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Karma Sutra Me

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write a poem

Hello, My beauties. So the last competition was a trial run for me. I want you to floor me.

You will have 9 cards to choose from. You can choose two cards in one poem and you can enter twice only.

The poem can be of any length. Haiku on up. I just ask if you are making it a vague reference. please let me know in the DM which card it is.

This is a friendly competition. Let's have fun.

I want to feel it even if it hurts. Take me there.

Good luck

poet Anonymous

no Sonnet

No chains no handcuffs or sick slap arounds  
no threesome's or moresomes or such like stuff,  
no toys or candles dripping hot wax down  
and, for fox sake, I'm not your bit of fluff!  
No masks or gags or those silly costumes  
no dom or sub or from foreign nation,  
no public stuff (Don't you dare to presume!)  
I have my rules and you will obey them.  
No queues no chain or yuki bukkaki  
no face sitting or sodomy, or you,  
and just lip on lip is where lip should be  
just follow the rules and I will be true.  
The missionaries did it for long enough  
If you want anything else well, tough luck!

poet Anonymous


Poem entry for Fia's Karma Sutra competition

Twirl girl do a twirl
Don’t want a missionary  
Want my back to arc
(A 5-7-5 haiku)
poet Anonymous

V is for Vixen and then Sneak a Peak


V is for Vixen and then Sneak a Peak
The change in position is the something we seek
The table we're using remaining the same
A coupled transition is a part of the game

Her ass on the edge of the table begin
Her calves on his shoulders as he enters in
Penetration is easy her pussy's exposed
He can put it in fully so she knows she's been hosed

Ten strokes is the test, then they move; Sneak a Peak
He must pull her towards him. His legs can't be weak.
The small of her back must be on table's edge edge
To change pussy angle that he drives with his sledge

Her calves are up higher almost up to her knees
The cheeks of her ass 'round his cock if you please
Whereas before were at rest on the table
To penetrate fully, he is just barely able

If the man is hung average with an under six dick
He may only have inside just the head of his prick
So, Sneak a Peak, the position, is the one I would lose
And  V is for Vixen is the one I would choose
poet Anonymous

Arc de triumph

Poem entry for Fia's Karma Sutra competition

My back  
I arced  
When he  
He came  
In the dark  
The night  
I cried  
When I  
Lost my pride  
I let  
Him slide  
His pride  
To fight  
He knew  
I lied  
He saw  
The spark  
My eyes  
I tried  
To hide  
My heart  
I arched  
My back
poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.
poet Anonymous

Polymorphic Thunder

      "Baby don't be afraid
I will be your reality and your dream,
      "Baby don't be afraid
I will be your angel and your fiend,

      "Forbidden accomplishments I won't judge
We are in this together from willing love,
      "Touch, lick, caress or insert
However, you want it baby I will make it work,

      "My intoxicating love can bring desirable shame
Sprinkled with wicked persuasion and pleasurable pain,
      "Side effect confusion will be your mental condition
Because within my embrace is how you will be livin,

      "Experimentation only leads to scandalous places
Creating between us new intimate faces,
      "Baby it is whispered you only live once
So like squirrels gathering for winter-let's get more than one nut,

      "The process baby will be love-making slow
The same as gentle rain or light falling snow,
      "Understand anytime things can move real fast
But unpredictable weather just never last,

      "I want you baby to feel pure intensity
Look into my eyes while excepting all of me,
      "Release your delicious juices upon my glistening skin
As I search your gripping chambers deep within,

      "Your recovery I just cannot wait
The deal has been sealed-so it's too late,
      "Dig into my flesh and moan your complaint
Because this sinner is also an erotic saint,

      "Throughout my night long action
My goal to you baby is multiple orgasmic satisfaction,
      "Sending mind, body and soul into a psychedelic wonder
As you taste the feel of my polymorphic thunder".
poet Anonymous

no mercy given...

