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Grace (IDryad)
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The Room

This room has seen
us to the last.
The years have cast our meetings here
as images on frosted glass
with raindrop spray.
Our secret past is sealed away
inside a dream…
This room has seen a place
where I belonged to you,
and you alone belonged to me.
Such love is true apparently
inside this room.
This room has seen me spread my wings
and writhe beneath your welcome weight,
has heard me scream,
has watched me quake.
Then when it seemed that I would break,
this room, like sanctuary made
the burn recede.
It dulled the blade.
This room has seen
our last goodbye,
has watched me tangled up inside
your scent,
your smile,
your emerald green.
But I have wiped the surface clean
and still don’t know just what you mean
by ‘every happiness’.
Written by DampKitten
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Tyrant of Words
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Double Cross

     "Jesus salvation is cool, but religion itself is the fool
That mentally Maytag the masses as a tool,
      "Million dollar churches that are million dollar worthless
Always having their hands deep in wallets and purses,

      "Don't get me wrong I believe God does exist
My personal feeling is he just don't give a shit,
      "As a sinful society has cannonballed head first into a wall
And the covid epidemic has caused millions to fall,

      "Many on bended knees still pray for God to save us
But if you were in a operating procedure-who do you truly trust?
      "Faith to guide the metallic blade to cut the right way
Or the professional surgeon who do it everyday,

      "Utilizing your free will is your own personal responsibility
But years ago I opened my eyes to really see,
      "Along with many so-called sanctified women thighs
Like praise I had their legs on the rise,

      "In my past I was in a relationship with a female pastor
Until I found out she was fucking the pastor,
      "For years I would not deal with religion or church
Treating them both like an ancient Egyptian curse,

      "Not understanding you follow the word not the man
Man will fail you every time-so I gave religion a second chance,
      "Got into another female pastor relationship that was worse
So as I write at this moment-fuck church,
      "If church is your thing-then do what you do
But if you look down on me about religion-then fuck you,
      "You, the choir, the pastor, the deacon and the whole click
Can lick my blasphemous brimstone burning dick,

      "Because all that matters is the man upstairs himself
Whenever he decides to get off his almighty ass and help,
      "Before we all really feel the apocolyptic force of the end time
And that long walk to his throne will be an eternal grind".
Written by CasketSharpe
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To: Sweetest Love

We were everything, now we are nothing
Forever you have my heart as I let yours go
Written by inechoingsilence
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Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
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Never Be

the first time I saw you
I knew I’d love you forever
because I knew I’d loved you before

I was certain you’d haunt my days
and swallow my nights

you once seemed to love me back
but you grew cruel
in words and actions

still the only thing that has ever  
felt right in this life
was being with you

you made the me without you
when before the me alone  
had been bearable

once you sat playing guitar
I held onto you from behind
as if you were saving my life
you probably weren't there with me at all

but I couldn't move
couldn't stop touching
feeling you
I’d never known
such burning perfection
and completion

decades have passed
yet you still haunt my dreams
as if you hold my soul-strings
in your hands

sometimes I sit
and realize you are breathing
at this very moment

I shiver

and live for the day
you lead me back home
into the safety and rightness
of your body
your soul


my sweet love
come back to me
Written by toniscales (Lost Girl)
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AnDre James
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Hidden Hearts Unveiled

In a home where love once brightly shone,
A man named Mark felt deeply all alone,
Unhappiness had crept within his heart,
He sought to mend the wounds, to restart.

A dating app, a flicker of hope's embrace,
Mark ventured forth, a new, unknown space,
He sought a match, his perfect mate to find,
To heal the hurt, the ties that had unbind.

His wife, Emily, in shadows, shared his plight,
Both souls in search of love's sweet guiding light,
On "SoulMate" app, two profiles came to life,
In secret connections, they found respite from strife.

They answered questions, bared their souls anew,
Unwittingly, they stirred a love that grew,
Connections deep, with laughter, dreams, and grace,
Yet in disguise, they hid each other's face.

In chats that sparked, emotions flamed with fire,
Their virtual love, a burning, sweet desire,
But guilt loomed large, for secrets intertwined,
As Mark and Emily left their truths confined.

Then came the day to meet their fated star,
In coffee's warmth, a rendezvous bizarre,
Two hearts collided, faces filled with dread,
As recognition dawned, the truth was spread.

The shock, the hurt, the guilt, all intertwined,
A love rediscovered, long since confined,
In hidden pain, they'd sought to fill the void,
Yet in this moment, truth could not be avoided.

Their tears of loss, of guilt, of love's embrace,
In facing truth, they stood at life's crossroad place,
A choice to make, to heal or turn away,
From secrets kept in shadows, night and day.

With courage, they decided to unveil,
The wounds, the love, the secrets they'd curtailed,
They talked and faced their hurt, with hearts sincere,
In seeking resolution, love drew near.

A journey started, mending what was torn,
Their love reborn, from shadows now reborn,
In open hearts, their joy began to swell,
Love's flame rekindled, as their stories tell.

The hurt and joys entwined, a dance of grace,
A tale of love, of truth, in life's embrace,
In every trial faced and lesson learned,
Love's fire rekindled, forever yearned.
Written by Dre_k47 (AnDre James)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Cold as Stone

words that lie        
and hearts that die        
turning life to dust        
where once was lust        
now's just bloody rust        
a mortal wound              
of love and desire        
curse your demon's fire        
we flew so much higher        
almost reaching the sun        
finding only a funeral pyre        
endings that burn        
stomachs that churn        
puking all that was given        
our lust thus driven        
and souls now riven        
with a knife of bone        
as heaven groans        
and love lies cold as stone
Written by Heart_of_Stone (Rachela)
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A little bit about my poetry journey, I started reading and writing poetry in January 2024.  I'm still inexperienced and this is my first time hosting a competition, I'm was overwhelmed.  I have my favorites but I can only award 3 trophies.  Thank you for your entries everyone.  Congratulations to Grace, Northern_Soul and wallyroo92

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Congratulations Wally. Thank you so much for the trophy. Honoured🌹Verdonna

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