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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Heartbreak sucks so tell me about your moment
Write a poem about a heartbreak that changed your life.  What I'm looking for is a poem that triggers an emotion in me.  It can either be about the heartbreak or the healing you've done.  I will judge the competition and I will select the poem that has the biggest impact whether it's a poem about the heartbreak itself which would make me sad or a poem about how you're doing better after the fact which would give me hope.

one poem per person
new or old poem
no more than 200 words

Tyrant of Words
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I lay awake
in a soft-light state
thinking of all the voices
that had come and gone

the good ones that stayed

how their memories echoed
through amber streetlight
barely shadows in the dark.

I think of him
the curve of his accent
covering old wounds
in new bandages

how I missed him
in poetry and photographs
that no-one really knows
except me

the sacred vessel
the empty shell

waiting to be filled
by a word, a look,
an apology that
never comes.

Pain is a skin suit

it dresses me in bruised clothes
worthy of nothing but the dance
I step silently into, barefoot
where nobody watches

as I stare at a cold ceiling
clutching my vacant womb
wishing to climb back
inside the stars

beyond those hands

beyond this tomb

Written by Northern_Soul (-Missy-)
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Thought Provoker
Norway 5awards
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tell me

how did it feel? †
when you stood there †
out on the reels †
looking down †
from the building †
did night †
lean †
apologetic †
against you? †
what was the last thing you tasted †
was it our love instilled †
how did you land †
when you made that dive †
as you sought through scars †
for stars †
Sometimes I bleed †
unfinished letters †
my pencil hesitant †
opening into acceptance †
revealing how †
he must have landed in my heart chamber † † †  
when he jumped wailing whale songs †
started seaming into my cranium †  
screaming †
while † † †  
shattering his scattered skull †
splintering in my rosemary beds † †  
he jumped from the 13th floor †
o how my bleeding love waits

for him †
I picked up each piece †
from his chestnut hair †
I made a sacred pouch †
breathe into flower bundles †
sometimes †
he wills my words †
from my ink †
he speaks to me †
copyrights © 2024 owned by Rianne †
all rights reserved †
Written by Anne-Ri999
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Tyrant of Words
Scotland 32awards
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A Cautionary Tale Of Survival

lessons not learned
from the heartaches of love
it slices deeper

lost in the shadows
where loneliness bites harder
tears flow much faster

yesterdays have gone
leaving too many empty
spaces ~ that are dark

hanging ~ on to these
broken dreams ~ as if i need
the pain ~ to survive

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Fire of Insight
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No H8

Why can't i hate you
Hating myself is so easy
How can i blame you
If I could I would leave me

After eighteen years
You went and stepped out
But I was never there
I spent all my time with doubt

The light in your eyes
I remember to this day
My darkness consumed you
And made it go away

It was fight or flight time
You had to make a choice
Lose yourself entirely
Or listen to that little voice

That was begging you to run
Before you became like me
A prisoner of love
Shackled to my misery

There was more on the line
It wasnt only you
Two beautiful little girls
They deserved better too

The air in the house
Was so heavy and oppressive
As I dwelled on the negative
So much I was obsessive

Your heart became vulnerable
To anyone with love to give
Its not right but i understand
And have chosen to forgive

So, no, I cant hate you
For the choice that you made
Instead I will be grateful
For the 18 years you stayed
Written by The_Darkness_Insid
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Dangerous Mind
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I heard you the first fucking time

i asked †
if you  
wanted †
to be †
in my life †

and you  

(never) †  


i heard that.  


i heard it †
loud and clear †
Written by Betty
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Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
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Fallen Angel

To make Mona Lisa blush and hide her face to ever be called beautiful as she looks upon the new world you create. † † † † † † †
Da Vinci, Michelangelo, how many others desired to trap beauty in stone and canvass, † † † † † † †
never knowing beauty an ethereal animal that dies in the captivity we display as art † † † † † † †
† † † † † † †  
Yet I am in awe of this purity inspired singular desire held by overpowering strength to open yourself to the world that will † †  
change†the world forever. A world few will ever see, yet always seek, finding the memory of beauty echoing in Mona Lisa † † † † † † †
† † † † † † †  
A world you create, not made by force, not by becoming a shining light guiding others † † † † † † †
but in sacrificing everything for the pure belief that love can heal hearts and minds by simply knowing love is real † † † † † † †
† † † † † † †  
I weep with the knowledge I could never give this much and I will always curse myself when my chance to give my all † † † † † † †
came and went without my even knowing this apocryphal moment had passed me by yet † † † † † †
with gladness that I once had touched the sky
Written by APissPoorShaman (Ryszard)
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Dangerous Mind
United States 16awards
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Fumbling around in an old junk drawer,
I wound up finding something to fix the wound.
Walking to my destination on autopilot,
blocking out the pain because it needs fixing.

Saturated my dress trying to decorate this ache.
I hate the mistake of letting you in.

Believing I could fix the damage,
I walk to the mirror, grieving my injury.
My face drains of color as I bleed out.

I need to focus as I thread the needle.
Twitching hands become steady
as I begin to stitch my heart.

Showing me the strength returning within.
Bestowing me with the gift of a lesson learned.
Written by Ljdynamic
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Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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(was) She (was) magic
not magickal(?)