he had his predilections
but his favorite was getting me in a particular position  
grasping me by the ankles  
& tugging
until my ass hung over the edge of the bed
hands dominantly gripping hips
he preferred this...
unlimited access...
the angle...the depth...
absolute control...
all fit his specific requirements  
a need to be completely in charge
& he'd hold me  
hostage to his beautiful bondage
ankles resting on his shoulders
patiently maintaining his composure
as if he hadn't just...
...spent 20 minutes
tortuously inching his way in
snugly tucked...
holy fuck...
less space between our flesh
than a breath
he pressed...
no retreat
murmuring words he knew would undo me
as spasm after spasm  
passed violently through me
this was no game to him
he took it very seriously  
& he was oooh sooo good
when I could no longer move
exhausted by the ecstasy...
his hands would glide slowly upward
one palm around my arched throat
the other anchoring
& I knew from that signal...
oh sweet gods...
all hell was about to be loosed
ahhh the memories...
poet Anonymous

(Not for competing purposes. I'm just having some fun)

"Box Cutter"

Before all the motions
there is the long hello
Wading through emotions
and getting to know
what's inside
before the plunge
into another life

Feels like
being resurrected virgins
When nerves scatter your senses
and experiences
So you start from scratch

As a first touch
upon the surface
How your head is tilted
subconsciously, wanting
the kiss to be
the perfect beginning

This is the movie where
the boy gets the girl
right away
and the credits will roll
like cinnamon buns
in our fingers
With coffee in the morning

Because we're not kids
anymore, and time
reminds us, as an ache
So time to break things
free, in your rooms;

It's what's inside that counts
We agree with our hands snatching
what isn't ours
Making it ours
I hope you like stamina
It's what I got
instead of big arms

So much taller; I am
to do the blunt force trauma
from behind, as
I pull your head back
and suck that rapture
out of your mouth

Your hand reaching back
grabbing my ass
Sacrificing walking straight
for the exquisite euphoria
of tonight's
intense persistence

I love how your eyes try
to pay me back, during
this thrashing with scissors

Who the hell runs with them

The bed is our banishment
as we embellish being sinners
Of skin and pliable bones
forming impossible formations
Where my ending
repeats itself
during the middle
of your movie

Moving in sync is hopeless
You have yours
I have mine
Wild horses buck
As if a snake threatens
their legs
But I grab your mane
and rhythm comes naturally
once the snake is buried

I'll piston until
your belly button
is an outty
I'll kiss it back in
after the flip

Even as
the next door neighbors
call 911
and report a stabbing
Telling them
it must of been
with scissors

Because damn
you're so loud
when I'm killing it.


poet Anonymous

The Summit

as he ascends
high into
the clouds.

no more

he’s taking
his time
the highest

He loves
in the stream,
the magic

poet Anonymous

Between these cheeks

Sneak a peak between these cheeks
Between these sheets, make me complete

Make me grasp, and growl and moan
My pussy is your only home

Don’t forget I’m in your debt
Your love banquet, I like it wet

I like it wild, and rough and tough
Tie me up, my hands to cuff

I want it all, yet I want more
Your dirty, greedy, filthy whore

Take me now, or have me never
Use your body as a lever

I want you in me, on me now
But how, just plough, for now, forever
poet Anonymous

Yes yes yes

Yes yes yes
Come on in
I won’t detest
I’ll undress
Like the rest  
Of our  
Acts of love  
Yes yes yes  
Please do press
With excess  
And express
Your emotions
Your devotion
To me  
Yes yes yes  
I’ll confess  
Your caress  
Of my breast  
Makes me wet
At your behest  
I’m a mess  
Yes yes yes  
I’m impressed  
Body blessed  
I’m obsessed  
No contest  
Your sex
poet Anonymous

