONNETEER !!
poet Anonymous


When I'm dead and write no more    
(I guess I'm penned by some full stop)    
have on my tombstone these words scored    
"I lived my rhymes but now, I'm not..."
poet Anonymous

Tombstone 2..My Epitaph

Here lies my remnants and all that remains    
The remains of my life freed from the chains    
Chains that shackled me to all my mistakes    
Mistakes that left my future in its wake    
A future that could have been my life lived    
A life lived that death could never forgive    
Forgiveness answered, I lie here beneath    
Beneath this emptiness where I still breathe    
A breath of hope for a new beginning    
A beginning that's now never ending    
Ending my nightmare of terrors and screams    
Screams that were silenced by these lucid dreams
My dreams filled with peace and serenity    
Peace that now consumes my eternity
poet Anonymous


Every year, it comes  
that quiet hour of passing  
that date awaiting etching to  
marble memory  
and I  
oblivious to finality  
marching, marching, marching,  
my matters to attend  
I do not bend  
to notice  
nor pause consideration  
to the end  
This graceful anniversary  
shall come reversed  
no wine  
no candles  
and unrehearsed  
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