Chicaned me like a
star-struck fan
at a magic show
when the illusionistís
act was done
***** Poof! †*****
like the white rabbit
She was gone.

I WILL forget
this legerdemain
one day. . .

Sooner if my sleeping life
will cooperate.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Fire of Insight
Jamaica 3awards
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The Love that Broke My Heart

God gave me a heart to search for love.
Someone came to me out of the blue.
I saw a Spanish girl walking alone in the rain.
The water was bouncing on her pretty face.
Her natural beauty attracted my eyes.
I offered to share my umbrella with her.
She expressed her gratitude for my kindness.
We hurried across the road together.
I felt the affection coming for her heart.
And I found love for the first time in my life.
But she came into my world to break my heart.

I was so anxious to meet a girl before she came.
And I shed many tears when she left me.
I loved her more than anyone could ever love her,
But I could not force her to stay with me.
Though I tried, I could not convince her.
I lost my sweet girlfriend because of my bÍtise.
The grief of losing her is so unbearable.
It was a misfortune to love her and lose her,
But it was definitely worth the failure.
I cannot narrate the sadness that I am feeling.
How I miss the love that broke my heart.

It was a good experience to fall in love with her.
Love was joyous and delightful at the start,
But in the end it brought sorrow and pain.
Now I still think about the day I met her.
I remember the chill and the big drops of rain.
She laughed when I mentioned her funny shoes.
My beloved is no longer a part of my life.
All I have is a cherished photograph of her.
I knew that my happiness would end someday,
But I did not expect to lose her so quickly.
Why did love do such a cruel thing to my heart?
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Fire of Insight
Jamaica 3awards
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I forgot you said 200 words.

Fire of Insight
Jamaica 3awards
Joined 8th Feb 2020
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Come Back

The stars over our village no longer shine for you and me.
And we donít kiss in the light of the moon any more.

My sorrowful eyes shed endless tears for you, my beloved.
The green willows below the hillside weep for you, too.

How I yearn for the babyish embrace of your tender arms.
Your friends in our hometown wonder where you are.

The songbirds and I are so lonely because we miss you.
When will we look at spectacular sunsets together again?

The grief in my heart wonít go away until you return.
Maybe someday my woeful face will smile sweetly again.

I often walk slowly along the riverside and think of you.
Darling, come back to the flowers in the valley and me.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Thought Provoker
United States
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true love

†† †I wish  
I could've  
†† † †tasted your
†† † †bitter lies
when your  
†† †lips  
were pressed
against mine!
†my feelings  
for you  
†† †are fucking
†† haunting!
has become
ill and fucking  
†† † daunting!
you destroyed  
†† † † † my only  
†† fuckin heart
you ripped  
†† † † †my paper
life apart  
our memories  
†† † †are enemies
†† † † † † that keep me
†† † † † cold  
in the dark
I can never  
†† † †love again
my shield
†has grown  
to goddamn
why did it
have to  
†† end  
with hate
my future
holds a loveless
I have cryed
so many  
†† †fucking times
†† now my tears  
have completely
†† † †romance
†† trust  
true love
†† †obsolete
the pain
†is buried  
to fucking deep!


Written by jigg82
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Fire of Insight
England 15awards
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Speaking Wordless

She was speaking wordless  
conversed an unfamiliar way,  
and I, I heard less,  
the more she had to say.  

She spoke to me of our future  
by stance, by glance, by tilt of her head,  
but I, caught in some other culture  
couldn't get it into my deaf head?  

The confusion slowly unravelled.  
but time's hand declined to wait,  
as it grinds onwards, it revelled,  
each tick, a mock, too late, too late...  

She comes to mind now, unbidden,  
as, when we were young,  
but now I can not be rid of  
this expressive one.  

She was speaking wordless  
conversed a different way  
and I, I heard less,  
the more she had to say.
Written by Rew
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Lauren Brenner
Lost Thinker
New Zealand
Joined 21st Nov 2021
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Psycho texter (With a big imagination)

For the love of god
That was the worst rejection ever
Please donít let me do that again, NEVER

I really created an epic smashup
All of it was essentially made up

What, with my stupid unsolicited text messages
And the candid confessions
The incessant spamming
And night time obsessions
A trailblazing dogs breakfast
of imagined transgressions
I laid it all bare not thinking of the repercussions

In my mind Iíd imagined a bone fide connection, full of possibilities
But both of us have partners, children and families
Your wife is clearly awesome, no doubt thatís why youíre together
I think itíd be awkward if I ever met her
Iíd probably come across as your ďScarlet letterĒ
Only you would never have opened it
Because you arenít an adulterer
And my husband deserves more respect from his partner

And when we examine the facts of the matter
Our lives are actually not known to each other
Itís been twenty plus years since we hung out together

I just fell for a conjured up version of you
Its clear Iím a total utter fruit loop
A completely unhinged blast from the past
A secret betrayer, the ultimate iconoclast

I really didnít have the right
To message you like that
Pretending like I had some kind of ownership
Im afraid it undoubtedly killed the friendship

I mean for fuck safe you have a wife
I have never done that before in my life

Blatantly making it up in my head
Super embarrassed about the things that I said

I canít think what to do.
Iím sorry.
I really baffled you.

Right now I just want to ring and explain
But I get it if you wonít reply to me ever again.
Written by Thesilverymoon (Lauren Brenner)
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