Fuck the crazy back in

A glass breaks against the far wall  
and you whiplash back,  
your scrolling forgotten,  
because you fucking know  
my shitty aim  
is the only reason that glass  
wasn’t etched into your forehead  
like a neon sign  
We had a calm moment.  
We went to bed chastely  
with the sheet dimpled  
between us and kept it  
but my tits are swollen  
and poking braless  
through the  
white tank top  
-- you didn’t fucking notice --    
and my lips are moist  
in both places  
and I’m ready  
to feel  
I don’t even bother  
to answer your  
stupid little questions  
(What did I do?)  
(What the fuck is wrong with you?)  
(Jesus, will you stop and just talk to me?)
I just press my thighs together  
and throw the butter at you,  
dish and all  
making solid eye contact  
the entire fucking time  
and miss  
I aim the steak at your phone  
and miss  
and the knife at your head,  
and miss  
chest heaving  
hurling condiments and  
green beans  
until motherfucker,  
I hit you with a roll.  
(You don’t even eat rolls.  
You got them for me.  
And that makes it better.)  
I throw my hands up in victory  
and it’s enough time for you to  
clear the table with one arm  
drag me across  
by my shirt  
and growl at me to  
put away  
the crazy
for a minute,  
the crazy  
is what  
you really  
The fact that I’m gonna love  
you like an old blues song  
and then try to murder you  
like death metal  
and hum Taylor Fucking Swift  
then entire goddamn time.  
The way I want fucks and cuddles  
and an aftercare milkshake  
when I’m covered in come  
and handprints  
and how I vacillate between  
lock-jaw jealousy and  
utter contentment  
for no reason  
all the fucking time  
gets you off.  
But you sitting your  
fine ass over there  
just sort of nothinging  
doesn’t get me off.  
And I want you to get me off.  
So no.  
I won’t tell you what’s wrong.  
I won’t stop throwing shit at you.  
I won’t put away the crazy.  
The crazy wakes all the way up  
when your mouth crashes on mine  
and I’m not sure what I’m fighting  
but I thrash around  
enough that a forgotten  
serving spoon skins a strip  
off my lower back  
and the unnoticed tank top rips off,  
the panties roll into  
my running shorts  
and fly across the room  
to nest with the broken  
butter dish  
your hand is so  
fucking gentle as  
it grips my throat that  
wetness floods my thighs  
and I shudder hard
you suck my bottom lip  
into your mouth  
and suddenly  
I’m fighting myself  
to not fight  
I layer your chest with  
the backs of my thighs,  
tone calves over your  
strong shoulders,  
push my pussy
to you like  
the table is here  
to serve me,  
and recline  
back on my arms  
so I can watch  
so I can watch.  
your fingers find me first  
and I grip the table  
as I lie back,  
still silent,  
still nailing my pupils to yours  
still crazy as fuck  
you replace your  
fingers with your  
dick and  
I break my silence  
to moan your name  
your ass pumps  
and you jack your  
pelvis up so  
that each thrust  
hits me  
and you  
fuck the heavy table  
half across the  
as you fuck me half  
out of my mind  
and you blister  
my body with  
your gaze  
our sex squelching  
and loud,  
and messy,  
my insides  
clench around you  
and my head lolls  
back when you  
growl in your chest  
that you're close  
poet Anonymous

I ever wonder

a soft peck on cheek
a deep French passing the lip
I ever wonder

will them eyes twinkle
or them lips ever mumble
I ever wonder

will you feel the heat
or I’m cooled by your spit
I ever wonder

will you simply kneel
or I’m to make you heel
I ever wonder

do make it sloppy
do let me feel that trickle
I ever wonder

stretch me please, will you
sensuality of tongue
I ever wonder

my pleasures uncut
It’s the skin to skin lust
I ever wonder

heated soft strokes
take it all, will your mouth choke?
I ever wonder

the eyes in union
do taste the flow in millions
I ever wonder
poet Anonymous

I ever wonder

a soft peck on cheek
a deep French passing the lip
I ever wonder

will them eyes twinkle
or them lips ever mumble
I ever wonder

will you feel the heat
or I’m cooled by your spit
I ever wonder

will you simply kneel
or I’m to make you heel
I ever wonder

do make it sloppy
do let me feel that trickle
I ever wonder

stretch me please, will you
sensuality of tongue
I ever wonder

my pleasures uncut
It’s the skin to skin lust
I ever wonder

heated soft strokes
take it all, will your mouth choke?
I ever wonder

the eyes in union
do taste the flow in millions
I ever wonder
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